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Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Be quick, We'll throw your flyer in this flyer post. Keep an eye on the FATBMX event calendar for any updates and changes to events, venues, times, etc. Make sure to contact the organizers before taking off to one of the happenings on the calendar. We are sent these flyers and put them up, but you never know what happened in the meantime. Better be safe than sorry.


Upcoming events:

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After a first successful edition in October 2014, the world's most extrême action sports event is back in China! The beautiful Nan Hu Parc of the huge Chinese city of Chengdu will be welcoming hundreds of the best pros and amateur athletes of the world  to compete in the 5 star-disciplines of the event: BMX, skateboard, mountain bike, roller, and wakeboard.

SCHEDULE (Los Angeles UTC-7h)
October 16th, 2015

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Leatt®’s top of the line in soft body protection features lighter weight, more ventilation and an ultra secure strapping system. The perforated, multilayer, 3DF Airfit impact foam offers a soft and flexible fit, yet instantly transforms into a harder, energy-absorbing protector upon impact. This combination results in a comfortable fit that conforms to many body shapes and is CE certified to the highest levels on chest and back impact protection! It also features MoistureCool, a washable fabric that keeps protectors in place, while wicking moisture away from the body to keep you cool! Leatt® neck brace integration, great comfort, great fit, impact tested and CE certified - all in one product

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