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Spring is almost here and also the second edition of LOVE BMX magazine. What is in the current issue and what is in English?

- Ladies and gentlemen...Stefan Lantschner (this is big interview with this famous rider from Italy)
- Reports: Simpel Session 2010, Circle Cow 11, X Mass trip volume 3
- Who? Aleksandar Manojlović! (crotian allround rider)
- Who? Monika Hinz! (flatland girl from Germany/Hungary)

+ Editorial and legends of all photos

Have a good time with new issue on www.LOVEBMX.cz
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Registration is closing soon for Vans Pro BMX camps, taking place in Orlando and Orange County this April! This year Vans teamed up with Haro and Premium bikes to give campers a sweet package upon sign up that includes 1 pair of shoes, 1 pro-tec helmet, pro instruction, lunch and a chance to take home a complete Haro Bike! Cost is $150 for members and $175 for non-members and the camp runs from 10AM - 4PM on the selected dates. Don't miss out!

1) Vans Skatepark Orlando Friday, April 2 Instructors: Ryan Guettler, 
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New for 2010, the SNAFU components in purple, orange and blue look great. Samples of the full range don't yet exist, but all the grips, Solo seats, Poly Pedals, Anorexic pedals and PC bar ends shown here are also available in green and black. Every new SNAFU component and colorway will be available a la carte, or in a new ready-to-assemble kit called the SNAFU Chroma Grouppo. SNAFU Chroma Grouppos will include a pair of grips, Poly Pedals, PC bar ends and our new Solo Seat in matching colors.

Look for SNAFU Chroma Grouppos at better bike retailers this summer.
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Stereo Bike Co is a German BMX company. Their “Audio” Grips are coming in mid-April. They come in the following colors: black, black clear, clear , trans orange, and atomic green! Each pair will have a set of black Stereo “Jack” Plugs so you won't stick your bars in the new wooden ramp, or worse, in your own stomach. If you feel like rocking,
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From 07 to 16 of May, VANS will take some of its riders and bands on the Wheels Of Rock BMX tour in France. The trip will have a punk rock band playing live each night inside the skatepark that the tour is going to visit. Demos will be done with awesome riders such as Gary YOUNG, Diogo CANINA, Bruno HOFFMANN, Kevin KALKOFF,
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In conjunction with Mountain Dew, Allisports will be hosting an online auction on eBay to help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) . The ARF is a non profit organization that provides professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skateboarding with financial support after a severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships. During this online action, there will be 5 separate pieces that can be bid on. Each piece was created by a collaboration of 5 artists, who have been featured in the Dew Underground art sections
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Name: Rob van den Wildenberg
Age: 28
Hometown: Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
Sponsors: Redline, Rabobank, Troy Lee Designs, Shimano, Tioga, Oakley, Vans, BES&T

Good BMX track:
Supercross tracks
Good BMX company: Redline  
Good BMX shoes: Vans
Good BMX race announcer: Mike Redman
Good BMX race: UCI Supercross races
Good race result: 5th Bejijng Olympics, 3rd Supercross South Africa 2009
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