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2004/10/6 5:50:00 (10301 reads)
- The Dorkin' in York videos back in the day were all classics. They showed the latest in flatland riding from the Plywood Hoods which included Kevin Jones and Mark Eaton. It was tough getting your hands on the videos in the early days of vcr recorders. The NTSC tapes did not work well with the PAL system and once you did find someone who had a NTSC video recorder (often American based soldiers), the trick was to video tape the TV and record it on PAL. Mark Eaton has now released all the videos (10 in total) in a DVD box (it has 3 Dorkin' in York DVD's and 1 bonus DVD). It has all the history and is a must-have for everyone who rides flatland.The complete dvd collection:
Dorkin'in York (May 1988)
Dorkin' II (November 1988)
Dorkin' III (1989)
Dorkin' 4 (1990)
Dorkin' 4 ½ (1991)
Dorkin' 5 (1992)
Hypnosis (1993)
Wheelies (1995)
Balancing Act (1997)
Dorkin' 10 (2001)

- Eastern Consolidates Into "One Big Happy Family" In Raleigh. Daily operations in one location or two? That question didn't take Eastern long to answer as they recently completed a move mid-September from Garner, NC, to Raleigh, where both the offices and warehouse will now be under one roof. Better dealer service was sited as the main reason for the new location. While the move may be the largest piece of news at Eastern, it's certainly not the only one. In the midst of a move, Eastern created a new "Rider Loyalty Program," as well as helped to support a charity effort geared towards providing kids with bicycles on Christmas.

- Rumor of the week: Transworld BMX magazine is no more. Most of the TWBMX staff will have a job at Ride Publishing with Keith Mulligan shooting for RIDE and James Ayres working on BMX Business News but Editor Kevin McAvoy is apparently out looking for a job. Believe it, or not?!

- Ronny Chalk is no longer the BMX Team Manager of DC shoes. Alistair Whitton is riding his prototype MacNeil frame right now. Up next at MacNeil is Gary Young. Troy McMurray started his own bike company by the name of Evolution. Ryan Hillegass is riding for KING Bike Co. Josh Heino is on Elite footwear. Dave Sowerby has a signature frame out on Proper Bikes.

- The people at Fly Bikes don't sit still when it comes down to designing new products. Their new frames do come with the Spanish BB and internal headsets. Also they'll have Guiri tabs which are removable gyro tabs which leaves the choice open if you need them or not. The Fly people are weight conscious and have designed a super light bar that is 9 times butted saving weight wherever possible yet still keeping it strong. Little boy Eduardo Terreros has been working on products for the smaller riders out there so keep an eye out for the Mosca products in the near future.

- Martti Kuoppa won his first contest of the year 2004 in France. The victory at the FlatTimeKing came as a nice surprise as Martti has not been practicing contests runs but has been working on finishing up his solo project. That means new tricks have to be learnt instead of putting existing tricks together for a contest run. On top of this Martti has been busy running KGB that is owned by Viki Gomez and himself. By the way, Viki Gomez has his own website available at

- Warwick Stevenson has been spending over 6 weeks back east to film for a one hour episode of MTV's MADE program. The UCI World Champ has been teaching someone how to race a BMX bike. The person could barely ride a bicycle so lots of time was spent teaching how to start, turn and take the jumps in decent fashion. To be aired later this year.

- Stefan Geisler, Anthony Pill and Zach Shaw were in Tunis doing 10 days worth of vert shows. BMX Freestyle sure gets them around. Zach recently got married and they're expecting a baby some time in the spring of 2005. Congratulations.

- The TerribleOne video is finally done! T1 had a secret video premier at the T-1 ramp in Austin Texas. A bunch of close friends showed up from around the world and the T-1 team was there too (minus Scott Malyon). Copies of the video should be available pretty soon. Not one to be missed.

- Berlin flatland. Matti Rose organized his first flatland contest in Berlin, Germany. The turn-out was great and with adidas backing up the event the infrastructure was in place. The results of the Berlin City Games are as follows:

Pro Class
1. Martti Kuoppa (FIN)
2. Matti Rose (BRD)
3. Nathan Penonzek (CAN)

Am Class
1. Manuel Ortiz (BRD)
2. Sytse Winkel (NL)
3. Benjamin Grossjohan (BRD)

- Bootes banned. Hmmm, the boy has been looking buff for so long and recently won the Jeep series over Mike King who took the wrong gate and missed out on $30G's because of it. Out for 6 months?

