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At Odyssey we have always looked for ways to improve the parts that we use. Better parts can make your riding more enjoyable and allow you to ride longer, and the same thing can be said for the equipment that’s not directly bolted to your bike. It goes without saying that wearing a helmet is almost always a good decision, whether it’s because a skatepark demands it, or just because you’ve realized that being sidelined with an injury is not worth the time and hassle. After 30 years in BMX we’ve seen what can happen when people aren’t wearing safety gear, and because of this we’re always thinking of new ways to reduce the possible chance of injuries. Whenever we’ve discussed helmets in the past we were often discouraged to see so many people wearing designs that are little more than basic hard hats; meaning that they provide all the fit-related inconvenience of a helmet while providing only minimal protection against actual injuries.

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This Thursday the Pro Freestyle The Hague edition kicks off. The second edition of 2016 will be a spectacular with one of the worlds best BMX Park athletes of this moment confirmed: Daniel Sandoval.

Top 20 athletes on the BMX Park Contest Pro are:

-Daniel Sandoval
-Kostya Andreev
-Jack Clark
-Michael Beran (winner 1st edition Pro Freestyle 2016)
-Marin Rantes
-Michael Meisel
-Shaun Gornall
-Mat Armstrong
-Levi Weidmann
-Tobias Freigang
-Dominik Freigang
-Timo Schulze

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