2015/8/30 12:00:00 (99 reads)

Qualification results World Flatland League stop, Montreal, Canada.
1. Yohei Uchino
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Dez Maarsen
4. Takahiro Ikeda
5. Pakphum Poosa
6. Takuya Higa
7. Viki Gomez

2015/8/24 23:30:00 (328 reads)

The FATJAM took place on Saturday August 22 at the epic Sugarhills Trails in Aarle-Rixtel. 040BMXPARK brought the big-bag to practise some tricks for the trails.

And with perfect weather conditions, grillmaster Frits with the best hamburgers in town, chill tunes and perfectly shaped trails all the ingredients were there for the 27th FATJAM.

2015/8/24 15:07:10 (318 reads)

In the long tradition of epic Austin BMX events, the Chase Hawk / Empire Born and Raised Jam at House Park did not disappoint. It kicked off this past Friday with a bowl shred and a street course best trick contest. Bowl shredders included Austin Brunger, who was totally blasting and flowing, the lovely Nina Buitrago with her oh so stylish one handed grind into a nice one handed tabe, Tomas Fuentes and Michael Woodby were blasting, Santana was on the shred hard in the advanced class, and the little dude who pulled the no handed fakie was seriously awesome....

The best trick contest was held immediately following the bowl jam and it did not disappoint. The winner, as decided by judges Chase Hawk, Chad Kerley, and Dan Lacey, was Josh Dissinger with an epic nose manual 360 off the ledge into the bank, so sick! Other noise makers in that event included Jake Seely, with his epic manual and nose manual skills, Grant Germain and his gnarly up

2015/8/24 7:20:00 (556 reads)

Dealing with the strong wind was on the rider's minds all day in Serignan at the 2015 version of the Lords Of Dirt During finals it was necessary to pull off two solid runs out of three which wasn't easy with the beach flags moving like crazy on top of the big starting hill. JB Peytavit rode solid during finals and grabbed his second win in a row at the Action Sports park in France. Tech, opposite, spinning, upside down, you name it, JB got it done. Not only two times, but his final run topped it off and brought the third strong score in for the win.

Practice time was cut short for the Lords Of Dirt participants as strong winds made it difficult to clear the big line which was prepared by Markus Hampl and Patrick Guimez. But in the end, riders made it work, as usual. The suspected rain held off and after two qualifying runs each, sixteen riders made it to the finals.

The crowd stuck around in Sérignan which was easy as plenty of activities took place during the day. The skatepark next to the dirt facility was opened after receiving a new paintjob and got visitors

2015/8/14 15:10:00 (179 reads)

Pro Park:
1. Paul Thölen
2. Fabian Haugk
3. Timo Schulze
4. Felix Prangenberg
5. Senad Grosic
6. Tobias Freigang
7. Leon Hoppe
8. Jack Fahey
9. Mike Würzinger
10. Dominik Freigang
11. Julian Bachmann
12. Evan Brandes
13. Leon Binckebanck
14. Christian Lutz
15. Benjamin Kopp

2015/8/10 23:20:00 (461 reads)

Without much pre-planning a whole bunch of BMX-ers from The Netherlands and their families ended up at Eurocamp at the same time. Some came by plane, some took a 20 hour bus ride, some drove their camper or other vehicles there. If there's a will, there's a way, and who doesn't want to go to paradise? Axel Jurgens and his wife Rosario run the Eurocamp park up in Tossa de Mar in Spain on  a former tennis court of Camping Pola. The place got transformed into biker's paradise with the help of the donated Nike 6.0 ramps from a freestyle comp in Barcelona a few years ago.  The place now has a quarter resi, resi jump box, foam pit, street area, spine mini, pump track, some decent sized trails and three new tables and a turn which are less spectacular than the big line but a bit more demanding than the pump track. Eurocamp is constantly changing and getting better every time we pay a visit.

Tom van den Bogaard, Thomas, Pim Scheers, Arjan Ellens and Jesper Vervoort took a bus there. The cheapest way to get to the Costa Brava if you can handle 20 hours on the bus.

