Bizznizz: 2012 FATBMX LOOKBACK: Catching up with Base Brooklyn boss Enos Colombo

2012/12/31 20:40:00 (4536 reads)
Enos Colombo
Hometown: NY
Occupation: Boss at Base Brooklyn…AKA The Captain

Has Base Brooklyn been your baby from day one?
Enos: No, Base Brooklyn was the doing of Billy Erwinn, Brooks Manbeck, Mike Ick, and the Poole brothers. I just became part of the family. I saw the vision for BASE and made into a company,

but not really a company but a big family. The original members are still part of Base Brooklyn today. At first it was about being a group of friends and making shirts to get to races and events. That’s what makes Base Brooklyn different than other brands, we are a group of friends working together doing it our way.

It was popular in the late 80-s early 90-s, what happened after that?
Enos: At its peak Base Brooklyn was Mike Ick, Glenn PP Milligan, Tedd Nelson, Superfly and me. I don’t think at that time any of us knew what we had going. We were young, Glenn and Tedd went to Standard Bike Co. Superfly started SuperBMX and Base Brooklyn became more of a screen printer than a clothing brand. I had kids and getting a real corporate job seemed like the right thing to do.

What made you decide to make a comeback with the brand?
Enos: The great thing about Base Brooklyn is that even when it was dead, it wasn’t. I couldn’t go a day without someone asking me what was up with Base Brooklyn. Whether it was an old high school friend who never had anything to do with BMX or a BMX legend like Edwin De La Rosa. Glenn and I have been talking about getting the Base Brooklyn back together for years. Once the Port Jefferson Bike Dr guys asked me to be involved with opening a BMX/Bike shop with a Base Brooklyn retail area it got the ball rolling. I did Mayday last year as a grand opening for the Port Jefferson Bike Dr and it was crazy at how many old Base Brooklyn t-shirts showed up that day. There is over 26 years of Base Brooklyn history. It’s been great getting lots of love and support from everyone on the comeback, but don’t call it a come back we’ve been here for years .

The team was always good. It felt like the riders are part of a family. In what way do you look for riders?
Enos: We look for riders that fit the family, it's important to have a team that gets along. Makes for better road trips. Riders with personality, not riders looking for more free shit and money. Once you're on Base Brooklyn, it's for life.

Do you have new international distributors to get Base Brooklyn in the shops?
Enos: Right now we are pushing our stuff online @ We haven’t hit shops yet, working on building the foundation of the brand. Within the next few weeks we have hats, belts and a few other top-secret items coming out, than we will hit shops and distributors.

Is the focus on BMX shops, or are you also getting clothing stores, boutiques or skate shops involved?
Enos: Right now the trend in BMX is rider owned shop, that’s going to be our first focus, but as in the past we will be looking at clothing boutiques and skate shops too. It has never been an issue for Base Brooklyn to cross into other markets outside of BMX.

Who's helping out with designs?
Enos: It’s a team effort between Ray Wong, Tedd Nelson, Superfly, Kyle Meeker, Glenn and me.

Next to T-shirts, what does Base offer?
Enos: Right now we are running t-shirts, thermal, long sleeves, hoods. Hats will be in a couple of weeks. Number plates and bike pads sets designs are being worked on, not leaving our racing roots behind. Everyday we are working on new options for Base Brooklyn.

Where can people find more info about the brand?
Enos: You can get your Base History at our website.., we are adding history about Base Brooklyn and BMX everyday. I feel there is a need to teach the new school where they came from. We have some great stories from the past 26 years. Also our facebook page gets daily updates…

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