2016/7/23 13:10:00 (98 reads)

Logan Martin sets mark on UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup by winning the semi-final in Osijek, Croatia. Round two of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup brought the BMX Freestyle elite to Osijek, Croatia. The Pannonian Challenge formed stop two of the Fise World Series. The Open Qualifier on Thursday brought the total field of 50 pro riders from all over the world back to a total of 24 for the semi final. With the five pre-qualified riders mixed in with the 19 semi finalists, the people in Osijek got themselves a good show.

Sneaked in the final
Senad Grosic was supposed to do the commentating of the live-feed for the Croatian people but since he qualified for the semi, fellow Croatian Marin Rantes had to take on the job for him. Flipwhips, seatstand manuals and frontwheel 540 spins saw Senad end up on spot 20, 8 spot short of a qualifying spot. After a decent night of Osijek clubbing, current World Cup leader Alex Coleborn (GBR) sneaked in the final by finishing on 12th place.

2016/7/23 0:20:00 (92 reads)

Results Semi-finals UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup.
1 Logan MARTIN
2 Daniel DHERS
3 Nick BRUCE
4 Jack CLARK
5 Joshua PERRY
7 Jake LEIVA
8 Kenneth TENCIO
10 Mike VARGA
11 Declan BROOKS

13 Erik FIGAR
14 Irek RIZAEV
16 Chris NICOL

2016/7/22 13:10:00 (117 reads)

Junior qualifying results Fise World Croatia 2016. Top 8 to the finals.
1 Jan LEMKE 90.33 pts Q
2 Bartnieks RALFS 12 ans Liepaja 88.00 pts Q
3 Remec JAKA 11 ans Ljubljana 85.00 pts Q
4 Jelle BONDE 75.33 pts Q
5 Vukomanovic MIHAEL 74.00 pts Q
6 Fran MARKO VLAHINIC 14 ans Zagreb 71.00 pts Q
7 Lalic MIHAEL 15 ans osijek 70.67 pts Q
8 Lozancic MARKO  67.33 pts Q

9 Spoljaric DOMAGOJ 66.33 pts
10 Denis LALI? 14 ans osijek 63.67 pts
11 Antonio ROMIC  63.33 pts
12 Liska ANDREJ61.00 pts

2016/7/22 10:50:00 (158 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Open qualification results. FISE Croatia. 19 riders will meet up with pre-qualified riders Logan Martin, Daniel Dhers, Kenneth Tencio, Mike Varga and Alex Coleborn in tomorrow's Semi-Final. Watch it live here on FATBMX.
UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Open qualification results.
1 Nick BRUCE 24 ans HubbaRD 90.67 pts Q
2 Irek RIZAEV 18 ans KAZAN 88.00 pts Q
3 Declan BROOKS 20 ans Portsmouth 87.67 pts Q
4 Andreev KONSTANTIN 22 ans Saint-Petersburg 86.33 pts Q
5 Jake LEIVA 21 ans Tehachapi 84.67 pts Q
6 Jonathan CAMACHO 29 ans 83.67 pts Q
7 Joshua PERRY 27 ans Greenville 83.33 pts Q
8 Jack CLARK 21 ans Essex 83.00 pts Q
9 Daniel SANDOVAL 21 ans Californie 81.00 pts Q
10 Cam PEAKE 19 ans Nottinghamshire 80.33 pts Q
11 Chris NICOL 21 ans Churchill 78.00 pts Q
12 Daniel WEDEMEIJER 26 ans Amsterdam 77.67 pts Q
13 Jose TORRES GIL 21 ans Cordoba 77.33 pts Q

2016/7/21 23:20:00 (224 reads)

This past weekend the BBO was on the program. Just over an hour away in Hasselt, Belgium, Peter Geys and his 900shop crew welcomed riders from all over the place to participate in one of the many classes they had on the program from age classes all the way up to pro classes in flatland, dirt, street and park. It's a tradition at the Belgian BMX Open to have a bunny hop contest which also took place in 2016. The ams all rode on Saturday making Sunday the Pro day. For all Belgian riders the national BMX Freestyle title was on the agenda in each category making it an important comp fo them.

2016/7/18 4:30:00 (153 reads)

FMX legend and Nitro Circus ringleader Travis Pastrana promised the inaugural Nitro World Games would break new boundaries, progressing action sports to an unprecedented level. He did not disappoint the more than 25,000 fans in attendance at Rice-Eccles Stadium who saw four hours of non-stop thrills and surprises never before seen in an action sports competition. An all-star lineup featuring Olympic snowboarder Todd Richards, skate legend Tony Hawk and Pastrana co-hosted the NBC primetime television

2016/7/16 4:20:00 (243 reads)

This weekend the FATBMX crew will make it to Hasselt, Belgium for the 2016 edition of the Belgian BMX Open to be held at the outdoor concrete park just outside of the city centre. The BBO will have dirt, park, street, flatland and a bunnyhop contest. The Pro purse per discipline is €850,= Euros and the one who signs up and does the highest bunny hop will go home with €250,=. It's possible for anyone to enter the comp in Belgium, it also has kids classes in all ages, amateur and of course the Pro classes. 2015 Pro winners include Timothy Bringer from France (Dirt), Leon Hoppen from Germany won Street, the Park win went to Kenneth Tancré (BEL) and Barre Neirynck won the flatland contest. The bunnyhop record at the BBO is 120cm. Come over and beat that.

It's possible to camp out on the spot or book a hotel in Hasselt, the city centre is just 5 minutes away. General Conditions of Participation 2016, full event schedule, Pro purse breakdown, directions etc. can be found below.