- The Big bucks tour is coming. The Dew Action Sports Tour schedule and founding sponsors’ respective entitled events are as follows:

Event One June 9-12, 2005 Panasonic
Event Two July 7-10, 2005 Right Guard Xtreme
Event Three August 17-21, 2005 Vans
Event Four September 7-11, 2005 Toyota
Event Five October 12-16, 2005 PlayStation

A series of five major events with a cumulative points system, the 2005 Dew Action Sports Tour will consist of multi-sport and entertainment festivals covering over one million square feet in both indoor and outdoor venues. In addition to the primary sports of skateboarding, BMX, and freestyle motocross, each tour stop will feature a unique “specialty comp,â€? such as snowboarding or wakeboarding. At season’s end, the Tour will award champions in skateboarding (street and vert), BMX (street, dirt & vert) and freestyle motocross with the Dew Cup. Key lifestyle elements at each Tour event will include live cutting-edge music, video gaming, and interactive events.

- The Nora cup winners of 2004 were announced at the ICE in Las Vegas last week. After a wild party the cups and Christal were handed out to:

Warwick Stevenson - race
Yanmar - flatland
Gary Young - Ramps
Cory Martinez - Street

- Brian Blyther is up and running. The vert legend broke his neck a few months ago in the desert playing around. After a couple of operations (and a $120.000 bill), the soon to be sheriff is back on his feet and considers himself lucky to be walking again.

- Canada has a BMX magazine again. After Chase BMX magazine folded, David Hawthorne got to work and developed R.E.D. (Ride Every Day). Issue one just came out so so try to find it and support it.

- SE Racing has named Todd Lyons as its new brand manager. Lyons will continue to be a sponsored rider for SE Racing and will now be responsible for media relations, promotions at events, developing a grassroots program, and product development. Lyons comes to SE Racing with over twenty-three years of riding experience. Within BMX racing and dirt jumping, he has amassed numerous World and National Titles. "We're excited to have a guy with such an extensive BMX background in this position," says the president of Fuji Bikes, SE Racing's parent company, Patrick Cunnane. "He came to us highly recommended from many people within the industry." Lyons has been regularly featured in BMX magazines since 1987. He competed in the first X-Games in 1995 all the way through to last year's X-Games where he placed 4th in the Downhill BMX event. Having competed in 17 different countries, he is one of the most worldly traveled riders around. He is currently sitting #3 in the ABA Vet Pro class and #4 in the NBL Superclass.

- WeThePeople's Etc. video is finished. The Germany premiere had 200+ visitors and went off. The Dutch premiere took place at the annual FAT-JAM in Aarle-Rixtel. The schedule of the first VDO showing clashed with the first band's schedule. They started playing anyway but noone was watching them but a few groupies they had brought along. All in all the ETC. video lasted 2 hours but that's because there were some delays here and there. What we saw was great but apparently it's even better with music on and no band playing in the background.

- The guys at Volume are looking for spots to film their new video. To get new spots they are looking for people who want to give up their own (secret) spot in return of some Volume products. If you have a good spot in the US of A that you are willing to give up contact Volume Bikes. Quantity of free gear will depend on thoroughness of description (photo, etc.) and shredability of spot. Include in your description any helpful tips they may need: what times are best, security guard's favorite snack, etc.

- Ryan Nyquist beat out his competitors to win $30,000 and the title of U.S. Champion of Freestyle BMX on the park course at the LG contest in California. Here's the results:

Ryan Nyquist (Greenville, NC): 95.25
Alistair Whitton (Chester, England): 91.25
Scott Cranmer (Jackson, NJ): 91.00
Chris Doyle (Pittsburgh, PA): 90.75
Mike Aitken (Murray, UT): 90.75
Cory Martinez (Decatur, AL): 90.50
Steven McCann (Melbourne, Australia): 89.75
Morgan Wade (Tyler, TX): 87.75
Colin Mackay (Brisbane, Australia): 86.50
Dave Mirra (Greenville, NC): 82.00

- System Cycle have added Terrible One and Coalition to their great existing brands of wholesale offerings. Terrible One and Coalition are distributing their complete line of BMX parts, accessories, and clothing through System Cycle. System Cycle specializes in BMX and is the wholesale distributor for 25 popular brands including DK, Flybikes, The Shadow Conspiracy, KGB, Profile Racing, and Pro-Tec.

