Interviews: Simpel Session Ridaz part 25: Brian Kachinsky

2011/1/21 20:00:00 (3540 reads)
Name: Brian Kachinsky
Hometown: Chicago, IL or wherever my suitcase happens to be at the moment
Sponsors: DK bikes, Etnies shoes, Action Village Mailorder, Arnette, Cti

Now how much are you looking forward to the Simpel Session event?
- I have been looking forward to this event since I left Tallinn last year. This contest is always an exciting one because the riding is always insane and it's in an amazing city/country. Simpel Session never disappoints.

How many times have you been before?
- I think this will be my 4th time to Simpel Session. Each year keeps getting better.

Does your bike have some new sponsor stickers for 2011 that  you want to show off in Tallinn?
- At the moment I have the same sponsors I had last year. DK, Etnies, Action Village and Arnette are all helping me have a great time in 2011. I'm pumped.

What was your first impression when you saw the 3D drawings of the Simpel Session course for 2011?
- My first impression was overwhelmed. The course looks insane this year and looks like a lot of people are going to be going really fast. Shit's gonna get crazy.

When are you getting there?
- I think I'm getting there the night of February 2nd. I'm flying all the way from Los Angeles this time. I've been staying out here with Rooftop this past month to escape the cold Chicago winters. It will be a long full day of flying to get there but who cares... it's Estonia!

Are you spending some extra time in Tallinn? and if so, what have you planned on doing besides riding the contest?
- Yeah, I'm planning go to Finland or Latvia for a few days after the contest which should be a lot of fun. There are indoor parks in each place and I have friends in both. I figure, if I fly halfway across the world I might as well take some time to sightsee and chill right?

Who are you looking forward to see at the event?
- Everyone. I'm stoked to see guys like Sergio and Ruben who are teammates of mine but I don't get to see them as often as the other guys. I'm also excited to see anyone else who lives outside the US because chances are I haven't seen them for a while. It's always nice to catch up, ride bikes and maybe have a beer afterwards.

Who do you think will make a podium spot for sure?
- There are never any guarantees at something like that but I'd say Drew B. and Garrett both have a great chance. They both ALWAYS kill it.

Will you be nervous when you drop in for your run in front of a few thousand screaming girls?
- Haha, nah. It's not the first time. haha.

Are you ready for the after-parties?
- Oh man. Nothing can prepare you for that. Should I practice?

If the right obstacle is there, what trick are you going to try for the first time in a contest?
- I'll have to see the course in person before I can tell if there is something new I can do on it. There are a few things I'd like to try though and if everything feels right, it would be the perfect time to try something new.
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