2014/8/20 15:40:00 (83 reads)
In less than two months, one of the biggest courses in the history of BMX dirt will be unveiled to riders and fans alike at Red Bull Dreamline, right outside of Hendersonville, NC. 32 of the best riders in BMX, hailing from seven countries, will battle it out on the towering course, with every jump reaching around two stories high. Reserve your no-cost tickets for Oct. 11, available at win.gs/dreamlinetix. Make sure to grab yours now, as the 3,000 spots to see the best dirt BMX competition of the year will not last long.
2014/8/20 11:20:00 (92 reads)
Take Europe‘s most renowned trails, a picturesque landscape, chilled atmosphere and add the world‘s best dirt BMXers, and you have Vans Kill The Line! The 2014 edition is set to be a living encyclopedia of BMX trail riding. Besides all the European heavy hitters, some of the best international riders will send it in Peynier, Southern France over the August 30th & 31st. Chris Doyle, Daniel Sandoval, Ryan Nyquist, Corey Bohan, Maxime Charveron, Simon Moratz and last years winner Mike 'Hucker' Clark being only some of them (see list below).
2014/8/20 5:40:00 (110 reads)
For 17 years, Incase has established itself as a leader in technology and lifestyle protection products through a design experience that enhances mobility. Propelling its dedication to a better user experience, the brand is introducing the most comprehensive, functional and resilient collection of action camera accessories available, made to protect, carry and store a
2014/8/20 3:20:00 (225 reads)
FATBMX is excited to announce the next step in online competition. We've partnered with FOX and will give away 12 pairs of FOX Gloves in the upcoming three months. One pair per week so you have 12 chances to win a free pair of FOX gloves, the same that FOX riders like Chase Hawk, Greg Illingworth, Matt Priest, Lima, Pat Casey, Scotty Cranmer and other pro riders run.

What do you have to do? We want to see your hands. Do you really need the gloves? Do you ride a lot? Do you even dig? Did you crash and are your hands all messed up? Post up that picture on your Instagram, follow @fatbmx and @foxheadeurope and use the special hashtag for this competition: #showusyourhands

2014/8/20 1:40:00 (312 reads)
Hell yeah! Time for another edition of the FATJAM, the big brother, the summer edition, for the 26th year. If you've never been to the longest running BMX JAM of the world, you should give it a shot. Not only for the good times at the Sugar Hills Trails, but the party program has non other than MOOON on the flyer. The party takes place at OJA so after a good day riding the dirt jumps, you can grab a cheap Bavaria beer with your buddies and wrap it up the right way. The Killer Jump is waiting for some massive air. Music will be blasting. BMX bikes everywhere. Bikes, Beers and Bitches all day.
2014/8/19 21:00:00 (58 reads)
New Android App Provides Athletes With Access to Hookit Score to Track Their Progression, Earn Deals On Product and See Where They Stack Up. Following the launch of its iOS app, Hookit releases its new Android app that showcases its revolutionary Hookit Score where athletes can track their progression, see where they stack up and earn deals on products based on their commitment, performance and reach in their sport. The latest version allows users to experience the world of Hookit’s digital platform created to support athletes, brands and sports, all from your phone.

Updated app includes performance improvements and push notifications that will feature opportunities exclusive to app users including deals you qualify for and show you how you rank next to your friends. Users can post verified sessions and track the days they ride, surf, skate, etc., while tracking their progression and Hookit Score. Users can also apply to athlete programs, order product and find spots and events close by. 
2014/8/19 18:30:00 (133 reads)
LEATT®’s ADVENTURE CHEST PROTECTOR LITE TECH is very similar to the standard ADVENTURE CHEST PROTECTOR, but excludes shoulder and upper arm guards. Designed to be a chest protector that integrates perfectly with the brace. The exclusive BraceOn elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt-Brace®, yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. A critical need for championship-level riding.

