2014/4/18 17:10:00 (171 reads)
The Wild Night Contest went down in Lille (FR) on Friday night. This invitation only contest always has a nice line up of some of Europe's top riders. With Alex Coleborn, Jack Clark, Daniel T√ľnte, Tom Justice and JB Peytavit this year wasn't any different. A roster of 12 riders and a knockout contest style for the top 8 after qualifiers kept the French crowd entertained 'till well, after midnight.

The first big name to get knocked out in the quarter finals was 
2014/4/18 3:00:00 (275 reads)
The inaugural round of the UK 2014 vert series kicked off on March 29th at Blackpool's Ramp City Skatepark, who, in addition to having a functional vert ramp, were kind enough to let us BMXers loose on their amazing wooden full pipe for a one off free for all jam session. The inaugural round of the UK 2014 vert series kicked off on March 29th at Blackpool's .... Skatepark, who, in addition to having a functional vert ramp, were kind enough to let us BMXers loose on their amazing wooden full pipe for a one off free for all jam session. Spring was definitely in the air, and many familiar faces from the 2013 series made the pilgrimage up North, some enticed by a day at the pleasure beach, or a bit of sociology research on a typical Saturday night chock full of hen and stag dos around Blackpool Tower. I opted for the latter and soon took refuge in a homely real ale pub, disturbed only by one minor brawl outside that spilled out from the karaoke bar opposite. At 8pm. Special. The vert series is following last year's format of vert squirts (under 13s), Amateur, and old men, sorry, Pro class.
2014/4/18 0:20:00 (752 reads)
Stands filled up quickly for the second Red Bull Dirt Conquers event in Park Metropolitano. After a stunning qualifying round twelve riders made it to the finals. Some of the favourites coming into the contest did not make it to the last round, including AJ Anaya and Leandro Moreira who were on the podium in Guadalajara last year. Dirt Conquers is a different event because the terrain is like no other. "It rides like bumpy concrete, and I like it when the transition isn't perfect." said best line winner Bas Keep. "I rode the capsule last year and I
2014/4/14 16:20:00 (384 reads)
We've landed in Mexico for the Red Bull Dirt Conquers, a unique BMX event which takes place for the second time in Guadalajara, Mexico. Last year's course has been fixed up again and new obstacles were added. The dirt was mixed with lots of concrete to keep all transitions the way they should be in the 30 degree-plus Mexican heat. The riders got to ride the set-up and here are some first impressions: First timer Daniel Dhers describes the Dirt Conquers park: "It's insane man, it reminds me of Red Bull Skylines but under the craziest sun of your life. I'm not really used to riding dirt so I feel like I had a jackhammer in my arms the whole time. It's cool, it's just gnarly." said the rider from Venezuela. He continued: "We have another practice session and I'll have to start to throw some tricks in. But if you fall here, you're done. It's gnarly man."

Dennis Enarson has been riding well in practice and is looking forward to the Red Bull Dirt Conquers event. "I love it man. If I only had one park to ride, this would be it. It's so much fun. The
2014/4/8 3:40:00 (752 reads)

The story of the day was the weather. Last year we had snow at the opening jam of the Outdoor season. This year people showed up in shorts and a T-shirt and multiple BBQ-s were kicked off in the field next to the Sugar Hills Trails which had been fixed up the day before the Mini FATJAM and rode better than ever before. After a bit of an online promotion campaign more people showed up than ever before to hang out at De Valkendijk in Aarle-Rixtel for an afternoon of Bikes, Beers, and Bitches. It almost felt like the summer edition with music blasting out of the speaker, and people riding all day until they were so dirty they needed a long bath to get the Ale Blie dirt off their skin. Once again the AES showed up with their mobile medical center to make sure everyone was okay. A few cuts and bruises, a concussion and a broken tooth were some of the injuries. Nothing the professional medics couldn't handle.

The 040BMX trick team showed up and killed "The Killer". I saw a 360 double whip on the big jump by Rene van IJzendoorn but missed Joel's flip even though it was his second time riding dirt. 

