2014/11/22 18:10:00 (207 reads)

https://twitter.com/search?q=%23vansrebeljam&src=hash" />

2014/11/18 13:30:00 (395 reads)
Ever since 040BMXPARK acquired a pool table, the plan was to have a Pool contest. Teams consisted of a rider who could ride the pool, and a teammate who is a poolshark and can sink some balls in the pockets. On Friday evening it was time for this fun jam in Eindhoven where the atmosphere was chill and winning wasn't a priority. Or was it? The riding part for sure wasn't all too serious. There weren't any judges around and Timo van Lierop commentated with a megaphone in his hands.
2014/11/17 9:50:00 (156 reads)
2014 Battle of the Rockies Pro results:
1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Dez Maarsen
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Benjamin Hudson
5th James McGraw
6th Alex Jumelin
2014/11/17 7:20:00 (203 reads)
Results Recon Tour PRO Finals, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
1st     Scotty Cranmer     Jackson, NJ
2nd     Daniel Dhers     Greenville, NC
3rd     Nick Bruce     Hubbard , OH
4th     Rob Armour     jamestown, PA
5th     David Lieb     Petersburg, MI
6th     Matt Ray     Woburn, MA
7th     Pat Casey     San Diego, CA
8th     Joel Bondu     Deux-Montagnes, QC
9th     Kevin Peraza     tucson, AZ
10th     Keith Schmidt     Centre hall , PA
11th     Dan Foley     Greenville, NC
12th     Sebastian Smith     Tehachapi, CA
13th     Matty Cranmer     Jackson, NJ
14th     Rob Darden     Greenville, NC
15th     Colton Walker     New Richmond, WI
16th     Brian fox     Deerfield Beach, FL
17th     Alex Landeros     fountain valley , PA
2014/11/11 2:10:00 (206 reads)
The 4th Annual Bojangles' BMX Fest featured the Trans Jam BMX Contest Series 2014 FINALS in Greenville, NC on Saturday, November 8th. The competition featured Park and Flatland championship contests, and welcomed riders from across the globe. With 77 competitors, and a few thousand on-lookers, uptown Greenville was buzzing with excitement as the action-packed day progressed towards the Pro competitions, and the Pros did not disappoint.

The Flatland section was a family affair, when a handful of riders arrived with their entire families in tow: Lee Mejia, Todd Carter, and Keith King enjoyed their children cheering them on. At the end of the day, Todd Carter took the top spot in the Flatland Expert class, with his sons, Colin and Camden, taking the one and two positions in Flatland Beginner. In the Flatland Pro class, Dane Beardsley executed smooth, long-flowing links, in addition to an arsenal of impressive maneuvers such as rolling backwards upside down while cross-footed on the pedals (trick name unknown).
2014/11/5 23:40:00 (564 reads)
Halloween jams seemed to be popular in the BMX community last weekend. Many clips showed up on the net and many Facebook posts involved people dressed up riding bikes. It's a chance for the regular BMX-er to go crazy and have an even better time. At 040BMX the Halloween opportunity was used to throw another event to keep the already happening park even more happening. Without much expectations head honcho Pim van den Bos and his crew made a flyer and called for madness at 040BMXPARK in Eindhoven.
2014/11/5 17:20:00 (245 reads)
It's a strange day for a contest: Tuesday, but if you're dealing with 16 pro riders at a place where people generally don't drive out to visit, it doesn't really matter what day in the week you have your event. The park edition of Vital's Game Of Bike took place at Woodward West and here is your top four:
1 Pat Casey
2 Kenneth Tencio
2014/10/31 15:10:00 (365 reads)
After missing the first trip last year I couldn't wait to have it come around again so I could re visit the shenanigans and tomfoolery of yesteryear with some of my best friends. Though the curse of the HDP road trip struck me again for the umpteenth time, for those of you that don't know, I have a habit of breaking myself on day 1 of any Harddad trip and this one was no exception! Cue a separated AC joint in my shoulder, but happily not until after I had a chance to tear up Tiverton Skatepark for a couple of hours with my favourite rowdy bunch of misfits.
2014/10/31 11:10:00 (528 reads)
No fizzy drinks, no stupid looking hats that fly off each time you do a trick, no bike parts and not even a T shirt or a sticker. That’s what HDP has come to now. The only thing left to sell is the idea that the roadtrip never dies and that no matter how old or tired you feel, there’s still ‘one more’ left in you. There was a time when virtually every week in the year was spent on the road, driving somewhere new to ride new things and meeting new people, totally unaware that some of these misfits we encountered along the way would eventually become life long friends.
Time is a slippery little bugger and creeps up on you while your not looking and before you know it.....BANG. Forty has been and gone, you’re hair is thinning out , you’re riding is stiffer than ever before and now having to buy jeans that once would have been labeled as
2014/10/27 7:40:00 (221 reads)
PRO PARK final results VU 2014:
1. BROOKS Declan
3. CLARK Jack
4. VAN BELLE Jimmy
5. CHOSSON Jeremy
6. FINLAY Ashley
7. MAILLIER Antoine
8. CAILLET Istvan
9. DEGARDIN Maxime
10. NARAN Daniel
11. LESSER Isaac
12. SOLER Nil