2015/8/8 15:03:15 (208 reads)


WILDCARD: Sean Sexton
WILDCARD: Levi Jackonia

12. Greg Layden
11. Sam Jones
10. Oskars Zajarskis
9. Daniel Juchatz
8. Ernests Zebolds
7. Ole Andre Kristiansen
6. Andres Lainevool

2015/8/8 10:30:00 (200 reads)

The 2015 Mongoose Jam wrapped up today at Woodward West with the Street Competition. Pros and Ams kept things flowing at the Junction and the Plaza. The riders finished out the contest with a rail jam. Three athletes per team rode with their best two overall scores counting toward the final results. The results decided which team would take the glory and bragging rights as well as the largest portion of the $50,000 prize.  An additional $750 would be given to the winner of the Dirt, Park, and Street competitions.

2015/8/7 11:50:00 (198 reads)

Pros and Ams ripped Woodward West’s Hangar apart during today’s Park Competition at Mongoose Jam. Each athlete was given 40 seconds and three runs to get stylish and prove themselves, with their best session counting toward their final score. Judges looked out for challenging moves, original lines and the most unique use of the space. The amateurs looked at home in the Hangar landing tons of tricks with ease while campers came out to cheer them on. Team Wallace’s Chase Pauza started his run with a big bunny hop drop in and

2015/8/6 18:10:00 (245 reads)

Headwinds didn’t stop pros and campers from ripping on Woodward West’s Dirt Jumps during the 2015 Mongoose Jam Dirt Competition. The week’s first Jam event featured nineteen riders, including 15 of the world’s top pros and four amateur Woodward campers selected from Tuesday’s Lucky Camper Competition. Each rider was given three runs to throw down. Riders were scored by a panel of three judges who were focused on the athletes’ best run. The top two scores per team counted toward the day’s final scoring.

2015/8/5 7:20:00 (189 reads)

The world's best BMX riders from across the globe converged in heated competition as the 2015 Van Doren Invitational came to a close this afternoon. Thousands of fans filled the the Vans Pro Bowl stadium on the sand in Huntington Beach to watch the highest levels of BMX riding from a variety of expert specialities.

San Diego’s Dennis Enarson earns first place honors and a $10,000 prize, highlighting an outstanding final run packed with

2015/8/1 8:23:37 (281 reads)

Heavy shredding today at the Vans Pro Bowl for the opening day of the BMX event. The Top 15 advanced to the Finals, where they will meet the Top 5 finishers from 2014.

BMX Prelims Results:
1 - Daniel Sandoval  88.82
2 - Dennis Enarson  86.51
3 - Scotty Cranmer  83.72
4 - Larry Edgar  82.88
5 - Corey Bohan  81.92
6 - Kevin Peraza  80.55
7 - Pat Casey  80.04
8: Kevin Kalkoff  79.83
9: Matt Cordova  79.39
10: Matt Roe  79.29
11: Tyler Fernengel  78.96
12: Alex Hiam  78.33
13: Sebastian Keep  78.02
14: Clint Reynolds  77.95

2015/7/31 18:30:00 (312 reads)

World Class BMX Dirt events are hard to find in 2015. For whatever reason, the dirt jump elite don't have a lot of choice when it comes down to meeting up and getting rad together. The Lords Of Dirt event in France makes sure that everyone who loves sending it over big dirt jump doubles gets to do this all together. On the weekend of 21/22/23 August riders like Leandro Moreira from Brasil, Philipp Baum from Germany, Nitro Circus' Jaie Toohey from Australia, legend Corey Nastazio (USA), Dany Josa (Hungary), Jakub Benda (Czech Republic), Dew Tour winner Brandon Dosch (USA), Craig Teague (UK), Rhys Kember (AUS) and many more to be announced, will make it down to Sérignan for the 2015 edition of the Lords Of Dirt series, spearheaded by organiser Patrick Guimez.

The building of the 2015 Dirt course has started and will bring many surprises. The contest is open for Amateur as well as Pro riders so basically all dirt riders should make it down to the Languedoc-Roussillon area at the Mediterranean sea.

2015/7/29 17:20:00 (199 reads)

Final results VooDoo Jam USA:
1-Matthias Dandois
2-Yohei Uchino
3-Dez Maarsen
4-Takahiro Ikeda
5-Viki Gomez
7-Nauto Tamaru
8-Jason Plourde

2015/7/28 20:36:15 (35 reads)

The 10th anniversary of CDN CNCRT at Kirkstone park in BC, Canada took place recently. It rained on and off throughout the day, but held off long enough to make it happen! Here are the results:

2 ADAM PIATEK (Macneil, 3ride bmx)
3 NATHAN HINES (Macneil)


BEST TRICK: SAM LOWE - downside ice on the wall (Macneil)

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