Freestyle: Asian X-Games vert finals. Shanghai, China. By BdJ

2010/5/27 10:20:00 (4592 reads)
It's Thursday and today the complete vert contest was held at the Asian X-Games. The wind had picked up a little but the 10 riders had to deal with it in front of a rather small crowd. Vert finals on a Thursday is kinda weird in itself but the camera's were rolling so you'll get to see it on TV at some point. After the qualifying runs were over the following riders made it to the finals. Qualifying in first was Simon "007" Tabron, followed by Jamie Bestwick, Coco, Austin Coleman and Vince Byron. But for the finals things switched up a little. Vince Byron got stuck on place 5 but did 540-whips and barspin 540-s in his runs. The barspin 5 to no-hander didn't work out though but it will be there next time. Coco Zurita has style for miles and airs high. That's something we like to see on a vert ramp. His flair whips were consistent too. Place 4 for him. Actually it was a tie with Austin Coleman for third but after the tie breaker Austin got third place on vert. Party will be on tonight for him. Austin did double downside whips, opposite whips and kept things going. Simon Tabron had two good runs in the finals where he pulled a 900 in each one. It's hard bro, it's hard. But seeing Jamie Bestwick ride is just something else. He ends runs with fastplant flairs when the speed has gone a little but before that it's on. So high, so smooth, so many tricks. Going in both directions tearing shit up. We'll let a video take care of the trick list. I can't imagine how hard it is to go big on a ramp in front of only a few people on a Thursday afternoon. The motivation must come from somewhere. The love for riding must be it. Getting to ride with riders who have the same mindset when it comes down to riding vert is probably enough motivation to get going. Even if they all have to travel half the world to do it.

Final Results BMX Vert Asian X Games:
1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Simon Tabron
3. Austin Coleman
4. Coco Zurita
5. Vince Byron
6. Kevin Robinson
7. Jan Valenta
8. Ben Snowden
9. Kiattichai Wanitsasu
10. Rungrueang     


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