Interviews: Cameron White interview. 2008 Dew Tour Dirt champ.

2008/10/30 21:10:00 (7331 reads)
-Name: Cameron White
-Age: 24
-Hometown: Canberra, Australia
-Sponsors: Mongoose bikes, Unit Clothing, Lavs Lab, Vans Shoes, BackBone BMX Shop, 9 Dragons

-This year you managed to win the Dew Tour dirt series. How did it feel to raise that cup at the end of the road?
It felt great haha. At the start of the year it was one of my goals to try and reach and after putting in a lot of work, it really felt great knowing you achieved something that you set out to do.

-Last year you were pretty close, what happened?
Well last year I did have a shot at winning it. Nyquist had to be in 5th or worse and I had to win for me to get the cup. Well Nyquist was in 5th place as I dropped in for my last run and all I needed to do was land my run, but I slipped my pedal on the flip bar to whip. Not to worry, these things happen.  -How hard is it to come up with new tricks for each contest?
Well the way that the tricks are at the moment it's nearly impossible. But it is being done by some people. I just wish I had the style of Bohan or Aitken so I didn't have to drop in off the roll in and send crazy stupid tricks just to try and compete with those guys, but, unfortunately I don't have style like those guys, not many people do, so I have to go my own way and try and be different somehow.

-Do you believe the Dirt courses are creative enough so you have to work on adapting to the course before you can do your hardest tricks there?
The courses are a lot of fun. I ride more technical trails here in Vegas for the summer, and then when I go home I ride massive downhill fast jumps, so I get the best of both worlds when I'm not competing, so when I do go to the comps, I have fun riding the jumps, and especially this year they have been really creative and different which is awesome.

-You ride TJ's place quite a bit. Can you explain that backyard set-up to someone who has never been there?
Well a lot of people say they are going to come and ride, but no one ever does. I don't know if they are scared but wanna act like they're not. Either way his place is gnarly. We have pretty much every type of jump from hips, step-ups, rollers, berms, trick jumps, everything you could want in a set of back yard jumps. The dirt is like cement, there are a million rocks around so if you crash, yeah, it's gonna hurt. But when you drop in off that massive drop off and blast through mini- style line, it is the best feeling ever!

-Is it important to you to have a foampit and/or resi section available when you're riding?
I think it's a lot of fun riding foam pits, and I do think it's important, the tricks are going to be done regardless, so having that foam pit there does reduce the percentage of you getting hurt. I ride mine back in Australia quite a bit, but after I work out a trick, the only jump I have to do it on is 30 feet long with 8 ft tall lip and 14 ft tall landing. I think I have to change that because it is dam scary and I don't really wanna be sending stuff on it hahaha! As for Resi's, I never really use them to learn anything. Lavs has a Resi in the yard and it's 21 feet long with a dirt lip. It's a lot of fun, but if I'm serious about getting a trick done I prefer a fluffed up, soft dirt landing.

-You built a big dirtjump set up in Australia too, when are you going back to hit that up again?
I leave this Saturday. I land on the 3rd of November, yeah it takes 3 days to get home. It's not that far... haha, and then I'm getting stuck into the shovel work, dialling in the yard and I am going to hold another jam on January the 31st 2009. Anyone who wants to come and have a great day of riding, make the trip over. I know Nate Berkheimer is coming and I can't wait to see him shred the course.

-Any more contests in the works over there?
Besides my Jam, just the BMX games which are going to be held down in Melbourne this year, not Sydney, that's the weekend before my jam in January, and that's about it.

-What makes Australians dominate Dirt Jumping?
Vegemite... it all comes down to Vegemite.

-Any new Dirt talent in the works over there?
Hmm, I'm sure there are a few around. I haven't been back there for 7 months, so I couldn't tell you much, except for Chris Harti from Canberra. He is 16 turning 17, looks like he is way younger, and he can shred. He came over to Vegas this year, destroyed Lavs yard like he had been a local there for years, got sponsored by Lavslab, and he dominates my yard back in Oz. I can't wait to get home and ride with him. So keep an eye out for him because he has a massive future ahead of him.

-Are you going to the RedBull Dirt Pipe contest next year? What did yo think of that set up?
Yeah I'm going for sure. I didn't understand really what it was this year, I thought it was going to be a halfpipe comp, but after seeing the footage and hearing from all the boys how awesome it was, I'm there for sure next year! Can't wait.

-Do you ride park/street much in Las Vegas since there are so many places to ride?
am: I don't ride park here that much. I just live in the little triangle piece of dirt behind TJ's house! but I did go get some street riding in a few times this year. There is a lot of fun street in Vegas. I save my park riding time for the parks at home in Canberra. I love the parks we have there! So much fun.

-Last words/thank you's: Yeah I want to thank all my family for all the help and support over the years. My girlfriend Michelle, Lavs and all my friends, my sponsors: Mongoose, Unit, Backbone, Vans, 9Dragons, and Bart for this interview! word!
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