2016/12/2 15:00:00 (60110 reads)
Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Support the events, show up, help out. Make our sport better, be positive, have fun. Lending a hand is free. Smiles are 'gratis' too. Pick your event(s) and enjoy being a BMX-er. Double check with the local organiser before you make the trip. Things tend to change. Submit your event today. Put it on the FATBMX event calendar. Put some effort in to promote your event other than making a Facebook invitation to invite your friends. This is a BMX calender that people will be checking next week as well. 


2016/12/2 13:00:00 (108 reads)

Want some more activity than just a session? 040BMXPARK is doing a Game Of B.I.K.E. on Friday night 2 December in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The 040BMXPARK opens for everyone at 15:00h with entry fee of € 7,00. Game of BIKE starts at 19:00 and from then on it will be Bikes only. Head to head competition by picking names out of a hat. Groups of 3 will be made when the total of players is different from 2-4-8-16-32. No extra costs to play the Game of BIKE.

Trophies for top 3 AM and Pro. AM winners will receive goodies and the PRO class winner will win €100,- cash!

2016/11/30 11:20:00 (71342 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's the latest? Let us know.
-Evan Brandes
on Haro
-Hunter Pelham
on Tangent/Rift
-Anthony Dean
off Dale Holmes Racing/Stay Strong
-Alise Post
off Redline
-Jordy Agues
on Stay Strong
-Curtis Manaton
on Stay Strong
-Kevin Fabregue
on Cirque du Soleil
-Rihard Veide
on Rift/Tangent
-Colin Hudson
on DK
-Elliot McGrath
on Staats/Ciari
-Parker Heath
off Redline
-Robin Kachfi on Radio
-Joris Daudet
on Chase (renewed contract)
-Connor Fields
on Chase (renewed contract)

2016/11/25 8:10:00 (18659 reads)

We're spending some time on the road to bring you the latest in BMX. We have been doing this for many years. But years ago, you could not follow us doing this. Now you can, through facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all that Social Media shizzle. We run into some funny stuff on the road, meet interesting people and see amazing stunts. On and off the bike. What might not always be good to post on the FATBMX.com website, could be good enough for Facebook. Or an Instagram picture tells the story without adding many words. Follow us if you want, here are the links to our social media accounts so you don't have to search for it to hook it up.

2016/11/23 18:10:00 (151 reads)

For 2017, 100% extends its eyewear assortment by two additional models: the Speedcoupe and the Type-S. The Speedcoupe: The Sporty One The Speedcoupe are sports glasses for riders who don’t make any compromises. The design perfectly combines style and performance down to the smallest detail: the half-open frame covers the eyes without compromising the view. Thanks to the Megol-coated nose bracket and the rubberized temples the glasses are comfortable to wear without slipping out of place.

2016/11/21 7:20:00 (116 reads)

At the 21th of November, Pier 15 Skatepark will be open for BMX riders! You can also sign up for the best-trick contest, where you can win prices sponsored by Paul’s Boutique BMX! 
Doors open: 18:00 til 23:00.
Monday 21 November 2016
Breda, Netherlands
Tickets: €10,- available HERE or at the door!

2016/11/18 16:20:00 (212 reads)

On Saturday, December 10th at 9:00 am, the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex located in Holly Springs NC, will be hosting the 1st BMX COMPLEX AM: a competition for Beginner, Amateur and Advanced riders from all over the world. Pro BMX rider Daniel Dhers, five times X Games gold medalist and owner of the Action Sports Complex, explained the event has been created with the goal of giving the new generations the experience of a pro level competition and to give them a path to pursue a professional career, “I have been competing for over 10 years, I know the impact it can have in your life. Without many amateur events in the country I want to give the opportunity to the up and comers to show and measure their skill level”.

Dhers also selected well known judges in the BMX community such as Mike Laird, Mark Losey and Leigh Ramsdell: “I would like to implement a new scoring system, our current one hasn’t

2016/11/16 16:20:00 (139 reads)

A perfect weekend to watch the best Mountain Bike and BMX freestyle bikers in Premià de Dalt (Barcelona). The contest will have more than 120 top international riders who will finish up their season in this freestyle party, which will combine amateur and pro contests. On the weekend of 18th and 19th of October, the la Poma BikePark, in Premià de Dalt (Barcelona), will host for the 7th time the Happy Ride Weekend.

