2016/5/23 12:37:04 (124 reads)

The 2016 edition of Bike Days, Switzerland’s most popular bike festival, has come to another conclusion. This year the annual event attracted 25,000 visitors. The audience had never seen so many new tricks and stunts. The Bike Expo with its 250 brands and many new products attracted loads of interested visitors, which led to very happy exhibitioners. The main sponsor Migros also extended its commitment to support the event, which paves the way for the successful continuation of the Bike Days.

2016/5/23 8:20:00 (150 reads)

Pro Flatland results Bike Dayz Switzerland. Stop one of the 2016 Flatland World Circuit.
1. Viki Gomez (ESP)
2. Matthias Dandois (FRA)
3. Dominik Nekolny (CZE)
4. Jean William Prevost (CAN)
5. Moto Sasaki (JPN)

2016/5/23 6:30:00 (150 reads)

The annual NL contest in Strasbourg, France was just wrapped up with BMX Pro Park finals. Here's the top three of this year's edition.

NL Contest 2016:
1. Joel Bondu (Canada)
2. Cam Peake (England)
3. Daniel Wedemeijer (Netherlands)

2016/5/22 23:00:00 (147 reads)

Qualifying results NL Contest, Strasbourg, France.

1. Joel Bondu (Canada)
2. Daniel Wedemeijer (Nederland)
3. Cam Peake (England)
4. Maxime Charveron (France)
5. Pierre Tortereau (France)
6. Rémy Carra
7. Channon Balorian (Netherlands)
8. Maxime Vautrinot
9. Simon Durand
10. Joe Ferguson
11. Yannick Trevisan
12. Antoine Guemerich

Finals on Sunday.

Pic by BdJ

2016/5/17 6:10:00 (236 reads)

Pro Park results Butcher Jam 2016:
1. Brock Horneman (Aus)
2. Declan Brooks (GBR)
3. Konstantin Andreev (RUS)
4. Irek Rizaev (RUS)
5. Marin Rantes
6. Ola Selsjord (NOR)
7. Kenneth Tencio (CR)
8. Tobias Freigang (GER)

2016/5/16 12:10:00 (229 reads)

13179329_10154049173880280_8770265157496137261_n_200Pro Miniramp:
1. Kostya Andreev (RUS)
2. Alex Coleborn (GBR)
3. Brock Horneman (AUS)
4. Declan Brooks (GBR)
5. James Jones (GBR)
6. Kenneth Tencio (CR)
7. Ola Selsjord (NOR)
8. Tobias Freigang (GER)

2016/5/13 17:40:00 (216 reads)

The Dundee trails shouted for a session on Thursday evening. The weather was still beautiful so we needed to benefit from that. On arrival Rens and Levi were shaping the trails. The grass had covered some of the jumps so to know where you needed to go, it was time to fix the take-offs and the landings. It had been a few years since my last session in Hulsel so it took some getting used to. After a few attempts Levi, Mark, Mike and myself made it through. Rens had no problems with the line at all and also played on the big line. Being local has its benefits. The BBQ was fired up and the dogs liked playing with Philip. All in all a fun little session on the Dundee trails on a Thursday night. Thanks Rens for having us over. Hopefully it won't be another few years until the next one.


2016/5/11 15:00:00 (226 reads)

If you want to get a spot to watch the BMX events at the FISE in Montpellier, France, you better show up early. Before you know it there is no more empty spot on the riverbank or at the Spine mini to watch from. The FISE has always been an event about the crowd and it's safe to say that there is no other BMX contest on the schedule that draws more people. The multi sport event brings a BMX Flatland contest, BMX street comp, Spine contest and for the first year the official UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup was added to the program. Next to the regional contest, the FISE also pays attention to the amateurs classes, girls and masters, plus it's possible for any pro rider to sign up and compete. The event started on Wednesday and the last comp ended on Sunday 8 May.

A record breaker: On Thursday alone, 160.000 people found their way to the riverbed in Montpellier. It was a record breaker in the FISE books and already at Amateur Park in the morning the banks had filled up with people who wanted to see the riding on the park course. The first Pro final happened on Friday night. In front of the

2016/5/10 12:00:00 (323 reads)

You know the contest set-up is good when right after the event is over everyone grabs their bike to ride some more. The Pro Street event at this year's FISE attracted riders from all corners of the earth including American Reed Stark who unfortunately dislocated his shoulder but shook it back into socket himself like nothing happened. With David Budko (LIT), Joris Coulomb (FRA), Courage Adams (ESP), Foune Cissé (FRA) and loads more talent on the course, the crowd was ready for a treat. The street set-up was split in four sections with a 30-minute session reserved for each part of the course. From the first minute to the last riders went one-by one doing what they had in mind, or at least to give it a shot. Going oppo, switch, backwards, upwards or down, the judges kept a close eye on the riding that was going on.

