2009/7/19 23:30:00 (4337 reads)
Name: Jerry Bagley
Age: 31
Hometown: North Reading, Massachusetts
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Brian Castillo

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Boston street/Dover trails/711 trails r.i.p
-BMX video: Anthem
-Website: pornhub
-Web video: your guess is as good as mine
-Food: chicken all day 
2009/7/19 22:10:00 (941 reads)
2009/7/19 21:35:52 (933 reads)
2009/7/19 14:20:00 (829 reads)
2009/7/19 11:00:00 (1477 reads)
Now don't get me wrong, this isn't an article on how 'underground' BMX should be or is, I'm just pointing out that we mess ourselves up constantly and the only people we have to turn to is the nearest adult professing a St. John's ambulance qualification or failing that a half empty pack of Asda brand peas that you virtually needed an icepick to pry out of the back of the freezer. Because we don't get the type of backing that the Wimbledon players get, that doesn't necessarily mean we should go through more injuries and pain than we have to. We just need to be clever and make sure we know how to keep our bodies in tip top riding nick, apart from the obligatory quest to land smoother. Yeah padding and supportive shoes have come on leaps and bounds but it is only recently us BMXer have been given riding specific shoes and didn't need to buy skate shoes, they do however cost an arm and a leg though.. and the protective pads
2009/7/19 9:00:00 (945 reads)
2009/7/18 23:30:00 (3510 reads)
Name: Jurrien "Fieze Jur" Brouwer
Age: 34
Hometown: Amsterdam
Hook-ups/Sponsors: F.S.O. off course, and the friendly people of Soulcycle

The favorite list:

-Food: Candy from the Jamin
2009/7/18 20:40:00 (943 reads)
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2009/7/18 11:50:00 (917 reads)
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2009/7/18 6:20:00 (4538 reads)
On the 18th & 19th July 2009, BMX PlayTime will take place at the Concrete Park of Hasselt (BELGIUM). Contest-ranking for amateurs & pro’s in Park- & Dirt Disciplines. Amateurs contest will start at 14h00 on Saturday, with some cool goodies & gadgets for everyone, as some Premium Products & Nike 6.0-stuff for the winners. Pro’s are invited on Sunday, starting up at 14h00, cashing up a 2.000€ purse, supported by Premium Bikes & Nike 6.0 for each discipline. Red Bull hooked up a Best Trick Contest for BMX & MTB in Dirt Discipline, with a pricing money of 1.000€ for the winner!
2009/7/18 5:32:38 (1114 reads)
2009/7/17 23:30:00 (3472 reads)
Name: David Quesada
Age: 39
Hometown: Vigo, Spain
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Etnies, Fly.
Years riding: 27

The favorite list: 
2009/7/17 21:50:00 (1160 reads)
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