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Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Be quick, We'll throw your flyer in this flyer post. Keep an eye on the FATBMX event calendar for any updates and changes to events, venues, times, etc. Make sure to contact the organizers before taking off to one of the happenings on the calendar. We are sent these flyers and put them up, but you never know what happened in the meantime. Better be safe than sorry.


Upcoming events:
2015/2/28 9:10:00 (486 reads)

Back in 1990 we were happy to see that the local council had given us a place to ride our bikes in the dirt. That place at De Valkendijk needed some work and in April we invited over some friends for a session to open up the outdoor season. That turned out to be the first Mini FATJAM, the little brother of the summer edition of the annual FATJAM that started a few years before that. Anyway, fast forward 25 years and the dirt spot at De Valkendijk is still there being used by the BMX locals all year. Two days out of the year it's time to prepare the jumps a little better for the visitors. This year the season opener will take place on March 28th, the 25th edition of the Mini FATJAM.

2015/2/27 15:00:00 (56650 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new for 2015? Let us know.
-Cooper Brownlee on Division
-Drew Bezanson
on ODI
-Viktors Kronbergs
on 34R
-Anton Evstifeev
-Sam Willoughby
on Lizard Skins
-Malick Cham
on Fit Bike Co
-Andreev Kostya
on Red Bull
-Simone Barraco
on GoPro
-Logan Collins
on SpeedCo
-Anthony Napolitan
on Torque Sports & Performance
-Lenny Westfall
on Ketch Bikes
-Mark Mulville
on Deluxe
-Thomas Benedetti on Eclat
-Lenny Westfall
on Venture Shades
-Tyler Trueman
on Torque

2015/2/26 15:20:00 (328 reads)

On Saturday 7 March the Braaab Am comp will take place at 040BMXPARK in Eindhoven, Netherlands followed by the Braaab Pro Comp on Sunday 8 March. With a maximum of 50 riders in each class, this is how the PRO contest will go down:
Confirmed Pro Riders
    Tom van den Bogaard (NB)
    Spencer Bass (USA)
    Jack Clark (UK)
    Daniel Dhers (VEN)   
    Gwen Geyskens (BE)

    Troy Hayward (UK)
    Declan Brooks (UK)
    Senad Grosic (AUT)
    Cam Peake (UK)
    Tobias Freigang (DE)
    Ashley Douglas (UK)
    Mike Hendrick (BE)
    Pim Scheers (ZL)

2015/2/26 13:40:00 (12966 reads)

We're spending some time on the road to bring you the latest in BMX. We have been doing this for many years. But years ago, you could not follow us doing this. Now you can, through facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pheed and all that Social Media shizzle. We run into some funny stuff on the road, meet interesting people and see amazing stunts. On and off the bike. What might not always be good to post on the FATBMX.com website, could be good enough for Facebook. Or an Instagram picture tells the story without adding many words. Follow us if you want, here are the links to our social media accounts so you don't have to search for it to hook it up.

2015/2/26 5:40:00 (168 reads)

NBC Sports Ventures and Red Bull Media House today announced the 2015 television schedule for the Red Bull Signature Series, featuring 20 hours of coverage of the most progressive collection of action sports events in the world. Sal Masekela, the definitive voice in action sports, will host the Red Bull Signature Series for the fourth consecutive year. “We’re excited to kick off and deliver the fourth successful season of the Red Bull Signatures Series on NBC,” said Eric Grilly, President, Alli Sports, a division of the NBC Sports Group. “Innovation and progression are core elements of action sports. Through our partnership with Red Bull Media House, we have once again developed events and coverage which continue to fuel the growth of action sports and the Signature Series.”

In 2015, NBC’s coverage of the Series will also include Red Bull Double Pipe, Saturday, March 14 at 1 p.m. E.T., Simple Session, Sunday, June 14 at 1:30 p.m. E.T., Cape Fear, Saturday, October 17 at 3 p.m. E.T., Red Bull Straight Rhythm, Sunday, November

2015/2/25 22:00:00 (164 reads)

Amplify your extreme sports experience with Blast ActionCam. By combining the Blast precision motion sensor with your GoPro ® action camera, you can now capture your action metrics (acceleration, vertical height, rotation, and hang time) and overlay them on top of dynamically created video highlights to experience your most heroic moments in a whole new way. You’ll never look at your action videos the same again! The Blast Precision Motion Sensor attaches to your action camera housing or waistband and uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet. There’s no need to alter your actions or do anything out of the ordinary, and there are no power buttons or controls to get in your way. The Blast precision motion sensor knows when you’re moving and dynamically powers-up the sensor and engages the patented motion detection algorithms to capture your important 3D action metrics in real-time. (ActionCam is currently optimized for skateboarding and BMX, with more sports coming soon..