Amateur final 15+
1. LABBE Alexis
2014/10/27 1:30:00 (439 reads)
The third round of the 2014 FISE World series just came to an end in Chengdu, China. In front of a big crowd the twelve finalists rode two runs and had three attempts for last trick. "World Firsts" were done and this is how it came out for the riders in the end. Logan Martin takes the win with Dhers in 2nd and Coleborn on spot 3. One more stop to go in 2014: Malaysia in December.

Pro Park Finals results FISE WORLD CHINA:
1. Logan Martin
2. Daniel Dhers
3. Alex Coleborn
2014/10/26 19:10:00 (261 reads)
FlatArk was once again won by Japanese flatland ace Uchino who also won the 2014 overall.
Flatark Open Class Results, Kobe, Japan.
1. Yohei Uchino
2. Viki Gomez
3. Jean William Prevost
4. Hiro Morizaki

World Circuit overall standing 2014
2014/10/26 10:10:00 (257 reads)
For the 17th time the Vibrations Urbaines took place in Pessac, France. Olivier Morineau and his crew once again put it together. The Pro flatland finals took place on Saturday night. Here is how the finalists ended up.

Results Pro Flatland finals VU #17, 2014.
1. Kevin Nikulski
2. Kevin Jacob
3. Didier Genet

2014/10/25 16:10:00 (254 reads)
The qualifying results between the top four at the Flatark World Circuit flatland contest is close. Very close. This means the finals will be something to watch. You can check it out live on FATBMX tomorrow Sunday 26 October. Make sure you tune in. Who will be the winner? These top twelve qualifiers have a shot at it.
Pro Qualifying results Flatark 2014:
1. Moto Sasaki
2. Alex Jumelin
3. Yohei Uchino
4. Viki Gomez
5. Dom Nekolny
6. Matthias Dandois
7. JW Prevost
8. Hiroya Morizaki
9. Dez Maarsen
10. Takahiro Ikeda
2014/10/25 14:00:00 (222 reads)
Semi Final results FISE WORLD, China 2014:
1.    DHERS Daniel    29 ans    Caracas    90.00 pts    Qualified
2.    MARTIN Logan    20 ans    Brisbane    89.33 pts    Qualified
3.    COLEBORN Alex    22 ans    Fareham    87.70 pts    Qualified
4.    VARGA Mike    17 ans    Toronto    85.00 pts    Qualified
5.    BARBERO Allessandro    31 ans    Ceva    83.00 pts    Qualified
6.    ALEX Nikulin    22 ans    Krasnodar    82.33 pts    Qualified
7.    ANDREEV Konstantin    21 ans    Saint-Petersburg    81.33 pts    Qualified
8.    ANAYA Aj    26 ans    Santa Ana Ca    80.33 pts    Qualified
9.    WEDEMEIJER Daniel    24 ans    Amsterdam    79.67 pts    Qualified
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