Interviews: FAT FAVOURITES list with Ingvar Neumann

2010/10/12 0:10:00 (3084 reads)
Name: Ingvar Neumann
Age: 24
Hometown: Tartu, Estonia.
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Rip Curl, Pull-in, Surfhouse (eastern bikes), Nike 6.0

The favorite list:
-Spot to ride: all WOODWARD parks in this planet -BMX video: I think it was a local hero tour or something, at least 3 years old... mostly San Diego guys were attending there. I can´t find it on the internet...
-Web video: Mark Webb video ? :)
-Food: chocolate cake
-Bike company: Eastern Bikes
-BMX contest: Simple Session 2011
-Bike shop:
-Drink: no favourite yet...
-Trick: 540 tailwhip to footjam to decade out from quarter :S
-Travel destination: US, Madacascar, Antiqua & Bermuda, Kazakhstan and few more
-Riders to ride with: Steven Woodward, Rasmus Paimre (if he could shut up for 10 minutes), Mat Parker, Luc Legrand
-Car: Black Escalade with golden mirrors, rims and shit
-Movie: My name is Earl - is that a movie ?
-Colour: GLACK (golden-black)
-Shoes: Nike6.0 (Mogan Mid)
-Restaurant chain: Jack In the Box
-Clothing company: Rip Curl
-Phone: freakin broken stolen noKIA
-Music: everything what sounds good
-Ramp rider: Jamie Bestwick
-Street rider: Nigel
-Dirt rider: Corey Nastazio
-Flatland rider: Martti Kuoppa
-Old school rider: Hoffman
-BMX Magazine: Ride UK
-BMX MC: Mr. Catfish
-Video game: Colin McRae
-BMX photographer: Ainer Hanni
-Girl: yeah ... :)
-Sport besides BMX: work
-Party: Hardy
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