News: March 2005: Gold Hutch Trickstar raffled off for a good cause

2005/3/8 14:34:16 (10500 reads)
Raffle Tickets twenty bucks Please read the following and read it all. A Gold Hutch Trickstar is being raffled off for a very good cause. Thanks to Woody Itson and Redline J. (JACK) over at For $20 bucks you could be seriously blinging.

24k Gold Trickstar
No, this is not Woody Itson's 24k gold Trickstar restored to life. This is an incredible replica 24k gold plated Trickstar that I built with the help of the "Freestyle Innovator" himself, Mr. Woody Itson. According to Woody, this bike is just about as close to the real deal as you can get. He helped me out with trying to determine a lot of the proper components. For the most part, this bike is just like Woody's original. There are a few components that are not 100 percent exact due to how rare and impossible to find they are today. But, the majority of the bike is just like his. Gold Hutch enough blingThis very special bike was built for a very special reason (more on that later). Due to how special this project was, Woody donated the best part that is on this bike: THE DECALS. Anyone who is a die hard Hutch fan will recognize that the decals on this bike are just like the ones on Woody's original 24k gold Trickstar. Well, that's because Woody just happen to have saved some of the original one-off custom decals that were made for his original gold bike almost 20 years ago. Even being probably the coolest and most rare decals on the planet, Woody still thought that this project was special enough to give them up. That was really cool. Thanks Woody! Anyone who doesn't already know, I'll tell you that Woody is a heck of a nice guy!
redline j
(JACK) Raffle tickets $20.= USD

Woody Itson:

Hey guys, as you have seen, there are now 2 replica’s of my old gold trick star, both being very close, but both slightly different in various ways. Back when Jack started his bike, he told me that is was a project that meant something special to him and that it had nothing to do with money, it was done only for his personal pleasure. After we had talked a couple times Jack mentioned that he would be willing to auction off the bike and give all the money to a charity of my choice. I was blown away by that. I gave Jack a couple of the original decals Hutch had made me for my own gold bike to put on his as a finishing touch.

Z rims and RadCaps Anyhow with the sudden appearance of Chris’ bike (Replica 1) on Ebay a little thunder was taken from our original plan, but that won’t change anything for me and my plans that I made with Jack a while back for his bike.

So here it is. I had decided (after I spoke to Jack about it) rather than donate the money to a charity where I didn’t know anyone first hand who would benefit from it, to give the money to someone I know who is in need of some financial help. This person has never asked me for a dime or anyone else for that matter, but that is the type of person he is. The person I am referring to is Brian Blyther. Please let me explain. As you all heard, last year Brian broke his neck and somehow managed to drive himself to the hospital from the desert. He did this because he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s weekend by having them drive Woody bars ACS rotorhim home. Needless to say, when he arrived at the hospital, he required immediate surgery to repair the damage. I went to see Brian in the hospital and I don’t mind telling you, it hurt me to see him like that. He had a halo bolted into his head to keep him stable, but Brian was pretty up beat, even laying flat on his back and in some pain I would imagine. As long as I have known Brian, he has always been willing to help his friends out, even when the task at hand was a difficult one. Brian has ridden for me on and off over the past years and always given 100%, as a rider, driver, announcer, worker, etc… Due to a lapse of one week on Brian’s insurance coverage, 95% of his medical bill was not covered. This amount was over a 100 grand. If Brian had broken his neck one week later, he would have been covered in full, talk about bad timing.

Hutch pedalsAt the beginning of last year, Brian came to me and told me he was going to the police academy in summer and wouldn’t be around for summer tour. He told me he didn’t feel right collecting a salary for riding during the first part of the year when he wouldn’t be around when I needed him the most. In all my years of both riding and running teams, he is the only rider ever to do anything like that. He was being honest and doing what was in the best interest of my team, instead of himself. That is why I want to help Brian out. Being a police officer is what he really wants to do and as long as he has this huge un paid medical bill hanging over his head, it’s going to put a wrench into his getting hired. He can’t file for BK, otherwise he won’t be able to get hired. I think the police could use a few more honest hard working people like Brian, so I am going to do what I can to help him out.

Buy tickets nowI told Jack I would be willing to put up certain sum to make sure the price on the bike would bring a good amount to get Brian a start on paying off his debt. If the bike does not meet my reserve bid amount, the bike will go to me and I will give the money to Brian that I told Jack I would, plain and simple. I also spoke with a few other riders about getting some other ‘rareâ€? stuff to auction off to help out Brian. At first he was reluctant, but them he agreed. I told him it’s what friends do to help each other out and nothing more. So there it is in a nutshell. I am going to try and get some mention in the magazines to stir up interest and to get some extra interest in the bike. As for my personal bike that will go to my kids and won’t be sold at any price and the offers on it have been huge to say the least. Thanks for listening, Woody Itson.

Gold Hutch cranks lovelyRaffle Tickets - $20 ea.

Instructions for entry:

Become a registered user of
Use this link to
Click the "send money" tab.
Tickets are $20 each. Send to recipient:
Money type is "Quasi Cash".
In the Subject field, please type "Woody's 24k TrickStar Raffle"
Include your address for shipment of any prizes won.


Help Brian BlytherOfficial Rules:

This raffle is open to the world wide general public.

One need not be a supporting member of to win.

The odds of winning are based on the number of entries recieved.

There is no limit to the number of chances you may purchase.

Deadline for entry: June 1st, 2005 @ 12:00 noon

Brian Blyther 04 Nora CupAll entries must be made in U.S. Dollars.

Payment must be received in the specified paypal account (paypal account: by 12:00 noon PST on June 1st, 2004.

A drawing will then be conducted and the winner will be announced on the forums main page.

Thanks, and Good Luck!!!

The Hutch blingbling photo's and information was taken from the website. Visit the Vintage BMX site if you are missing some information. FATBMX supports this cause and wants to spread the word.
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