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After 4 incredible and positive events, we are sorry to inform everyone that this year’s Texas Toast Jam has been called off. A few variables beyond our control lead us to this decision, but the bottom line is that we simply could not gather the level of sponsorship support that is required for doing the event properly. Toast is a casual jam and might appear rough around the edges, but in reality it is a lot of work, and it also takes a lot of money to make it happen. We have to pay a legit staff of builders, buy and rent equipment, offer prize money, make sure the judges have pens and cover a million other details in order to keep this international event rolling smoothly. As Odyssey employees, we also organize and manage Toast while juggling all of our everyday work for the brand. It is fair to say that Toast has always been a

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Genius Grip Clamps are designed to compliment the Genius brake lever while boosting grip clamping power. They match the lever’s clamp and fit on the inside of a left-side ODI grip, replacing ODI’s standard clamp. This way your handlebars have a balanced and consistent look from left to right.

Available for the left side only in black with laser-etched graphics and a titanium bolt.

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Name: Chase Krolicki
Age: 18
Hometown: Saint Clair Shores, MI
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Albe's and Stranger

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Set ups
-BMX video: The Michigan Video
-Website: bmx.transworld.net
-Web video: The Michtape
-Food: Mexican or Italian
-Twitter to follow: Don't have one
-Person on Instagram: @chasekrolicki
-Travel destination: Anywhere, I love getting to see any new place outside of Michigan

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