2015/2/24 10:50:00 (154 reads)

With its minimal, stripped down construction, the Jameson 2 Eco is our simplest form of a timeless performance cupsole. As one of our fundamental skate shoes, it has become the backbone of performance within our footwear line. The Jameson has expanded into a Bloodline. We introduce to you, the Chase Hawk signature colorway of the Jameson MT featuring STI Evolution® Foam.

The Jameson Bloodline exhibits design simplicity without compromising function through performance. This fruitful endeavor has organically blossomed into a perennial paradigm. Now available at finer shops and etnies.com.

2015/2/23 11:30:00 (217 reads)

Simple Session will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year, so there is much to be excited about: brand new course, brand new location and now a brand new website too! Check out the new site at Simplesession.net or Session.ee!
We assume that for the next two months we will be having a lot of guests there, so feel right at home. Event details, rider profiles, social media and all sorts of handy tips for getting around and staying in Tallinn – find it all on our new page!

2015/2/22 20:40:00 (125 reads)

The 2015 Am Flatland Circuit schedule has been modified slightly and is now final. For Round 2 we are proud to announce that we will be back in Raleigh, NC for Trans Jam in May. Teaming up with Trans Jam last year was a huge success and we are excited to be back there for 2015. In addition to again being part of the AMFLT lineup, Round 3: Montreal’s Real City Spin has also been added to the BMX Flatland World Circuit lineup. We expect this to be another great event building on last years success. Last but not least, the finals will

2015/2/20 13:40:00 (147 reads)

The 2015 Trans Jam BMX Contest Series, owned and operated by the Atlantic Bike Stunt Alliance, will celebrate its sixth year of providing a platform of competition for amateur and professional freestyle BMX athletes. Onlookers at the events will experience many of the same stunts performed at largely televised competitions similar to those seen at the X Games. The series will kickoff in Athens, GA on Saturday, April 25 at the widely attended Athens Orthopedic Clinic Twilight in downtown. The first stop of the tour will feature Park and Flatland freestyle BMX competitions and welcomes competitors of all skill levels, culminating with the Pro classes as they perform gravity-defying stunts similar to those seen at the Dew Action Sports Tour and X Games.

Following the Athens stop, the series will continue on to Raleigh, NC for a multi-day event, beginning on Friday, May 15 through Sunday, May 17. The Raleigh stop will again host the tour’s only

2015/2/19 8:20:00 (1507 reads)

No doubt Instagram is one of our favourite social media tools. It's simple, free of annoying commercials and let's face it, a photo tells a thousand words. We've been in this game for a couple of years showing pics that come from the old box, or photos that make it on the Instagram page before it does on the actual FATBMX.com site.

2015/2/15 15:00:00 (183 reads)

With NASS just 5 months away, we’re stoked to be able to confirm the 1st wave of athletes for the BMX Pro competition. The worlds top riders will be heading to the UK to battle it out head to head in the custom designed 414 Pro Park for their chance to win the huge 25k. Highlights include Aussie Superstar Logan Martin who will be hitting the park in a bid to take the crown for the third time! We caught up with Logan who couldn’t me more pumped to be coming back; “I can’t wait for NASS 2015! Its gets better and better each year and I’m sure 2015 will be the best yet!”

Joining Logan in the Aussie contingent will be Brandon Loupos, Boyd Hilder and Chris Nicol with local UK heavy hitters Tom Justice and Jack Watts also looking for a share of the cash.

2015/2/14 16:20:00 (217 reads)

SUMMER CAMPS Coming up at Club Eurocamp for 2015! SIGN UP EARLY! Don't miss your spot this summer. Starting at €269 a week. With the best instructors and visiting Pros! Come and Win a FREE WEEK SESSION at WOODWARD CAMP. The best Summer Camp in the world. Come and enjoy a paradise with Skateparks next to crystal clear water beaches!

Choose your best option :
Week session 10AM - 8PM €269*
Week session Full 24 hs. €499**

Available Week Sessions:
Week#1 27/6 to 3/7
Week#2 4/7 to 10/7
Week#3 11/7 to17/7
Week#4 18/7 to 24/7

(*Dinner not included)
(**Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. All included)

2015/2/13 16:20:00 (783 reads)
SUMMER CAMPS at Club Eurocamp 2014! Starting at €449 a week! With the best instructors and visiting Pros! Come and Win a FREE WEEK SESSION at WOODWARD CAMP! The best Summer Camp in the world! Come and enjoy a paradise with Skateparks next to cristal clear water beaches!

Choose your best option :

Weekly Session: €449** Low Season
                           €499** High Season
Low Season:
Week#1 21/06- 27/06
Week#2 28/06- 04/07

High Season:
Week#3 05/07- 11/07
Week#4 12/07- 18/07
Week#5 19/07- 25/07

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