2010/1/18 11:28:14 (2600 reads)
The fourth day was def the first downer for the crew. It started pretty cool, got up, went for some breakfast and decided to start the day with some nibble session at the Santa Ana skatepark. I´ve known that park from a prior visit with Bart de Jong earlier that year. It´s an OK park, mostly street. Everyone had fun there, Bruno Hoffmann almost killed himself with a hop over the fence out of a far distance bank. He slightly touched the top rail and went over his bars. Luckily nothing bad happend, as skinny as he is - he take take some like a man, haha. But to continue with crashes, Tobias
2010/1/18 5:30:00 (1079 reads)
2010/1/18 3:20:00 (3971 reads)
Name: Ryan Winterbotham
Age: 17
Hometown: Farnborough, UK
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Pijin BMX shop, Rockstar energy UK

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Any skatepark with good ramps and a good bunch of friends to ride with!
-BMX video: Ride to Glory 2009
-Website: facebook, rideuk, vitalBMX, FATBMX
-Web video: Drew Bezanson @ ryder ramps
-Food: Chicken!
-Travel destination: EUROPE
2010/1/18 1:20:36 (1181 reads)
2010/1/18 0:20:00 (957 reads)
18  -  Jason King
18  -  Quinn Semling (age 25)
18  -  Steve Swope (age 39)
19  -  Jason Rodriguez (age 32)
19  -  Martin Schulz (age 23)
20  -  David Wootten (age 43)
21  -  Harold McGruther (age 47)
21  -  John Webber (age 43)
22  -  Johnny Johnson (age 41)
22  -  Joris Coulomb (age 19)
22  -  Robbie Morales (age 32)
23  -  Javier Ortega Gomez (age 26)
23  -  Kevin Martin (age 41)
2010/1/17 13:00:00 (1261 reads)
2010/1/17 10:20:00 (1462 reads)
2010/1/17 3:50:00 (3407 reads)
It's 21 days until one of Europe's biggest BMX events Simpel Session kicks off. It's Session's 10th birthday and the riders list is looking like who's who in modern day BMX. Check out all the confirmed guys. The organizers have just started building the new course and it's gonna be Session's best and biggest ever skatepark mixing good street and park. The party schedule is about to be announced as well: 4 different party's in four great loations. Gonna be wild! Also the first proper Estonian BMX video by
2010/1/17 3:05:16 (2183 reads)
The Subrosa crew got involved in a gnarly accident in Taiwan while on tour. Ryan Sher: "We're all somehow ok. I got some stiches and G.L. broke his foot. Ken, Chase and Fu, only had some scratches. I can't believe we all walked away. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Everyone is doing pretty good today, we’re all kinda still in disbelief. So we’re gunna take the day off today, and chill with the homies here in Taiwan. Kinda just celebrate the fact that we can hang out together."
2010/1/17 2:43:08 (1026 reads)
2010/1/17 2:26:32 (2667 reads)
Official at the 2010 ABA Reno 1 Silver Dollar Nationals last weekend was the addition of the 2009 ABA #7 Amatuer and 17/18x Nag 4 Rider and all around stylish kid, Jeremy Rommel to the Supercross BMX Factory team. Jeremy has been a friend of Supercross for years and is a local at our Apple Valley BMX Moto park. With Jeremy's style and speed he was the perfect addition to the Supercross Factory Team. Jeremy is racing his 2010 Supercross ENVY, outfitted with Pro LT Forks, Sinner 2 Cranks, Pro LT Bars, Racerhead FL stem and the new Supercross Pivotal Pro Saddle along with all of our other 
2010/1/17 2:22:00 (1265 reads)
2010/1/17 1:30:00 (2766 reads)
Name: Elliot Gray Van Orman
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

FAT Favourites:

-Spot to ride: Michigan and Chicago.
-BMX video: The ones that inspire me.
-Website: Facebook
2010/1/16 19:34:33 (1119 reads)
2010/1/16 17:20:00 (1660 reads)
We left Barcelona and drove through the night to our next sleeping place. All Frank told us was to be patient because we will love it there. Well, driving there through the night with only coffee and good stories and nice funny interpretations of traffic signs we ariived just in time to watch the sun rise for another super day. It was a perfect breakfast with fruit some cereals and a shower. Thanx Frank! After enough sleep we packed up the car and hit the road for Tarifa.
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