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$350 USD gets you a whole lot of HARO these days. The HARO Boulevard has everything an entry level rider needs. Of course it does not come with a freecoaster and full cromo tubes and parts but the price is right for this machine. Available in three colours so most likely it is available in a colour that you like.

Enjoy the pics and the parts list and then head to your HARO dealer with that well earned $350,= USD in your pocket. Look for the destination, your HARO will take you there.
2014/11/18 14:00:00 (165 reads)
2014/11/18 13:30:00 (396 reads)
Ever since 040BMXPARK acquired a pool table, the plan was to have a Pool contest. Teams consisted of a rider who could ride the pool, and a teammate who is a poolshark and can sink some balls in the pockets. On Friday evening it was time for this fun jam in Eindhoven where the atmosphere was chill and winning wasn't a priority. Or was it? The riding part for sure wasn't all too serious. There weren't any judges around and Timo van Lierop commentated with a megaphone in his hands.
2014/11/18 13:00:00 (129 reads)
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2014/11/18 11:30:00 (4425 reads)
FATBMX is excited to announce the next step in online competition. We've partnered with FOX and will give away FOX Gloves in the upcoming three months. You have plenty of chances to win a free pair of FOX gloves, the same that FOX riders like Chase Hawk, Greg Illingworth, Matt Priest, Lima, Pat Casey, Scotty Cranmer and other pro riders run.

What do you have to do? We want to see your hands. Do you really need the gloves? Do you ride a lot? Do you even dig? Did you crash and are your hands all messed up? Post up that picture on your Instagram, follow @fatbmx and @foxheadeurope and use the special hashtag for this competition: #showusyourhands

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Where other magazines are happy to make it to 100, Ride UK nearly hits 200 issues. Number 194 has hit the shops and number 200 will be out some time next year assuming they'll publish a mag once every two months. Here's what the new issue has to offer. A whole lot.

-Texas Toast: Brand new location, same good vibes: “Their incentive to come lies not in a huge winning purse, but in an extremely fun weekend riding bikes and partying with their friends”

-Brighton Aint Ready: 80 days, 43 riders, 1 city: Brighton Aint Ready is back and bigger than ever! The worlds best riders descend on the seaside town for one of the best Summers for many a year.

-The Quartermaster: Waking the beast: “We wanted to invite riders 
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