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Extend the ride, that’s what Shadow Riding Gear is all about. With that thought in mind, Shadow introduces their brand new Invisa-Lite pad line! Pads so slim and minimal you may forget you’re wearing them! The Shadow Invisa-Lite pads feature the highest quality 3D multi-density foams. With intricately designed pad placement, the knee, shin, and elbow pads are comfortable while still providing the protection you need to help take that next step in riding progression.

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Strip & Street is what S&S stands for and all I know is that they were a Muffler shop in Costa Mesa California, don't know if that turned out to the famous S&S Performance factory that is making engines/carburators for custom motorcycles but who cares. I was reading a BMX PLUS! magazine from 1980 and saw this S&S bike test and thought: "That's a nice bike to have in my collection" and checked ebay the same day. And out of the blue I saw an S&S frame with Diamond Back fork and my bit was high enough to be the winner of the auction. Turned out that the seller was Shannon of the ABA, same guy where I bought the IRC fronttire. Coincedence or not but after checking how to make the stickersets, Mike Hoogerheide saw a S&S stickerset on ebay! Yes I bought two sets so I can mess up one.

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We've got the results in from round one of the UK BMX Vert series. Three classes on the U-pipe with Kodee Kains, Aaron Haywood and Fanien Giess as winners in their classes. Vert is not dead. Here are the full results:

Pro Class:
1) Fanien Giess
2) Mike Mullen
3) Leon Perkins
4) Jon Barnett
5) Zach Shaw
6) Matthew Seach
7) Owain Clegg

1) Aaron Haywood
2) Joe Rendle
3) Lee Hebb

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Name: Nate Stahura
Age: 33
Hometown: Anchor Point, AK
Hook-ups/Sponsors: my job(s)

The favorite list:

-Web video: Any without a lot of tailwhips
-Spot to ride: Boce banks
-BMX video: Nowhere Fast, Brighton Ain't Ready
-Website: Google earth

-Travel destination: Colorado
-Riders to ride with: Everyone in the Roc
-Shoes: Vans
-Car: Mine
-Movie: Howard the Duck

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