2014/10/30 15:00:00 (63 reads)
2014/10/30 14:20:00 (82 reads)
2014/10/30 13:30:00 (89 reads)
2014/10/30 13:20:00 (81 reads)
After missing the first trip last year I couldn't wait to have it come around again so I could re visit the shenanigans and tomfoolery of yesteryear with some of my best friends. Though the curse of the HDP road trip struck me again for the umpteenth time, for those of you that don't know, I have a habit of breaking myself on day 1 of any Harddad trip and this one was no exception! Cue a separated AC joint in my shoulder, but happily not until after I had a chance to tear up Tiverton Skatepark for a couple of hours with my favourite rowdy bunch of misfits.
2014/10/30 12:10:00 (92 reads)
2014/10/30 11:50:00 (101 reads)
Starting from tomorrow the new issue of Freedom BMX magazine can be bought for € 3,60 in the better book stores in Germany. That includes the airports and train stations to if you make a stop there, go check for the new issue. It comes with a Kunstform catalog this time and the following content:
Freedom magazine number 121:
-My Block: Ulm special
-Making of: Sport Import Video
-Sebastian Anton Interview
-Philipp Baum Interview
-BMX career: – 6 steps to stardom
-wethepeople Autumn Session
-Vans Kill the Line 2014
-HMNI Jan Mihaly & Miguel Smajlji
-How-to: Smith Hard 180
2014/10/30 11:40:00 (103 reads)
2014/10/30 10:50:00 (177 reads)
No fizzy drinks, no stupid looking hats that fly off each time you do a trick, no bike parts and not even a T shirt or a sticker. That’s what HDP has come to now. The only thing left to sell is the idea that the roadtrip never dies and that no matter how old or tired you feel, there’s still ‘one more’ left in you. There was a time when virtually every week in the year was spent on the road, driving somewhere new to ride new things and meeting new people, totally unaware that some of these misfits we encountered along the way would eventually become life long friends.

Time is a slippery little bugger and creeps up on you while your not looking and before you know it.....BANG. Forty has been and gone, you’re hair is thinning out , you’re riding is stiffer than ever before and now having to buy jeans that once would have been labeled as
2014/10/30 10:16:31 (96 reads)
2014/10/30 10:10:00 (50418 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Angus Gough on Haro UK
-Stephon Fung on Premium
-Tanner Jensen on Kink flow
-Jack Acosta on Kink flow
-Josh Pascasio on Kink flow
-Ryan Eles on Federal
-Mike Varga on Monster Energy
-Mike Varga on Fox
-Connor Lodes on Kink
-Matthias Dandois on Skullcandy
-Janos Baars on Diamondback

2014/10/30 10:03:03 (98 reads)
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