2008/10/5 3:50:00 (2850 reads)
After a few days of "Bizznizz" around the strip in Las Vegas we managed to see the other side of the city. If you stay away from the strip it is a whole other world. Tons of spots, super weather 360 days out of the year and a whole bunch of locals. We wouldn't be surprised if more riders are going to end up living there, especially if they want to escape a harsh winter. Jose took us around and we finished the day at Ricardo Laguna's trails. Patrick Guimez and Alejandro Caro joined Ricardo and Jose for a session.
2008/10/3 6:50:00 (6231 reads)
Ricardo Laguna recently bought a house in Las Vegas not far from his partents' which has a dirt spot in the backyard. When buying a house it was important that there was room for some ramps. Construction has started on a private training ground with resi spine, resi jump box and resi quarterpipe. Check it out.
2008/9/17 8:00:00 (9896 reads)
When it rains you have to go search for a dry place to ride. One of those places is the Sportgarten in Bremen, Germany. Although it is closed in the cold wintermonths (it is covered but still semi outdoors) the roof protects most of the ramps when it gets wet and nasty. The ramps take some getting used to but that is the same at almost every new spot you go to. For sure it is a good place for a session as the ramps that are available should offer something for everyone. It even has a vert ramp, something you do not see around all too often.
2008/9/14 21:30:00 (4810 reads)
This Area 51 spot is a 15 minute drive from where I live. I had never been there until today. The reason is that they don't allow bikes there and I just can't understand that way of thinking. I hate to support anything like it. The Urban Sports week was held next door so I had to peek in. It was hard to explain Philip that he was not
2008/9/10 11:30:00 (4876 reads)
As far as I can remember I started going to the Eurobike show in 1989. The last couple of years on my way there I noticed this little skatepark on the side of the road not far from Friedrichshafen but every time I was either in a hurry, did not have my bike with me or it rained. But not this time. After 7 hours of driving I was treating myself to a little session at Immenstaad skatepark. It's fenced off but open to all who want to use it. I believe they built right; some concrete,
2008/9/1 12:30:00 (4822 reads)
The RedBull backyard digger program helped out three towns this summer and one of them was Zoetermeer. While in the area we decided to check out the venue. It was right next to Snowworld so easy to get to. Once at Snowworld we followed the "Fietscrossbaan" signs and the newly built trails were right next to it. But the track was so much fun that for 30 minutes we did not even check out the trails! Noone was riding the spot so it was hard to see how the spot worked from a little distance. Once closer the jumps were BIG! Some sections are still under construction or need a bit of shaping but the
2008/8/31 9:30:00 (6459 reads)
It is sunny today and it is hot but tomorrow can be a whole different story. But fear you not. Wuppertal is opening up an indoor place tomorrow which looks amazing. The park section is finished and the bowl section will be done on 23 October. Christoph Hager and his crew have done a great job here. Nothing else to do on Monday
2008/8/15 14:40:00 (4396 reads)
The Red Bull Backyard Digger’s last stop greets a dream spot in Doetinchem. In three days time the local Dirtbikers and BMXers, together with the international Red Bull Backyard Digger Team, and built a professional dirt spot with lines suitable for different levels. On Tuesday the 12 of august at 15.00 the Alderman of the municipality Koos Kuiper together with Huup Hakvoort founder of SFA (Stichting Freeride Achterhoek) opened the spot. The Red Bull DJ
2008/7/30 12:00:00 (11980 reads)
Scene report: Sheep Hills While in the Huntington Beach area we had to check on two dirt jump spots. One being Hidden Valley and the other being Sheep Hills. These trails have been a place of many sessions in the SoCal area. I was not sure about the situation at Hidden Valley. I knew about a petition to keep it alive but I had also heard it got plowed. But sometimes these spots get back up in
2008/7/30 4:20:00 (1599 reads)
Over the years I have been to California quite a bunch of times. I love it there. The HSA gave me an opportunity to come back out and I grabbed that chance with both hands. During the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach we wandered around taking some photos left and right. Yes, with all those people around you will run into some freaks left and right but that's the same at home when you go to any festival. The plusses about HB are the sunshine, the waves, happy people and the convenience of having food and fun places
2008/6/25 14:54:49 (6131 reads)
The BMX concete park in Larisa, Greece is finally ready. The park is equipped with lights for the night, no entry money required, just bring your helmet anytime you want to ride the park. Check the pics.
2008/6/22 7:16:21 (2416 reads)
2008/6/13 8:10:00 (6160 reads)
So here in Houston Texas, we just got a new cement park. It's perfect for bikes, skateboards, and skates as well. The thing is bikes are not allowed. We have about 200 physical signatures at our local bike shop, but we need more signatures to help us get in. Sign the petition and come ride with us. Check the pictures. 
2008/5/19 11:50:00 (2469 reads)
Last week I got a call from Aco and he was laughing his ass off. He told me that he found an unbelievable spot for riding and that it will only be ridable for few days. I called our Taz (Tomislav Moze) , our team photographer, we picked up Aco and headed to a secret location. Place is amazing! It is a river dam with a real smooth transition, perfect for riding. That river is never this low, so the dam isn't ridable, but for last few months it hasn't been raining that much and river stoped just an inch below the edge of the dam. It is really hard to get enough speed to air this massive thing, cause the dry platform below it isn't really big. We stayed there until the sunset cause we knew that it could be ages before we get another chance to ride there. In few words, we had a blast there. 
2008/5/14 0:10:00 (3089 reads)
After almost 15 years of awesome sessions with people from all over, our trails are likely to be torn down. Apparently people digged too deep on 1 line (the one Sergio Layos did in a recent movie posted somewhere on FATBMX) revealing some of the contaminated soil (the entire park is built on top of a former garbage dump). Some of the locals are now discussing alternative solutions with the government, hopefully they will be around for another 15 years. If you are worried, the weather is good right now and the trails are better than ever! So go ride em before they are gone!
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