2015/11/25 14:30:00 (6 reads)

Name: Simone Tetsche Christensen
Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark
Sponsors: Pure Bicycles, Specialized, Pepsi Max Campaign, 222 cycles, Phaze BMX, Fly Racing Denmark, Virus Tights

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Simone Tetsche Christensen: It actually went better than expected! My plan was to do better at the World Cup series though, but at least I finished it good! But never expected to take the medals I did, and be that consistent at the European Rounds as I attended at!

What was your most rewarding result (personally) in 2015?
Simone Tetsche Christensen: I have 2 that is hard to put up against each other! First the Gold medal at Baku, which was a massive event and being with other Danes and celebrating the Danish  medals together was big! But I must say that getting bronze at the World Championship was very rewarding as well,

2015/11/25 8:20:25 (95 reads)

2015/11/25 1:30:00 (218 reads)

Name: Martijn Jaspers
Hometown: Wijchen, Netherlands
Sponsors: TVE BMX Team, TVE sport, Oegema Transport, Shimano, Excluton, Farmers4all, BMX24Seven, Free Agent, Renthal, Active Partyworld, Dijk Natural Collections, Lizard Skins, Leatt and 100%

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Martijn Jaspers: Not really. The change of team and all work with that cost a lot of energy. The season started okay with some 1/4 finals in World Cups and the Worlds. After that a crash in Argentina ended my season with a dislocated and damaged shoulder.

What was your most rewarding result (personally) in 2015?
Martijn Jaspers: At Worlds I was at my best, some small mistakes didn't give me the result I wanted. Winning the 3 Nations cup C1 felt good personally. Though it was not the heaviest field, it was good to win which I don't do often.

2015/11/24 23:20:00 (20 reads)

Name: Stefany Hernandez
Hometown: Venezuela - Aigle, Suiza
Sponsors: Chase, BOX, Fly, Tioga, Compresspor

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Stefany Hernandez: Yes pretty much, I'd been planning to get into the Top 3 at the overall season and made a nice 2nd place. Plus the main goal that was take the World Champ title. So 2015 season was a really good one,

What was your most rewarding result (personally) in 2015?
Stefany Hernandez: Getting crowned the UCI Elite Women World Champion.

Who do you think kicked ass in the Elite Men class this year?
Answer: Liam Phillips for being consistent at the World Cup season and winning the overall tittle. and of course Niek Kimmann, impressive rider!

Who impressed you most in the Elite Women class?
Answer: Simone Christensen, she's doing really well, I really admire her for being consistent at bmx result and studying medicine at the same time. She's a badass.

Do you remember when you heard the news that BMX Plus! magazine was no more?
Answer: Yes, a lot of people were really sad about it. I remember when I was little going to a little shop in Venezuela just to get it and watch the pictures of all the big stars of bmx. At the time it was expensive to mine 8 years budget hahaha.

Have you been active on social media in 2015 and where can people follow you?
Stefany Hernandez: Yes, people can follow me on Twitter or Instagram: hernandez469

What track did you like most in 2015?
Stefany Hernandez: Definitely Zolder

Who did the best move on the track this year that you remember?
Stefany Hernandez: Just coming that image of David Graf surprising Sam at Worlds final.

What race had the best race conditions?
Stefany Hernandez: Santiago del Estero

Where was the weather horrible to race in?
Stefany Hernandez: OMG Sweden World Cup was just a nightmare for me.

Worst crash of 2015?
Stefany Hernandez: I did not crash, thanks God.

Who had the best looking bike of 2015?
Stefany Hernandez: I always like Barry and Caroline's bikes.

Best hotel/place you stayed at in 2015?
Stefany Hernandez: We stayed in a beautiful house in South Carolina during the last stop of World Cup season. What a Beautiful place. Stand up paddle every morning on the lake and BBQ every night. Just amazing.

Worst travel experience this season?
Stefany Hernandez: none.
Best person you hung out with in 2015?
Stefany Hernandez: all my team mates, such great people. Natalia, Dome, Andrea, Renaud, Jobanana, Loulou, Yoshi, Evgeny and of course our Coach Thomas Allier.

