2016/8/29 19:20:00 (151 reads)

On Sunday evening the Pro Park finals took place in The Hague. The level gets raised with each comp it looks like. We saw Michael Beran pull a bikeflip to barspin over the box as well for the best trick win during the Pro Freestyle event. Here are the final results below.

Pro Park results Pro Freestyle, The Hague, Netherlands

1 Marin Rantes 90,50 Croatia
2 Daniel Sandoval 89,83 United States
3 Jack Clark 89,17 United Kingdom
4 Daniel Wedemeijer 89,00 Netherlands
5 Tom van den Bogaard 87,33 Netherlands
6 Cam Peake 86,83 United Kingdom
7 Kenneth Tancre 85,50 Belgium
8 Michael Beran 85,17 Czech Republic
9 Paul Thoelen 84,83 Germany
10 Tobias Freigang 83,00 Germany
11 Shaun Gornall 80,00 United Kingdom

2016/8/29 15:30:00 (117 reads)

After a exciting qualifying round on Saturday it was time for the Pro Freestyle finals in the amateur ranks on Sunday in The Hague. The windy conditions didn't make it easier but it didn't look like it affected the youngsters much. Getting to do contests at this level in the middle of the city on a good course is something eveyone should experience. Making finals made it special for all 12 riders. In the end it was 13 years old Jari Roggeveen (Katwijk aan Zee) who flipped, 360-d and flaired to the top of the podium and took home prizes from the sponsors.

2016/8/27 20:50:00 (179 reads)

Pro Freestyle BMX Park in The Hague finsihed off on Saturday with Pro Park qualifying. The field was of a high level and we only see top 12 back in tomorrow's finals. Sem Kok just missed out after riding incredibly well with a hurt ankle but it's these twelve dudes that will ride again at Plein in The Hague tomorrow evening. Be there.

Pro Park qualification results:
1. Michael Beran
2. Daniel Sandoval
3. Jack Clark
4. Tom van den Bogaard
5. Marin Rantes
6. Daniel Wedemeijer
7. Cam Peake
8. Kenneth Tancre
9. Tobias Freigang
10. Paul Thoelen

2016/8/27 18:00:00 (131 reads)

After a happening qualifying round at Pro Freestyle, the finals were held straight away. Ruler of the day was Courage Adams (ESP) with Anthony Perrin (FRA) coming in second. Anthony also picks up the Pro Freestyle 2016 Street Pro overall title. 3rd went to Leon Hoppe who was killing it in the finals.
Pro Freestyle Pro Street results Den Haag:
1. Courage Adams
2. Anthony Perrin
3. Leon Hoppe
4. Nico van Loon
5. Joeri Veul
6. Jack Nieraeth
7. Rutger van Gent
8. Levi Weidman
9. Rodrigue Timelinni

Best Trick: Joeri Veul
Best Rookie: Rutger van Gent

2016/8/27 14:00:00 (97 reads)

BMX park AM qualifications took place this afternoon at the Pro Freestyle event in Den Haag, Netherlands. Jari Roggeveen qualified on top. Here is the top 12 that made it to finals!

Am qualifying results Pro Freestyle, Den Haag, Netherlands.
1. Jari Roggeveen
2. Albaz Al-Ayyaf
3. Steffen Buyle
4. Niels van Maren
5. Thibault van Roeyen
6. Arthur van Velden
7. Jio Steffens
8. Jean de Lannoy
9. Max van Reyten
10. Joce Vlaenta Arolas Foutes
11. Tobias van der Linden

2016/8/26 9:00:00 (281 reads)

It took a bit of time for the FATJAM report to make it on FATBMX. It took a bit of time to recover from the afterparty activities too I've got to admit. But slowly we're getting there. The 28th edition of the FATJAM goes down as another good one. Riders from all over the place showed up. Mark Vos cruised over from Zeeland, took his shirt off and started riding. Desmond Tessemaker and Nicky van der Veen brought their own half liters and did what they came to do. Mooon played a good set live on the field next to the trails. Soon we can turn the FATJAM

2016/8/15 19:20:00 (155 reads)

Pro Results Baltic Games 2016, Gdansk.
1. Colton Walker
2. Irek Rizaev
3. Marin Rantes
4. Jeremy Malott
5. Erik Figar
6. Tim Bringer
7. Cam Peake
8. Dawid Godziek
9. Jan Hanzlik

2016/8/15 8:40:00 (141 reads)

