2016/10/19 12:30:00 (135 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle Park standings after four World Cups. One more final stop coming up in Chengdu, China on 28-30 October 2016. Logan Martin and Daniel Dhers have previously won a title each and are now battling for another one. Look at the points difference. Watch it live on FATBMX, something you don't want to miss.
1 MARTIN Logan  22  Brisbane 33400 pts
2 DHERS Daniel 31 Caracas 33200 pts
3 BRUCE Nick 24 HubbaRD 23700 pts
4 CLARK Jack 22  Essex 21900 pts
5 WALKER Colton 18 New Richmond,... 21100 pts
6 BROOKS Declan 20 Portsmouth 21000 pts
7 COLEBORN Alex 24 Jersey 20800 pts
8 VARGA Mike 19 Toronto 19900 pts
9 TENCIO Kenneth 22  Cartago 18200 pts
- LOUPOS Brandon 23  Sydney 18200 pts
11 PERRY Josh 27 Greenville 17500 pts
12 LEIVA Jake  22  Tehachapi 16600 pts

2016/10/12 12:00:00 (699 reads)

Antwerp City Drops brought many urban sports to the city for a weekend of radness. De Groenplaats was turned into a dirt jump spot with an 8 meter high roll-in followed by two big hits and a wall at the very end. Invited riders were joined by the top finishers of the Open Qualifier and Saturday saw the qualification and Best trick contest. Under fabulous weather conditions the crowd had filled the stands and saw Tom van den Bogaard (NED) qualify in first on his B-day. Kenneth Tancré (BEL) brought an entire fanclub to Antwerpen and treated them with 720-s, flipwhips and 3-double whips. Dawid Godziek (POL) got third on Saturday just in front of a double flipping Joe Baddeley (ENG). Missing out on the top 8 with one place was Craig Teague from England. Also Simon Moratz (GER) missed out as he suffered from a broken toe.

The atmosphere was top notch all day and also the Best Trick contest did not disappoint. In the end it was Red Bull's Dawid Godziek who took the €500 check for the Twister which had never

2016/10/6 10:40:00 (114 reads)

2016/9/26 11:00:00 (149 reads)

Pro Flatland results FLATDEV

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Moto Sasaki
4th Yohei Uchino
5th Bejamin Hudson
6th Takahiro Ikeda
7th Toon Pakphum
8th Takumi Isogai
9th Takuya Higa
10th Naoto Tamaru

2016/9/26 5:40:00 (123 reads)

Results Tilburg Fietst BMX Flatland comp.

'Normal' trick contest:
1. Dez Maarsen
2. Gilles Van de Sompel
3. Aborigino Sandino Stuart

Game winners:
Bike Limbo: Sytse Winkel

2016/9/26 3:50:00 (130 reads)

Pro flatland results UK Flatland Championships:
1. Alex Jumelin
2. Dominik Nekolny
3. James White

AM results UK Flatland Championships:
1 Aran Gillian
2 Lee Wilson
3 Johann Chan
4 Stu McLaren
5 TGM Maz
6 Dino Jeffers
7 Matthew Dyer

2016/9/24 18:50:00 (192 reads)

Antwerp City Drops BMX DIRT Invitational qualification results.
1    Tom van den Bogaard (NED) 531

2    Kenneth Tancré (BEL)           526
3    Dawid Godziek (POL)            520
4    Joe Baddeley (ENG)            511
5    Desmond Tessemaker (NED) 509
6    Paul Thoelen (GER)            498
7    Greg Van Tulder  (BEL)      495
8    Tom Selbeck (NED)            489

9    Craig Teague (ENG)            429
10    Sem Kok (NED)                426
11    Steffen Buyle (BEL)           408
12    Jarno Van Eylen (BEL)       403
13    Jari Roggeveen (NED)       403
14    Simon Moratz (GER)        392

8 riders to the finals. To be held tomorrow 25 September 2016.

2016/9/19 14:20:00 (211 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle Park results World Cup Edmonton: Pro Final.
1 Logan MARTIN 22 years Brisbane 92.33 pts
2 Nick BRUCE  24 years HubbaRD 90.00 pts
3 Brandon LOUPOS  23 years Sydney 88.66 pts
4 Malott JEREMY  19 years Lake Havasu City 86.66 pts
5 Colton WALKER 18 New Richmond, Wisconsin 85.66 pts
6 Declan BROOKS  84.00 pts
7 Daniel DHERS 31 years Caracas 82.66 pts
8 Alex COLEBORN  24 years Jersey 80.33 pts

2016/9/18 19:20:00 (398 reads)

44 of the best BMX pro riders made it to Hastings last weekend for the Battle Of Hastings event put on by The Source BMX. To see the venue of the event was already worth the trip to the coast city in England. The way they've turned an old bath house on the beach into a BMX skatepark with pro shop is incredible and it's a good thing it's clocated in Hastings where many big BMX events have happened in the past. It felt good to be back to say the least. The event itself was more or less a team contest. 11 teams of 4 riders were chosen and had three ways to score points. Friday was used for two riders of the team to film an edit in the Plaza section of the park. With no access to the public the riders had 60 minutes to film the clips which were then judged by a team of judges for the first results. Dan Lacey and Bruno Hoffmann killed it in this one and shot to the top of the leaderboard.