Plans for 2016?
Stefany Hernandez: Be the number One. At all. World Cup and UCI Overall, Continue with the rainbow jersey and get the Gold Medal in Rio. After Rio I'll move to the USA to ride at the USA BMX League.

2015/11/24 22:00:00 (221 reads)

Name: Brooke Crain
Hometown: Visalia, Ca. USA
Sponsors: Haro, Rockstar, Danscomp, Box, Bell, One industries, Idol hand.

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Brooke Crain: No not at all actually.. Seemed like I ran into a lot of bad luck, mechanical issues and dumb decisions on my behalf.

What was your most rewarding result (personally) in 2015?
Brooke Crain: My most rewarding this year personally would have been the 4th place at World Champs. It wasn't what I wanted but I

2015/11/24 20:40:00 (106 reads)

Elite Men:
1     Jefferson MILANO     VEN     20     50     50
2     Jholman SIVIRA     VEN     20     45     45
3     Luis HIDALGO     VEN     24     40     40
4     Jose Luis PRIMERA     VEN     31     35     35
5     Israel HERNANDEZ     VEN     22     30     30
6     Irving SARMIENTO     VEN     28     28     28
7     Reymer BOMPART     VEN     19     26     26

2015/11/24 17:50:00 (142 reads)

2015/11/24 10:20:00 (464 reads)

Name: Nic Long
Hometown: Lakeside, CA
Sponsors: Haro bikes, Dans Comp, ONE industries, IdolHand Gloves, Kenda, KMC, Tangent, Stealth, Vans.

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Nic Long: You know, it wasn't a bad year at all. Had some good results, some bad results, some champagne, some scabs. Overall, fairly decent.

2015/11/23 5:40:00 (299 reads)

Name: Merle van Benthem    
Hometown: Hengelo, Netherlands.
Sponsors: NOC* NSF, KNWU, Rabobank, Meybo, Box components, Troylee Designs. Tioga, Baby - G, Oakley.

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Merle van Benthem: Yes and no haha, I made a couple World Cup mains but didn’t finish the season how I wanted..

2015/11/23 2:10:00 (117 reads)

2015/11/22 18:10:00 (339 reads)
Name: Dani George
Hometown: Palmdale, CA
Sponsors: Chase/DHR

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Dani George: No. It was definitely filled with more ups and downs than I would have liked but that's the nature of the sport. This year sure has been a hell of a ride.
2015/11/20 23:50:00 (311 reads)

Name: David Graf
Hometown: Winterthur, SUI
Sponsors: Nicolai-Bikes, Leatt, Kabuto, Zimtstern

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
David Graf: I was coming back after a surgery (removing some metal) so I thought my time will be more against mid or end of season but the start was better than expected.

What was your most rewarding result (personally) in 2015?
David Graf: My first big result was the Bronze in Baku, it was such a relief to finally put it together when it counted! But my 3rd place at the WorldChampionships was a much better race.

Who do you think kicked ass in the Elite Men class this year?
David Graf: Kimmann obviously, being dominant as he was in his

2015/11/20 13:50:00 (136 reads)

2015/11/20 10:30:00 (152 reads)

African Continental Championships (RSA)
1 Kyle DODD     RSA     21     120     120
2 Alex LIMBERG     RSA     19     105     105
3 Penias TENTHANI     ZIM     19     90     90
4 Simon MARTIN     ZIM     22     75     75
5 Tawanda MAROVA     ZIM     26     60     60
6 Bryce STIEBEL     RSA     20     50     50

2015/11/20 8:00:00 (132 reads)

Results Ecuadorian National Championships:

Elite Men:
1     Fausto Andres ENDARA MADERA     ECU     26     30     30
2     Jose ANDRADE     ECU     19     20     20
3     Diego Fernando CASTILLO PAEZ     ECU     20     15     15
4     Javier Sebastian ALVAREZ ZULETA     ECU     21     10     10

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