Beachlife at the 2016 Boardmasters event in England. The sun was out and the riding entertained the crowd. Here are the Pro results:
Boardmasters 2016:
1. Jack Clark
2. Mark Webb
3. Declan Brooks
4. Tom Justice
5. Alex Coleborn
6. Chris Nicol
7. Martyn Cooper
8. Josh Webber
9. Angus Gough
10. Matty Ballis
11. Ollie Palmer
12. Phil Aller

2016/8/15 4:20:00 (103 reads)

Pro flatland results Omarisquino contest Vigo, Spain:
1. Alex Jumelin
2. Viki Gomez
3. Miguel Tardio
4. Matthias Dandois

2016/8/13 18:20:00 (280 reads)

When you get the right people together it's hard to make something fail. The Eurocamp Club facility in Tossa de Mar is simply amazing and more and more people discover the place. With a campsite and private beach within walking distance of an amazing riding place that hosts two sessions per day, it was time to plan a session together. During the week most of the Dutch 040BMX crew made it to Spain to go hang out at the beach and ride the morning or evening sessions. It's holiday season and what place better than spending time in paradise. Saturday evening's session was turned into the first official unofficial FATJAM session abroad for all riders who were present. As mentioned, A LOT of 040BMX riders made it so it felt like a local jam, but then in Spain.

Eurocamp has a decent pump track, some smaller trails, a street section, foam and resi part as well as some bigger trails and a killer park. Not to mention the spine mini which was the only part we did not hit with the group as it was getting dark and we kicked off the BBQ's already. 

2016/8/10 9:20:00 (214 reads)

BMX rider Daniel Dhers built ramps out of salt at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, a high altitude desert known as the largest salt pans on the planet. Known as Dalí’s desert because of their aesthetic views, the Salar de Uyuni stand 3,600m above sea level. At this height, the atmospheric pressure decreases and results in a blood oxygen shortage. “I would make a line in the Salt Park and would stop for five minutes to catch my breath again,” explains Dhers, a five-time 

2016/8/10 5:50:00 (177 reads)

While it was still hot the girls got to work at finals of the second round of the UCI BMX Freestyle World in Osijek, Croatia. Tricks like backflips and crankflip barspins were pulled by the finalists which got the people watching the finals on their feet. The girls also progress at a fast rate and it was Germany's Lara Lessmann who grabbed the win in front of Cory Coffey (USA) and Valeri Steffe who was born in the hosting country Croatia but currently lives in The Netherlands.

Lara's runs included cancans and crankflips and even when the time was up, she pulled a crankflip-barspin just for the crowd. Mother of two Cory Coffey is loving it in Croatia and had the time of her life riding the girls class and scoring some UCI points at the same time before she attends the rest of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Tour in Denver, USA, Edmonton, Canada and Cheng-Du, China. She still has those flips wired in case you were wondering.

Third place went to Valeri Steffe who grinded the box ended her 

2016/8/3 20:27:32 (203 reads)

2016 Van Doren Invitational results, Huntington Beach, California:
1 Matt Cordova
2 Clint Reynolds
3 Dylan Lewis
4 Kris Fox
5 Daniel Sandoval
6 Gary Young
7 Corey Walsh

2016/7/26 10:20:00 (270 reads)

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Elite Pro riders with events happening all over the world. The ones who took the effort to come to the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup were welcomed by a large park set-up which had plenty of options for two solid runs in Osijek, Croatia. The 12 finalists of today also received three attempts for a Best Trick contest at the end of their performance.

In front of 4500 people the finals started off with leader of the UCI

2016/7/25 19:20:00 (271 reads)

Logan Martin sets mark on UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup by winning the semi-final in Osijek, Croatia. Round two of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup brought the BMX Freestyle elite to Osijek, Croatia. The Pannonian Challenge formed stop two of the Fise World Series. The Open Qualifier on Thursday brought the total field of 50 pro riders from all over the world back to a total of 24 for the semi final. With the five pre-qualified riders mixed in with the 19 semi finalists, the people in Osijek got themselves a good show.

Sneaked in the final
Senad Grosic was supposed to do the commentating of the live-feed for the Croatian people but since he qualified for the semi, fellow Croatian Marin Rantes had to take on the job for him. Flipwhips, seatstand manuals and frontwheel 540 spins saw Senad end up on spot 20, 8 spot short of a qualifying spot. After a decent night of Osijek clubbing, current World Cup leader Alex Coleborn (GBR) sneaked in the final by finishing on 12th place.

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