2015/11/23 13:00:00 (143 reads)

1-Martti Kuoppa
2-Michelle Maiolini
3-Keelan Phillips
4-Gonzalo Bellanti
5-Alex Jumelin
6-Matti Hemmings
7-Navid Saleki
8-Steve Green

2015/11/19 11:20:00 (207 reads)

With his recent ‘Kaleidoscope’ project, Scottish BMX star Kriss Kyle created a buzz on the internet and it has had a jaw dropping response. Now, an extensive half-hour documentary shows the tough work that went in behind the scenes to create such an outstanding movie. The exclusive film documents the rise of Kriss Kyle and the story of how his unique vision was brought to life in ‘Kaleidoscope’.

In the world of BMX, Kriss Kyle is a game changer. His ability to

2015/11/18 23:40:00 (173 reads)

The Final Monster Army Recon Tour PRO event presented by Mongoose Bikes took place this past weekend at THE UNIT in Greenville, NC. twenty five of the best BMX athletes from around the world along with six AM Finalists from prior Recon Tour events all came together at one of the best BMX Parks ever built. Nick Bruce from Hubbard, OH took a well-deserved victory earning himself $5,000 and all of the bragging rights. Monster Energy athlete Scotty Cranmer from Jackson, NJ came in second place and close behind was the young 

2015/11/18 19:20:00 (349 reads)

Professional and amateur athletes from all bike disciplines battled each other at full speed this afternoon during the inaugural Red Bull Barrel Pump. A crowd of approximately 500 people watched as participants raced on a double clover leaf dirt course featuring whoops, berms, jumps and more which tested each racer’s speed and endurance abilities. Over 100 athletes vied during timed trials to make the cut to a coveted slot in the 64-person race bracket.

2015/11/17 4:20:00 (153 reads)

More than 30 pros made it to Lyon for the annual Com'in flatland contest last weekend. Matthias Dandois won the contest but this comp wasn't about the result. Matthias wants to dedicate this win to Mathias Dymarski, a friend and talented BMX rider who was at the wrong place at the wrong time Friday night. May he ride in Peace.

Com'in Lyon Pro flatland results:
1 Matthias Dandois
2 Alex Jumelin
3 Quentin Pelorson
4 Mates Tucek
5 Alberto Moya

2015/11/16 9:30:00 (210 reads)

The results are in from the Recon Tour Finals held at the Unit in Greenville, NC.
Pro Results:
1 Nick Bruce
2 Scotty Cranmer
3 Colton Walker
4 Daniel Dhers
5 Brandon Loupos

2015/11/14 17:30:00 (143 reads)

Results Pro Flatland contest Paine, Chile:
1 Benjamin Hudson
2 Owen Bohn
3 Jorge Gallardo
4 Takuji Kasahara
5 Max Aburto
6 Antonio Pagani
7 Salvator Castro
8 Marcelo Madariaga

2015/11/13 5:40:00 (478 reads)

This year marked the 10th Anniversary of the epic Austin music and action sports event Fun Fun Fun Fest, and even though it was a little damp and soggy weather wise, it was yet another big, awesome party. The Volcom Super Collider ramp, built by none other than master shred craftsman Ryan Corrigan and his 14 crew members, was back for its second year and it was on point to the highest degree. It repelled the intermittent rain like water off a duck's ass. So rad. The Volcom skate team was on hand and they were throwing some serious magic on that set up. The BMX demo team was an all-star cast that included: Austin native and X-Games gold medalist Chase Hawk, Tree Bikes, Empire BMX, and Fox Racing sponsored Nina Buitrago, Fit Bikes master blaster Tom Dugan, Credence Bikes

2015/11/9 7:20:00 (232 reads)

Results: Battle In The Rockies 2015.

Novice Class
1. Michael Shao
2. Justin Oh
3. Dustin Blair
4. Leland Lavender
5. Kim Klisiak
6. Lillian Blair

2015/11/5 6:40:00 (183 reads)

Vital Game of BIKE results Woodward, West, California.
1st  - Jake Leiva
2nd - Ben Wallace
3rd - Pat Casey
4th - Colton Walker

5th - Nick Bruce
5th - Dennis Enarson
5th - Larry Edgar

2015/11/4 23:50:00 (294 reads)

16 years old Paul Thoelen from Viersen, Germany and his Dutch colleague Daniel Wedemeijer usually can be found riding skateparks with perfectly smooth transitions and flat bottoms, but that luxury wasn't around for the 'Riverbed Trails' project. However, riding a dried up wild water kayak course was a once in a lifetime opportunity for both of them. The concrete surface was unbelievably rough and looked more like a lunar landscape, but it challenged both of them to see what was possible on this unusual terrain. Paul Thoelen and Daniel Wedemeijer used the various steep concrete banks for their tricks in an area that is usually owned by fish and canoes.

The idea of 'Riverbed Trails' came from Paul Thoelen himself. When he came across a photo of a drained wild water kayak course last year, he started dreaming. The artificially constructed drainage showcased an interesting BMX playground because of the many differently shaped concrete transitions that normally develop necessary streams for canoes. After some research Paul ran into 

2015/10/30 8:30:00 (221 reads)

2015 BMX FLATLAND World Circuit Year-end Standings
1 Viki Gomez 3000
2 Matthias Dandois 2878
3 Yohei Uchino 2674
4 Moto Sasaki 2669
5 Jean William Prévost 2602
6 Dez Marsaan 2465
7 Takahiro Ikeda 2443
8 Alex Jumelin 2438

2015/10/26 15:30:00 (175 reads)

BMX PRO Park final results, VU, France:
1. Pierre Tortereau
2. Jack Clark
3. Fred Lajoinie
4. Tom Isted
5. Cam Peake
6. Maxime Degardin
7. Istvan Caillet
8. Jimmy van Belle
9. Arnaud Merigean

2015/10/24 16:20:00 (250 reads)

Flatark Japan qualifying results. Top 12 make it to the finals.
1. Matthias Dandois
2. Jean William Prevost
3. Viki Gomez
4. Moto Sasaki
5. Jason Plourde
6. Martti Kuoppa
7. Takahiro Ikeda
8. Ucchie
9. Alex Jumelin
10. Hiroya Morisaki
11. Dez Maarsen
12. Naoto Tamaru

13. Benjamin Hudson
14. Waldemar Fatkin
15. Alberto Moya

2015/10/22 22:20:00 (384 reads)

The FISE World Series is not only open for Pro riders to enter.  In Chengdu a girls class, Junior class and Amateur class were on the schedule. Because of the unsuspected rain on Saturday, the girls and amateur classes rode a straight final on Sunday. Winners were a Japanese lady in the girls class and Zhang Zhiyong in Amateur. The high air contest at 12:30hr brought 7 riders on the course. The 10 foot high quarterpipe is a beast itself and seeing people crank towards the ramp at full speed to launch themselves into the air is always a good thing.

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