2009/1/29 6:50:00 (6120 reads)
For decades, smarter engineers at bigger companies than ours have tried to reinvent the bicycle sprocket, with limited success. In the ‘70s Addicks made BMX chainrings from plastic. Result? Disintegration and bankruptcy. Shimano followed suit in the late ‘70s with Dura Ace 10—the first micro drivetrain for bicycles—and a few years later with Biopace—Japanese for “egg-shaped,” it seemed at the time. Neither innovation survived. Today one BMX company makes spline drive sprockets, and another makes a sprocket that only fits their proprietary spindle size. When sub-30-tooth sprockets became the fashion in BMX, function was relegated to variables like tooth size (1/8” or 3/32”), tooth count and
2009/1/29 4:20:00 (4962 reads)
Name: Simone "kid" Barraco
Age: 17
Hometown: Genova, Italy
Sponsors: Frontocean.com, Nike6.0, Oakley

The favorite list:
-Spot to ride: Genova' street, Milano's bowl, Barbero's park
-BMX video: Writing on the wall
-Website: FATBMX, deadline, thecomeup, frontocean.com, nosoccer.com!
-Food: grandmother's food!
-Riders to ride with: all my friends, all!
-Car: no car
-Movie: Ali G
-Colour: all colours
-Shoes: Nike 6.0 mavrk black\white
2009/1/29 0:20:00 (879 reads)
2009/1/28 19:31:06 (1748 reads)
Two-consecutive NAG No.1 title holder DAKOTA SENGER (Oregon) will be highlighted in next weeks’ edition of Sports Illustrated – in their traditional FACES IN THE CROWD section. After having a stellar year in 2007 – with a NAG No.1 title and UCi World Championship, Dakota’s chance to defend it in 2008 blew up when a slip of the pedals while doing sprints busted up his ankle really bad. But he didn’t let it ruin his year, and wound up returning in July to begin a late-year charge back to the top of ABA age group standings. 
2009/1/28 18:20:00 (2254 reads)
There ain't no stopping BMX Plus! The new issue arrived earlier this week and it's got Chris Gerber on the cover, or is it superman? The main articles are about the LG Action Sports Final, the Red Bull Trick or Treat and the ABA Grands. Bikes tested come from Stolen and Redline. No, it's not a stolen Redline they tested.  The regulars, like the Inside Scoop news, Ask the BMXperts, Mail Bag, Product page, Parting Shot etc. fill up the 100 page magazine. Newly added is a page called the Showcase Funnies which has funny photos or photos with funny comments. It's nice to see some fun in BMX. The March issue has a big Photos Special and also a How-To on winning the battle with rust. NIKE's 6.0 Banksgiving Jam gets a few pages and there's a Whopper how-to. No, they're not inside a Burger King but a bunnyhop tailwhip got called a Whopper almost ten years ago (Andrew Faris? or was it Billy Nitshky who named it that?). There's a bike check on Ryan Nyquist's bike, Tech Tips and a full on Trail
2009/1/28 9:40:00 (4084 reads)
Name: Waldemar a.k.a WOWA Fatkin
Age: 21
Hometown: Koblenz, Germany

The favorite list:
-Spot to ride: Koblenz, Stuttgart, Cologne, Paris
-BMX video: Made You Look
-Website: www.deepbmx.com
-Food: Chicken
-Riders to ride with: with all my friends
-Car: Lamborghini
-Movie: Spiderman, Batman, Rocky etc. etc. etc.
-Colour: black
-Shoes: always different 
2009/1/27 15:50:00 (7940 reads)
We got our hands on the last few orange Nike 6.0 BMX parts. Not only that, we're giving out a complete set which includes a Pivotal seat, Orange grips and Animal pedals. With a bit of luck we'll throw in a copy of the "Writing On The Wall" video as well. What do you have to do? Answer the following question:

"Who got the sickest part in the Nike video?"
2009/1/27 14:05:56 (1506 reads)
In 1981 my BMX numberplate had # 85 on it. I'd moved up from Novice to Expert and finally said goodbye to my solid steel CPX100 and swapped it with a true American Cr-Mo MCS Magnum frame. Stoked! This has nothing to do with this Magazine review other than this is issue number 85 of Freedom BMX. You want to know what's inside? Here we go. First we got Alex Kennedy on the cover from a recent trip to the USA which took the 6.0 team and a bunch of media from the East Coast to the WESTSIIIIDE!! (motherfuckers!). Kay met up with Bob Haro for an interview too. Living legend for sure. Felix Kirch is up for big things in 2009. He's almost a BMX veteran but he's only 19 years old. Read his interview which starts on page 20. The Carhartt crew did a few trips in 2008. Remix starts on page 28. NIKE trip goes from page 36-42 before we move into the T-Mobile Extreme Playground Street session report. It's fun to ride & party around Halloween. Good costumes make for good photos.
2009/1/27 11:40:00 (8084 reads)
Jet Pilot team rider Jaie Toohey has taken 2nd place in the Haro bikes Pro street/park and 2nd place in the Backbone BMX pro King of Dirt in the 2009 Rockstar BMX games. “We are stoked on Jaie, he is on a roll at the moment, he has taken out the KOD event in Brisbane, was the standout rider on the Colony/Forgotten bikes tour and has now taken 2nd in the pro park and 2nd in the pro dirt at the biggest freestyle event in Australia the Rockstar BMX games”. Jet Pilot Marketing Manager Chris Apps said. 
2009/1/27 10:30:00 (3905 reads)
Name: Nicky van der Veen
Age: 18
Hometown: Den Haag aka The Hague, Netherlands

The favorite list:
-Spot to ride: Rampworkx!, Corby, Skateland and Newpact
-BMX video: Etnies underground, Odsy Electronical and Red bull loaded.
-Website: vitalbmx.com, bmxigans.com and ukbikeco.com
-Food: Pizza!
-Riders to ride with: Virgil Persad, Channon Belanio, Barry Kohne, Mark Vos, Maityn Pedroso, Kees Schelfhout, Brendan van Leeuwen and loads of people from the United Kingdom! Heck yeah!
-Car: Pontiac firebbird
-Movie: Into the wild, Green mile and all the movies with Will Smith.  
2009/1/27 9:00:00 (1183 reads)
2009/1/27 8:00:00 (1281 reads)
Not sure if you've been to the Snafu website on a regular basis lately but there's new stuff to see/read over there on a daily basis, and we mean daily basis. 68 posts in December '08 and already 77 posts in January of 2009. McGoo is on it. If you haven't visited the SNAFU site lately you've missed the news that they've opened up a web store to sell their new range of T-shirts. And don't think they're just collecting orders. See Dan Norvell for proof.
2009/1/27 4:20:00 (1152 reads)
2009/1/27 0:10:00 (3323 reads)
Name: Austin Coleman
Age: 25
Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: RSA Skate Park, Costa Mesa, CA (RIP)
-BMX video: Standard Style Cats
-Website: Myspace
-Food: Oatmeal w/ Rasins
-Riders to ride with: Mirra, Laird, Spinner, Napolitan, Mast, Snowden, Mancuso, Nyquist, Marcus Tooker and Alan Cooke

-Car: Audi S4 Avant B7 (in black please)
-Movie: Man on Fire. Denzel flick
-Colour: Brown 
2009/1/26 22:04:25 (1250 reads)
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