2014/4/7 23:30:00 (210 reads)
1. Jonathan Camacho Ecudor 89,75 85,75 69,00 87,75
2. Kevin Aaron Peraza Tuxon 86,00 72,00 85,50 85,75
3. Andres Felipe Pardo Colombia 85,00 85,75 84,00 85,38
4. Santiago Munoz Colombia 84,75 83,25 81,75 84,00
5. Rob Darden 84,50 81,75 76,00 83,13
6. Derek Kenny Bakersfield 79,25 66,50 78,75 79,00
7. Kenneth Tencio Costa Rica 66,00 83,00 72,25 77,63
2014/4/7 21:00:00 (186 reads)
1. David Peraza  87,00 85,00 87,00 winner TIE Breaker
2. Kevin Peraza Tuxon 87,00 78,25 87,00
3. Kenneth Tencio Costa Rica 61,25 84,50 84,50
4. AJ Anaya 81,50 84,25 84,25
5. Andres Felipe Pardo Colombia 83,50 82,00 83,50 winner TIE Breaker
6. Rob Darden USA 83,50 73,00 83,50
7. Luis Medina 79,75 82,00 82,00
8. Mikael Stevan Colombia 79,00 79,25 79,25
9. Santiago Munoz Colombia 78,50 76,75 78,50
10. Potro 75,25 77,50 77,50
11. Alan Ahada 75,25 76,00 76,00
2014/4/7 19:20:00 (178 reads)
1. Pete Brandt San Francisco 91,33
2. Jean William Prevost 88,67
3. Abraham Garcia Garcia Tepic 84,67
4. Fernando Herrera Bocanegra Leon 82,67
5. Diego Ivan Tejada 80,00
6. Khale D Huerta Mexico 76,00
7. Jesse Puente 76,00
2014/4/6 15:10:00 (201 reads)

Pro qualifier flatland results. These eight riders are the finalists:
1 Pete Brandt
2 Dub
3 Fernando Herrera
4 Jesse FF Puente
5 Khale D'Huerta
6 Diego Ivan Tejada
7 Ramiro Sandoval
8 Abraham Garcia

Pro qualifier dirt results. These top 12 riders will ride the finals on Sunday:
1. Jonathan Camacho
2. Adres Felipe Pardo
3. Santiago Munoz
4. Kevin Peraza

2014/4/3 0:20:00 (374 reads)
After hearing so much about this well known event in Las Vegas, I finally got the opportunity to attend Extreme Thing on March 29. Not only was it an action sports event where I received the adrenaline that was in the air, but it was an event that had a wide variety of food, music and great art. Definitely in a new environment that I was not exposed to before, I felt the intense ambiance of the event as I walked throughout all of Desert Breeze Park and got to see everything it offered. Amazing and unique eye-opening art was exposed throughout the
2014/4/2 15:00:00 (408 reads)
For the first time in many years we did not have a FATJAM afterparty at OJA. The place is being renovated after we shut it down with a final party at the 25th edition of the FATJAM last summer. All this time they're fixing the place up so expect us to be back in August. A BMX event in Aarle-Rixtel without an afterparty is not right. The initial plan was to "just show up" at a local bar and make that place happening. But then Coach found out that in another bar (next to Snackbar 't-Dorpke) had a live band on Saturday night 29 March. Coverband "Third Half" was booked by Deja Vu so that was going to be the place to meet.

After a quick shower for most, the Deja Vu bar filled up quickly. The € 5,= cover charge included a free drink which was fair. It felt like I was in a foreign city, or even country as it had been many years since I had stepped inside "Pappillon" as it was called back then. Maybe it was at the finals of the 1988 European Football championships when it was madness outside rocking the cars that drove by. Especially that German one. I had parked the van
2014/4/2 13:30:00 (224 reads)
3rd annual Kitchen skatepark pro contest results:

1. Mike Varga
2. Alex Landeros
3. Daniel Sandoval
4. Glenn Salyers
5. Brandon Dosch
6. Ben Eylander
7. Trent Newkirk
8. Nick Bruce
9. Brian Fox
10. David Lieb
2014/3/27 13:00:00 (1977 reads)
22 April 1990 is when we had the first jam at the Sugar Hills in Aarle-Rixtel. 23 years later the same spot is still going strong. Tosti, Tom, Jaimy, Steven and the Ale Blie crew had worked their asses off in the cold to get the place running again for the "season opener". The 2013 Mini FATJAM goes down in history as the coldest edition ever. We had snow the day before, and even during the jam a bit of snow came down. That didn't stop people from showing up. Riders were seen riding in T-shirts while the visitors were freezing their asses off on the sidelines.
2014/3/27 6:20:00 (785 reads)
The first #Braaab BMX contest is in the pocket. Daniel Wedemeijer thought it was time to give back to BMX and teamed up with the 040BMX crew to do a contest at their park. After months of preparation the weekend was there. The Ams rode on Saturday and the big boys got it done on Sunday. Pro class saw riders come in from Portugal, Greece, the USA, England, Germany, Belgium and of course Holland. The crowd had lined up on the balcony and especially the Belgian fans had a loud section. On the microphone were Ryan Meyer and Joeri dun
2014/3/26 16:20:00 (193 reads)
Contested on possibly the biggest and most dangerous BMX dirt jumps in the world, Dew Tour Champion Cam White has created a truly spectacular action sports event on his outback Australian property. Stepping away from the typical BMX Dirt contest scene (which usually consists of a run of small jumps in a carpark or stadium) the Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam is a private contest for riders and friends, designed to progress the sport and show fans where BMX dirt came from, and where it is headed.
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