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Ride UK just released a "Sneak Peek" of the cover of their next issue. Paul Ryan gets it doing a curved wallride to whip. Eisa balanced on the bin to get the shot. #197 has a bunch of articles and of course some road trips were involved. The Eclat crew went to Alicante. Paul Ryan went to the new BMX destiny called Malaga and the Federal crew went to Madrid. Escaping the bad weather needs to be done and it doesn't have to be California. RIDE UK catches up with Ruben Alcantara (in Malaga) and Bruno Hoffmann (in Madrid). Kris Fox answers some questions in the Flat Out article and The Junkyard gets explained. England has so many indoor parks these days that it was time to look into them a bit more. Park's Not Dead is the article that shows the transitions of the UK. Joe Embrey gets an interview and that wraps up the specials of #197. The regulars are always there so be ready for the news, the products, the questions, info, contents page, etc with fresh new photos.

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Name: Allister Loughran / Ali Loughran
Age: I'm 18
Hometown: From Poole, Dorset, UK
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Entitybmxshop

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: I love riding my local prevail Skatehouse
-BMX video: Mark Webb bangers, mash and gravy
-Website: Anything bmx oriented I look at
-Food: Chicken is prime KFC/Nandos
-Travel destination: The next one on the cards is Holland! Going to be awesome!
-Riders to ride with: Anyone that's down for having a wicked session

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Here is an update to this article we posted up recently about BMX companies donating to a very good cause. We've got some photos of how the bike came out and Nick Ziegler filled us in on who made things possible:

Robbie Chapman now has his S&M with him in Cali. Word got out out we were short on shipping funds and my buddy Scott Day with American door and supply in Appleton WI said ship it on my dime, so we rushed him the bike to get Robbie back on the track ASAP!

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Inspired by 1990's graffiti and skateboard graphics, the OTW Gallery Authentic, a collaboration with San Francisco-based artist Zio Ziegler known for his large-scale outdoor murals, is Vans iconic low top, lace-up with durable printed upper, metal eyelets, Vans flag label and Vans Original Waffle Outsole. Available now at Vans.com for $55 in all sizes.

OTW Gallery Authentic
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