2010/6/23 12:00:00 (2567 reads)
The past 24 hours have been wild. I thought you guys might like to hear about it. Here she goes....
Monday:  So I walk outside of work yesterday into the blinding Florida summer sunshine. It’s 4 O’clock and time to meet my buddy Matt for a Monday street session…except my bike is no longer on my rack. At first I thought it was a joke-I scour the shop to make sure it’s not hiding behind any of the shelves, stuffed in the machine shop, or behind the trailer. Nothing. I realize my bike was stolen right off my rack, 10 feet away from my desk. I was separated from my car by a bay door.

Corey (Profile’s designer) and I drive around the adjacent neighborhoods for a bit in hopes of finding something. I give up. I head back to Profile and make a police report.

Done deal.

That night I check Craig’s list and E-bay. Nothing. I lay in bed unable
2010/6/23 10:33:49 (1060 reads)
2010/6/23 10:00:00 (2486 reads)
The bests of BMX Freestyle collide on Saturday, August 7, as Maxxis Tires presents the inaugural 2010 Trans Jam BMX Contest. Taking place in uptown Charlotte, NC, on the corner of South Tryon Street and West 3rd Street, the contest is being held in conjunction with the Presbyterian Hospital Novant Health Invitational Criterium bicycle race. Guests are welcome to attend the contest for free and witness today's top BMX ramp riders and flatlanders performing
2010/6/23 9:30:00 (990 reads)
2010/6/23 9:00:00 (3349 reads)
Name: Luis Brethauer
Age: 17
Hometown: Reutlingen, Germany
Sponsors: Meybo, Ufo, Shimano, Oakley, Maxxis, Leatt

Good BMX track: every sx track by Tom Ritz!
Good BMX company: Meybo!
Good BMX shoes: haha well Shimano for sure
Good BMX race announcer: Mike Redman ( who else )
Good BMX race: every sx race and the worlds
Good race result: hmmm haven't had that much really good results... currently 5th at the junior men world ranking
Good BMX federation: not Germany... probably Netherlands
Good food: pasta
Good looking girl on the track: Merle van Benthem
Good looking girl off the track: too many good looking girls off the track
Good candy: powerbar :)
2010/6/23 2:20:00 (1005 reads)
2010/6/23 0:00:00 (2478 reads)
Pretoria based BMX star Dean Holdstock showed his hand at the Germiston leg of the SA BMX Champs, providing a timely reminder of his top form and gusty demeanour just six weeks away from the UCI BMX World Champs in Pietermaritzburg. Holdstock’s SA Champs challenge was characterised by one tiny slip-up that let well-known Olympian Sifiso Nhlapo shade him into second overall, but the 21 year-old was grinning as he admitted “I’m gyming and riding flat-out daily. The big names had better watch out!!”
“The track at Germiston was OK, but I’m dying to dust the Maritzburg track,”
said Holdstock. “I’ve heard that a most amazing oke is coming out to build it – one hell-raiser of a character - and the double track area is to be sculpted in a much bigger and better zone than before. Now it’s The Main Arena!”
Holdstock was philosophical when asked about the uncertainty surrounding some of the world’s top riders appearance at the Pietermaritzburg showdown.
2010/6/22 23:20:00 (1344 reads)
2010/6/22 22:40:00 (896 reads)
2010/6/22 21:50:00 (3193 reads)
Ripxx Racing has signed Florida State Elite BMXer Amanda Carr to be its latest sponsored athlete. This 19-year-old Floridian is toping the charts with extreme speed, and she is not slowing down any time soon. With the support of Ripxx Racing, this teen is well on her way to being the best of the best. Taking time off from school, Carr has been solely focusing on BMX and the training needed to make her better. When at home in Florda, she trains with Paul Williams, the coach known to “push you harder, and take you farther,” and is currently training with USA Cycling trainer, Sean Dwight in California. Carr has the drive and tenacity it takes to become a better athlete. The additional support of Rippx Racing is just another stepping stone to move her forward on the BMX track.

The Ripxx Personal Measurement Device is a small device about 
2010/6/22 19:20:00 (1119 reads)
2010/6/22 17:30:00 (3123 reads)
June 22nd marks the 3 year anniversary of Stephen Murray's accident in Baltimore MD which left him paralysed from the shoulders down during a double backflip attempt in the finals of the AST Dew Tour. The time may have flown by for us but for Stephen it has been a long, slow challenge to get his life back on track. Medical complications, divorce procedures and general obstacles thrown in his path have kept Stephen determined to over come the challenges before him and tackle his problems head on..

No matter how hard things have gotten for him he has always 
2010/6/22 16:20:00 (1000 reads)
2010/6/22 15:00:00 (2097 reads)
After 5 events in the South it was time to drive two hours West for the Trailer Trails Jam. Vladdie de Koning and friends had called for a good time on their hidden dirt spot in Vlissingen. They even added a new line to the existing set up which contributed to the challenge. We had packed up early to get there and on arrival noone was there. After checking if it was the right day we decided to cruise down to Middelburg to kill some time.

When we got back more people had shown up and the riding was in full swing. But the TT Jam is about more than riding alone. Tents were put up in the bush. "Better do it now before you get too drunk to do it" was one of the smart comments heard. The BBQ and party tent were set up for later and also the generator and ghetto blaster were prepared for the night. But before everyone got too intoxicated, some riding took place. Chill session for sure and no pressure whatsoever. Maybe that's the strong point about the Trailer Trails jam
2010/6/22 13:20:00 (1217 reads)
How has the response been to the Cult brand in the UK?
Response to Cult has been exceptional, at present the demand for frames is outstripping production with backorders struggling to be filled. With the level of riders on the team, the quality of the products, and the experience Robbie [Morales] and the whole team over at Cult bring to the table it's hardly surprising demand is this high.

Who, from the UK, are on the Cult team now?
At present the Cult UK team is Alex Kennedy and Bas Keep, it's all 
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