For this edition, the Happy Ride Weekend will have the best riders including the Catalan Red Bull rider, Andreu Lacondeguy, who has just landed from Utah where he has won the Red Bull Rampage 2014, the most prestigious and broadly known contest that combines freeride, freestyle, downhill and slopestyle.

There will also be other riders like Xavi Pasamonte, MTB Dirt winner at the Extreme Barcelona 2014 and at the last Masters of Dirt; also the  English rider Matt Jones, Yannick Granieri and Tomas Lemoune coming all the way from France, Alessandro Barbero from Italy and the 14 year old rider from Argentina,

2016/11/7 12:50:00 (118 reads)

Since opening its doors in 2014, House of Vans London has welcomed some of the biggest music acts in the world; 2016 follows suit, closing out the year with a show for the history books. Come 18th November, one of the world’s most successful bands and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees,

2016/11/2 15:10:00 (137 reads)

Professional BMX rider Scotty Cranmer recently crashed while riding and suffered some very serious, career-threatening injuries. EVL Nutrition stands with Scotty during his recovery and looks forward to seeing him back at 100% as soon as possible. To assist Scotty during this difficult time, EVL has donated $1,000 to Road2Recovery. Also, any purchases made on the EVL site up until December 1st that use

2016/11/2 9:10:00 (131 reads)

Hoffman Bikes is excited to offer the new "Recruiter" Line of complete bikes. This new line of Hoffman completes is geared to the first-time bmx’er. The recruiter line offers the next generation bmx’er a starter bike with an affordable price that is better quality, better looking and better spec’ed than others’ same-priced bikes on the market. The Recruiter line retails start at $140 with the 18” Condor, followed up by the 20” Talon $189.95, 20” Cirrus $219.95, 20” Aves $259.95 and rounding out the line with the 20” Condor $300.00.

The Hoffman Bikes Recruiter Complete Bike line is available now

2016/11/2 6:50:00 (282 reads)

2017 Haro Bikes are arriving at the dealerships these days. See what Haro has in store by visiting the www.HAROBIKES.com website because all next year's models are already online. New season new bike? All '17 race bikes with specifications can also be viewed in the race section. In case you're shopping for an MTB to get you through the winter months or to get you into shape for next season, HARO's making

2016/11/1 15:50:00 (297 reads)

Pfahler Productions’ Las Vegas Throw Down is a convergence of the world’s best athletes competing in the world’s most exciting action sports. On Nov 12, 2016, BMX, skiing and snowboarding pros will take over an entire city block in Downtown Las Vegas. The 85,000-square-foot Downtown Las Vegas Events Center will transform into a state-of-the-art action sports playground with impressive lighting and sound elements as well as DJs and live music. Olympic athletes and X-Games Gold Medalists are set to compete, including BMX riders Daniel Sandoval and many others:

Daniel Sandoval
Pat Casey
TJ Ellis
Andy Buckworth
Brandon Dosch
Zach Warden
Ben Wallace
Jeremy Malott

2016/10/26 5:40:00 (161 reads)

Watch all the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup semis finals and finals LIVE on FATBMX. From October 28th to 30th FISE World Series will take place in Chengdu, China at NanHu Park for the last stop in 2016. Logan Martin (AUS) is defending the slightest lead over Daniel Dhers (VEN) so whoever comes out on top will grab the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park Overall title. Don't miss out on this one as you know both guys (an the other participants) will be pushing things in China this weekend.

2016/10/21 14:00:00 (456 reads)

We are beyond stoked to announce the addition of a top professional athlete to our Krusher line up with the arrival of East coast rider Rob “send it’’ Armour! Rob from Cleveland, Ohio is well known across the BMX scene, particularly for his own tech style he develop over the years combined with his insatiable taste of big bangers! He is a great addition to our team, being such an active and diversified pro rider for years, with various shows, comps and sessions, we’ll make his input on the brand massive and of a great influence to our group of young pros during the 2017 Season.
Rob will represent the Krusher colors by running its protection line,

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