2016/11/24 23:40:00 (332 reads)

Sometimes the events where you have the least expectations turn out to be the best. Pier 15 skatepark opened up for a night of BMX. The best day of the week was picked to allow BMX at the skatepark for five hours: Monday. Some Fontys students were involved to get the jam going but Paul and I had no clue on what to expect. On arrival we were gladly surprised by the number of riders present. Pier 15 is a real street-ish park and we counted around 50 riders around 7pm. The Paul's Boutique banners were put up in a few minutes and the prizes were handed over to the students to display on a table. The park was open and the so was the bar. The session was on with riders like Niels Mertens, Benoit VDG, Joeri Veul, Frank Nabuurs, Sem Kok, Jesper Vervoort who were later joined by Milan and Janos Baars, Steijn Leijzer, Sybren Planting, and Daan van Wezel. Daan did find something big in Breda by double pegging the rail of the balcony out of a tiny quarter pipe. It took a few tries, but he got it done.

Jesper, Pim Scheers and Koen Pastor got on the microphone to

2016/11/21 19:20:00 (130 reads)

Pro podium Battle of the Rockies 2016. Colorado Springs:
1. Moto Sasaki
2. Jean-William Prevost
3. Will Redd

Best Trick: Jean-William Prevost (see video inside)

2016/11/18 18:50:00 (228 reads)

Scotty Cranmer (and many others) enjoy riding BMX race bikes. Intended for use on a variety of challenging surfaces, both on-road and off-road, this equipment does not always withstand accidents well. Scotty Cranmer recently posted a video online discussing his recovery from life- threatening injuries he sustained while riding.

His account reveals both the unbridled enthusiasm of dedicated

2016/11/14 14:40:00 (108 reads)

Flatland results Comin' Lyon 2016. 80 riders total. 30 Pros entered in France.
1st Matthias Dandoins
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Joris Bretagnolles

2016/11/13 3:10:00 (318 reads)

In exactly one more week we start our journey to the city of Antofagasta, Chile. ¿The reason? … that's the real question. Ahead are 7 days of travel, 5 riders and 1 department. Posibly like in all TRAVELS, the answer of that question is the search of that incredibly sensation called freedom, where we are pleased to feel habitant of the earth, love to feel small before the planet and above all, save the best of every moment in our minds.

DAY 1.

2016/11/10 13:30:00 (180 reads)

Anyone who is familiar with the world of action sports has heard the name Jed Mildon. He has been known as one of the most successful BMX riders in the world since his viral success in 2011. However, many don’t know his incredible story. Mildon started from very humble beginnings working as a welder and riding his bike when he could. He saw the potential that he had when it came to his riding and decided to put all of his eggs into this basket. In 2011, Mildon's life really changed. You can read on Nitro Circus that Mildon has changed the world of action sports for everyone involved. Deciding that he wanted to break a world record, Mildon enlisted the help of a local McDonald's restaurant. Mildon convinced McDonald's to pay for the application that was needed to apply for a Guinness World Records. McDonald's agreed to help with this feat, and Mildon went on to be the first BMX rider to ever successfully complete a triple backflip. This was life changing for Mildon as his video of this record breaking event went viral. It wasn't long before the biggest names in the industry were contacting Mildon. Welding quickly

2016/11/9 7:20:00 (385 reads)

It could not have been a closer call between Daniel Dhers (VEN) and Logan Martin (AUS) at the very final UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup of the 2016 season. Both riders were in the hunt for the title and didn't disappoint in either of their runs making life difficult for the judges to pick a winner. Logan Martin's list of tricks that he brought to Chengdu won it over Daniel Dhers' two solid runs full of tricks. But just by the minimal margin. It did however decide who would become the 2016 overall World Cup champion making this stop in Chengdu a thriller of the second degree.

Logan Martin did an amazing decade to barspin over the volcano followed up by a flair downside whip on the quarter followed by many whip flip and flair variations. Dhers countered with his signature no-footed cancan tailwhip, cancan one handed corked 720's, 360 double tailwhip transfer from spine to the landing of the jump box and many of the tricks we're used from the experienced pro from Venezuela. In the end the judges decided on the win in

2016/11/7 16:20:00 (373 reads)

In China the first ever UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup for girls came to an end. 'Team USA' brought back home the Gold, Silver and Bronze in 2016. Will 2017 be any different?

2016 UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup final overall standings:
1 ROBERTS Hannah USA 40000
2 CORY Coffey USA 33400
3 DUCARROZ Nikita USA 15200
4 LESSMANN Lara Germany 10000
5 POSADSKIKH Elizaveta Russia 9000
- BUITRAGO Nina USA 9000
7 SILVA CRUZ Shanice Netherlands 8200
- STEFFE Valeri Netherlands 8200
- MARINO Angie USA 8200
- PENG JIA Zeng China 8200
11 JOUGNEAU Maeva France 7700
- MULLIGAN Stacey USA 7700
- BRUCE Kara Canada 7700

2016/11/5 14:00:00 (163 reads)

1 MARTIN Logan Australia 43400
2 DHERS Daniel Venezuela 42200
3 BRUCE Nick USA 29600
4 WALKER Colton USA 29300
5 CLARK Jack GBR 28600
6 COLEBORN Alex GBR 28000
7 BROOKS Declan GBR 26400
8 LOUPOS Brandon AUS 24400
9 VARGA Mike Canada 24300
- PERRY Josh USA 22400
11 TENCIO Kenneth Costa Rica 22100
12 LEIVA Jake USA 17000
13 PERAZA Kevin USA 16300
14 MALOTT Jeremy USA 15400
15 SANDOVAL Daniel USA 13000
16 RIZAEV Irek Russia 12400
17 KONSTANTIN Andreev Russia 10890