Saturday had the actual contest where all four riders rode in a session and were scored individually. With all scores added, the

2016/9/18 2:45:42 (201 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup results Semi Final. Edmonton, Canada. Top 12 to the finals.
1 Logan MARTIN 22 years Brisbane 93.33 pts Q
2 Nick BRUCE  24 years HubbaRD 92.33 pts Q
3 Marin RANTES 21 years Varazdin 87.66 pts Q
4 Walker COLTON  18 years New Richmond, Wisconsin 87.33 pts Q
5 Brandon LOUPOS  23 years Sydney 87.00 pts Q
6 Joshua PERRY  27 years Greenville 86.66 pts Q
7 Kevin PERAZA  22 years Tucson, Arizona 86.00 pts Q
8 Declan BROOKS 85.66 pts Q
9 Malott JEREMY 19 years Lake Havasu City 85.33 pts Q
10 Alex COLEBORN  24 years Jersey 84.33 pts Q
11 Jack CLARK 22 years Essex 84.00 pts Q
12 Daniel DHERS  31 years Caracas 84.00 pts Q

13 Drew BEZANSON  27 years Onslow Mountain Ns 83.66 pts
14 Kenneth TENCIO  22 years Cartago 82.33 pts

2016/9/17 17:30:00 (178 reads)

BMX - FLAT results Pro: Qualification
1 Alex JUMELIN Alex JUMELIN 38 years Paris 92.00 pts Q
2 Matthias DANDOIS Matthias DANDOIS 27 years Paris 91.00 pts Q
3 Jean William PREVOST Jean William PREVOST 30 years Kirkland 89.67 pts Q
4 Adam KUN Adam KUN 30 years Budapest 88.67 pts Q
5 Benjamin HUDSON Benjamin HUDSON 0 years Santiago 84.67 pts Q
6 Joris BRETAGNOLLES Joris BRETAGNOLLES 27 years Brunoy 75.33 pts Q
7 Percy MARSHALL Percy MARSHALL 31 years Edmonton 67.67 pts Q
8 Joel BONDU Joel BONDU 20 years Deux-Montagnes 65.33 pts Q
9 Peter OLSEN Peter OLSEN 58.00 pts Q
10 Takuji KASAHARA Takuji KASAHARA 35 years Saitama 57.00 pts Q
11 Fester CORY Fester CORY 56.33 pts Q

2016/9/17 15:40:00 (160 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup qualification results. Edmonton, Canada:
1 Nick BRUCE 24 years HubbaRD 89.67 pts Q
2 Kevin PERAZA  22 years Tucson, Arizona 86.67 pts Q
3 Daniel SANDOVAL  22 years Californie 85.33 pts Q
4 Alex COLEBORN 24 years Jersey 82.67 pts Q
5 Joshua PERRY  27 years Greenville 82.00 pts Q
6 Drew BEZANSON 27 years Onslow Mountain Ns 81.33 pts Q
7 Mike VARGA  19 years Toronto 80.67 pts Q
8 Joel BONDU 20 years Deux-Montagnes 80.33 pts Q
9 Ben WALLACE  79.67 pts Q
10 Kenneth TENCIO  22 years Cartago 78.67 pts Q
11 Keith SCHMIDT  27 years Holly Springs 77.33 pts Q
12 Jake LEIVA  22 years Tehachapi 77.00 pts Q
13 Marin RANTES 21 years Varazdin 76.33 pts Q
14 Ricky VERONICK 21 years woodward, pennsylvania 76.00 pts Q
15 Parker HEATH 18 years San Diego 74.00 pts Q
16 Malott JEREMY  19 years Lake Havasu City 73.67 pts Q

2016/9/17 9:00:00 (154 reads)

The flatland set-up at FISE Edmonton is nothing short of amazing. The riding happens on stage while the seating is set-up as a theatre. It was a free show for all who took the effort to walk to the giant canopy that they won't forget any time soon. 13 pro riders made a show out of the first qualifying round that was rewarded by a standing ovation. Seriously, the vibe was that electric. Benjamin Hudson (CHI) brought the place on fire and finished 5th just behind Adam Kun from Hungary. Jean William Prevost (CAN) wanted to prove the importance of Canada on the flatland scene. Previous Canadian flatland pro riders Dan Rigby, Andrew Faris and Chase Gouin have a good successor in ean William. His spins weren't only well received by the crowd, the judges gave him third place.

The dynamic duo from Paris, France finished one and two. This time it was Alex Jumelin who scored one point more than his best friend Matthias Dandois. Both had the crowd

2016/9/13 7:20:00 (160 reads)

Lords Of Dirt 2016 results:
1st Anthony Jeanjean
2nd Dawid Godziek
3rd Timothe Bringer
4th Istvan Caillet
5th Leandro "Overall" Moreira
6th JB Peytavit
7th Desmond Tessemaker

2016/9/7 20:10:00 (185 reads)

UCI BMX Freestyle PARK World Cup Standings after round three (Denver).
1. Daniel Dhers (VEN)     27000
2. Logan Martin (AUS)     23400
3. Mike Varga (CAN)        18500
4. Jack Clark (GBR)         17000
5. Kenneth Tencio (COS) 15100
6. Alex Coleborn (GBR)    14900
7. Nick Bruce (USA)         14700
8. Jake Leiva (USA)         14300
9. Declan Brooks (GBR)   14300
10. Colton Walker (USA)  13900
11. Josh Perry (USA)       13600
12. Irek Rizaev (RUS)     10700
13. Daniel Sandoval (USA) 10300
14. Brian Fox (USA)        10300
15. Brandon Loupos (AUS) 10000

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