Dutch BMX News

- Bart Bazelmans and his Extremebiketeam did some shows at the Bike Motion Utrecht, check their .com for more info. Bart will build a new demo trailer this winter and hit the road in 2005.

- FLATtv #4 is out. The Ninja is still married but all he saw lately was his computer and camera, this volume 4 shows you the best Flatland riding from last Spring & Summer including the Worlds, Circle of Balance 2, Ninja spin and a lot more, DVD for 19 euro, Flatland only.

- The SUGARHILLS at Aarl-Rixtel are not dead but a little bit ill. Kids still think it is a playground and use the fine shaped jumps to make sand castles etc. We are nagotiating with the city to have our own "barrio" with fence so we will have good trails and no kids to destroy them.

- The Skateboardunion in the Netherlands got into trouble with a firm called "Eiben". They put some bad reports on their website of the shit they built and they had to go to court for that. Our perfect miniramp in Aarle-Rixtel is NOT build by them and the other "Laarbeek" ramps are not so good and build by "Eiben" so we support the Skateboardunion in this matter.

- Remco Elgersma (FBM/Pure BMX) is having his own company called "Custom Cartel", making special radical polyester frame modifications and working with House of Kolor paints.

- Soulcycle just opened their new shop in Amsterdam, and celebrating their 5th anniversary.

- Paul's Boutique's 10th anniversary is held next year Friday April 1st with a huge party and 2 days of riding at the Sugarhills on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday the 3rd 2005. Be there to pick up your present and have a drink, put this date on your calender for 2005!

- Thomas Ruissen is a 14 year old kid from Zeeland and very talented, Paul's Boutique BMX is supporting him so he can be the next "Dutch Ruben"....

- Here's some proof of how popular the Metro Jams in Canada are. The contest in Vancouver saw the following riders participate in street followed by the results of the final. Now that's some pro turnout.

1 Morgan Wade
2 Gary Young
3 Van Homan
4 Josh Harrington
5 Dave Osato
6 Dustin Guenther
7 Jeff Landtiser
8 Brian Foster
9 Ryan Guettler
10 Paul Kintner
11 Clint Millar
12 Stephen Lilly
13 Ryan Nyquist
14 Jake Honesto
15 Alistair Whitton
16 Eric Ream
17 Mike Escamilla (Rooftop)
18 Darin Read
19 Justin Inman
20 Travis Lyons
21 Kevin Porter
22 Nate Moroshan
23 Chase De Hart
24 John Heaton
25 Joey Pierce (Am Winner)
26 John Pratt
27 Mike Hoder
28 Dan Montgomery
29 Ben Boyco
30 Ben McPherson
31 Andrew Carpenter
32 Tobias Wicke
33 Max Vincent
34 Will Love
35 Harrison Boyce
36 Chris Mahoney
37 Jim Cielincki
38 Martin Tamblin
39 Robyn Fenlon
40 Mat Berringer
41 Shawn Arata
42 Josh Heino
43 Ben Hucke
44 Rob Tibbs
45 Jesse Whyley
46 Chris Styler
47 Bruce Crisman
48 Chester Blacksmith
49 Greg Nicholson
50 James Hitchcox
51 Phil Sunbaum
52 Louie Biesttker
53 Joey Hastreiter
54 Adrian Janzen
55 Thomas Hancock
56 Karl Engstrom
57 Alex Vasquez
58 Sean Burton
59 Larry Alvarado
60 Nick Halsey
61 Jason Richardson
62 Adam Perez
63 Keith Gagne
64 David Caracho
65 Brad Bonar

1 Gary Young
2 Ryan Nyquist
3 Morgan Wade
4 Dustin Guenther
5 Van Homan
6 Ryan Guettler
7 Josh Harrington
8 Clint Millar
9 Jeff Landtiser
10 Brian Foster
11 Eric Ream
12 Jake Honesto
13 Stephen Lilly
14 Dave Osato
15 Paul Kintner
16 Darin Read

- Dale Holmes took to the ABA Mile High Nationals in Dacono, Colorado. Dale has split his time in between ABA, NBL, and The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup series this season and has done some damage in each event he has entered. Choosing to go to the ABA National paid off for Dale as he proceeded to take home 2 wins in Pro Open and 2 2nd place finishes in AA Pro. At the UCI MTB 4X World's in Les Gets, France Dale got stuck in the quarter finals but scored well at night in the bar.

