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PRO BMX Finals Results:
1. Colin MacKay
2. Dave Dillewaard
3. Dean Manson
4. Dane Searls
5. Chris Courtenay
6. Jake May
7. Ryan Guettler
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Do you know another magazine that drops on the doormat every single month? I didn't think so. The April 2010 issue of BMX Plus! has this to offer:
-SOMETHING FISHY: Catfish says goodbye
-ON THE SPOT: Andrew Jackson and his mega hop
-ON THE MOVE: Dial in your downside whips
-INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES: Kyle Bennett’s speed machine
-PRO-SPECTIVE: All-race exclusive
-NICKNAME GAME: The reason, or lack of, for them
-FLYPAPER: Kelly Bolton confuses us again
-TECH TIP: Revitalize your dome
-INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES: First official Cardinal bike check
-DEATH OF THE 24: Is this the end?
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The new Insane website is online. Feel free to visit that new world full of great designs, art gallery and a brand new online shop. You can now buy your favourite Insane product directly on their page. A lot of news will be posted each week to follow the life of their (BMX) crew and the new products coming out. Some surprises soon also with
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Name: Chad Kerley
Age: 16
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Premium BMX, Nike 6.0, Avant Garde International Clothing

The favorite list:
-Spot to ride: My backyard!
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Jet Pilot is stoked to announce that it has signed young BMX gun Andy Buckworth to its roster for 2010 “We are excited to have picked up such a talented rider such as Andy, he is really pushing the limits with his trick repitoire and has a killer style to boot”. Marketing Manager Chris Apps said.

Andy has a big year ahead of him, including the sold out Nitro Circus tour which hits Australian capital cities from May 8, as well as heading back to the states to compete in the prestigious Dew tour events that kick off in July.

Founded in 1986, JetPilot continues its leading tradition producing the most progressive, innovative, technically advanced, rider-inspired products for the Action Sports industry.
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Sunday the 21 february the first Waalhalla jam was finally there! About 60 bmxers from all over Holland and 80 spectators showed up. The intention was to do best tricks at all the spots like the pool, ledges, bank to bank and the mini-quarters, but because this was a new park to almost every rider I let everyone just ride and do whatever they wanted. And that’s what they did. Some highlights like a big wallride from of course Mark Vos, big no-hander from Roy van Kempen off the platform, 
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-Frame: DK Passport (Kachinsky Signature frame v.2)
-Forks: Odsy
-Headset: FSA
-Stem: DK Alpha top load
-Bars: DK sigma
-Grips: DK Tsuka
-Bar ends: plastic.. ODI maybe?
-Brake lever: N/A
-Brake cable: N/A
-Brake caliper: N/A
-Brake pads: Whichever Etnies I'm wearing at the time (usually Numbers, RVMs, or Maltos)
-Rotor: N/A
-Chain: DK prototype chain
-Sprocket: DK alpha (25)
-Cranks: DK Social 175mm with DK Ti Spindle
-Bottom Bracket set: Shadow
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Name: Keith Terra
Age: 30
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Hook-ups/Sponsors: SEKT

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: trails
-BMX video: Dirty Deeds
-Website: newyorkmets.com
-Web video: don't have one

-Food: vegetarian
-Travel destination: eastern, pa
-Riders to ride with: locals at panamoka
-Car: '87 Dodge Shelby ghls
-Movie: Vanilla Sky
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