2014/7/26 19:20:00 (98 reads)
2014/7/26 18:50:00 (179 reads)
Elite Women Time Trials results. 2014 UCI TT World's Rotterdam.
1 P 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 27.458 +0.173 2 27.449 0.000 Q
2 1 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 27.779 +0.494 3 27.471 +0.022 Q
3 P 100 PAJON Mariana COL 27.285 0.000 1 27.553 +0.104 Q
4 P 91 VANHOOF Elke BEL 27.975 +0.690 6 27.847 +0.398 Q5 P 96 WALKER Sarah NZL 28.402 +1.117 10 27.895 +0.446 Q
6 P 75 van BENTHEM Merle NED 27.930 +0.645 5 27.98 +0.529 Q
7 P 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 28.058 +0.773 7 27.986 +0.537 Q
8 P 971 VALENTINO Manon FRA 28.298 +1.013 8 28.065 +0.616 Q
9 P 23 STANCIL Felicia USA 27.801 +0.516 4 28.148 +0.699 Q
10 P 57 AILLOUD Eva FRA 28.496 +1.211 12 28.228 +0.779 Q
11 P 33 GEORGE Dani USA 28.771 +1.486 15 28.255 +0.806 Q
12 P 11 POST Alise USA 28.388 +1.103 9 28.440 +0.991 Q
13 P 41 SUVOROVA Natalia RUS 28.653 +1.36 14 28.55 +1.103 Q
14 P 50 POTTIER Magalie FRA 28.538 +1.253 13 28.827 +1.378 Q
15 P 52 HLADIKOVA Aneta CZE 28.800 +1.51 16 28.864 +1.415 Q
16 P 21 REYNOLDS Lauren AUS 28.454 +1.169 11 29.36 +1.913 Q
2014/7/26 17:20:00 (31 reads)
2014/7/26 9:00:00 (205 reads)
We have always woken up early for some reason. It's probably the jet lag that is still following us. But getting up early means we have full days to explore. After some cereal breakfast at Tracer Finn's place he had a plan to go visit multiple Gravity and X-Games champion TJ Lavin's place. Tracer used to be his Team Manager when he worked for Specialized bikes and remained good friends with him. TJ said no problem so at 9am we were on our way to see TJ's place. I rode in Tracer's Pick Up truck. It's one of the big American cars and felt
2014/7/26 4:20:00 (158 reads)
2014/7/26 3:10:00 (129 reads)
etnies kicked off a more than 20 retail stop #Scout It Out East Coast Tour that runs from July 25 – Sept. 2 today. etnies will begin the journey in Des Moines, Iowa, venture towards New York and conclude the tour by traveling down the East Coast to Florida. etnies will be grilling out, stopping by local shops, hosting a few skate contests, and giving away some Scouts along the journey. Check the events section on etnies.com for all of the details.

The following riders from the etnies skate, surf and BMX teams will be present at select stops:

• BMX: Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Chase DeHart, Nathan Williams and Tony Hamlin
• SKATE: Ryan Sheckler, Tyler Bledsoe, Julian Davidson, Nick Garcia, David Reyes and Aidan Campbell
2014/7/26 2:20:00 (176 reads)
2014/7/26 1:30:00 (197 reads)
The 2014 UCI BMX World Championships continued on Friday with the cruiser class competitions. Five Americans made it to their main events and three of them were barely edged from the podium with fourth-place finishes. In the men's 13-14 cruiser class final, Hunter Brown (West Bountiful,
2014/7/25 23:30:00 (167 reads)
Australian success continues to flow at the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, with another three Aussies crowned world champions overnight, this time in the Cruiser (24 inch) class. The day couldn’t have started better for Australia when Aston Wypych-Coles of the Castle Hill BMX Club and Patrick Bognar from Knox BMX Club made it an Australian one, two in the 12 and under men’s division. It was a case of second time round for Wypych-Coles who having just missed out on the podium in the 20inch class rectified that in
2014/7/25 22:00:00 (150 reads)
2014/7/25 21:30:00 (163 reads)
Day 6 in the States. Today we are leaving for Vegas. We first checked out the Megaramp. That ramp is huge. I felt real small when I walked on it but think that one day I will be riding it. There was a big nest underneath the platform of the quarterpipe and I wonder what kind of bird made it. We then had breakfast and said goodbye to Bryce Tyron and his dad who had been doing the pick up runs in Woodward's 'Grumpy' van.

We rode for a little bit and I started saying goodbye to the parc little by little. I cruised the Crater but treated it with respect. I rode the dirt jumps in the back and crashed once on a new section. I did a step-up transfer that I wanted to do so that ended my session on the dirt jumps. The little pump track was next. A few laps there 
2014/7/25 20:00:00 (165 reads)
2014/7/25 19:20:00 (225 reads)
How can you tell this is an old school bike? Bent seatpost, one inch stem, plastic wheels, CW style bars, big plate on the front, white tires no U-brakes, etc. Bikes change over the years, for the better. But this isn't about the bike, is it? It's pin up time. Forget the bike, check the girl. 18+
2014/7/25 18:10:00 (260 reads)
2014/7/25 17:50:00 (155 reads)
Name: Russell Wadlin
Age: 32
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hook-ups: Extremely generous friends

Spot: Anything new
BMX video: Double Scoop
Website: google
Web video: Most recently the Madera Virginia Trip video
Twitter to follow: I don't use my twitter. Ever.
Person on Instagram: NASA
Travel destination: Anywhere new
Riders to ride with: My coneheads
Car: Curiosity
Movie: The Warriors
Color: Doesn't matter, I can't tell anyway.
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