- Anthony Pill went to the front brake revolution contest in England and said it was amazing: "They did it as a jam and they awarded ten pounds for every worthy trick: I managed to get about eighty quid! I pulled a nosepick to no foot toothpick, stalled it for a few seconds, then hopped back up to nose pick! I also got a couple of no foot five-forty nosepicks and a nosepick to toothpick to x-up lander! I'm still in a good mood! Senad Grosic was there as well and he rode amazing also. They had a trophy at the end for the most impressive use of the front brake overall, which all the riders decided, and that went to Rob Ridge!!!! It was so cool."

- Rich Vitello is leaving Huffy after more than 7 years of PD and team management. Rich intends to stay within the bike industry and is evaluating his options for the future. When Vitello joined Huffy seven years ago, the company did not have a BMX program and it was making bikes in Ohio. Vitiello developed a line of BMX bikes for specialty retailers and assembled a high-profile BMX team that included Cory Nastasio, Randy Stumpfhauser, Dave Freimuth, Ruben Alcantara among others at some point.

- Ricky Adam is one of the amazing photographers taking care of the fine pics over at DIGBMX magazine. He has just finished uploading some new photos, one of which is a little project he did whilst in Poland last year (emphasis being on 'little'). As well as a few new: Urbanite / Portrait / Gig photos. If you want to check out Ricky's site, go to:

- Allan Cooke's Local Exposure Tour video is finished. Allan loaded a good crew of riders (Brian Foster, Ryan Barrett, Rob Darden, Jeremy Fanberg, Stephen Lilly) onto a motor home, went to some crazy parks and basically tried to "expose the locals." The video is basically an extended scene report focusing on Chenga, Chenga 2, Flow and the Incline Club.

- The 2006 UCI BMX World Championships have been allocated to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. On a recent UCI meeting in Salzburg, Austria, the 2007 BMX world championships have been appointed to the Canadian city of Victoria. With BMX racing being an Olympic discipline at the 2008 games in Beijing, these races leading up to the medals will be very important.

- The 04 X-Games took place in Los Angeles once again. Mirra is back with two gold medals in street and vert. With Nyquist having an off day in dirt it left the door open for Aussie Corey Bohan to grab the dirt gold. Here are the complete results.

Corey Bohan Brisbane, Australia 93.66
Chris Doyle Pittsburgh, Pa. 90.66
T.J. Lavin Las Vegas, NV 88.33
Gary Young San Diego, CA 88.00
Joey Marks Fort Wayne, IN 88.00
Mike Aitken West Valley City, UT 87.66
Allan Cooke San Francisco, CA 86.33
Ryan Nyquist Greenville, NC 84.33
Brian Foster Joppa, MD 82.00
Stephen Murray Newcastle, GBR 77.66

Dave Mirra Greenville, NC 94.00
Ryan Nyquist Greenville, NC 92.66
Ryan Guettler Beenleigh, Australia 92.00
Gary Young San Diego, CA 91.66
Steve McCann Melbourne, Australia 91.33
Morgan Wade Tyler, TX 86.33
Colin Mackay Brisbane, Australia 85.66
Chad Kagy State College, PA 85.33
Van Homan Downingtown, PA 83.66

Dave Mirra Greenville, NC 93.66
Simon Tabron Liverpool, GBR 91.33
Kevin Robinson State College, PA 90.33
Chad Kagy State College, PA 88.00
Dennis McCoy Kansas City, MO 87.66
Jamie Bestwick State College, PA 87.00
John Parker Paso Robles, CA 85.33
Koji Kraft Addison, IL 85.33
Jay Eggleston Denver, CO 83.00
Jay Miron Vancouver, BC, Canada 83.00

- Robbie Morales has decided to leave his component sponsor Primo to focus more heavily on expanding Fit's component line. After 8 years on Primo the split was amicable and everyone is still friends. Look for Fit to be expanding further into parts land. They've already got cranks, aluminum seat posts, grips and sprockets but you can expect more in the near future.

