2009/2/3 19:30:00 (1009 reads)
2009/2/3 15:30:00 (3883 reads)
Name: Effraim Catlow
Age: 34
Hometown: Southsea, UK.
Hook-ups/Sponsors: OG Bike Co and Profile.

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Southsea skatepark (rink), MM21 in Yokohama, Japan was pretty sweet also
-BMX video: “Impulsivity” KGB dvd, and the Lakai Final Flare
-Website: global-flat.com or theberrics.com (what a great concept)
-Web video: KOG finals edit on bmxboze.com or Erik Otto’s Voodoo 2008 pre jam edit.
-Food: Corn beef hash
-Riders to ride with: Sam Foakes, and TGM crew
-Movie: Friday
-Shoes: Lakai 
2009/2/3 10:00:00 (2599 reads)
2009/2/3 8:00:00 (10850 reads)
Name: Ryan Elcock
Age: 21
Hometown: Southsea, England
Hook-ups/Sponsors: UGP, Volume, Demolition, Alienation, Scoop..

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Milton Keynes, Koln.
-BMX video: Endsearch.
-Website: FATBMX
-Web video: Garrett Reynolds, Nike 6.0
-Food: Pasta.
-Riders to ride with: Ben Joyce, Mike Miller, Dez Strickland, Ben Wallace, Biz, Bob Manchester, Matt Priest, Dave Tayler
-Car: VW Corrado
-Movie: Shawshank Redemption
2009/2/3 4:20:00 (1091 reads)
2009/2/3 0:40:00 (1398 reads)
It's cold outside in most parts of the world. They even have snow in England! They've had the worst winter over there in 18 years. If you're bored and just waiting for the sun to come out, grab your sketchbook and some pencils and you could be on your way to some fresh new bike parts/goodies from FBM. Yup, they've got an art comp going with not many restrictions other than you cannot e-mail them your entry. Send it old school, by post, to:
2009/2/2 21:40:00 (2432 reads)
Pro Results:
1. Terry Adams
2. Matt Wilhelm
3. Dane Beardsley
4. Justin Miller

Am Results:
1. Isiah Jordan & Brant Huges
2. Andrew Musil & Chad Carpenter
2009/2/2 18:36:16 (1619 reads)
2009/2/2 18:20:00 (4716 reads)
Name: Ronald Anthony Napolitan
Age: 17
Hometown: Youngstown, OH
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Mankindbmx, Levi's, Maxxis Tires, System Cycle, Anthony Napolitan flow

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: System
-BMX video: Levi's
-Website: Levi.com/bmx, Vital
-Web video: The Oldman

-Food: Skyline
-Riders to ride with: All my friends, Anthony Napo, Gramps, Del, Stiffler, Nick B., Morton
-Car: VW JTI son! 
2009/2/2 10:00:00 (945 reads)
2009/2/2 7:20:00 (2086 reads)
Name: Matthew E. Colisch
Age: 23
Hometown: Murrieta, Cali.
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Hell on Earth, Joe Riley and Mikey Babbel

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Trails at my house 
2009/2/1 21:30:00 (984 reads)
2009/2/1 20:59:17 (1151 reads)
United Bike Co have got their own video channels and podcasts that you can subscribe to. You'll be first to know about any new edits that United puts up! If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to any one (or all) of their video channels 
2009/2/1 19:10:00 (1173 reads)
2009/2/1 18:00:00 (6509 reads)
Name: COULOMB Joris
Age: 19
Hometown: Strasbourg, France
Sponsors: Nike 6.0, ProperBikeCo.

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Barcelona, Strasbourg, Florida
-BMX video: Writing on the wall, Levi's, United, Brighton ain't ready...
-Website: Thecomeup, FATBMX, Databmx, ProperBikeCo.
-Web video: Deadlinebmx
-Food: Sushi, french cheese
-Riders to ride with: Strasbourg locals, Simone Barraco and Stefan Lantschner, Badet from BAGNOLS!
-Car: Cadillac escalade, MUSCLE CARS
-Movie: Happy Gilmore, Napoleon Dynamite, dumb and dumber!
-BMX contest: Simpel Session
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