Reviews: Bike Check: Brian (B.F.A.M.) Kachinsky

2010/2/23 7:20:00 (8211 reads)
-Frame: DK Passport (Kachinsky Signature frame v.2)
-Forks: Odsy
-Headset: FSA
-Stem: DK Alpha top load
-Bars: DK sigma
-Grips: DK Tsuka
-Bar ends: plastic.. ODI maybe?
-Brake lever: N/A
-Brake cable: N/A
-Brake caliper: N/A
-Brake pads: Whichever Etnies I'm wearing at the time (usually Numbers, RVMs, or Maltos)
-Rotor: N/A
-Chain: DK prototype chain
-Sprocket: DK alpha (25)
-Cranks: DK Social 175mm with DK Ti Spindle
-Bottom Bracket set: Shadow -Pedals: DK
-Seatpost clamp: Built-in
-Seatpost: DK Pivitol
-Seat: DK pivitol
-Front tire: Maxxis DTH
-Front rim: DK Orbit
-Front hub: DK Alpha
-Rear rim: DK orbit
-Rear tire: Maxxis Grifter
-Rear hub: DK cassette
-Pegs: WTP toxic pegs
-Hub guards: Profile in the rear and random modified one in the front.

Weight: No idea what the actual weight is though but everyone comments on how light it is. Really light used to scare me but it seems like everything is holding up great so I'm not complaining. My bike went on an unintentional diet.

How often do you bend axles?
Not often. I have bent a few but that was from hanging up on rails. I've never bent one from "normal use" I have always ran 3/8" axles in the front and that seems to work out great and the 14mm axle in the back is hollow and pretty light but still holds strong.

How was your transition from riding with a brake, to brakeless?
Easy in some ways and hard in other ways. Things I've noticed are:
1) my bike is lighter and makes no noise
2) my bike is easier to work on and maintain.
3) barspins feel better
4) I wear through more shoes (sorry Etnies).
5) I wear through more tires
6) Riding street has been great but riding mini ramps is hard. I miss a lot of the mini ramp tricks that I did with brakes. I'm still not sure that I'll be brakeless for the long-term but for now it's fun and challenging so I'm going to keep my bike that way.

You seem to love riding at speed, how many extra pairs of shoes did etnies have to send you now that you are using them as "brake shoes" as well?
I'd be lying if I said my "shoe consumption" didn't change. I do wear through shoes faster now. John Povah (Etnies TM) is a good sport about it. While it sucks for him to have to send us more shoes he cares more about the fact that we are having fun riding our bikes. I have figured out ways to not beat up my shoes as much as when I was first brakeless and actually Aaron Ross' shoe (the number) is extremely good/durable even though he rides brakes.

Do you have a new frame coming out at DK or a refined model for 2010/2011?
Yes! The second version of my signature frame (now called the Passport) should be out sometime in the summer months. So many things to talk about in regards to that. First, I decided to change the name to passport since it was easier to pronounce than my last name and it's fitting to my lifestyle. I have been all over the world (13 countries in 2009 alone) and my bike is the reason for that. Hence the name, passport. I like it. I was really happy with the first version of my frame but I am even more happy with this one. As for the specifics of the frame:
1) It's lighter.
2) the headtube is steeper (75 degrees)
3) the rear end is a bit shorter (13.3 slammed)
4) the dropouts are smaller (perfect peg size)
5) removable mounts/ tabs
6) Heat treated, better welds, etc.
It's also going to be a bit cheaper than some other frames out there with the same quality and attributes. I was stoked that we got all these things accomplished and will still be able to make it with top notch quality.

Any other parts that you have been working on (designing)?
I have begun the process of designing a signature color-way with Etnies. This is super exciting because I'll be able to put my own personal spin on a shoe that Etnies makes. I'm honored to have the opportunity to put my personal touch on a product I'm already psyched on.

How is that new chain treating you?
Overall it's been great. It's probably been the best chain that I've had in my time as a bike rider. I've been testing mine for a while now and it's been great. A couple mishaps have made it break but it has surpassed what a normal chain would go through. I haven't been very friendly to it and I'm pleasantly surprised at the love it's given back to me.

Any special reason behind the golden parts?
No real reason other than I wanted a change. My bike prior to the gold was ALL black and grey. I liked the way it looked but got bored of it. It was at that same time when DK came out with this new line of gold parts and I thought, why not give it a try? I actually like the way it looks. My bike isn't too flashy but not too boring either. A happy medium.

Thanks to: DK, Etnies, Action Village, Arnette, 661, Cti they all help me out and help me keep my bike in good shape. Also thanks to everyone I ride with, travel with, joke with, laugh with, etc. So many great times and I can't wait for more in 2010!
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