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Here are the points after the first 2 stops of the 2015 Florida BMX series. The lowest contest will be dropped and finals will have a 50% bonus. Get on the program.

OPEN class
Name         Oviedo     SPOT     Adjusted     Total
1 Brian Fox         100     100                 0     200
2 Mark Mulville         75     85                 0     160
3 Jack Straiton         85     49                 0     134

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Kenneth Tencio, Daniel Dhers, Kevin Peraza and some more pro riders made a trip to Chile for the annual Austral BMX comp. Always an adventure and pretty much always a good time. Enough stories to tell afterwards. Here's how they ended up.

Austral BMX Contest pro results:
1 Kevin Peraza
2 José Torres
3 Daniel Dhers
4 Kenneth Tencio
5 Jonathan Camacho

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On December 27, BMX shop in Barcelona 360BS organized as usual the last concentration of the year, LA ULTIMA STREET. This year it was great, 250 riders were registered at 360bike shop, free Rockstars for everyone and lots of prizes from our sponsors. The city police showed up, but thanks to the riders good behavior, we had no serious issues. This year all spots were new thanks to Julian Inorreta, who always helps us with the tour. This year we chose Gracia district and we ended in Plaza España, where we were invited to the 1st edition of FEST XD.

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2014 saw the birth of the FISE World Series. The tour brought BMX and a couple of other sports to France, Andorra, China and Malaysia. With a good sum of money on the line at the end of the series, several riders decided to hit up the stops looking for a chunk of that prize purse and taking the opportunity to see a bit of the world. The last stop on the program was held in Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Most of us had never heard of it prior to the FISE World Series but the place became good fun as soon as everyone found out it was cheap there and they had scooters for rent. In no time the mopeds were rented out and the island was discovered by the scooter gang. It did not matter if it rained or not as it was warm enough and it made for some good skids.

In town for the FISE were a.o. Daniel Dhers (VEN) who had his mind set on that € 12.000,= euro check for the overall winner. The top five of the most recent stop in China got their flights and hotel paid for so Logan Martin (AUS), Alex Coleborn (GBR), Andreev Konstantin (RUS) and Mike Varga (CAN) also made the trip.

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Big checks were handed out in Malaysia to the overall winners of the 2014 FISE World Series. Here's how the boys ended up in the standings.
1 Daniel DHERS - 3570 pts
2 Alex Coleborn - 3240 pts
3 Logan MARTIN - 3000 pts
4 Daniel WEDEMEIJER - 2530 pts
5 Alessandro BARBERO - 2340 pts
6 Andreev Konstantin - 2030
7 Jack Watts - 1660
8 Maxime Charveron - 1590
9 Mike Varga - 1570
10 AJ Anaya - 1420
11 Alex Nikulin - 1160
12 Dean Cueson - 1080
13 Jack Clark - 900
14 Kenneth Tencio - 830

2014/12/19 17:10:00 (475 reads)

BMX Pro Semi Finals results. FISE WORLD SERIES Malaysia
1.    MARTIN Logan    21 ans    Brisbane    91.00 pts    Qualifié
2.    COLEBORN Alex    22 ans    Fareham    90.00 pts    Qualifié
3.    CHARVERON Maxime    24 ans    Brignais    88.00 pts    Qualifié
4.    DHERS Daniel    29 ans    Caracas    87.00 pts    Qualifié
5.    ANDREEV Konstantin    21 ans    Saint-Petersburg    86.33 pts    Qualifié
6.    LOUPOS Brandon    21 ans    Sydney    86.00 pts    Qualifié
7.    WEDEMEIJER Daniel    24 ans    Amsterdam    85.00 pts    Qualifié
8.    BARBERO Allessandro    31 ans    Ceva    84.66 pts    Qualifié
9.    VARGA Mike    18 ans    Toronto    84.33 pts    Qualifié
10.    NIKULIN Alex    22 ans    Krasnodar    83.66 pts    Qualifié
11.    WATTS Jason    21 ans    Brisbane    82.33 pts    Qualifié
12.    TANCRE Kenneth    19 ans    Kemmel    82.00 pts    Qualifié

13.    O'BRIEN Dale    21 ans    Runaway Bay    81.66 pts

2014/12/19 11:20:00 (200 reads)

FISE BMX Pro standings after 3 rounds. One more round coming up this weekend in Langkawi, Maylasia.
1 Daniel Dhers 2800
2 Alex Coleborn 2340
3 Logan Martin 2000
4 Daniel Wedemeijer 1910
5 Alessandro Barbero 1750
5 Jack Watts 1750
7 AJ Anaya 1420
8 Konstantin Andrev 1310
9 Dean Cueson 1080
10 Mike Varga 1030
11 Jack Clark 900
12 Kenneth Tencio 830
13 Kevin Peraza 820
13 Michael Berran 820
15 Maxime Charveron 770
15 Mark Webb 770
17 Alex Nikulin 670

