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Name: Ross Morris
Age: 18
Hometown: Malaga, Spain
Hook-ups/Sponsors: 4130 bike company // Roam 66

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Anywhere with the right people

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The BOK series has a long history. Once a year the Dutch BMX scene makes it over to Deventer to hang out together and take over Burnside skatepark (not to be confused with Burnside in Oregon). The turnout this year was impressive. Riders from all corners arived during the day for the Am and Pro comp followed by some fun Best trick events. The idea was easy. Bikes, Beers, Music and getting nuts. You just had to be there to catch the vibe. It was BMX Freestyle in the purest form.

Riders pulled tricks for the first time, riders pulled tricks that they really wanted to do, riders just rode and made the best of it. The park had a few rails, flat banks, ledges, quarters and a temporary jump box with a ceiling that wasn't high enough for Tom van den Bogaard as he hit his helmet on one of the beams mid-air. But the party continued and once the Pro finals started the riders also turned it up a notch.

DJ Desmond Tessemaker got back on the bike for a moment to do the biggest flair transfer to death. It got him the

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We're spending some time on the road to bring you the latest in BMX. We have been doing this for many years. But years ago, you could not follow us doing this. Now you can, through facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all that Social Media shizzle. We run into some funny stuff on the road, meet interesting people and see amazing stunts. On and off the bike. What might not always be good to post on the FATBMX.com website, could be good enough for Facebook. Or an Instagram picture tells the story without adding many words. Follow us if you want, here are the links to our social media accounts so you don't have to search for it to hook it up.

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Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Support the events, show up, help out. Make our sport better, be positive, have fun. Lending a hand is free. Smiles are 'gratis' too. Pick your event(s) and enjoy being a BMX-er. Double check with the local organiser before you make the trip. Things tend to change.
Submit your event today. Put it on the FATBMX event calendar. Put some effort in to promote your event other than making a Facebook invitation to invite your friends. This is a BMX calender that people will be checking next week as well. 

Upcoming events:
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Watch all the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup semis finals and finals LIVE on FATBMX. From October 28th to 30th FISE World Series will take place in Chengdu, China at NanHu Park for the last stop in 2016. Logan Martin (AUS) is defending the slightest lead over Daniel Dhers (VEN) so whoever comes out on top will grab the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park Overall title. Don't miss out on this one as you know both guys (an the other participants) will be pushing things in China this weekend.

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