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Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new for 2015? Let us know.
-Alaric Streiff on Stranger
-Drew Bezanson
off Shadow
-Levi Weidmann on Radio Bikes
-Dave Dillewaard
off GT
-Dravin Groove
on Hoffman Bikes
-Spencer Ryan
on Radio Bike Co.
-Alessandro Barbero
off Red Bull
-Angus Gough
on Profile
-Cameron Moore on Haro ProMax
-Ryan Goodwin
on Haro ProMax
-Ronnie Kim
on Haro ProMax
-Shayla Blackmore
on Haro ProMax
-Lain Van Ogle on Staats/Ciari
-Kelsey Van Ogle
on Staats/Ciari

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The bigger the camera, the harder it is to take pictures. There are simply too many options. Today's photographer (name unknown) focused on the closest point to the camera which in this case wasn't the girl. But still you can see the girl. The focus however is on the holes in the rim. 18+? Come on in.

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BMX Pro Semi Finals results. FISE WORLD SERIES Malaysia
1.    MARTIN Logan    21 ans    Brisbane    91.00 pts    Qualifié
2.    COLEBORN Alex    22 ans    Fareham    90.00 pts    Qualifié
3.    CHARVERON Maxime    24 ans    Brignais    88.00 pts    Qualifié
4.    DHERS Daniel    29 ans    Caracas    87.00 pts    Qualifié
5.    ANDREEV Konstantin    21 ans    Saint-Petersburg    86.33 pts    Qualifié
6.    LOUPOS Brandon    21 ans    Sydney    86.00 pts    Qualifié
7.    WEDEMEIJER Daniel    24 ans    Amsterdam    85.00 pts    Qualifié
8.    BARBERO Allessandro    31 ans    Ceva    84.66 pts    Qualifié
9.    VARGA Mike    18 ans    Toronto    84.33 pts    Qualifié
10.    NIKULIN Alex    22 ans    Krasnodar    83.66 pts    Qualifié
11.    WATTS Jason    21 ans    Brisbane    82.33 pts    Qualifié
12.    TANCRE Kenneth    19 ans    Kemmel    82.00 pts    Qualifié

13.    O'BRIEN Dale    21 ans    Runaway Bay    81.66 pts

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This summer the Brighton Ain't Ready project was repeated with another diverse group of the worlds top riders. The last Brighton Ain't Ready was nominated for NORA cup and has had accumulated views of over 1 million views (vimeo and youtube). Out of the original 36 riders 14 returned; the rest of the places were filled by the current generation of riders as well as teams from newer brands Cult, Fiend and Stranger.

Seventies Distribution now have in stock Brighton Ain't Ready

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It's that time of year already, time to start thinking about summer camp 2015! Summer Camp 2015 is all that has been on our mind. With great new changes including Snowflex for the ski and snowboard program, a new Flow Track for the BMX Race Program, Kota Kamp, extended Skateboard Sessions, new arrival procedures and a Parents night to top it all off, we are moving into the best summer ever. Don't forget about our annual Christmas sale! Register early (before Dec. 31, 2014) and save $300 on your camp registration.

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