2007/11/19 9:20:00 (6506 reads)
A FREE and ALL AGES event including live music, DJs, skate, BMX, art, culture, carnival rides, giveaways, jams, demos and heaps more! Sunday 9 December 2007, 10.00am – 7.00pm Redland Youth Plaza, Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba, Queensland, Australia. Plan C on behalf of Redland Shire Council, Queensland Government and the Plaza Advisory Crew would like to invite you to the ‘Concrete Carnival’ – the official launch event of the new Redland Youth Plaza!
2007/11/17 19:50:00 (4974 reads)
Shaun Scarfe at Four 1 Four Ltd has been working hard to get the Resi here on time and he has done well, it arrives on Monday! (don't even ask him about the customs/taxes/VAT crap nightmare bullshit that he has had to wade through to get it in to the UK, but it's done now so good job Shaun). The Resi Frames are up and virtually ready for a surface to go on. The Main Vert ramp is now taking its last surface which as you can see from the pictures is going on diagonally and we are taking our time to get the sheets fitting perfectly so that the ramp feels reallly smooth and fast.
2007/11/11 0:30:00 (1775 reads)
Dude! Looks like they're building loads of stuff for BMX-ers over in England at the moment. This is a nice movie on a newly built BMX track in Norwich that was supported by the Barclays Spaces for Sports project. The movie interviews the local council, the riders,
2007/11/8 7:00:00 (5444 reads)
A new vert ramp is being built right now in England. Or better, an INDOOR vert ramp is being built in Corby, England. Vert ace Zach Shaw fills us in on the latest development: Ok here goes then, it's 13.5ft high (11.5ft transition 2ft of Vert) 50ft wide and there will be a resi which should be a minimum of 24ft wide! The Build is going really well and we should be pretty much finished in December. 
2007/11/7 7:00:00 (2910 reads)
Piers Leigh is trying to organise a campaign to get a skatepark built in one of his local parks. He created a website that has a petition for local people to register their interest, a campaign to choose local kids as campaign representatives, a discussion forum and a residents' comments link. We believe that the more spots the better so visit the site and read about Piers' plans.
2007/11/2 0:10:00 (4636 reads)
A classic skatepark with a strong BMX history was about to get shut down. The locals started a petition and it looks like the park will remain open this winter and beyond. Read he petition and the answer from the Government.
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Prevent Portsmouth City Council closing Southsea Skatepark in September 2007." 
2007/10/24 17:00:00 (6260 reads)
There is no better venue than a rider owned park. Flatlander Gabe Weed runs Reno, Nevada's only indoor park called Openground. Started over a year ago Gabe wanted to give local riders and skaters a venue where they could get a break from concrete and the sometimes freezing Reno weather. The park has also grown further in terms of entertainment as some nights it is shut down and turned into a music venue. Check out their official website for dates and events.
2007/10/23 11:20:00 (4036 reads)
The Red Bull Backyard Diggers made their way to our beloved capital Amsterdam for some serious building, just like at the former two stops. Especially for the grand opening on Sunday afternoon, the sun acted as if it was summer and made for a perfect ending of an amazing Red Bull Backyard Digger series. With the building of street theatre group ISH on one side and an army survival style track on the other side, the choice of location for this dirt course was an obvious one. During the week leading up to the opening on Sunday, enormous amounts of dirt were delivered on an open field as big as a soccer pitch. French pro dirt rider Patrick Guimez, who spent the entire Red Bull Backyard Digger series chilling in the Netherlands, decided on the lines and the take off once again and got to work, with the help of the enthusiastic Amsterdam locals.

Upon arrival on Sunday morning, the end result of their hard work is amazing. An enormous take-off gives you the speed you need to hit 
2007/10/11 1:00:00 (4653 reads)
We brought you Matt's year yesterday, now we're giving you a look on the inside. Basically the riding place is the garage. It's super tight but again Mike Aitken didn't make it look that small. While it was raining outside some money was chipped in and Matt made a run to the grocery store. Adam Banton had already cranked up the BBQ and in no-time dinner was ready for ten people. Hospitality at its best over at Beringer's place. Before we wanted to, we had to get back to Salt Lake City. 
2007/10/10 0:30:00 (2628 reads)
The Red Bull Backyard Digger is touring around The Netherlands at the moment. They're showing that with a bit of effort you can create a good riding spot. Basically what you need is a piece of land, some truckloads of good dirt and manpower. Having a digger present to lay-out the first jumps and starting hill is a great help of course but it doesn't necessarily have to be the Kramer equipment that Red Bull bought to get the job done. We cruised over to Leende where a spot was created at the Sport park on a grass field. 
2007/10/10 0:30:00 (10338 reads)
While in Utah we got a ride from Keith Mulligan over to Matt Beringer's house. We had seen his place from several videos and magazine coverage but getting to a place like that and stepping in the door is a completely different game. The place is so amazing that we're splitting up the "Scene report"in two. Today we bring you Matt's backyard with the inside of his house to follow. The entire backyard is a mix of wooden ramps and dirt. Then there's also this weird looking snake going through his yard which used to be a
2007/10/2 0:10:00 (4821 reads)
If the Kids get united you can move a really shady looking Snakerun into a god damn nice place to ride. The Local Kids started to raise Money to paint their spot. I heard about the idea and said nice one. Asked them if they asked the local Skateboard companies, they said no. So I did . Went to Globe Shoes and they gave enough to paint everything once again. So big up yourself and thanks a lot once again to Carmen and Bärty at Globe. 
2007/9/18 14:00:00 (4420 reads)
Ryan Guettler has done some gardening in his backyard. In fact, the gardening was done with a nailgun, some sawblades and plenty of wood. Ryan is now the owner of a backyard spine ramp and recently had an opening barbeque with all his friends in Greenville, North Carolina. It's not quite the same as Ryan Nyquist's Unit or Dave Mirra's warehouse down the street but it makes riding so much better if you can just hit it up in your backyard.  Just check the photos of the first session.

Have you seen Ryan's 2008 Black Pearl Limited bike yet?

Hit this link. It will take you there. Pronto.
2007/9/7 10:30:00 (3345 reads)
I wish to express my concern over the future of the facility of which I have been a part of for several years now, that doesn't seem to have been considered in the redevelopment designs of the southwest quadrant. I feel it is a shame that no one has put a value to our facility, which has gained respect locally and globally (type in "Bridport Indoor Skate park" or "The Trick Factory" into Google if you doubt this). Put simply, we run on a not for profit basis an all weather leisure facility that is used by locals and skateboard/bmx enthusiasts who travel from far and wide to use the unique construction.

Looking at the bigger picture it would appear that the south west
2007/8/22 0:20:00 (8618 reads)
In England there's one park that has brought forward a new breed of BMX riders. Alistair Whitton, Owain Clegg, Robin Fenlon and Jon Taylor were locals at this indoor facility for a long time. Anybody who runs a park knows that it gets rough at some point to keep things open. The Boneyard recently invested in some new ramps and some new surface to keep things going. For directions, opening hours, a bus schedule and more photos, check their website. For all other questions, pick up the phone and give them a call.
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