2014/9/18 5:40:00 (42754 reads)
Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Be quick, We'll throw your flyer in this flyer post. Keep an eye on the FATBMX event calendar for any updates and changes to events, venues, times, etc. Make sure to contact the organizers before taking off to one of the happenings on the calendar. We are sent these flyers and put them up, but you never know what happened in the meantime. Better be safe than sorry.


Upcoming events:
2014/9/18 3:50:00 (146 reads)
When you're parting with a sponsor after a year and a half it's nice to be looking ahead. Nick Bruce just released a one-minute banger clip that will not leave him unsponsored for long. Here's what Bruce had to say about leaving Maddgear.

"I cannot thank Madd Gear Action Sports enough for all their help and support this year. MGP has helped me achieve many goals as a rider and I'm very grateful. However, I feel as if we were heading in different directions as I planned to take my career to the next level.

So I will no longer be riding for MGP but I plan to continue pushing my riding and make it to all the events I can. I wish Madd Gear the best of luck with their BMX program and I am looking forward to
2014/9/18 1:20:00 (116 reads)
House of Vans, the cultural hub for the original action sports shoe and clothing maker, is set to be the official venue host for the 2014 Dew Tour in Brooklyn this weekend, September 20-21. The world’s best athletes in skateboarding and BMX will compete in the Toyota City Championships, the most anticipated stop on the 2014 Dew Tour as it debuts in Brooklyn for the first time.

Outside House of Vans, Franklin St. will be closed off and taken over by the Dew Tour’s distinctive streetstyle course which combines real-life street obstacles with reinforced structures to provide competitors with an exciting redesign from previous years. Inside House of Vans, the existing street course design has been transformed to challenge athletes to demonstrate technical skills as they create unique lines through the features.

Competitions include BMX streetstyle, skateboard streetstyle, BMX street and skateboard street. Expect to see all-star talent from the Vans team including BMX riders Dakota Roche, Brian Kachinsky,
2014/9/17 20:00:00 (49491 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Mathias Augris on Mitchell and Ness
-Courage Adams on Red Bull
-Nick Bruce off Madd Gear
-Ryan Guettler on Hyper
-Ryan Guettler on Snafu
-Guillaume Marie Sosnowski on Shadow/Subrosa
-Mike Curley on Odyssey
-Viktors Kronbergs off Dartmoor
-Amidou Mir on E26ProShop

2014/9/17 13:30:00 (140 reads)
RDV this weekend for the BMX show in Nantes (France) for the SFR FISE XPERIENCE SERIES, the french tour. The finals will be on live webcast on FATBMX on September 21st at 4:00 pm. Stay tuned. Please find there the confirmed riders list: Jack Watts, Greg Masson, Josh Croswell , Cam Peake, Robbie Taylor, Bradley Holt, Anthony Jean Jean, Jimmy Van Belle Maxime Degardin , Istvan Caillet, Tom Justice , Nathan Chantome, Mimi Granieri...

More info here.
2014/9/17 11:30:00 (139 reads)
The 2015 HARO line has received a complete makeover. Gone are the numbers, in are the destinations. Where does your bike take you? Hopefully all over the world at some point but it starts with the Plaza, the Midway, the Boulevard and I'm sure you have a spot Downtown that you hit up on a regular basis. Have you seen Dennis Enarson's signature complete yet? Go HERE.
2014/9/16 23:40:00 (1730 reads)
FATBMX is excited to announce the next step in online competition. We've partnered with FOX and will give away 12 pairs of FOX Gloves in the upcoming three months. One pair per week so you have 12 chances to win a free pair of FOX gloves, the same that FOX riders like Chase Hawk, Greg Illingworth, Matt Priest, Lima, Pat Casey, Scotty Cranmer and other pro riders run.

What do you have to do? We want to see your hands. Do you really need the gloves? Do you ride a lot? Do you even dig? Did you crash and are your hands all messed up? Post up that picture on your Instagram, follow @fatbmx and @foxheadeurope and use the special hashtag for this competition: #showusyourhands

2014/9/16 15:00:00 (106 reads)
All new for 2014 the 5.5 is the newest version of the most popular bicycle neck brace in the world today. Safety, ease of adjustability, range of head motion and comfort are it’s key features.

From the biomedical engineers and medical staff of the Leatt® research labs comes a 100% new neck brace for 2014. We believe that the 5.5 neck brace is truly the most technologically advanced neck brace in the world. The CE certified 5.5 neck brace balances the needs of comfort, effectiveness and safety by allowing greater
2014/9/15 21:20:00 (11354 reads)
We're spending some time on the road to bring you the latest in BMX. We have been doing this for many years. But years ago, you could not follow us doing this. Now you can, through facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pheed and all that Social Media shizzle. We run into some funny stuff on the road, meet interesting people and see amazing stunts. On and off the bike. What might not always be good to post on the FATBMX.com website, could be good enough for Facebook. Or an Instagram picture tells the story without adding many words.

Follow us if you want, here are the links to our social media accounts so you don't have to search for it to hook it up.
2014/9/14 22:30:00 (132 reads)
Keep an eye out for an upcoming online competition here on FATBMX to win some Sol Republic In-ear headphones that look great and sound great, that do not fall out of your ears. Used by Anthony Napolitan. With it's proprietary Freeflex(™) technology SOL REPUBLIC created a cross over headphone that works with an active lifestyle.
2014/9/12 1:50:00 (158 reads)
TRA BMX is proud to announce the confirmed riders for the 2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp which will take place October 4, 2014 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania. The event will feature top riders from around the world and include bicycle motocross racing on an epic downhill course that is full-on trails. Contest announcer and lifetime BMX rider, Darryl Nau, described the spirit of the event: "The TRA Double Cross event is what the soul riders of our sport have always envisioned... Pure Bicycle MotoCross. No Clips, No Carbon Fiber, all skill and even more action! This is a very historic event. As a BMX rider I'm honored not only to be the voice of the Double Cross but I can't wait to see all the BMX Action Go Down!"

With support from Red Bull, Dan’s Comp, S&M, FIT, Odyssey,
2014/9/11 8:30:00 (215 reads)
NBC Sports Group continues the 10th Anniversary season of the Dew Tour with the Toyota City Championships in Brooklyn, N.Y. on September 20 - 21. With many of the world’s best athletes in BMX confirmed for the third stop of the 2014 Dew Tour schedule, the Toyota City Championships will make its premiere stop in Brooklyn. The two-day street-oriented competition will take place at the House of Vans, as riders go head-to-head in the heart of Brooklyn.
2014/9/9 20:10:00 (165 reads)
2014/9/6 15:40:00 (236 reads)
Those who want to ride a front brake but can't find a modern version of a fork, check out these HARO Lineage forks with 990 frontbreak mounts that are in stock now. Available in chrome and black as long as stock lasts.
2014/9/4 23:40:00 (152 reads)
Poker isn't just about gambling; it's also an avenue for fundraisers. In fact, sports fundraisers that tie up with poker games don't only provide a fun experience to the donors, but also boost the proceeds of charities significantly. Casino-BMX charity fundraising events have constantly proven themselves to be a very successful endeavor over the years. For example, the All In 4 ARF Charity Poker Tournament, which was done at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, raised more than $10,000. Pro BMX riders Rob Darden, Dave Dillewaard and TJ Ellis all graced the event in order to help attract fans for the cause. The ARF is a fund that provides aid to athletes who got injured while playing their respective sports.

Brick-and-mortar casino gaming providers aren’t the only ones who tie up with sports events to raise a lot of money for charity. Over the years, online gaming companies have proven themselves
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