2016/8/26 20:50:00 (118 reads)

The Sosh Urban Motion 5 is officially ON and the best thing about it is that the Wild Card contest is now open to the 27 countries of European Union (UK included ... for now haha). In fact there will be 3 Wild Card teams : one from France & two from Europe. To compete it's really simple: make a team of one rider & one filmer, film the best one minute edit you can do, both riding & filming wise & publish it on Instagram with the #mysoshurbanmotion! Entries have to be before September the 30th.

2016/8/26 19:20:00 (121 reads)

7 days to FISE World Denver! Full program.
20 days to FISE World Edmonton! Full program.

Understanding FISE World Series tour 2016
The FISE World Series is a freestyle sports world tour, gathering all the best riders in the world in 5 disciplines: BMX, Skateboard, Mountain Bike, Inline skate and Wakeboard.
In 2016 the world tour stops in 5 countries, on 3 different continents! After a successful first stop in France in Montpellier, a second one in Croatia in Osijek, the 2 next stops will take place in North America (Denver, USA and Edmonton, Canada) and the last stop in China in Chengdu.
This year and for the first time the FISE World series (FWS) will be featuring the first ever UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup.

A stop for everyone! FISE World Series gives you the chance to compete!
At each stop of the FISE World Series we have competitions for

2016/8/25 7:20:00 (86 reads)

The fifth season of ION’s bike department sees the introduction of a fifth product category: bike shoes. To mark the premiere of the footwear line, the brand is releasing two different models: a flat pedal bike shoe called Raid_Amp featuring classic lacing. And a clipless shoe named

2016/8/24 22:20:00 (165 reads)

Only a few days to go for the second and final edition of Pro Freestyle. The city of The Hague will be the host to the BMX Street contest. The first edition of Pro Freestyle was won by Anthony Perrin. But, does he also comes out on top in the overall ranking?

Top confirmed BMX Street athletes are:
-Anthony Perrin (winner Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2016)
-Leon Hoppe
-Daan van Wezel

2016/8/24 19:20:00 (58615 reads)
Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Support the events, show up, help out. Make our sport better, be positive, have fun. Lending a hand is free. Smiles are 'gratis' too. Pick your event(s) and enjoy being a BMX-er. Double check with the local organiser before you make the trip. Things tend to change.
Submit your event today. Put it on the FATBMX event calendar. Put some effort in to promote your event other than making a Facebook invitation to invite your friends. This is a BMX calender that people will be checking next week as well.

Upcoming events:
2016/8/23 21:00:00 (106 reads)

At Odyssey we have always looked for ways to improve the parts that we use. Better parts can make your riding more enjoyable and allow you to ride longer, and the same thing can be said for the equipment that’s not directly bolted to your bike. It goes without saying that wearing a helmet is almost always a good decision, whether it’s because a skatepark demands it, or just because you’ve realized that being sidelined with an injury is not worth the time and hassle. After 30 years in BMX we’ve seen what can happen when people aren’t wearing safety gear, and because of this we’re always thinking of new ways to reduce the possible chance of injuries. Whenever we’ve discussed helmets in the past we were often discouraged to see so many people wearing designs that are little more than basic hard hats; meaning that they provide all the fit-related inconvenience of a helmet while providing only minimal protection against actual injuries.

2016/8/23 17:40:00 (127 reads)
This Thursday the Pro Freestyle The Hague edition kicks off. The second edition of 2016 will be a spectacular with one of the worlds best BMX Park athletes of this moment confirmed: Daniel Sandoval.

Top 20 athletes on the BMX Park Contest Pro are:

-Daniel Sandoval
-Kostya Andreev
-Jack Clark
-Michael Beran (winner 1st edition Pro Freestyle 2016)
-Marin Rantes
-Michael Meisel
-Shaun Gornall
-Mat Armstrong
-Levi Weidmann
-Tobias Freigang
-Dominik Freigang
-Timo Schulze

2016/8/22 20:30:00 (131 reads)

Source BMX is pleased to announce Hastings' local Bas Keep’s team for the Battle Of Hastings to be held at The Source Park:
-Sebastian Keep (UK)
-Dylan Lewis (AUS)
-Jack Clark (UK)
-Joe Jarvis (UK)

With having the TOP pros from around the world competing at the Battle of Hastings, we wanted to make sure to have a well respected and experienced team of judges! We are very happy to announce Brian Kachinsky (USA), Markus Wilke (GER), David Cleworth (UK), Ruben Alcantara (ESP) and Joe Rich (USA) as the 5 judges for the Battle of Hastings!