2016/7/12 3:08:19 (116 reads)

It was a great few days at Rush Skatepark in Stroud, England. Mongoose saved the best for last rounding out the first Mongoose Jam UK with a Park comp. The course layout allowed the field of athletes to put together tons of unique lines. The box jump, quarter and back wall let riders boost huge airs while the technical middle section with a 5 foot deep bowl let athletes link together technical lines and combos.

During Park, the ams went all out in Park. Kaine Mitchell (Team

2016/7/11 23:10:00 (104 reads)

On day two of Mongoose Jam UK, the ams joined their Pro teams for the Street Comp at Rush Skatepark. Each athlete had two 45 second runs in which the best score counted. All team members were welcome to ride, but only the top two scores from each team counted towards their overall scores. The large street course gave athletes tons of options for all styles of riding from long technical combo lines to burley gaps. The ams took full advantage of the course. Dan Allington (Team Isted) did no foot nose manuals across the entire 50+ foot deck above the stair set, while Leon Williams (Team Wallace) managed a nose bonk 360 over the ledge-topped pyramid, and Ross Domanski (Team Peraza) tail whipped off a banked wall.

Murray Loubster (Team Illingworth) rode with a dislocated thumb, but it didn’t stop him from pulling clean lines and landings. Kriss Kyle (Team Casey) was smooth as always with an alley-oop 360 out of the curved wall ride and did a simple but styley fast plant off the ledge-top pyramid. Alex Donnachie (Team

2016/7/7 7:25:19 (191 reads)

Day one of Mongoose Jam UK finished with the competition’s first-ever bowl jam where 19 pros from a field of 24 athletes went head-to-head in the first event of the weekend following the Amateur Contest. An audience packed the standing room only viewing areas of Rush Skatepark. The pros quickly found flowy lines while linking sub-box tricks, big airs and tech tricks over the spine. Riders were judged by a panel of BMX industry veterans including Zak Shaw, Chris Hamer, and Scott Hamlin. Each athlete was given two runs, and the best run counted toward their individual score. The top two scores per team counted toward the day’s final results.

Stand-outs included Ryan Taylor (Team Casey) starting his run with a flair drop-in from the deck, while Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza) did a picture-perfect 450 nose manual over the wedge hip. Gary Spencer (Team Ryan) did a 360 whip to foot jam - bar in, and Pat Casey (Team Casey) managed 180 double whip over the spine finishing off the line with a fakey 360.

2016/7/6 23:20:00 (268 reads)

This year Pro Freestyle has two stops. One in Heerlen, and one in The Hague. Last year's edition in The Hague was the first event that Dick-Jan Leegwater and Martijn Vroemen put on together. Call it a little FISE if you want where athletes from multiple sports get together for a weekend of riding and having fun. The event in Heerlen happened this past weekend and saw BMX flatland, BMX street, and BMX Park on the schedule. Pros, Ams, Girls and Juniors, sometimes mixed together. Next to BMX there was Skateboarding, Inline and Scooter on the same park/street course which was set up right in the city centre. Outside activities included a drawing contest, a pump track to shred all day, art/photo shows all over town and of course a couple of Afterparties. In short, plenty of activities went down and got the riders together for a good weekend.

Pro Park was the ender on Sunday night. Amateur podium finishers Jari Roggeveen and Giano Vacca joined the straight final on Sunday evening because their final had been rained off. They both

2016/7/6 21:10:00 (207 reads)

With the official start to the inaugural Mongoose Jam UK at Rush Skatepark in Stroud England, twenty-five amateurs competed for a coveted spot on one of six Mongoose Jam pro teams, captained by Mongoose pros Pat Casey, Greg Illingworth, Tom Isted, Kevin Peraza, Paul Ryan, and Ben Wallace. Each athlete will have the chance to ride in street, park, and bowl and vie for a piece of the $15,000 prize purse. The ams threw down like the pros during the contest. Ollie Palmer took first place and landed himself on Greg Illingworth’s team. With tricks like a foot jam on top of a 7 foot sub box during the bowl comp, it’s no wonder why this kid lead the ams.

Ross Domanski joined defending Mongoose Jam champ, Kevin Peraza and the rest of his team. Ross came out of the gates hard with a gap off a small wedge ramp to curved wall ride – 180 out. Riding at a consistently high level the entire day, Ross placed second in street, park and bowl for an overall second place standing in the comp.

2016/7/5 3:00:00 (211 reads)

BMX Park Pro straight finals results. Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2016 - BMX Park Contest
1 Michael Beran
2 Kenneth Tancre
3 Tom van den Bogaard
4 Daniel Wedemeijer
5 Tobias Freigang
6 Arjan Ellens
7 Sem Kok
8 Matt Armstrong
9 Pim Scheers
10 Jari Roggeveen
11 Giano Vacca
12 Liam Carey
13 Alex Biollet
14 Koen Hamer
15 Levi Weidman
16 Jake Dooler

2016/7/4 13:30:00 (265 reads)

Today the Pro Street contest took place at the Pro Freestyle event in Heerlen, Netherlands. Wood 15 built a course that had something for every street rider. A kinked rail, ledges, banks, gaps, quarters, rails, it was all there. Maybe a flat rail was missing but you had the choice of either going up, or going down on the orange rails. A bit of wax was added a few times but all in all the course held up great during the comp which had 9 riders make the final session.

2016/7/4 3:00:00 (153 reads)

1 Viki Gomez (Spain)
2 Alex Jumelin (France)
3 Matthias Dandois (France)
4 Dez Maarsen (Netherlands)
5 Dominik Nekolny (Czech Repuplic)
6 Jean William Prevost (Canada)
7 Takahiro Ikeda (Japan)
8 Terry Adams (USA)
9 Yohei Uchino (Japan)
10 Moto Sasaki (Japan)
11 Kevin Nikulski (Germany)
12 Joris Bretagnolles (France)
13 Gilles Van de Sompel (Belgium)


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