- Once a year the "Soul Bowl" lands on the beach of Huntington. Vert riders are flown in to impress the numerous ladies in bikini's watching from the stands. Here's how the judges saw it:

Soul Bowl Results
1 Simon Tabron
2 Mat Hoffman
3 Tom Stober
4 Stefan Geisler
5 Mike Mancuso
6 Ronnie Seridge
7 Dave Brumlow
8 Danny Williams
9 John Rokos
10 Cruz Munoz

- Niels Thanild is no longer riding for Dragonfly Bikes. He has parted ways with them on good terms after riding for them for a really long time. But now it is time for Niels to move on. Says Niels: "I am starting up my own company; Simple Bike Company, and I currently have prototypes of frames and bars in the works. There will also be more products coming out as drawings will be ready. Sprockets, stems, pegs and seatpostclamps are the next sketches on my desk. On the team so far is David Lombard from France, Daniel Wallis from Australia and of course myself. will be updated with news whenever there are some. I am excited about this whole thing, I believe it's a good time for a change."

- Steve from Clicked has finished a new DVD and features the following......

Sessions / Contributions
Ronnie Surridge Interview
King of the Skatepark @ Epic
Inertia Promo Video (Lee Musselwhite & Paul Tout) Sessions
Clicked Designs Team Section
Bobby Colvin and Dino Boy Section
James Cox Interview
EXTRA : Bike 2004
EXTRA : Effraim Catlow and Sam Foakes Section
EXTRA : GT Jamie Bestwick Video

The DVDs will be available to everyone from September 1st 2004. Further Clicked related news is that Clicked Rewind is a 6 part TV Clip show on the Extreme Channel. Nothing really that special, but for once there will be some tidy BMX Footage with some good tunes on TV representing BMX correctly.

- Fraser Byrne of STF Media disappeared for three years. In that time, he moved back and forth between England and South Africa and filmed what is now being called 'Sequel.' Video one showed that the South African scene is alive and kicking. In the meantime the bars have been raised so expect some good street and dirt stuff on 'Sequel'.

- Redline have been working on their 2005 dirt and freestyle bikes. For starters, the frame has been completely redesigned for our X-Series and "S" (Street) series bikes. Sames names, with an all-new frame. Better geomertry, shorter rearstays, lighter frame, refined dropouts, under-mounted brakes, and euro B/B's on the top of the lines models. Plus, the Mega-X now comes in two frame sizes -- long (20.9" top tube) and XL (21.5 top tube). As if that wasn't enough, Redline will be introducing an all-new grip/tire series to match our dirt jumping units. The all new FREAKY-X tire is a full wrap tread with the "X" that matches our line of Double, Triple and Mega-X bikes. This tire comes in two sizes with either 60psi or 100psi. The XX and XXX models will come stock with 60psi Freaky-X's, while the Mega-X will feature the high pressure tires. Response on these tires from our co-riders around the country is that it grips all surfaces nicely. Our racers have even been trying them out on track with asphault turns, as a front tire.

- After Osiris dropped its pro footwear program many a BMX pro was looking for a new ride. Among those was Josh Heino. The wethepeople rider not only hooked up with new shoes to ride in but he is now also the head sales rep of North America for Elite Footwear. Josh has not been sitting still as he is half-way through his video part of the to be released Tip-Plus video and an interview on RIDE BMX is in the works as well.

- The NBL season came to an at the NBL Grands. With 5 racers still in contention to win the year-end Elite title, it was an exciting race. Favorite Warwick Stevenson did not make it out of the semi after a tangle at the start with Robert de Wilde (again). This left 4 title hunters in the main battling it out for the number one plate. When all was said and done it was Kyle Bennett (USA) who grabbed the NBL Elite Men title with Robert de Wilde (NED) in 2nd and Jason Richardson (USA) in third. Elite woman title went to Kim Hayashi, Elite cruiser to Randy Stumpfhauser and Eric Rupe won another Elite Masters title.