2016/11/1 10:30:00 (164 reads)

Results UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Chengdu, China.
1. Logan Martin (AUS)
2. Daniel Dhers (VEN)
3. Colton Walker (USA)
4. Jeremy Malott (USA)
5. Alex Coleborn (GBR)
6. Jack Clark (GBR)
7. Brandon Loupos (AUS)
8. Nick Bruce (USA)
9. Declan Brooks (GBR)
10. Josh Perry (USA)
11. Mike Varga (CAN)
12. Kenneth Tencio (CRI)

UCI BMX Freestyle Park 2016 Overall World Cup podium:
1. Logan Martin (AUS)
2. Daniel Dhers (VEN)

2016/11/1 9:00:00 (178 reads)

Fifteen year old Hannah Roberts (USA) had the best cards in her hands to become the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup champion. After putting a solid run together with tricks like tailwhips, no-handers and backflips over the box, and barspins all over the course, she went for a flair on the quarterpipe and went down hard. The trooper that she is, she got up and put together a second run to not only grab the World Cup win in Chengdu, but also the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park Girls title. Pioneer Cory Coffey (USA) had many lines and a wallride to show in China to grab seond place and second overall for the year. Zeng Peng Jia finished third at the final World Cup of the year in front of a massive crowd.

Results UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Girls. Chengdu, China.
1 Hannah ROBERTS 85.00 pts
2 Coffey CORY 72.33 pts
3 Zeng PENG JIA 60.00 pts
4 Huang LI YA 59.67 pts
5 Tang TANGYUXIN 50.67 pts

2016/10/31 6:40:00 (142 reads)

The BMX Park Amateur finals were ruled by a young Japanese rider who goes by the name of Rimu Nakamura. After checking the Junior class Rimu decided to enter the Amateur class and qualified in first place. During finals the rider from Japan showed tricks that wouldn't look bad in the pro class including tailwhips to barspins over the jump box and a killer no-hander to barspin over the tricky volcano. To finish off his second run he climbed on top of the VIP wall to bomb drop into the quarterpipe far below. First place was his. Australian Alec Danelutti flair whipped to second and Pietras Bartek (CHI) got third.

Results BMX Park Amateur. Chengdu, China.
1 Rimu NAKAMURA 90.33 pts
2 Alec DANELUTTI 87.67 pts
3 Pietras BARTEK 80.33 pts
4 Teja ARDIKA WINATA 75.67 pts
5 Avrillian SAMUEL 74.00 pts

2016/10/31 4:20:00 (88 reads)

Coleborn tricks himself to the top of the list during qualification. World Cup rivals Martin and Dhers qualify in 2nd and 3rd in today's semi final. After the Juniors and Amateur BMX riders were finished on the Park course, the Pro riders who made it to the 24-deep semi final field got on the course in Chengdu to battle for a top 12 spot that would shoot them into the final of the last stop of the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup. Alex Coleborn (GBR) was on top form and delivered with big moves and tech tricks in both his runs. The number of risky tricks he puts into his runs is amazing and the Brit stayed on both times making him the top qualifier in Chengdu. All focus though was on Daniel Dhers (VEN) and Logan Martin (AUS). The two are so close in the overall standings that whoever finishes in front of the other will win the 2016 overall World Cup title. Making mistakes is not an option for the both of them and by finishing second (Logan) and third (Daniel) it shows that the two are in great shape and ready for Sunday's final event.

Australian Brandon Loupos used his 540-flair and cashroll to secure

2016/10/29 20:50:00 (87 reads)

The BMX Park community made the trek to Chengdu-China for the last stop of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup. With the year-end titles up for grabs this weekend and the title hunt for the Men being as close as possible, the weekend will go down in history no matter which way you take it. Because of his top-5 finish in Edmonton, Canada, Logan Martin was automatically pre-qualified for the semi-finals. His rival Daniel Dhers however had to ride the open qualifier to make it to Saturday's semi-final. Dhers showed he's a real pro by professionally taking one of the 19 transfer spots to keep the excitement alive, at least for an extra day. Whoever finishes in front of the other will win the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup title. It's either going to be Daniel Dhers (VEN) or Australian Logan Martin, that's for sure.

Hannah Roberts (USA) is on a different level in the Women class. In qualification she showed why she's the leader of the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup by doing flairs, barspins over the jump box,

2016/10/26 19:20:00 (761 reads)

The BOK series has a long history. Once a year the Dutch BMX scene makes it over to Deventer to hang out together and take over Burnside skatepark (not to be confused with Burnside in Oregon). The turnout this year was impressive. Riders from all corners arived during the day for the Am and Pro comp followed by some fun Best trick events. The idea was easy. Bikes, Beers, Music and getting nuts. You just had to be there to catch the vibe. It was BMX Freestyle in the purest form.

Riders pulled tricks for the first time, riders pulled tricks that they really wanted to do, riders just rode and made the best of it. The park had a few rails, flat banks, ledges, quarters and a temporary jump box with a ceiling that wasn't high enough for Tom van den Bogaard as he hit his helmet on one of the beams mid-air. But the party continued and once the Pro finals started the riders also turned it up a notch.

DJ Desmond Tessemaker got back on the bike for a moment to do the biggest flair transfer to death. It got him the

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