2014/8/16 12:02:06 (185 reads)
2014/8/16 11:34:45 (169 reads)
Pro Park:
1. Jack Fahey
2. Timo Schulze
3. Tobias Freigang
4. Senad Grosic
5. Christian Lutz
6. Adrian Warnken
7. Daniel Juchatz
8. Mike Würzinger
9. Vincent Unrath
10. Marcel Profittlich
11. Shawn Hammer
12. Tim Güntner
13. Timothy Pesth

Best rider: Bruno Hoffmann
2014/8/16 10:30:00 (176 reads)
2014/8/16 9:00:00 (172 reads)
Improvements and developments in production have made it possible to customize Oakley sunglasses, backpacks, goggles and cases. This is good news for those who have always wanted a pair of shades in their own colourway. It makes you feel factory from the get-go. Look what models you can customize
2014/8/16 8:10:00 (178 reads)
2014/8/16 4:20:00 (174 reads)
2014/8/16 3:50:00 (48786 reads)
Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Kurt Pickard on Honda
-Mike Curley on wethepeople Pro
-Nigel Sylvester on SYNDCT
-The Beard moves from Hyper/Snafu/Failure to DK
-Connor Phimister on Stereo Bike Co UK
-Lewis Murtagh
on Stereo Bike Co UK
-Ed Zunda on wethepeople
-Dillon Lloyd
on wethepeople pro
-Brad McNicol
on Odyssey
-Del Shepherd on Hoffman Bikes
-Dale Shepherd on Hoffman Bikes
-Bob Manchester
on Hoffman Bikes
2014/8/16 2:00:00 (202 reads)
2014/8/15 23:50:00 (267 reads)
It's getting dark, but the photo shoot must go on. Park the BMX bike against the wall and strike a pose right next to it. Flash! The shot is in the pocket, now it's time to pack up and get the hell out of there before some creeps arrive. It's Friday, it's pin up time. Come on in to see what we have to offer today.
2014/8/15 23:20:00 (164 reads)
2014/8/15 22:30:00 (143 reads)
The Albion BMX mag is no more. The towel was thrown in the ring by the crew that brought a nice BMX book from time to time, 17 in total. It had content that differed and made sense and quality photos that made the articles even better. Thanks for the contribution on making BMX look good. Here are the last few words from the Albion:

“Somethings are not meant to last forever. Thanks for the support whilst we were here, we are sunk, at the bottom, wrecked, broke, in debt, bust. I’d like to say we gave it our all but we did not, not by a long shot, we gave what we were prepared to give and sometimes thats just not enough. There are no survivors. Pour over our remnants in years to come and revisit your memories of what we represented to you, maybe one day you’ll turn again the pages of time and remember us, 17 issues, thats enough, time to die. The Albion is dead. Ride on kids… its a new day tomorrow, live it… “Till the wheels come off”…”
2014/8/15 22:00:00 (156 reads)
2014/8/15 21:00:00 (129 reads)
FUN FUN FUN FEST (FFF Fest) is excited to announce a partnership with Volcom to help redesign and build this year's skate ramp, ride course, and curate the Fest’s 2014 action sports program. Together with local nonprofit Project LOOP, Volcom will help build the FFF Fest skate & ride events this year. The action sports portion of the Fest has seen massive growth in the last few years, with 2013 being the biggest year yet, featuring a vert ramp and street course and an impressive lineup of legendary athletes. This year, the Volcom Skate Team will be
2014/8/15 20:20:00 (134 reads)
2014/8/15 19:20:00 (116 reads)
Incase, a leader in technology and lifestyle protection products, has formed the SYNDCT, a group of unified brand advocates to be the faces of its Pro User experience. Bound by the demands of constant mobility, tech dependence and excellence in their disciplines, the SYNDCT will be made up of elite athletes, professionals, creatives and cultural advocates who represent the pinnacle of their crafts and demand the best user experience possible in the choice of protective products. “We’re taking a different approach to brand
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