- Hoffman Bikes' vert pro from Germany Achim Kujawski has been keeping busy doing contests and shows among other things. Now that the bad weather is about to come in, Achim is setting up the RedBull vert ramp in a warehouse to have a place to ride when it starts pissing down. Achim did some shows in Scandinavia with OBG, flew to the Gravity Games in the USA, then Interbike in Las Vegas, now the Gravity Games in Australia and by the time he's getting back from all that he'll be happy to have his own indoor vert ramp available.

- The Eurobike trade show took place in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Haro, Wethepeople, Eastern Bikes, Free Agent, Premium Products, KHE, GT, Mongoose and Schwinn all showed their new products. Pro miniramp World champ Paddy Gross was riding the La Finca mini ramp with the likes of MG, Huber, Koenig, Kohler and Lowcash and Rose were taking care of the flatland riding. Finally some decent BMX/freestyle representation again at the Eurobike show.

- Leo Forte and Craig Stevens are on Two and 8 clothing.

- The 8th version of the FISE contest took place in Montpellier, France. Although it was windy all week all disciplines saw a winner. In vert it was Simon Tabron (Mongoose-UK) who did flairs, turndown 540-s and no-hander to barspins for first place followed by Peter Geys (Haro-Belgium) and Stefan "OBG" Geisler (Haro-Germany). In flatland it was Yanmar (Ares-Japan) who rode to first followed by Alexis Desolneux (Twenty-France) and Michael Sommer (Felt-Austria). Ryan Nyquist (Haro-USA) won dirt as the prelims of Saturday evening turned out to be the final results because of the heavy wind on Sunday. Markus Hampl (Dragonfly-Germany) got 2nd and 3rd was fro Mike Aitken (FIT-USA). The pro street contest was a big one. 3rd place went to American Scott Foster (Odyssey), 2nd was for Canadian Max Vincent (Federal) and Nyquist was in a league of his own and got his second pro victory at Montpellier.

- Axel Jurgens, the likable Argentinean freestyle rider who is on a European tour at the moment has left the MacNeil team after a disagreement with his team boss at the Roskilde festival. Axel, who was operated upon his ankle in Germany last week, already has some things in the works for a new ride.

- Dave Mirra ran into a few problems on his Euro trip. Actually a car ran into his bike. His bike fell off the bike rack in London, bounced some twenty feet in the air, then was ran over by another car. No one was harmed in the accident except for the bike. Dave however, was harmed at the Worlds in Germany where stitches to his left elbow took him out of the comp. The rest of the trip turned out to be a sightseeing tour. Oh well. Dave is back in Greenville and has a new bike put together. In other Mirra happenings, Dave is appearing in Got Milk? ads everywhere. He's also appearing in People Magazine as one of The 50 Hottest Bachelors.

- One Bicycles are supporting the Wear Yellow Live Strong wristband program to raise money for young people with cancer. Live Strong yellow wristbands are available at the ONE Bicycles booth at the 2004 UCI World Championships in Holland. Support the Foundation by wearing a LIVE STRONG yellow wristband.

- Taj is getting some signature grips from Greg Walsh's BMX parts company Coalition. The Taj signature grip will come with low profile zip ties that will help hold the grip in place. Once you zip them in place and cut the ends off, there's no sharp edges at all to hang up on.

- Eduardo "The Spanish Fly" Terreros was invited for a halfpipe demo over in Oslo, Norway but broke his leg before the event and had to pull out. It wasn't that bad as the event was cancelled because of the heavy rain anyway. More luck on both parts next time.

