2014/9/21 2:10:00 (106 reads)
2014/9/21 0:20:00 (111 reads)
2014/9/20 22:20:00 (218 reads)
Name: Niek Kimmann
Age: 18
Hometown: Lutten/Arnhem, Netherlands
Sponsors: NOC*NSF, KNWU, Lotto, Rabobank, Meybo, Box, Promax, Tioga, Troy Lee Designs, Farmers4all

What is the best track you rode on in 2014?
Kimman: Papendal
2014/9/20 20:50:00 (153 reads)
2014/9/20 14:20:00 (274 reads)
Name: Simone Tetsche Christensen
Age: 20
Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark
Sponsors: Pure Bicycles, ZipVit, Faith.
What is the best track you rode on in 2014?
Simone Tetsche Christensen: Birmingham, England, super fast and smooth track!

What was the worst track you had to ride in 2014 in your opinion?
Simone Tetsche Christensen: I'd have to say Berlin, it was loads of fun, but definitely not good for racing I think.

Which rider did the nastiest move in 2014?
Simone Tetsche Christensen: There's been a few moves this year where people have been going on about how hard it was (f.ex. Nagasakos move in Berlin), but I guess that's just BMX Racing and the tough part of it!
2014/9/20 13:20:00 (153 reads)
2014/9/20 10:30:00 (306 reads)
Name: Trent Jones
Age: 20
Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand
Sponsors: Bike NZ, BOX Components (Unofficial Supporter)

What is the best track you rode on in 2014?
Trent Jones: Papandal, when the weather is being nice.

What was the worst track you had to ride in 2014 in your opinion?
Trent Jones: Rotterdam Worlds. Arena far too tight for the speeds we were running off the big hill.

Who did the raddest move on the track in 2014?
Trent Jones: Corey Frieswyk in a Berlin Moto. Full dead sailor, locked leg over the first jump (Still don’t know how he rode out) to then win the lap from 8th.

Which rider did the nastiest move in 2014?
2014/9/20 8:30:00 (1950 reads)
FATBMX is excited to announce the next step in online competition. We've partnered with FOX and will give away 12 pairs of FOX Gloves in the upcoming three months. One pair per week so you have 12 chances to win a free pair of FOX gloves, the same that FOX riders like Chase Hawk, Greg Illingworth, Matt Priest, Lima, Pat Casey, Scotty Cranmer and other pro riders run.

What do you have to do? We want to see your hands. Do you really need the gloves? Do you ride a lot? Do you even dig? Did you crash and are your hands all messed up? Post up that picture on your Instagram, follow @fatbmx and @foxheadeurope and use the special hashtag for this competition: #showusyourhands

2014/9/20 7:20:00 (132 reads)
2014/9/20 6:50:00 (134 reads)
Such a solid bike for the pricetag that is put on the HARO Midway. If you're a beginner, this bike is too good for you. But maybe you convince your parents to buy this one anyway. Or do some work and contribute. You won't be disappointed.

Features - HARO Midway
-3 tube chromoly frame (top tube, down tube & seat tube) with mid BB shell, integrated head tube, welded seat clamp and a 20.5"
2014/9/20 5:40:00 (201 reads)
2014/9/20 3:50:00 (191 reads)
2014/9/20 0:20:00 (49595 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Mathias Augris on Mitchell and Ness
-Derek Betcher joins SpeedCo/Sinz
-Courage Adams on Red Bull
-Nick Bruce off Madd Gear
-Ryan Guettler on Hyper
-Ryan Guettler on Snafu
-Guillaume Marie Sosnowski on Shadow/Subrosa
-Mike Curley on Odyssey
-Viktors Kronbergs off Dartmoor

2014/9/19 23:40:00 (139 reads)
2014/9/19 23:00:00 (319 reads)
It was about time to treat the FATBMX Pin Up fans with a good one. If you're not a fan, we've got plenty of BMX content for you today with interesting interviews with the pro racers out there, the new Dennis Enarson signature bike, the Vans Oregon trip video, a Chase video race clip from Argentina and lots more. But the Pin Up section is about something else, the curiosity that lays behind that mouse click. What's it going to be this week? 21? Come on in.
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