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Day three and the last stop of the Lil pros tour kicked off late in the afternoon at Browns Plains Skate Park due to the scorching 40 degree temperature that appeared out of nowhere that day. Again there was another great turn out of Lil pro riders. Due to the competitive nature of all the young Aussie riders a game of bike was played between two teams Dew tour and Fise World, the game lasted for over an hour and was refereed by the Browns Plains legend himself Lanky.

In the end team Fise World won and by then everyone was pumped up to send some of their best tricks. Dustin Grice was in his element filming and encouraging the kids to send tricks for the edit. The session lasted well after the sun went down and

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L1110272We're sure you know a guy that needs a shirt like this. Buy him one as he'll be forever thankful. This shirt isn't for whimps and you need to be able to represent. If you think you've got what it takes yourself, get on the program. Available in the Beercan and Flames designs straight from the Coach at Paul's Boutique. The best money you'll ever spend. Cheers.

Hardcore Drinking Team T-shirts for sale: Black only:

S = Losers
M = Novice
L = Expert

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Nick Ziegler is a man who likes to help other people out, especially when they have a BMX background or it involves bikes in one way or the other. Nick likes projects and spends a lot of his free time on making things happen. The BMX family has been helping out which makes the impossible, possible and puts BMX in a good spotlight again. Here's Nick's latest undertaking:

I met a friend online named Robbie Chapman. He used to race

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Name: Blake Peters
Age: 21
Hometown: San Diego
Sponsors: Premium Products

How's living in the SD area during the winter?
Blake: You can't beat it! Perfect everyday with maybe a week total of rain, no wonder so many pros visit during this time.

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