2009/8/7 23:30:00 (3007 reads)
Name: Fabio Van Put
Age: 23
Hometown: Edegem (Antwerp) , Belgium
Hook-ups/Sponsors: none

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: So many, any spot with the right guys is a good spot, 
2009/8/7 16:40:00 (4276 reads)
We're on the road. These things are hard to do when you're not behind your desk all the time. We actually need your help with the FAT FAVs, so fill in the form and get some coverage. After running over a hundred FAT FAVs I'm running short for the upcoming week so if you always wanted to get one of those things yourself and want to be on the FATBMX website, send in 4-5 pics (150Kb max per photo/jpeg/max 700pixels high or wide) of yourself together with the following list and we'll get you some coverage. Thanks in advance.
2009/8/7 16:20:46 (1540 reads)
As the Miniramp and the BMX Park at the city wall in Darmstadt received a makeover lately, the area is well prepared for the upcoming 20 inch weekend on August 15th/16th, 2009. On Saturday, August 15th, the T-Mobile Local Support Miniramp Challenge takes place. Besides Spot Support worth € 4.000 & BBQ Partys (Pro class) as well as a portrait at freedombmx & high quality stuff (Am class) in the team challenge, all riders compete for 4 tickets to ride at the Summer Session of the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds on
2009/8/7 16:10:00 (1072 reads)
It’s out and it’s wet like Hadrien Picard who sacrifice himself to shoot this pretty rare photo of Dylan Smith doing a tyreslide on a curb. Find attached to the magazine the VANS DVD of 2 big tours : Wheels of Rock (props rocknr’oll look alike) and Let It Ride. In this issue:
-Let It Ride comp with Dylan Smith on board
-Vans Wheels of Rock tour
-Dijon local scene report
-Flatland in Osaka
2009/8/7 14:00:00 (871 reads)
2009/8/7 12:00:00 (1488 reads)
You either wear gloves when you ride or you don't. There's no mix. If you're used to riding with them, you'll miss them if you did not pack them in your bag on the way to the riding session. DC has designed a pair of gloves with the help of their team riders. They feel pretty thick on the outside and I bet that helps keep your fingers warm when the weather gets colder in a few months. The palm side of the glove is skinny though for maximum feel of the grips.
2009/8/7 10:00:00 (928 reads)
2009/8/7 8:00:00 (1625 reads)
Month after month, year after year, BMX Plus! has served the BMX community with coverage for a long time. Australian Chris O'Donnell scores the cover. It's always good to see an international rider make the cover of an American magazine. But again, the content list is long. The Inside Scoop shows you the latest news and who's B-day it is in September. They go over two old issues (one ten years old, one 5 years old) and bring you a few DVD reviews. Letters get answered without the people who write in getting cut to pieces. Catfish gives you four games to play while on the road. You know you'll have good times when Catfish is around and playing these games will get you on the way to have just as much fun. A double page spread with Luke Parslow tells you his story about getting to the USA and trying to stay there. BMX PLUS! brings How-to's. This time the Downside Footplant and a 540 on a wedge. Bikes that got tested were the Free Agent Hellcat and the Intense Clutch.
2009/8/7 6:00:00 (1322 reads)
2009/8/7 4:00:00 (2337 reads)
Well you might not going to believe this one... Tomorrow Ricardo "Renault" Laguna has a party that is going to be for a couple of bachelors, myself, plus Usher included, at the Play Boy Club on the top of the Palms Casino! Vegas magazine is throwing it down. The party is being held to officially make it public who are the hottest BACHELORS for there new issue that just came out! Go figure...
RL: "Always getting myself on position like this HA ha! but don't
2009/8/7 2:20:00 (979 reads)
2009/8/6 23:30:00 (3413 reads)
Name: Martin Murray
Occupation: National field sales manager. I work for a large distributor In the UK cycle trade, Fisher Outdoor Leisure.
Hometown: Worcester, England
Years riding: 26
Hook-ups/Sponsors: I'm just a weekend warrior these days… 
2009/8/6 22:10:00 (10047 reads)
Slammed seat. Well, almost. No pivotal though but comfy. Looks like she's enjoying it though. FATBMX pin-up of the week contributed by Adam Taylor.
2009/8/6 14:00:00 (1280 reads)
2009/8/6 10:00:00 (974 reads)
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