2014/9/30 13:20:00 (138 reads)
PARK Results Street Station 2014: 
1 Maxime Charveron
2 Thomas Benedetti
3 Kevin Kalkoff

STREET Results Street Station 2014:
2014/9/24 2:00:00 (247 reads)
Nobody else but Daan van Wezel won the 2014 BMX BOK at Burnside Park ’n Shop in Deventer, The Netherlands. The finals of both the under 16 class and 16+ class were crazy. The level of Dutch freestyle BMX riding is continuously increasing. Some of the highlights in the finals were flipwhips, (kinked) rail rides, decade airs and a 720 barspin. Daan van Wezel used the whole park and left the judges with their mouths wide open. Second place went to Levi Weidman. A lot of pro’s can learn from the skills of this 14 year old kid, who already won the under 16 class earlier that day. Pim Scheers from Goes is another Dutch BMX talent from the province of Zealand. He picked up 3rd place with solid runs.

Results 16+ Class:
1. Daan van Wezel (Terborg, NL)
2. Levi Weidmann (Delft, NL)
3. Pim Scheers (Zeeland, NL)
4. Steijn Leijzer (Terborg, NL)
2014/9/22 17:10:00 (162 reads)
Fise Experience, Nantes, France. Pro Park results.
1. WATTS Jack    17 ans    Portsmouth    86.33 pts
2. JUSTICE Tom    25 ans    Grantham    85.00 pts
3. VAN BELLE Jimmy    24 ans    Bruxelles    83.00 pts
4. JEANJEAN Anthony    16 ans    Bassan    80.67 pts
5. GRANIERI Jérémy    21 ans    Craponne    80.33 pts
2014/9/22 1:30:00 (180 reads)
The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships kicked off their final day of competition in Brooklyn with the BMX Streetstyle competition. Local east-coaster Garrett Reynolds claimed the top spot with his last of run of the contest, earning himself a score of 90.75 – the only athlete to break the 90’s this weekend so far. “I love being here in Brooklyn and the weather is great. It’s the perfect time of year to be on the East Coast and streetstyle is one of my favorite events,” said Reynolds. “The best part of this contest is when I dropped in for the first time.
2014/9/21 18:20:00 (173 reads)
Streetstyle BMX results Dew Tour, Brooklyn, New York.
1     Garrett Reynolds     90.75
2     Dennis Enarson     89.75
3     Scotty Cranmer     89.25
4     Tyler Fernengel     88.75
5     Chad Kerley     87.75
6     Dakota Roche     85.25
7     Tyler Morrow     84.25
2014/9/21 13:00:00 (199 reads)
The countdown starts, the pulse races and the air smells of gasoline. The lusty Fuel Girls enter the Max-Schmeling-Arena with their fire show pushed by the commanding beats of DJ Mosaken. From afar you can hear the engines growl and you start to feel that this night is going to be something special, something Germany hasn’t seen so far. International elite of action sports.

Many action sports enthusiasts faced sleepless nights, longing for a
2014/9/21 12:10:00 (235 reads)
2014/9/21 3:40:00 (159 reads)
The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships brought the street competition to Brooklyn for the very first time at the House of Vans this weekend.  Dennis Enarson, a 23-year-old native of California, took home top honors in the BMX Street competition after consistently nailing tricks during his three runs, earning himself a total score of 89.25. “I’m hyped. This was my first street contest win and I’m psyched about it. I can’t even believe it,” said Enarson. “I think it was consistency that 
2014/9/17 18:00:00 (136 reads)
Moto Sasaki drank a few Monsters and continued to win the Umikaze Jam which took place in Yokosuka, Japan last Saturday. Further results below.

Open class:
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Nao Yoshida
3rd Shin-ichiro Hara

1st Takumi Suzuki
2nd Yuya Shiga
3rd Shohei Iwanaga

2014/9/17 8:10:00 (297 reads)
Govert Schonewille and Sem Kok are two riders who like to visit as many BMX dirt events as possible but they've got an awesome set up at home as well. Once a year it's time to head over to America, it's a little village in The Netherlands, where they have their trails in the woods, the BMX track and the indoor ramps. Luckily on Sunday the weather was great. This brought people out to ride and chill. The BMX track was sessioned all afternoon. It had artificial grass tarps on top of most jumps and turns which helps enormously with the maintenance
2014/9/16 21:30:00 (194 reads)
Last weekend saw the last stop of the EX&HOP Contest Tour 2014 at Odeonsplatz in the heart of the Bavarian capital. After the Street Contest at Königsplatz and the Wheel Of Fortune Contest at the MUNICH MASH, the tour ended with an absolute banger in front of a beautiful backdrop: the M-net EX&HOP Spine Contest presented by Relentless & Jever Fun Even though the weather didn’t really play its part, Daniel Juchatz, Stefan Pauli, Benni Petsch, Stefan Götz and many more, as well as riders from Hungary, Austria and France battled it out during the dry spells in front of thousands of spectators during the Spine Contest as well as the M-net Best Trick Session.

In addition to BMX action the rider’s BBQ took place Saturday night
2014/9/6 7:20:00 (156 reads)
2014/9/4 19:20:00 (331 reads)
After 25 editions of the FATJAM it would have been easy to call it quits. But some things are too good to end. A date was picked, a flyer was made, the toilet was rented and the Sugar Hills received a fix up just in time for people to have a fun day together in Aarle-Rixtel. The free for all event still gets the people to town to ride some dirt, hang out and score a goodie or two provided by the sponsors of the event.

Setting up was easy. The week prior to the big day we had some rain which was great to get the dirt spot in shape. Between 9 and 11 the weather was great. Then, all of a sudden the storm came in. Luckily the EZ-UP tents were set up and kept the riders and bikes dry, but the Sugar Hills trails did not have a roof. But the Dutch are good dealing with water and within 30 minutes after the big rain, people were riding again. In fact, the spot was rolling better than ever before.

As usual many kids showed up to ride. They finally get to climb up a hill together with the pros and ride together all day. They might

2014/8/31 21:20:00 (317 reads)
Dawid Godziek from Poland is the winner of VANS Kill the Line 2014. He convinced the judges with an amazing variety of hard tricks like a double barspin backflip, a triple truckdriver or a corked 720 combined with a super smooth style and perfect landings. The Brazilian Leandro Moreira placed second with a triple whip, superman nothing variations and his unique powerful style. Gentlemen rider and BMX legend Chris Doyle became third with his unbeatable 360 variations.
2014/8/31 18:00:00 (178 reads)
1-Kállai Olivér
2-Szabó Dávid
3-ifj. Sinkó Lajos
4-Kollár Balázs
5-Császár Balázs

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