2015/4/13 4:20:00 (180 reads)

The Baltic Games came to a close. The indoor location made sure the weather didn't cause any problems getting the event finished in time. First place qualifier Jack Clark ended up in 4th place which means a new name was found on top. Nick Bruce was hella stoked to grab the win in Poland while Declan Brooks stayed consistent finishing 2nd. Third was for Marin Rantes.

Baltic Games 2015.

2015/4/12 12:00:00 (187 reads)

The weekend before Simple Session traditionally hosts the Baltic Games in Poland. Many riders are taking the trip from Poland directly into Estonia after the weekend but first the Baltic Games are on and here are the Semi Final pro BMX results:
Baltic Games Semi Finals:
1. Jack Clark
2. Declan Brooks

2015/4/7 11:20:00 (153 reads)

For 2015 three editions of the Vans 20 inch trophy will take place. Round one happened at the WUB halle in Innsbruck, Austria op April fourth. The Pro BMX podium looked like this:
1) Bobo Ujvari
2) JB Peytavit
3) Bernd Kaufmann

Two more rounds will take place in Innsbruck with the next one on June 6th at the Landhausplatz, followed by the final round at the DirtPark in Innsbruck on 26 September. 

2015/4/7 7:20:00 (144 reads)

PRO Park final results:
1. Tom van den Bogaard
2. Pim Scheers
3. Arjan Ellens
4. Sem Kok
5. Nicky van der Veen
6. Levi Weidmann
7. Frank Elshof
8. Stuart Gibson

2015/4/2 1:20:00 (1004 reads)

It ain't easy to keep dirt spots alive but the Sugar Hills just celebrated 25 years in existence. The spot usually needs a lot of water to be good, but this time we had plenty of it. The day started off dry but around noon the clouds opened. Easy Up tents and Red Bull parasols took care of the shelter for everyone who showed up. Catching up was on the program because the weather forecast said we'd have a dry slot from 16:00hr - 18:00hr. In the meantime the music was cranking, the Vans waffles were made and those who wanted, enjoyed a Red Bull.

2015/3/30 8:30:00 (185 reads)

The 5th edition of the Wild Night Contets took place in Lille’s skatepartk, la Halle de Glisse, on Saturday 28th of March. The contest started with a qualification run to select 8 riders that would take part in the 1/4 final. From there, riders battled two against two with a one minute run, followed by three try outs for their last trick. Here is the final ranking of the WNC15:

Results: Wild Night, Lille, France.
 - 1st: Jack Clark
 - 2nd: Declan Brooks

2015/3/30 4:20:00 (228 reads)

When Aarle-Rixtel got ready for the 25th anniversary of the Mini FATJAM, local Tom van den Bogaard, Daniel Dhers and Daniel Wedemeijer took off to Lille, France for the Wild Night contest. The invite-only contest was once again won by England's Jack Clark. Here's how the riders ended up:

Wild Night contest, Lille, France:
1. Jack Clark
2. Declan Brooks
3. Daniel Wedemeijer
4. Jimmy van Belle
5. Daniel Dhers
6. Kenneth Tancre
7. Tom van den Bogaard
8. JB Peytavit

2015/3/29 16:50:33 (158 reads)

Results Northjam 2015 over in Greece.

1 David Budko
2 Panos Manaras
3 Jason Efstathiou

2015/3/25 22:30:00 (1499 reads)

The story of the day was the weather. Last year we had snow at the opening jam of the Outdoor season. This year people showed up in shorts and a T-shirt and multiple BBQ-s were kicked off in the field next to the Sugar Hills Trails which had been fixed up the day before the Mini FATJAM and rode better than ever before. After a bit of an online promotion campaign more people showed up than ever before to hang out at De Valkendijk in Aarle-Rixtel for an afternoon of Bikes, Beers, and Bitches. It almost felt like the summer edition with music blasting out of the speaker, and people riding all day until they were so dirty they needed a long bath to get the Ale Blie dirt off their skin. Once again the AES showed up with their mobile medical center to make sure everyone was okay. A few cuts and bruises, a concussion and a broken tooth were some of the injuries. Nothing the professional medics couldn't handle.

