2011/6/30 16:20:00 (1081 reads)
2011/6/30 15:20:00 (1083 reads)
2011/6/30 14:40:00 (2387 reads)
For a lot of visitors that come to the BMX Masters from July 8th - 10th 2011 in Cologne, the Dirt finals on Saturday night are the biggest highlight. The scenery underneath the bridge and close to the river is just mind-blowing. Some of the best Dirt riders are coming over and the city of Cologne is having their annual fireworks again. Who still can't get enough of fireworks should make his way over the bridge and hit the Official BMX Masters Party at the Gloria. 
2011/6/30 13:50:00 (1143 reads)
2011/6/30 12:10:00 (1982 reads)
If I would have a house with a huge yard it would have some serious dirt spot. But my yard is only a few square meters big and even then we had some jumps in it when we first moved in. At the moment the inflatable swimming pool takes up all of the space. No room for anything else. But this Flame Trails spot is the next best thing. It's only a kilometer away which takes about 2 minutes by bike. Daily sessions have become the norm. Even if they're just 30 minute power sessions before or after dinner.

Maintaining the jumps is half the fun. It was dry for so long that we had to find water to make them run good. Now it has rained a lot so we need to get rid of the puddles. It's always something but the goal is to keep them in good shape so everyone can just ride. New lines get created all the time, possible transfers are thought of, new jumps get added. It never stops.

Just recently Timo, Tom and Dimitris stopped by for a session.
2011/6/30 11:00:00 (2048 reads)
2011/6/30 10:20:00 (1755 reads)
In about 3 weeks the "Stereo Bike Co. 2012" Catalogue is comin' out! This is another world premiere; the first ever "BMX POP-UP" Catalogue! Just open the Catalogue and all Models and Parts Pop up, even Rider Action Shots appear in
2011/6/30 9:30:00 (2011 reads)
2011/6/30 8:10:00 (3541 reads)
When I received the etnies press release about their 25 year anniversary they strongly focused on being true to the skateboard scene. I told them thanks, but no thanks. I checked the mail in a webmail program and did not see the photos but when I opened it up on the desktop I decided to take that back and post it in the Art section. They've built up a house in Paris that might be the look of houses in the next 25 years if skateboarding keeps influencing general life the way it has in the past 25.
2011/6/30 7:20:00 (1269 reads)
2011/6/30 5:40:00 (1181 reads)
2011/6/30 2:10:00 (1384 reads)
2011/6/29 23:30:00 (1327 reads)
2011/6/29 22:50:00 (2577 reads)
Name: Rob Darden
Age: 30
Sponsors: Guerra, Rockstar, Arnette, Rogue Fitness, Vans, Carhartt, Skullcany, Ogio.

Talking about sponsors, you've been going through some sponsor changes. How did you end up riding for Guerra bikes?
Rob: Leigh Rasmdell gave me a call and gave me the low down and everything sounded great. Guerra is just what I was looking for, a fresh start.

Can you tell us a bit more about that company? Are there any plans with the brand/team for 2011?
Rob: Guerra is a high-end frame fork and bar brand which is being sold through VeinBMX.com. Right now for 2011 the team consists of Rich Scott, Nick Anderson and myself.

Being a family man now you kinda need to have some sort 
2011/6/29 18:40:00 (2221 reads)
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