- The Vans Championships of BMX, the third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX series, ended with Ryan Guettler (Brisbane, AUS) and Scott Cranmer earning top honors in the Dirt and Street competitions, respectively. Guettler's win marked the end of an 11-event Vans Triple Crown winning streak for Ryan Nyquist. Nyquist had won every Vans Triple Crown Dirt comp ever held, dating back to June of 2001. With his second place finish in Dirt, Nyquist is crowned the 2004 Vans Triple Crown of BMX overall champion and throughout the entire series this season, has pocketed more than $35,000 and a Ford Ranger FX4. In the Street competition, Scott Cranmer (Jackson, NJ) stomped the field in his first of two runs scoring a 93.33 beating out second place finisher and overall Vans Triple Crown of BMX Champion Ryan Nyquist (Greenville, NC) who notched an 88.00. Steven McCann placed third in the street competition with a score of 91.00. On the Dirt course, Ryan Guettler's (Brisbane, AUS) 94.00 edged out Luke Parslow and TJ Lavin in a very close scoring among the top three finishers. Luke Parslow placed second with an average of 93.17 and TJ Lavin scored an average of 91.00 for third place.

Dirt Finals
1. Ryan Guettler (Brisbane, AUS) 94.00 $7,500
2. Luke Parslow (Melbourne, AUS) 93.17 $4,500
3. TJ Lavin (Las Vegas, NV) 91.00 $3,000

Street Finals
1. Scott Cranmer (Jackson, NJ) 93.33 $7,500
2. Ryan Nyquist (Greenville, NC) 92.33 $4,500
3. Steven McCann (Melbourne, AUS) 91.00 $3,000

- China is taking things seriously. With the 2008 Olympics being held in Beijing it was time for a BMX demonstration as BMX racing is now an official Olympic discipline. Pro riders from all over the place were invited for the race in the Chinese city of Taiyuan, a city in the Shanxi Province. The race, was won by French BMX Superstar, Thomas Allier, with Australia's, Luke Madill taking Second and French rider, Florent Boutte hauling in the Third spot.

- RNC is a new company that makes titanium BMX parts. With weight being a serious issue now among the riders there's a market for light parts. RNC is jumping right in. They make sprockets, 9T drivers, seatpost clamps, spindles and cranks and sponsor Pro Mini World Champ Patrick Gross and Spin Like Hell's Frank "lowcash" Lukas. Available through Unity BMX Distribution in Germany.

- Here's the Gravity Games Pro Vert results. With Dave Mirra out with a broken hand (suffered from a harsh landing on a flair at the LG championships), Jamie Bestwick took his signature bike to the top finishing 4.20 points higher than second place finisher Chad Kagy who has now officially returned from his broken neck he suffered a year ago.

Bike Vert
1. Jamie Bestwick - Nottingham, UK - 94.80
2. Chad Kagy - Nor Cal - 90.60
3. Kevin Robinson - East Providence, RI - 90.00
4. Jay Eggleston - Denver, CO - 88.20
5. Simon Tabron - Newquay, UK - 88.00
6. Dennis McCoy - Kansas City, MO - 87.00
7. Matt Fairbairn - Newcastle, UK - 85.40
8. Jim Burgess - Nashville, TN - 84.20
9. Dave Brumlow - Melbourne, FL - 80.80
10. Tom Haugen - Plymouth, MN - 80.40

- The results of the flatland contest in Grenoble, France look like this:

1 Martti Kuoppa
2 Jesse Puente
3 Sven Steinbach
4 Strevc Mirek
5 Johann Krapule
6 Florent Guyennon
7 Jason Forde
8 Pascal Mintovt
9 Remy Dunoyer

- Vans Announces New Action Sports Event Formats For 2005: Santa Fe Springs, CA - Vans has announced that the company will stage an innovative series of new world-class professional events in 2005, one each for skateboarding, BMX and snowboarding, joining the legendary three-stop Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The new structure gives each event a character and contest format that is unique to that sport, allowing for more freedom of progression, the hallmark of action sports. With the evolution of Vans' event strategy, the current format of the Vans Triple Crown Series will change. As the worldwide leader in action sports, Vans looks for these new events to be a collaborative effort with from athletes to other core companies within the action sports industry, as well as an avenue for compatible brands to connect with the action sports audience. "Action sports have always been about progression ... from the technical aspects, to the surrounding culture to the way that the sports are presented," said Chris Strain, Vans' vice president, marketing. "As a company that has been around since the inception of what is now known as action sports and as a leading supporter of the action sports lifestyle, it's time for Vans to re-invent the competitive piece." Each sport will have an accompanying television special exploring the varied and unique stories that unfold over the course of the weekend. The exception is six hours of coverage devoted to fully narrate the drama of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. 2005 BMX Event Line-up

- October 21-23, 2005 in Las Vegas (coinciding with the world's largest retail bike show, InterBike)
- Weekend devoted to freestyle BMX with Street, Dirt and Flatland participants

- Chris Doyle is having his own frame at DK now.

