2014/9/17 18:29:31 (63 reads)
2014/9/17 18:20:00 (58 reads)
2014/9/17 18:20:00 (49437 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Courage Adams on Red Bull
-Ryan Guettler on Hyper
-Ryan Guettler on Snafu
-Guillaume Marie Sosnowski on Shadow/Subrosa
-Mike Curley on Odyssey
-Viktors Kronbergs off Dartmoor
-Amidou Mir on E26ProShop
-Ben Ward goes GT
-Chris Collins goes Pro-Tec

2014/9/17 18:10:00 (67 reads)
2014/9/17 18:00:00 (138 reads)

It's amazing how cheap you can fly if you book early and don't care about saving Airmiles. Ryanair, Easyjet, Germanwings, Transavia, they take you places within a couple of hours. Especially with fall/winter comping up it's a good thing to check on these flights which might just leave from you local airport. But then, you have a problem. You want your bike to go with you. And in are the extra costs of bringing sports equipment on board. Unless you can pack smart and fit your bike in a bag that noone behind the counter will question. You're staying within the bag measurements and should

2014/9/17 17:30:00 (65 reads)
2014/9/17 17:00:00 (78 reads)
Moto Sasaki drank a few Monsters and continued to win the Umikaze Jam which took place in Yokosuka, Japan last Saturday. Further results below.

Open class:
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Nao Yoshida
3rd Shin-ichiro Hara

1st Takumi Suzuki
2nd Yuya Shiga
3rd Shohei Iwanaga

2014/9/17 16:20:00 (71 reads)
2014/9/17 16:00:00 (86 reads)
The Recruit 12 is United's' first venture into producing a 12″ bike, and like their 16" and 18″ bikes, they wanted to make sure to come out with something that handles and looks like a scaled down 20″ bike rather than just a cheap small kids bike. United kept a bunch of high end features on this model with a fully sealed 4 pawl ultra loud cassette hub, threadless headset and 3pc cranks. They then tailored other parts to the smaller dimensions of the bike with a slimmer tube set, 20 spoke wheelset, small junior size lever, grips, seat, stem and pedals.
2014/9/17 15:20:00 (83 reads)
2014/9/17 15:00:00 (98 reads)
Round 4 of the UCI BMX Supercross (World Cup) in Argentina was fun! Some good race action and great atmosphere with all the fans! Two weeks ago I flew from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, and from there to Santiago Del Estero for round 4 of the UCI BMX Supercross series. After the first night we switched to a different hotel, because the hotel we booked was pretty nasty and smelled really bad. The other hotel was brand new, but not finished yet. More teams stayed there and the hotel helped us out nicely!
2014/9/17 14:40:00 (103 reads)
2014/9/17 14:20:00 (93 reads)
BMX star Caroline Buchanan is set to face off against five other talented Australian women for the ‘Women's Health Sports Woman of the Year award’ as apart of the ‘I Support Women in Sport’ awards. Buchanan will be up against some extremely successful women including Olympic gold medallist Torah Bright (snowboarding), world champion Cate Campbell (swimming), Summer and Winter Paralympian Jessica Gallagher, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Lauren Mitchell (gymnastics), and Commonwealth and Olympic gold medallist Sally Pearson (Athletics). 

A humbled Buchanan spoke of the importance of the award and the impact it will have on her goals moving forward: “Being nominated for this award is a huge honour and very humbling,” Buchanan said. “To be recognised nationally for not only my effort on the bike, but off it as well, are all very positive steps towards my main goals of growing the sport of BMX. My aim is to help bring the sport mainstream, whilst supporting women’s involvement in the sport, being a role model and giving back to the next generation.” 
2014/9/17 14:05:15 (78 reads)
2014/9/17 13:30:00 (124 reads)
RDV this weekend for the BMX show in Nantes (France) for the SFR FISE XPERIENCE SERIES, the french tour. The finals will be on live webcast on FATBMX on September 21st at 4:00 pm. Stay tuned. Please find there the confirmed riders list: Jack Watts, Greg Masson, Josh Croswell , Cam Peake, Robbie Taylor, Bradley Holt, Anthony Jean Jean, Jimmy Van Belle Maxime Degardin , Istvan Caillet, Tom Justice , Nathan Chantome, Mimi Granieri...

More info here.
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