2016/2/5 9:00:00 (10910 reads)

The Mirra Bike Co team is a varied mix of riders. On their European trip Dave Mirra brought Mike Spinner, Dave Rytell and Mike Laird along for the first leg at the FISE in France. After flying in from the USA to Paris the crew took a fast train to Montpellier and checked out the 2008 version of the FISE. With Rytell not being the contest type rider it was pretty wild for him to enter his first contest since the Local Exposure Tour a few years ago when he got picked up by Mirraco. Although Dave Rytell has lived in Germany for many years (his dad was in the army), he only received his passport two hours before take off. In fact, it wasn't even valid when he showed up at customs because he had not signed it yet. Seasoned traveler and company owner Dave Mirra had brought his friend Mike Rogister along as well who promptly received the "Security" title. At 6 ft 4" and as fit as a K1 fighter you really couldn't miss him. Mike Laird was stoked to be back in France after coming out to the FISE for the first time last year. Mike Spinner is always up for traveling and was ready to meet his myspace girls in sunny France.

2016/2/5 8:30:00 (3932 reads)

Day one of the 2009 King of the Animal House is officially in the books and it was one to remember. Being a completely new contest concept, nobody knew what to expect or how it would play out. Although it started off a little slow as people were trying to figure out the system, once it got going, it blew up quick. The overall vibe was incredible and full of positive energy with each rider throwing out their bust stuff hoping to get a cash callout and get paid. If the judges saw something they liked, and they saw a lot they liked,

2016/2/5 8:00:00 (3694 reads)

This weekend the first annual King Of The Animal House event will take place in Greenville, NC. Today (Friday 11 December) the Cash Jam is on the program. Not only do the riders go crazy for some extra cash ($ 8000,= USD total), but the one who makes most cash today, also will receive a brand new Yamaha TTR dirt bike. Today also forms the groups of tomorrow's finals and the last group receives some extra time in their jam session. Reason enough to go nuts in "qualifying" today. Here are a few notes from yesterday and pics by Sean Hargraves.

-Mad Dog replaces Chase Hawk who is out with hurt shoulder
-Drew Bezanson can’t get out of Canada/into the US for some paperwork issue so he wont be here
-Vince Byron boosting to the moon
-There will be a head to head mini comp between Chris Hughes and Vince Byron to win a place in the final jam. Whoever wins the most $$$ in Friday’s cash jam gets the spot

2016/2/5 6:30:00 (8796 reads)

Showcasing the disciplines of BMX park, vert and dirt with its first ever BMX single-sport event, the Dew Tour’s Nike 6.0 BMX Open was filled with firsts including two newcomers to the podium. Kicking off the Nike 6.0 BMX Open, the BMX dirt finals quickly became the night of the open qualifier, as Josh Hult fought through three rounds of competition to claim a piece of the spotlight. After taking seventh in open qualifiers and second in the prelims, Hult hit the eject button in his first run, putting the pressure on him for his final two runs. A truckdriver tailwhip and 360 to downside whip helped secure the victory for Hult, the first of his career. Hult beat out the past two Dew Cup champions – 2007’s Ryan Nyquist and 2008’s Cam White – to make the feat that much more impressive. Brandon Dosch, who also had never made it onto a Dew Tour podium before the Nike 6.0

2016/2/5 5:50:00 (8740 reads)

The 2009 Dew Tour is officially underway. Things got started with the BMX Park Prelims. In a wild contest, Mirra came out on top. Garrett Reynolds, who has been busy with the Nike 6.0 Street Specialty Competition, managed to run over to the Park course to come in second. Marcus Tooker, Dennis Enarson, Craig Mast, Mark Webb, Brandon Dosch, Morgan Wade, and Steven McCann will also be riding in tomorrow's Finals.
Results Dew Tour Chicago BMX PARK PRELIMS:

2016/2/5 5:00:00 (2547 reads)

Mirra Returns With A Vengeance; Shakes of opening-night slam for Gold in Park LOS ANGELES - If there were any after effects from Dave Mirra's opening-night slam at X Games 11, they weren't evident in Saturday afternoon's BMX Freestyle Park finals. The Miracle Boy has only left the X Games without a gold medal around his neck twice in his previous 10 appearances. Make that twice in 11 appearances after he delivered a knockout punch to his competition on his first run with a score of 89.33 that was highlighted by a Backflip Tailwhip over the spine and a Double Tailwhip and claimed his 14th career gold - 19th medal overall.

2016/2/5 4:00:00 (3282 reads)

Mirra flipwhip volcano spinSeptember, 2005 – San Jose, CA – Dave Mirra, 31, of Greenville, N.C., today took home his first win at the Dew Action Sports Tour, placing first in the BMX Park competition. Mirra’s backflip tailwhip over the spine in his first run helped to earn him a winning score of 92.25. The higher score of two runs is taken to determine the rider’s final score. “I did what I wanted to do,â€? said Mirra, who now sits in fifth place in the Tour’s BMX Park standings with 176 points. “Heading into Orlando, I’m able to creep back into the points race. Every Tour stop is a building block. You have got to come out strong from the start and finish even stronger. [Second place finisher Scotty] Cranmer is the future of this sport. He is an amazing athlete and he gave me a run for my money.â€? Scotty Cranmer, 18, of Jackson, N.J. edged 26-year-old Los Gatos, Calif. native Ryan Nyquist for the second place spot with a score of 90.50. Nyquist’s first run earned him an 89.75, which he was not able to improve upon after getting a flat tire in his second run.

