Interviews: Re-up: Craig Campbell interview (UK Ramp Rider special)

2014/12/6 8:00:00 (15442 reads)

Name: Craig Campbell
London, UK

You were one of the BMX pioneers in the early freestyle days. When did you start hitting the skateparks?

Craig: Romford Skatepark, 1981

 Did you have any heroes/examples that you followed or did you not know what the hell you were doing in the early days?
Craig: Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominquez, Brian Blyther, The Pipeline Boys!
Who were some of the riders that you sessioned with when you started?
Craig: Peter Fox, Marco Lara, Billy Stupple, Dave Currey, Alice Temple.
Romford, Southsea, Meanwhile, Harrow, what other parks did you ride your bike at when there were only skateboarders around?
Craig: Livingston, Gillingham, Del Mar, The Pipeline.
Was there any hate from the skaters back then?
Craig: Yeah sometimes but I was never intimidated, I soon gained their respect once I started riding.
You rode for Skyway for a while. What was the most memorable demo that you did with that team?
Craig: Maidenhead Leisure Center was like a rock concert and the Windsor Flower show with the Queen Mother watching.
What was the Pro-Lite deal all about? Signature frame for you in the mid-eighties?
Craig: Boosted my profile/ego and made me some money.
Did you go to the USA for any of the AFA contests while on Skyway?
Craig: Only to watch.
You were one of the first European BMX riders to make an appearance in California. Were you welcomed over there?
Craig: Yeah, I think they probably thought who's this cheeky limey showing us a few moves.
Street riding was coming up and it seems like you had a bit of a lead riding street going to the USA. Who were, in your eyes, street pioneers from the London area?
Craig: Nick Phillips, Jess Dyrenforth.
What made you decide to get away from the BMX scene?
Craig: I was struggling to make a living and had a growing interest in DJ'ing. If times hadn't been so hard I probably would have rode for a lot longer. I was only 21 when I quit.
Have you followed the scene a bit over the years?
Craig: Yeah, I've checked it out from time to time, even rode a few times.
Any opinion on the direction it has gone in?
Craig: It totally blows my mind what the kids are doing these days, stuff I would never have dreamed of when I was riding.
Do you still own a BMX bike?
Craig: I've got some Redline Flight Cranks, I'm gonna get a bike soon, see if I've still got it in me.
London 2012. Do you think BMX freestyle is going to be in?
Craig: Something's wrong if it isn't.
If so, is Craig Campbell going to spin some vinyl?
Craig: The after party maybe, I've sold all my records, I use a laptop these days.

Pics: Craig Campbell collection
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