2016/8/22 16:20:00 (18238 reads)

We're spending some time on the road to bring you the latest in BMX. We have been doing this for many years. But years ago, you could not follow us doing this. Now you can, through facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pheed and all that Social Media shizzle. We run into some funny stuff on the road, meet interesting people and see amazing stunts. On and off the bike. What might not always be good to post on the FATBMX.com website, could be good enough for Facebook. Or an Instagram picture tells the story without adding many words. Follow us if you want, here are the links to our social media accounts so you don't have to search for it to hook it up.

2016/8/22 8:40:00 (97 reads)

With the 1st edition of Pro Freestyle 2016 behind us we are looking forward to the 2nd editions of 2016: The Hague 25-28 August. A multi action sports tournament in Skateboard, BMX Street, BMX Park, BMX Flatland, Scoot, Inline and MTB Park.

This year also amateur athletes are able to participate in one of the contests. Send us an email that you would like to participate in The Hague 2016:


2016/8/22 6:40:00 (80 reads)

After 6 years meeting at some well known flatland spots in Vienna, 2016 will be different…VIENNA JAM goes FAHRADSCHAU. The annual Austrian Flatland Jam will take place during the "Wiener Fahrradschau" bicycle exhibition from 21. -23. of October 2016 at the "Marx Halle" Wien.

Beside the Flatland Jam and a relaxed "Cash for Tricks Jam" where everybody can take part, you can attend workshops with Viki Gomez or watch a Video premiere of his film called "Intrinsic".

2016/8/21 5:40:00 (188 reads)

Vans and WTAPS mark a new milestone in their storied partnership to unveil a premium 10-piece footwear and apparel collection, deeply rooted in a philosophy derived from the finest Japanese craftsmanship. As Vans celebrates its 50th anniversary and WTAPS approaches their 20th year, both brands honor their history by introducing an Anaconda-inspired embossed leather pack in three new colorways, alongside the coveted Bones motif across a collection of Vault by Vans Original Classics.

2016/8/20 7:20:00 (526 reads)

The FATJAM is arguably the longest running annual BMX JAM on earth. The 28th edition is about to take place at the Sugar Hills in Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands. With Red Bull taking care of the sound and goodies coming from our trusted and supportive sponsors, the day in the dirt will be another good one.

The plan at least is to have a good time. If that means you're bringing the bike and you're riding the dirt jumps all day, or you're just hanging out drinking a beer or two, that's totally up to you. It's free to ride, it's free to spectate. Parking doesn't cost anything and the toilet is gratis as well. Feel free to bring your own beer and food to make the day even cheaper. The FATJAM concept isn't about making money, it's about celebrating BMX.

Trails are open starting from 13:00hr. The 'goodie session' starts around 15:30hr so if you want to win something, make sure to go nuts. Ambulance Event Service will be present to take care of the wounded riders. MOOON Band will play live at the Sugar Hills as

2016/8/17 6:40:00 (73 reads)

Another Butcher jam knocking on the door. Also 2017 we are proud and happy to start something big, spectacular, special and again embedded within a main Music & Cultural Festival the Butcher Jam is getting bigger and bigger every year. Up in the North of Germany, Flensburg is really a great host, for all visitors and riders coming from Germany, Scandinavia, Europe and nowadays riders are coming from all over the world. Beside riders from all over Germany, US, Costa Rica, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Netherlands …………..and Greenland we had for the

2016/8/16 12:20:00 (69751 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's the latest? Let us know.
-Kevin Robinson
on G-Form
on Hyper/Snafu
-Tobias van der Linden
on Paul's Boutique
-Jari Roggeveen
on Paul's Boutique
-Robin Heiderich
off Premium
-Paul Thoelen
off Total
-David Graf
on Ice Fast
-Bryce Tryon
on Tangent/Rift
-Diogo Santos
off Merritt
-Josh Perry
off Eastern Bikes
-Corey Bohan
on Tall Order
-Alberto Mercado
on GT
-Dan Conway
on GT
-Albert Mercado
off Kink

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