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Name: Brad Holt
Age: 20
Hometown: Leicester, England


Spot to ride: Adrenaline alley
Bmx video: Markit zero
Food: Spaghetti bolognese

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Name: Luke Madill
Hometown: Sydney, Aus
Sponsors: GT, Fox, Jayco, Box, SRAM, Lezyne, LG shoes, Sony action cam, ODI, Lusty, Red Bull, Blackman bicycles

-Frame: GT
-Forks: GT
-Stem: Box
-Bars: Box 8"
-Grips: ODI

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Last week we heard about the sad news that Mr. Rabbit -BMX Wolfgang Fritscher had passed away. Wolfgang was battling Leukemia and lost the tough fight. If you were a part of the BMX scene in Germany in the '80-s and '90-s you will remember Wolfgang. He was the first person to show up at the 1982 Open European BMX championships in Beek en Donk with his son Thomas. He was racing a Centurion bike at the time if I remember right. Later on Wolfgang started Rabbit BMX in Bremen and took his trailer with parts and tool box to all the fun BMX events in Germany and abroad. He later became the Redline distributor and put the brand on the map on the German racing scene. Mr. Fritscher had a big BMX heart and had a helping hand for many of us when in need.

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Name: Harry Boucher
Age: 18
Hometown: Poole, England
Hookups/Sponsors: Shorties Design, Entity Bmx Shop, Team Extreme


Spot to ride: Baiter Skatepark, Prevail Skatehouse Bowl

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The 2015 Winterjam was supposed to take place a couple of weeks ago but snow on the roof caused a leak and the event was moved to Saturday 28 February. Peter Geys and his crew have added more wood to their park which is connected to The 900 Shop to form a nice place to ride, especially when it's cold and wet outside. Doors to the park were open at 16:00hr and the little fun comp started at 18:00hr. With Peter's own riders forming the judging panel and Peter on the microphone things got underway with a decent line-up. Everyone got two runs each followed by a best trick contest on the spine, box and the street section of the park.

Throw Jimmy van Belle, Kenneth Tancre, Daniel Wedemeijer, Bram de Laat, Niels Mertens and the other riders in one park and you'll get a good session. The vibe was fun and riders were calling out tricks for others to do resulting in some nice attempts, crashes and pulled tricks. When it was time to ride the park all you by yourself the good tricks came out. Some pulled clean runs till the end while others wanted to pull that one trick that they had in mind.

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