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2014/9/19 7:40:00 (495 reads)
Name: Stefany Hernandez
Age: 23
Hometown: Aigle-Switzerland (from Venezuela)
Sponsors: Oakley-Chase Bicycles- BOX Components- Stealth Hubs - Tioga - CANTV 
What is the best track you rode on in 2014?
Stefany Hernandez: Manchester was a good one, and Santiago del Estero also

What was the worst track you had to ride in 2014 in your opinion?
Stefany Hernandez: Mmm.. Berlin wasn't a good one, nothing to do after first straight, so the races weren't interesting, and World's in Rotterdam was a nice track but the same, for racing it was too small for 8 people.

Who did the raddest move on the track in 2014?
Stefany Hernandez: I think Sam's third straight in Papendal to
2014/9/19 6:20:00 (248 reads)
2014/9/19 4:00:00 (253 reads)
2014/9/19 0:20:00 (279 reads)
2014/9/18 23:20:00 (389 reads)

It's amazing how cheap you can fly if you book early and don't care about saving Airmiles. Ryanair, Easyjet, Germanwings, Transavia, they take you places within a couple of hours. Especially with fall/winter comping up it's a good thing to check on these flights which might just leave from you local airport. But then, you have a problem. You want your bike to go with you. And in are the extra costs of bringing sports equipment on board. Unless you can pack smart and fit your bike in a bag that noone behind the counter will question. You're staying within the bag measurements and should

2014/9/18 21:27:05 (297 reads)
2014/9/18 21:00:00 (679 reads)
Name: Jordy van der Heijden
Age: 26
Hometown: Bovensmilde, NL
Sponsors: Stay Strong, Bensink BMX Gates, Fitness Factory Assen, Parents

What is the best track you rode on in 2014?
Jordy: Zolder, Belgium
2014/9/18 20:00:00 (274 reads)
2014/9/18 19:40:00 (619 reads)
When you're parting with a sponsor after a year and a half it's nice to be looking ahead. Nick Bruce just released a one-minute banger clip that will not leave him unsponsored for long. Here's what Bruce had to say about leaving Maddgear.

"I cannot thank Madd Gear Action Sports enough for all their help and support this year. MGP has helped me achieve many goals as a rider and I'm very grateful. However, I feel as if we were heading in different directions as I planned to take my career to the next level.

So I will no longer be riding for MGP but I plan to continue pushing my riding and make it to all the events I can. I wish Madd Gear the best of luck with their BMX program and I am looking forward to
2014/9/18 19:30:00 (322 reads)
2014/9/18 18:20:00 (244 reads)
2014/9/18 15:50:00 (238 reads)
2014/9/18 13:30:00 (245 reads)
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