2016/6/25 21:20:00 (81 reads)

A total of 27 riders entered the Pro Park contest at the FISE Experience in Reims, France today. 12 of them made it to tomorrow's finals which will be broadcasted live and you can see it on FATBMX.com right here so don't forget to tune in. It's an international final with riders from 7 different nations. Joel Bondu qualified in first. It showed he'd been riding with different riders at different terrain lately. Gil Torres was ripping and ended up in second before the 040BMXPARK duo of Tom van den Bogaard and Kenneth Tancré who tied for spot number three. An entire sports hall is filled with FISE ramps. Make sure to watch online on Sunday afternoon.

Qualifying results Pro Park Fise Experience, Reims, France.
1. Joel Bondu (CAN)
2. Gil Torres (ARG)
3. Tom van den Bogaard (NED)
3. Kenneth Tancré (BEL)
5. Cam Peake (ENG)
6. Anthony JeanJean (FRA)

2016/6/17 16:20:00 (397 reads)

At the Chill & Grill BMX Jam we try to combine everything we love about our BMX lifestyle; hanging out with friends, riding our bmx bikes, enjoying some good tunes, relaxing, having some drinks, firing up the BBQ, having fun, laughing and talking shit together. And why not combine this all with the best possible location for a skatepark; in the middle of a huge recreation area, where you can swim, practice your water bombs from the diving board, play some soccer or watch some hot air balloons.

2016/6/7 14:40:00 (311 reads)

The BMX Spine Ramp contest in the city centre of Eindhoven proved once again that you can bring BMX to the people. The 040BMXPARK ramp appeared to be a great asset to a successful BMX event that attracted riders from all over the place and an audience that stopped on their shopping spree to watch some high level BMX riding. The day started early with the Wildcard class. 5 spots were up for grabs to ride the main event that started later on in the day. Pim Scheers (NED) blasted to first followed by Levi Weidman (NED) and Sem Kok 

2016/6/7 6:10:00 (198 reads)

On the final day of X Games Austin 2016 Monster Energy athletes smoked the competition sweeping the medals on the BMX Dirt track. All said and done Kevin Peraza took his first X Games medal with the gold, Ben Wallace snagged his second silver in the discipline and James Foster rode away with the bronze. After a full week of crazy thunderstorms, flash floods and the threat of lightening, the sun came out in full force for the Intel BMX Dirt event at the Circuit of the Americas COTA venue in Austin, Texas. Though some slight winds did pass through keeping it interesting for the competitors.

From the beginning it was the young Peraza’s contest to lose. As the most consistent rider of the day, the Arizona native put down the strongest lines of his X Games career. With tricks like a huge 360 to late tail whip, it was Peraza’s fluid style that set him apart from the rest of the field. The victory was finalized however with an absolutely savage lawn dart front flip he blasted on the last and final jump of the course sending the crowd into a frenzy.

2016/6/6 18:00:00 (130 reads)

Final results 040 Invitational 2016:
1. Alex Coleborn (GBR)
2. Kostya Andreev (RUS)
3. Daniel Wedemeijer (NED)
4. Joel Bondu (CAN)
5. Tom Justice (GBR)
6. Paul Thoelen (GER)
7. Daniel Penafiel (ESP)
8. Cam Peake (GBR)

2016/6/6 0:40:00 (133 reads)

X-Games Dirt results. Austin, Texas.
1. Kevin Peraza
2. Ben Wallace
3. James Foster
4. Pat Casey
5. Mike 'Hucker' Clark
6. Chris Doyle
7. Kyle Baldock
8. Leandro Moreira
9. Ryan Nyquist
10. Cory Nastazio
11. Anthony Napolitan

2016/6/5 17:50:00 (166 reads)

X Games Park finals results.
1. Dennis Enarson
2. Logan Martin
3. Kyle Baldock
4. Drew Bezanson
5. Ryan Nyquist
6. Mike Varga
7. Kevin Peraza
8. Daniel Sandoval

2016/6/5 13:30:00 (201 reads)

Monster Energy congratulates Kyle Baldock on his bronze medal in BMX Park and Gold in the first-ever Dave Mirra Best Trick contest. Day 3 of X Games Austin 2016 saw Baldock take to the park course like a man possessed. And perhaps he was, considering he was one of the last guys to session with former Monster Energy Ambassador and BMX legend Dave Mirra who tragically passed in February. Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful moments of X Games Austin unfolded today as the Dave Mirra Best Trick Contest went

2016/6/5 11:00:00 (134 reads)

X Games Street finals results 2016
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Sean Ricany
3. Broc Raiford
4. Devon Smillie
5. Ty Morrow
6. Bruno Hoffmann
7. Chad Kerley
8. Alex Donnachie

2016/6/5 3:30:00 (259 reads)

When the smoke settled it was none other than the ageless Jamie Bestwick, who at the age of 44 earned his 14th total X Games gold and his record 13th in BMX Vert. With a flair for new tricks, Bestwick’s originality and amplitude ultimately earned him the win. Austin, which has been a bullseye for flash flooding the past week was able to dodge another bout of severe weather that has plagued south Texas recently allowing ideal conditions on the vert ramp for a field of BMX riders from around the world.