2014/12/19 3:40:00 (152 reads)

FISE World Malaysia started on Thursday in Langkawi Island. It was the first day of BMX Qualification and it is the Frenchman Maxime Charveron, he wins the first place of the qualifications followed by Alessandro Barbero and Jason Watts. For those who are still in the haze and are not sure what we are talking about, this stop of the FWS Malaysia is also the final stop of the FWS tour in BMX pro, which means the qualifications promise to be quite spectacular, especially knowing that the leading trio, Logan Martin, Daniel Dhers and Alex Coleborn are

2014/12/18 21:40:00 (433 reads)

Results BMX PARK: Pro : Qualification
1.    CHARVERON Maxime    24 ans    Brignais, FRA    87.67 pts
2.    BARBERO Allessandro    31 ans    Ceva, ITA    83.67 pts
3.    WATTS Jason    21 ans    Brisbane, AUS    82.33 pts
4.    LOUPOS Brandon    21 ans    Sydney, AUS    82.00 pts
5.    TANCRE Kenneth    19 ans    Kemmel, BEL    80.33 pts
6.    NIKULIN Alex    22 ans    Krasnodar, RUS    79.67 pts
7.    WEDEMEIJER Daniel    24 ans    Stiphout, NL    78.67 pts
8.    PHAMEE Rungrueang    23 ans    Khon Kaen    77.67 pts
9.    O'BRIEN Dale    21 ans    Runaway Bay, AUS    77.33 pts
10.    MELNIK Vladislav    24 ans    St Petersbourg, RUS    74.00 pts
11.    CHENG Chiaohung    20 ans    New Taipei City    70.33 pts

These riders will meet up wih the top 5 ranked riders for the semi final tomorrow. Top 5 ranked riders are Daniel Dhers, Alex Coleborn, Logan Martin, Mike Varga and Andreev Konstantin.

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Results (OPEN) Stop #1- Oviedo Ripping Riverside park, Florida.
1. Brian Fox
2. Jackie Straiton
3. Mark Mulville
4. Keith Schmidt
5. Riley Jordan
6. Spencer Foresman
7. Lars Tepaske

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HAM-AM jam results. Long Beach, California. November 2014:
Stair Master - Calen McDonnold
G.O.A.T (gets on anything) – Max Vu, John Stafford, Rocco
Eric Mesta – Gulliest Vibes
Ledge Master - Hobie Doan
Up Rail Master – Ethan Corriere
Down Rail Master - Julian Arteaga
2014/11/28 6:40:00 (550 reads)
For the first time in rebeljam history the event was street only. It was decided to give the street riders an unfiltered BMX platform in London at the York Hall Leisure Centre. Riders had shown up during the week and were anxious to try the course designed by BK and Jeff K on Friday. The last decals were thrown on the obstacles in the morning and once the light was turned to green, the riding never stopped. Art ramps had transfered the course design on paper into an interesting street course which is donated to Rampworks after the event. Riders in the Liverpool area will get to ride the rails etc. in the upcoming months.

66 of the best street riders got to enjoy the set-up for muliple hours on Friday and Saturday and the atmosphere was great. Riders were feeding off of eachother and the tricks and lines were pushed to the next level. People were simply enjoying the sessions and many high-5-s, knuckles and man hugs were shared. The international field of riders were scheduled to compete at 14:45hr on Saturday.

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As we move into round 3 of DownUnderGround this weekend in Melbourne the results for round two – the video round are now in. As Australia is a large country and travel can be expensive the DownUnderGround series has morphed from 4 physical contests into two contests (Sydney and Melbourne) and one video contest. The video contest concept is simple, each rider gets to submit one contest video run, between one and two minutes long, as if they were riding at a flatland contest. The video run gets judged using the same criteria as a normal contest, difficulty, consistency and variety. Points are awarded and these points go towards the year end title. It was good to see some good riding going on all around Australia and a few juniors getting in there as well, something we hope to see more of.

The winners in advanced and pro will share in $400 worth of travel to the next DownUnderGround contest thanks to Freestyle Now and the other place getters will be receiving some great prizes 
2014/11/25 5:40:00 (432 reads)
Full results Vans rebeljam 2014. York Hall Leisure Centre, London, England.
1. Alex Donnachie UK
2. Garrett Reynolds USA
3. Alex Kennedy UK
4. Bruno Hoffmann Germany
5. Felix Prangenberg Germany
6. Dakota Roche USA
7. Reed Stark USA
8. Simone Barraco Italy
9. Dennis Pavlov Russia
10. Mike Curley UK
11. Joris Coulomb France
12. Kevin Kalkoff France
13. Jason Eustathiou Greece
14. Ty Morrow USA
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