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Name: Alejandro Nuñez
Brand: SBLMNL bmx
Occupation: Industrial Engineer, CEO, MEchanical Designer, and BMX rider

What's SBLMNL BMX all about?
Alex: Well, SBLMNL started off as a kid's game some years ago, until it turned out into what it is today. At first we were just a group of friends that got together to ride bikes and have fun, then
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Name: Mike Laird
Hometown: Greenville, NC
Occupation: business owner/fabricator/pro bike rider

You've been riding for a long time, when did you pick up welding?
Mike Laird: Sophomore year in high school I took welding at my local vocational education school. It was a 2 year program. BMX got me into welding to begin with.

What are some of the ramps you've working on that are still going?
Mike Laird: I've built 75% of King BMX Stunt shows ramps, DC
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Daniel Neale is the designer of the D-key. He developed the idea because he couldn't stop thinking why allen keys weren't shaped like a key. He has been riding BMX bikes since the age of 12, and solving problems has always been a natural intuition. Not having the tools he needed as kid lead him to find his own way to fix things, helping to develop his inventive and

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Last year Fix It Sticks successfully launched its first radically designed, all-new bicycle tool on Kickstarter. For 2014, Fix It Sticks is returning to Kickstarter to fund its launch of two new products, the "Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition" and the all-new "T-Way Wrench." The campaign launched today and is slated for a 30-day run. Backers of the tools
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When you show up at an event the course is usually done when you get there. After the contest is over, you usually leave theplace before the ramps are taken down. What goes into building a course for a contest? It's different everywhere, but the Bike Hall people have been at work getting things ready for this year's edition. We caught up with Kamil Feifer who filled us in.

Who usually designs the course for the Bike Hall contest?

Kamil: For this year park design is made by Czech riders Jakub J?za , Ondra Šléz and main organizator BHC Pavel Hyvnar.
Do you have existing ramps that you have to fit into the course?
Kamil: The park is built on the existing ramps and each year we add one or two ramps, such as this year's Street barrier.
Are the ramps “pre-built” before they move into the big hall?
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WD-40 BIKE Company, a subsidiary of WD-40 Company, is excited to announce its inaugural Wrench of the Month program. Intended to shine a spotlight on the men and women behind the scenes at bicycle retailers nationwide, the program applauds those who repair, assemble, mend, and otherwise tend to the hundreds of details that keep our beloved bikes operating at peak performance. "The bike shop mechanic is often the un-sung hero of the cycling industry" offered WD-40 BIKE's Mike Irwin, "There is a hidden story behind every
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Leo Forte
Occupation: Professional BMXer, Designer & Maker of Things.
Hometown: Newton Abbot, Devon, UK

Can you give us a short description of the work you do?
Leo: I create bespoke objects of desire. Anything from bespoke trophies, interior & exterior furniture, chainsaw carving & wood
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