- Mark Rainah has taken a job at BMX Plus! magazine.

- Vans have been closing down a couple of their parks over the last 12 months and next up is the one in Ontario, California. Vans rider Stephen Murray is getting part of the park for his new backyard. It will be the mini with the spine so expect some good sessions going on in the 909 in Murray's backyard.

- Roadtrips are always full of adventure. Bob Scerbo, Brian Wizmerski, Josh Stricker and Vinnie Sammon cruised through Yellowstone National park when they finally saw two little bears on the middle of the road. They stopped to check them out when mama bear showed up and started messing with the Chevy Blazer's mirror. You know that's up close. They survived the incident and have new respect for the Bears.

- Mike Ardelean's Volume frame is out now.

- Rueben Alcantara's T-1 frame was spotted at the Interbike show in Las Vegas.

- Dave Mirra's 05 HARO frame is now available. Dave is riding a titanium version now.

- Ryan Metro's FILO BEDDOE Metal frame is done

- Shawn Arata is riding a prototype signature FBM frame at the moment.

- Alejandro Caro is now riding for Standard Bykes

- Travis Turesson has picked up a ride at Diamond Back

- Supercross has picked up Nate Ramos

- Bell Helmets is now sponsoring Ryan Nyquist and Chad Kagy

- Soeren Jacobs knows how to stay busy during the summer. The German has been organizing BMX Summer Camps for years. This year the camp base is set up in Moliets Plage in the South of France. Sun, Beach and BMX, it doesn't get much better than that. The camp consits of trails riding and skatepark riding. Dragonfly is providing bikes to those who don't have one.

Carlsbad, CA - July 15, 2004 - Core Tour King of Dirt, 4 Time X Games Gold Medallist, Vans Triple Crown Dirt Champion, and now you can add ESPY Best Action Sports Athlete to Ryan Nyquist's growing list of achievements. It seems that there is nothing that this North Carolina BMXer can't win; ESPY's included. Nyquist took home the coveted award Sunday night during the 12th annual awards show at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Nyquist came out on top over skateboarder, Bucky Lasek; Supercross Champion, Chad Reed; and Freestyle Motocross Rider, Brian Deegan. The ESPY's first year of online voting to decide winners resulted in over 10 million fans casting their vote. Out of the 38 ESPY categories Best Male Action Sports Athlete is a relative newcomer, only added to the list of awards in 2000. Nyquist now joins the elite group of winners as the first BMX rider to date.
"I'm very excited about winning an ESPY," said a thrilled Nyquist. "It's the first time any person from BMX has won the award and to win while going up against such heavy hitters from the skateboard and motocross world is quite amazing. "

- Kuwahara is getting back on the BMX scene. The product line will be based around a range of BMX racing frames and complete bikes covering a range of sizes to suit mini through to Pro XL. The Product line is being put together by Dave Wootten, Steve Weir and Julian Millis of Muchachos. Intl.

- Vert riders Anthony Pill, Jerry Galley, Zach Shaw and Tim Eichert survived the Deconstruction tour. The music and halfpipe sk8/BMX tour is a rough one to survive as the athletes sleep in tour buses and do shows in different countries all over Europe. This combined with the rock and roll lifestyle has resulted in at least one person going to the mental hospital every year. Fortunately, it wasn't any of the BMX guys.

- If you haven't read it anywhere yet, here are the results of the BMX Freestyle World's took place in Cologne, Germany. Pro winners of the different disciplines are:

Flat: Akira Okamura
Dirt: Chris Doyle
Vert: Simon Tabron
Mini: Patrick Gross
Street: Gary Young

There was also a best trick contest and here are the results:

Best Trick Street: Tobias Wicke
Best Trick miniramp: Benno Hankowitz
Highest Air: Jay Eggleston
Flatland Braun Style Combo: Michael Sommer.

In the girl contests Karin Bleile from Switzerland is the new Flatland champion while Cory Coffrey from USA is the Street World Champion.
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