The 040BMX trick team showed up and killed "The Killer". I saw a 360 double whip on the big jump by Rene van IJzendoorn but missed Joel's flip even though it was his second time riding dirt. 

2015/3/24 18:10:00 (243 reads)

We've got the results in from round one of the UK BMX Vert series. Three classes on the U-pipe with Kodee Kains, Aaron Haywood and Fanien Giess as winners in their classes. Vert is not dead. Here are the full results:

Pro Class:
1) Fanien Giess
2) Mike Mullen
3) Leon Perkins
4) Jon Barnett
5) Zach Shaw
6) Matthew Seach
7) Owain Clegg

1) Aaron Haywood
2) Joe Rendle
3) Lee Hebb

2015/3/23 7:20:00 (197 reads)

Pro Park:
1) Tom van den Bogaard
2) Nicky van der Veen
3) Arjan Ellens
4) Sem Kok
5) Emile Bouwman

Pro street:
1) Daan van Wezel
2) Nicky van der Veen
3) Emile Bouwman
4) Bart v/d Kamp

Am Park:
1) Jari Roggeveen
2) Robby Burggrave
3) Merlijn Rorink
4) Jocki de Groot

2015/3/22 23:40:00 (260 reads)

Brett Banasiewicz is recovering at a rapid rate and is even putting on BMX events at his own indoor park called The Kitchen. The park has brought forward a lot of talented riders and it was time to put on an event for all to shine. The Pro podium of the comp held on 21 March 2015 looks like this:

Pro class:
1) Colton Walker
2) Trent Newkirk
3) Rob Armour

2015/3/19 19:20:00 (134 reads)

Pro Results Blood & Guts comp. 8 March 2015.

1 AJ Anaya
2 Mat Olson
3 Nic Bonner
4 Dan Nielsen
5 Trey Herrrera Trevor Fitz      Tie
6 Even Rude Dillion Greybeal   Tie
7 Preston Solis Oscar Marquez Tie
8 Tremaine Stewart
9 Jantzen Frampton
10 Michael Sandoval

Photo by BdJ

2015/3/13 14:10:00 (243 reads)

Yesterday evening Dean Cueson, Angus Gough and Brad McNicol made it to Eindhoven for a session at the 040BMXPARK. The HARO UK Trio was on a trip for SOUL BMX Magazine from France and had Vincent de la Rue with them to film it all. Jimmy van Belle and his friend joined the crew on their way from Belgium to the Netherlands and 040BMX riders Daniel Wedemeijer and Tom van den Bogaard joined the session on their home ramps. Without giving too much away, the session was a good one. You'll have to wait for the video to be finished which will also have footage from a jam in Le Mans, some trails near Brussels, the concrete park in Kortrijk, some street stuff and most likely some clips from Rotterdam where the HARO crew is heading today. Last night we snapped some shots which you'll find right here. Thanks to 040BMXPARK for the extra time at the park.

And yes, Brad McNicol has made the move from Premium to HARO Bikes. Hashtag #HAROTRIO to check how the trip went.

2015/3/13 5:40:00 (910 reads)

The second annual Braaab contest at the 040BMXPARK in Einhoven, Netherlands took place over the weekend. Riders got into town during the week, and they came from all places. Multiple X-Games gold medalist Daniel Dhers even made it to The Netherlands for the weekend to come ride at Daniel Wedemeijer's comp. Daniel runs the Braaab clothing brand and wants to give back to the sport in the form of organising a good contest that everyone can enter. The Amateur riders rode their contest on Saturday, and the Pro comp was held on Sunday.

After solid practice sessions on Friday the Am comp got underway at the awesome BMX PARK in Eindhoven. Getting to ride the park was something special for most of the visitors. The ramps are on the high side, but getting used to that doesn't seem to take too long for most. During the contest each rider got to ride the park all by themselves for a minute and they got to do a last trick. 16 riders moved on to the finals where 4 riders had an 8 minute session plus a chance to pull a trick they wanted to do in two tries. Number one qualifier Jules van Gijssel also managed to win the Am final.

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