After a stretch of nine straight golds before being dethroned last year by Monster Energy teammate Vince Byron at the X Games Austin, Bestwick took to the ramp on his first run with the trademark intensity that has shown why he is arguably the best vert rider the sport has ever seen.

"Vince Byron was a great champion last year—he deserved it,” said Bestwick. "But, coming out as a champion I knew how hard his

2016/6/3 13:50:00 (178 reads)

Bring back Dirt! After quite a few years of EX&HOP Street, Park or Miniramp Contests it was finally time to throw down a Dirt Competition. And what better location than one of Bavaria's biggest music & youth culture festival, the Modular Festival in Augsburg! Organized by the Stadtjugendring Augsburg and supported by the city, it was the first time that dirt jumps were included into the 3 day event filled with tons of concerts by Annamey Kantereit, Neonschwarz and international DJ sets, all combined with live artist performances.

2016/5/30 11:00:00 (150 reads)

Results BMX PRO park. Canet, France.
1 Victor MUNOZ 27 ans Santiago 89.33 pts
2 Bondu JOEL 20 ans Deux-Montagnes 88.66 pts
3 Torres FRANCISCO 21 ans Cordoba 84.33 pts
4 Istvan CAILLET 23 ans St Foy de Peyrolieres 82.66 pts
5 Anthony JEANJEAN 18 ans Bassan 80.00 pts
6 Thibaut PANAVILLE 20 ans Chassieu 79.66 pts
7 Cyril LAPOIRIE 24 ans marseille 78.00 pts
8 Robbie TAYLOR 25 ans Leicester 75.66 pts

2016/5/30 5:40:00 (113 reads)

Final Results Amatuer Park. Fise Experience, Canet-en-Roussillon, France
1 Valentin ANTONUCCIO 15 ans capestang 89.66 pts
2 Thomas CARROT 19 ans la salvetat sur agout 88.66 pts
3 Maxime FENWICK 18 ans Mauguio 87.33 pts
4 Julian MIRANDA 19 ans sauvian 84.00 pts
5 Edouard CARROT 15 ans La salvetat sur Agout 81.33 pts
6 Jeremy GONZALES 20 ans Chateauneuf les Martigues 77.00 pts
7 Steven LIBAN 26 ans LYON 75.66 pts
8 Leo BRACHET 19 ans irigny 75.33 pts
9 Alex MONFORT 17 ans Cassaber 75.00 pts
10 Rouveure ANDY 71.33 pts

2016/5/29 4:10:00 (181 reads)

BMX - PARK results Pro: Qualification Canet, France.
1 Victor MUNOZ 27 ans Santiago 89.33 pts Q
2 Bondu JOEL 20 ans Deux-Montagnes 88.66 pts Q
3 Torres FRANCISCO 21 ans Cordoba 84.33 pts Q
4 Istvan CAILLET 23 ans St Foy de Peyrolieres 82.66 pts Q
5 Anthony JEANJEAN 18 ans Bassan 80.00 pts Q
6 Thibaut PANAVILLE 20 ans Chassieu 79.66 pts Q
7 Cyril LAPOIRIE 24 ans marseille 78.00 pts Q
8 Robbie TAYLOR 25 ans Leicester 75.66 pts Q
9 Quentin BOURDOISEAU 23 ans Saint Jean de Vedas 72.33 pts Q

10 Maxime ORSINI 19 ans Marseille 71.00 pts
11 Christophe GRAUX 22 ans Grézieu la Varenne 70.00 pts
12 Vincent MASSARDIER 31 ans Serignan 69.00 pts

*top 9 to the finals.

2016/5/28 16:20:00 (195 reads)

BMX - PARK results Amateur : Qualification. FISE Experience Canet-en-Roussillon, France
1 Valentin ANTONUCCIO 15 years old capestang 82.66 pts Q
2 Maxime FENWICK 18 years old Mauguio 77.00 pts Q
3 Thomas CARROT 19 ans la salvetat sur agout 75.33 pts Q
4 Aldo SEPULVEDA 20 years old Santiago 73.33 pts Q
5 Alex MONFORT 17 years old Cassaber 73.00 pts Q
6 Jeremy GONZALES 20 Chateauneuf les Martigues 69.66 pts Q
7 Leo BRACHET 19 years old irigny 69.50 pts Q
8 Julian MIRANDA 19 years old sauvian 69.33 pts Q
9 Steven LIBAN 26 years old LYON 68.00 pts Q
10 Edouard CARROT 15 years La salvetat sur Agout 67.33 pts Q
11 Yann MALAK 18 ans Etoile-sur-rhone 66.33 pts Q
12 Rouveure ANDY 66.33 pts Q

13 Damien MAZET 19 ans Lioujas 65.33 pts
14 Mathieu ROZIERES 22 ans Lioujas 64.66 pts

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