If there was one rider who killed it at this year's edition, it's Courage Adams. The Red Bull rider stuck to the lines he wanted to pull and did so on many occasions. It was clear for everyone that he was the rider who had stepped it up the most. Courage

2016/5/8 5:40:00 (258 reads)

BMX Freestyle - Park results Girl Pro: Finale
1 Hannah ROBERTS 14 Buchanan, Michigan 92.00 pts
2 Elizaveta POSADSKIKH Tyumen 85.00 pts
3 Shanice SILVA CRUZ  23 rotterdam 78.00 pts
4 Maeva JOUGNEAU 20 SOLLIES-PONT 70.00 pts
5 Cedrine TRETOUT 22 Aubagne 60.00 pts

2016/5/7 23:50:00 (295 reads)

UCI BMX FREESTYLE PARK WORLD CUP - SEMI FINAL. Top 12 make it to the final.
1 22 Alex Coleborn GBR Jersey 23 91.33
2 20 Daniel Dhers VEN Caracas 31 90.33
3 18 Mike Varga CAN Toronto 19 88.00
4 3 Kenneth Tencio CRI Carago 22 86.66
5 19 Kevin Peraza USA Tucson, Arizona 21 85.00
6 24 Logan Martin AUS Brisbane 22 83.33
7 17 Colton Walker USA New Richmond, 0 82.66
8 7 Brian Fox USA Hoschton 21 81.66
9 5 Nick Bruce USA Hubbard 23 80.33
10 21 Jake Leiva USA Tehachapi 21 79.33
11 8 Alex Nikulin RUS Krasnodar 23 78.66
12 4 Marin Rantes CRO Varazdin 20 77.33

13 16 Jose Torres Gil ARG Cordoba 21 73.66
14 1 Tom Van Den BogaardNED Eindhoven 19 72.00
15 11 Ryan Taylor GBR Walsall 23 71.00

2016/5/7 22:30:00 (253 reads)

24 qualified pro riders met up at the FISE park course to battle for a spot in the final of the first UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup 2016. With 12 spots available it was not going to be easy for any of the riders to make it through to the final round. The top 5 of last year's FISE World Series (Daniel Dhers, Jake Leiva, Alex Coleborn, Daniel Sandoval and Logan Martin) met up with the 19 qualified riders from Friday. Once again the sun came out and the banks of the riverbed were filled with people. Each rider had two runs to show their 

2016/5/7 17:00:00 (237 reads)

FINAL SPINE RAMP PRO: Logan Martin wins Spine contest at FISE World Series 2016. If there is a will, there is a way. Lessons were learnt from last night's situation where condensation made for a slippery miniramp in front of the town hall in Montpellier. What could have been a world first, heaters were placed underneath the miniramp to prevent the moist from ruining the show. Not only the thousands of FISE BMX fans showed up to watch the madness, people at home were tuned in to watch the world's best BMX riders do battle in the Pro Spine Finals.

2016/5/6 21:17:55 (320 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle - Park Qualifying results World Cup*:
1 Kevin PERAZA 21 ans Tucson, Arizona 92.33 pts Q
2 Mike VARGA 19 ans Toronto 89.67 pts Q
3 Colton WALKER  0 ans New Richmond, Wisconsin 88.33 pts Q
4 Jose TORRES GIL 21 ans Cordoba 84.33 pts Q
5 Paul THOELEN 17 ans Viersen 83.00 pts Q
6 Daniel WEDEMEIJER  26 ans Amsterdam 82.33 pts Q
7 James JONES  22 ans Swansea 82.00 pts Q
8 Jack CLARK  21 ans Essex 81.67 pts Q
9 Ryan TAYLOR 23 ans Walsall 81.33 pts Q
10 Tom ISTED  23 ans Cornwall 81.00 pts Q
11 Michael BERAN 26 ans Novy Bydzov 80.67 pts Q
12 Alex NIKULIN 23 ans Krasnodar 80.33 pts Q
13 Brian FOX 21 ans Hoschton 80.00 pts Q
14 Irek RIZAEV 18 ans KAZAN 79.67 pts Q
15 Nick BRUCE 23 ans HubbaRD 78.67 pts Q
16 Marin RANTES  20 ans Varazdin 78.00 pts Q
17 Kenneth TENCIO 22 ans Carago 77.33 pts Q

2016/5/6 19:20:00 (220 reads)

Pro Mini qualification results:
1 Colton WALKER New Richmond, Wisconsin 90.66 pts Q
2 Daniel DHERS 31 ans Caracas 88.33 pts Q
3 Pat CASEY 22 ans Placentia, CA 87.33 pts Q
4 Mark WEBB 31 ans FAREHAM 86.00 pts Q
5 Daniel SANDOVAL 21 ans Californie 85.66 pts Q
6 Logan MARTIN 22 ans Brisbane 85.00 pts Q
7 Kevin PERAZA 21 ans Tucson, Arizona 84.33 pts Q
8 Mike VARGA 19 ans Toronto 83.00 pts Q
9 Declan BROOKS19 ans Portsmouth 82.66 pts Q
10 Brock HORNEMAN  21 ans Brisbane 82.33 pts Q
11 Michael BERAN 26 ans Novy Bydzov 80.33 pts Q
12 Jose TORRES GIL  21 ans Cordoba 79.66 pts Q
13 Andreev KONSTANTIN  22 ans Saint-Petersburg 79.33 pts Q
14 Nick BRUCE 23 ans HubbaRD 76.00 pts Q
15 Alex COLEBORN  23 ans Jersey 75.00 pts Q

Pic by BdJ

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