2016/4/24 11:30:00 (143 reads)

Pro results KOG Round 1, Nagoya, Japan.
1 Moto Sasaki
2 Bekko
3 Takahiro Ito
4 Takahiro Ikeda
5 Hotoke
6 Takuya Higa
7 Shinichi Kiba

2016/4/22 9:10:00 (121 reads)

Pro results 2016 edition of the 20InchTrophy
1. Daniel Tünte
2. Daniel Portoreal
3. Tobias Freigang
4. Moritz Nussbaumer
5. Bobo Ujvari
6. Alex Stinshoff
7. Tamas P. Nagy
8. Felix Stinshoff

2016/4/19 23:20:00 (348 reads)

Maybe not Flaming Hot, but the jam at the Flame Trails sure was a good little session with those who wanted to ride some dirt. The dirt spot in Brandevoort maybe isn't too impressive if you're used to massive downhill trails but it even got the street dawgs off the concrete park to give it a go, and they did well! Riding dirt is something everyone should try and the spot next to Sportpark Brandevoort is the perfect place to start. Rollers, tables, small doubles, big turns, roll-in, kids track, it's got everything one needs to give it a shot.

After some good sunshine, putting up some flags, an EZ-UP and some banners, we enjoyed a cup of coffee at the Sportpark cantine. At 1pm whoever had shown up got to ride the trails with no care in the world. Nothing on the schedule but doing laps, jumping jumps and pumping rollers. Again and again. For those who don't know, it's a damn good work-out. But no one on top forces you to do another run when you're not ready. BMX is cool like that, you make your own decisions.

2016/4/13 22:10:00 (189 reads)

Pro Flatland results Astrolabe 6, the third stop of the French Cup held in Normandy.
1. Matthias Dandois
2. Alex Jumelin
3. Quentin Pelorson
4. Dez Maarsen, NL
5. Joris Bretagnolles
6. Romain Dodelier
7. Jeremy Brosset
8. Fabien Stephan
9. Didier Genet, CH
10. Kevin Jacob
11. William Hervé
12. Gurvan Le Bloc'h
13. Yannick Chauvel
14. Maxime Luchetti
15. Arnaud Gravey
16. Romain Georges

2016/4/6 17:50:00 (232 reads)

The 6th edition of the Wild Night Contest took place in Lille’s skatepark, la Halle de Glisse, on Saturday 2nd of April. The contest started with a qualification run to select 8 riders that would take part in the 1/4 final. From there, riders battled two against two with a one minute run, followed by three try outs for their last trick. Here is the final ranking of the Wild Night Contest 2016:

- 1st : Brock Horneman

2016/4/6 13:20:00 (607 reads)

A stress free day of BMX is what everyone can use. It's what they got at the 2016 edition of the Mini FATJAM in Aarle-Rixtel. This time of the year it's a bit of 'wait and see' what kind of weather you get in early April but we got the hottest and best day of the year. Lucky? Maybe yes, but you get what you deserve is what some say. All goofiness aside, once again a whole bunch of BMX riders showed up at the Sugar Hills in Aarle-Rixtel. The message had come across that it was going to be a good day full of riding the dirt spot and going home with a prize or two donated by our sponsors. With the Ambulance Event Service around the riders had no need to hold back. The medical unit was set up nearby while DJ Charm was playing old school hip hop tunes for most of the afternoon from the Red Bull Sound car. And the riders? They just rode, and rode, and crashed, and got up, and rode and pulled off a new line, did a new trick and picked up another goodie during the 30 minute session in the -13 or 13+ class.

People who have been to one of these jams before know that it's a

2016/4/6 5:40:00 (261 reads)

FATBMX webmaster since day one Jos Wissink made the two-hour drive down from Oldenzaal and brought his camera along. It's always nice to have Jos around and we end up with a batch of extra pictures from the day to show you. So if you're looking to see if you made it on FATBMX, make sure to flip through the pictures. The focus is on the riding so if you're expecting to be in the photo report drinking a Bavaria, you're missing out. Thanks for the pics Jos. Come on in and enjoy.

2016/4/4 9:10:00 (196 reads)

Wild Night Contest 2016. Lille, France.
Comp results:
1. Brock Horneman
2. Jack Clark
3. Ola Selsjord
4. Kenneth Tancré
5. Declan Brooks
6. Cam Peake
7. Jimmy van Belle
8. Daniel Wedemeijer
9. Alexis Ignace
10. JB Peytavit
11. Philippe Cantenot

2016/3/23 16:00:00 (215 reads)

ZUPPERMARKET BMX FLAT RESULTS PRO CLASS. Gomez and Jumelin share the win in Trier, Germany.
1 Viki Gomez Luxembourg Luxembourg
1 Alex Jumelin Paris France
3 Gilles Van De Sompel Vilvoorde Belgien
4 David Hoffmann Lüneburg Germany
5 Dan Henning Zürich Switzerland
6 Rayk Hahne Hamburg Germany

2016/3/21 21:10:00 (236 reads)

So after 3 years away from the park scene Matt Whyatt made his come back at the Rampfest Open and arrived first, 2nd his nitro circus mate the local Andrew Ahumada and 3rd Taylor Ramsdale following by Jason Watts, Jake Wallwork and Brandon Loupos.

Pro results Open Rampfest
1 Matt Whyatt
2 Andrew Ahumada

2016/3/11 1:10:00 (229 reads)

Results of the "Final BOOST Session" BMX Contest in Germany:

1. Miguel Smajlji
2. Felix Prangenberg
3. Moritz Nußbaumer
4. Tyron Zimmermann

2016/3/7 14:00:00 (288 reads)

2016 X-Jam Results. Toronto, Canada.

Pro Park Finals Results:
1 - Drew Bezanson (Truro, Nova Scotia)
2 - Colton Walker (South Bend Indiana)
3 - Rob Armour (Cleveland, Ohio)
4 - Jamie Cooper-Ellis (Vermont)
5 - Gabe Truax (Dundas, Ontario)

2016/3/7 11:50:00 (176 reads)

16+ Qualification results:
1 Anthony JEANJEAN 95.00 pts
2 Florian FERRASSE 92.00 pts
3 Nicolas BRIAND 87.00 pts
4 Cyril CLAVERE 84.00 pts
5 Maxime FENWICK 83.00 pts
6 Valentin ANTONUCCIO 80.00 pts

2016/3/7 9:10:00 (231 reads)

Maple Vibes results, Toronto International Bicycle Show, Canada.
1- Dominik Nekolny
2- Jean William Prevost
3- Jason Plourde
4- Jean Francois Boulianne
5- Austin Luberda
6- Tyler Gilliard
7- Bryan Huffman

1- Ron Monis

2016/3/6 9:20:00 (299 reads)

Once a year one of the biggest contests in Canada is happening during the International Toronto Bicycle Show. The qualifying results of Pro Park came in and Drew Bezanson came out on top. Finals will be run on Sunday 6 March. We'll inform you about the Final results as soon as we get them.

Toronto X-Jam 2016 Qualifying results:
1. Drew Bezanson
2. Colton Walker
3. Nick Bruce
4. Rob Armour
5. Joel Bondu

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