Available in white, black, blue and red
Price: $ 129
2014/8/19 14:40:00 (41869 reads)
Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Be quick, We'll throw your flyer in this flyer post. Keep an eye on the FATBMX event calendar for any updates and changes to events, venues, times, etc. Make sure to contact the organizers before taking off to one of the happenings on the calendar. We are sent these flyers and put them up, but you never know what happened in the meantime. Better be safe than sorry.


Upcoming events:
2014/8/18 22:10:00 (115 reads)
London calling – the VANS rebeljam will hit the capital of the United Kingdom from 21st – 22nd November 2014. After Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands and Spain - The VANS rebeljam will visit the United Kingdom in 2014. The event will be held in London in late November in the legendary York Hall, located in East London.
2014/8/18 19:20:00 (140 reads)
Monster Energy is proud to congratulate team rider Kyle Baldock for dominating the Dew Tour Dirt Session and teammate Kevin Peraza for taking third. The unique event forgoed the typical “one- run counts” format, opting for a 30-minute jam session where riders would have to lay down three solid runs to even be considered for a top five finish.

Baldock dominated in usual fashion with no issues, firing out his very first run absolutely perfect: a backflip barspin-to-no-hander 
2014/8/16 9:00:00 (173 reads)
Improvements and developments in production have made it possible to customize Oakley sunglasses, backpacks, goggles and cases. This is good news for those who have always wanted a pair of shades in their own colourway. It makes you feel factory from the get-go. Look what models you can customize
2014/8/16 3:50:00 (48791 reads)
Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Kurt Pickard on Honda
-Mike Curley on wethepeople Pro
-Nigel Sylvester on SYNDCT
-The Beard moves from Hyper/Snafu/Failure to DK
-Connor Phimister on Stereo Bike Co UK
-Lewis Murtagh
on Stereo Bike Co UK
-Ed Zunda on wethepeople
-Dillon Lloyd
on wethepeople pro
-Brad McNicol
on Odyssey
-Del Shepherd on Hoffman Bikes
-Dale Shepherd on Hoffman Bikes
-Bob Manchester
on Hoffman Bikes
2014/8/15 22:30:00 (145 reads)
The Albion BMX mag is no more. The towel was thrown in the ring by the crew that brought a nice BMX book from time to time, 17 in total. It had content that differed and made sense and quality photos that made the articles even better. Thanks for the contribution on making BMX look good. Here are the last few words from the Albion:

“Somethings are not meant to last forever. Thanks for the support whilst we were here, we are sunk, at the bottom, wrecked, broke, in debt, bust. I’d like to say we gave it our all but we did not, not by a long shot, we gave what we were prepared to give and sometimes thats just not enough. There are no survivors. Pour over our remnants in years to come and revisit your memories of what we represented to you, maybe one day you’ll turn again the pages of time and remember us, 17 issues, thats enough, time to die. The Albion is dead. Ride on kids… its a new day tomorrow, live it… “Till the wheels come off”…”
2014/8/15 21:00:00 (130 reads)
FUN FUN FUN FEST (FFF Fest) is excited to announce a partnership with Volcom to help redesign and build this year's skate ramp, ride course, and curate the Fest’s 2014 action sports program. Together with local nonprofit Project LOOP, Volcom will help build the FFF Fest skate & ride events this year. The action sports portion of the Fest has seen massive growth in the last few years, with 2013 being the biggest year yet, featuring a vert ramp and street course and an impressive lineup of legendary athletes. This year, the Volcom Skate Team will be
2014/8/15 19:20:00 (119 reads)
Incase, a leader in technology and lifestyle protection products, has formed the SYNDCT, a group of unified brand advocates to be the faces of its Pro User experience. Bound by the demands of constant mobility, tech dependence and excellence in their disciplines, the SYNDCT will be made up of elite athletes, professionals, creatives and cultural advocates who represent the pinnacle of their crafts and demand the best user experience possible in the choice of protective products. “We’re taking a different approach to brand
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