2016/2/5 3:20:00 (3270 reads)

We were lucky getting so much done the previous day that started off being wet. Wednesday had a better forecast but the temperature stopped somewhere around 15 degrees. It was dry though which was the main thing as we wanted to cruise through Paris on our bikes this time. We had planned to meet up with Thomas Revest and Christian Van Hanja at the Trocadero at noon but Guettler's tire had a small leak so we pumped that up and decided to bring the pump just in case. 

2016/2/5 2:20:00 (5319 reads)

On Monday morning after the FISE contest in Montpellier Sean Hargraves, Ryan Guettler and Andy Buckworth made it to the 12h23 TGV train to Paris. However at 12h00 Maxime Charveron and Dave Rytell were still missing. Sean had the tickets for both of them and they literally had to run to the train station in order to make the ride. The train was running late (strike in France?!) so the two met up with the others and were off to Paris for a few days of shooting pics for the Mirraco site, the 2010 online catalog

2016/2/5 0:00:00 (6004 reads)

When I entered the Home Depot Center (HDC) I did not believe what I saw. I felt like I had shrunk to the size of Minimi or something else that is really small. The Big Air set up was unbelievably huge. I had seen photos and videos of it but that doesn't do it justice. The roll-in was massive and lead to two 70 feet gaps (21 meters) with a 50 feet (15 meters) gap in the middle. The take offs were the size of freestyle motocross jumps and the landing was even bigger than the trucks these FMX-guys are usually using. The quarterpipe that followed

2016/2/4 22:50:00 (2137 reads)

Actual Journal Entry from March 16th, 1996: Woke up real early with Melissa. She dropped me off at the LAX & I flew to Brownsville, Texas. Got in at 5pm & drove to South Padre Island for the ESPN “Destination Extreme” Freestyle Contest. I got there & hooked up with Dave Mirra & the Hoffman Bikes crew. We went to their room & drank & hung out. Then the whole crew walked to a huge club. There were people everywhere (It’s Spring Break here). But it was mostly full of lame “jock” types. We walked back & Mirra & I tried to sneak into the Hoffman crew’s hotel but security chased us out.

2016/2/1 9:10:00 (401 reads)

Pro contests can be held any day of the week. If you're a Pro BMX rider, you are available to ride any day, right? 20 pros lined up for the EX&Hop miniramp contest at the ISPO trade show in Munich on Tuesday 26 January. Some took a day off work, some skipped school and some just planned it into their pro schedule of things to do. An interesting mix of riders showed up. Next to the locals, riders like Mark Webb and Daniel Dhers made the trip to Bayern. Also some riders that you wouldn't expect to ride a miniramp comp showed up and started ripping the wide mini with plenty of extensions, and waves. Brad Simms showed up and isn't done traveling just yet. He's in his 10th year of making it happen and was happy with the invitation to come to Germany. He'll be on this side of the planet for a while. Also Larry Edgar (USA) flew across the pond and was the rider that everyone was talking about. The height he got out of this ramp was insane and everyone was looking forward to see him ride in the contest. Fly Stylers Stefan Lantschner and Sergio Layos also showed up at the ISPO along with JB Peytavit, ZoZo Kempf,

2016/1/1 21:00:00 (926 reads)

The final stop of the FISE World Series took place in Langkawi, one of the many islands of Malaysia. In great weather conditions it came down to the very last day to crown the 2015 champion. Points leaders Logan Martin (AUS) and Daniel Sandoval (USA) did not make any mistakes in Saturday's semi-final and easily transfered to the 12-men final event on Sunday. The park set-up at the Eagle Square was looking good with a hipped jump box, step-up, quarters, the hitching post, and a giant wall on one side. For street moves a flatrail was added plus some manual pads/ledges but focus for all riders was more on the transitions that were offered on the transportable course. The crowd turned up in full force, DJ Mike Rock took care of the tunes, Catfish was on the mic and it was time to start that party.

Vladislav Melnik (RUS) qualified in 12th place and that's where he ended up at. Vladislav trucked the bank to bank section and also tailwhipped the long distance. The Russian added a turndown

2015/12/29 13:10:00 (486 reads)

TANCRE Kenneth is the winner of the Winter Roula3 2015 Pro Park. With a massive crash during Friday’s training, nobody tought he would be able to ride the comp, but perfect execution of 360 super seat grab,  360 wip to barspin, a huge whip transfer and 720 bar over the spine sent him straight to first place. Really close to him was an original rider, Tortereau Pierre. His first trick was an x-up out of the big wall ride, tricks like canonball bus driver, oppo whip, nose pick on the top of the wall and the best trick of the weekend for sure was a full speed tail wip out of this wallride which had 1.5 meters of vert, respect. Cantenot Philippe took 3rd place with triple whips and tech moves like flair 540 and flairs to roll back on flat banks.

2 contests in the same weekend which is not too bad with a Slopestyle Contest. Half of the park was built with 2 lines of massive jumpboxes, and Torterau Pierre took the lead of the finals with 360 oppo combos, 2 truck and Canonball barspin, 2nd place was Kenneth with incredible moves like 3.6 superman seat

2015/12/27 19:45:49 (263 reads)

Results PARK PRO:
1: TANCRE Kenneth
3: CANTENOT Philippe
4: ROBERT Gaël
6: PANAVILLE Thibaut
8: HUDRY Romain
9: CHAUVEZ thomas
10: LABBE Alexis
11: NORMANT Erwan

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