2014/9/17 18:00:00 (120 reads)
Moto Sasaki drank a few Monsters and continued to win the Umikaze Jam which took place in Yokosuka, Japan last Saturday. Further results below.

Open class:
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Nao Yoshida
3rd Shin-ichiro Hara

1st Takumi Suzuki
2nd Yuya Shiga
3rd Shohei Iwanaga

2014/9/17 8:10:00 (251 reads)
Govert Schonewille and Sem Kok are two riders who like to visit as many BMX dirt events as possible but they've got an awesome set up at home as well. Once a year it's time to head over to America, it's a little village in The Netherlands, where they have their trails in the woods, the BMX track and the indoor ramps. Luckily on Sunday the weather was great. This brought people out to ride and chill. The BMX track was sessioned all afternoon. It had artificial grass tarps on top of most jumps and turns which helps enormously with the maintenance
2014/9/16 21:30:00 (158 reads)
Last weekend saw the last stop of the EX&HOP Contest Tour 2014 at Odeonsplatz in the heart of the Bavarian capital. After the Street Contest at Königsplatz and the Wheel Of Fortune Contest at the MUNICH MASH, the tour ended with an absolute banger in front of a beautiful backdrop: the M-net EX&HOP Spine Contest presented by Relentless & Jever Fun Even though the weather didn’t really play its part, Daniel Juchatz, Stefan Pauli, Benni Petsch, Stefan Götz and many more, as well as riders from Hungary, Austria and France battled it out during the dry spells in front of thousands of spectators during the Spine Contest as well as the M-net Best Trick Session.

In addition to BMX action the rider’s BBQ took place Saturday night
2014/9/6 7:20:00 (135 reads)
2014/9/4 19:20:00 (307 reads)
After 25 editions of the FATJAM it would have been easy to call it quits. But some things are too good to end. A date was picked, a flyer was made, the toilet was rented and the Sugar Hills received a fix up just in time for people to have a fun day together in Aarle-Rixtel. The free for all event still gets the people to town to ride some dirt, hang out and score a goodie or two provided by the sponsors of the event.

Setting up was easy. The week prior to the big day we had some rain which was great to get the dirt spot in shape. Between 9 and 11 the weather was great. Then, all of a sudden the storm came in. Luckily the EZ-UP tents were set up and kept the riders and bikes dry, but the Sugar Hills trails did not have a roof. But the Dutch are good dealing with water and within 30 minutes after the big rain, people were riding again. In fact, the spot was rolling better than ever before.

As usual many kids showed up to ride. They finally get to climb up a hill together with the pros and ride together all day. They might

2014/8/31 21:20:00 (279 reads)
Dawid Godziek from Poland is the winner of VANS Kill the Line 2014. He convinced the judges with an amazing variety of hard tricks like a double barspin backflip, a triple truckdriver or a corked 720 combined with a super smooth style and perfect landings. The Brazilian Leandro Moreira placed second with a triple whip, superman nothing variations and his unique powerful style. Gentlemen rider and BMX legend Chris Doyle became third with his unbeatable 360 variations.
2014/8/31 18:00:00 (157 reads)
1-Kállai Olivér
2-Szabó Dávid
3-ifj. Sinkó Lajos
4-Kollár Balázs
5-Császár Balázs

2014/8/24 10:40:00 (285 reads)
Rank First Last Hometown Run 1 Run 2 Best Run
1 Daniel Sandoval Corona, CA 92.00 91.80 92.00
2 Scotty Cranmer Jackson, NJ 91.80 91.70 91.80
3 Gary Young San Diego, CA 90.60 89.60 90.60
4 Ryan Guettler Beenleigh, AUS 86.00 89.90 89.90
5 Jason Watts Brisbane, AUS 88.20 89.50 89.50
2014/8/24 8:30:00 (281 reads)
Vans team rider Daniel Sandoval took the win today at the 2014 Vans Off the Wall BMX Invitational as part of the 52nd Annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships (CE-ECSC) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. CE-ECSC is the largest and most anticipated action sports festival on the East Coast and the action and energy on the BMX park course did not disappoint. The course was expanded this year to allow for plenty of lines and variety to go with the huge tricks thrown down in previous years. The crowd and riders gave it their seal of
2014/8/23 22:30:00 (222 reads)


Rank First Last Hometown Run 1 Run 2 Best Run

1 Gary Young San Diego, CA 91.60 89.10 91.60
2 Scotty Cranmer Jackson, NJ 91.20 89.40 91.20
3 Jason Watts Brisbane, AUS 90.40 88.30 90.40
4 Daniel Sandoval Corona, CA 90.00 90.00 90.00
5 Andy Buckworth Sydney, AUS 89.20 72.00 89.20
6 Rob Darden Greenville, NC 89.00 87.00 89.00
7 Kevin Peraza Tucson, AZ 87.60 86.70 87.60
8 Ryan Guettler Beenleigh, AUS 86.80 87.30 87.30
9 Mykel Larrin Racine, WI 84.80 87.20 87.20
10 TJ Ellis Riverside, CA 82.90 86.90 86.90
11 Austin Coleman Los Angeles, CA 86.80 79.00 86.80
12 Seth Klinger Winfield, KS 85.20 86.40 86.40
13 Ricky Moseley Memphis, TN 83.10 85.20 85.20
14 Colin Mackay Brisbane, AUS 85.00 82.80 85.00

2014/8/21 23:00:00 (705 reads)
On a day like the FATJAM it's tough to get the shots. You run around like crazy making sure things are handled. You catch up with many people that you only get to see a few times a year. But luckily there were some more riders who took a break to take some pictures of the action. Madafoto took a whole bunch, from kids riding the trails to The Black Bullets rocking on the grass field in the afternoon. We've made a selection for you to enjoy in the following FATJAM photo gallery, brought to you by Madafoto.
2014/8/21 22:00:00 (165 reads)
Pros from all around the world made it once again to Sérignan in South of France, for the third time, to celebrate the 8th edition of the International dirt contest. A new brand course more technical welcomed the PRO and Amateur riders. On Friday the riders and the large crowd enjoyed the sunny afternoon with the Max Rider best trick and we could see that the size of bike is not a problem for them!! Saturday was just amazing with the PRO qualifications followed straight by the Masters Of Dirt best tricks.
2014/8/20 19:30:00 (253 reads)
Running an indoor park is a rough business. It's hard to get the riders inside, especially in the summer time when the outdoor spots are more inviting. But indoor riding spots have an advantage. No wind, always dry, and lights at night so the sessions will last longer if you want to. The 040BMXPARK in Eindhoven, Netherlands is running well, mainly because they do things right over there. They've even got a team of killer riders that they support. Aaron Zwaal got with the team and took some amazing shots of the wild bunch. Riders are: Tom van den Bogaard, Daniel Wedemeijer, Rene van IJzendoorn, Shanice Silva Cruz, Kenneth Tancre, Paul Thoelen and Daantje. Enjoy the photo gallery of the 040BMXPARK team.
2014/8/18 11:20:00 (231 reads)
The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships wrapped up its final day of competition in Portland, Ore. with the finals in BMX streetstyle. Dennis Enarson, a 23-year-old native of California, brought home the Dew Cup in BMX streetstyle after nailing three solid runs, with the best and final run earning him a score of 93.75. “It feels awesome to get first in my favorite type of event, streetstyle,” said Enarson. “It’s the one I look forward to most out of all contests, so to win it is unreal.”

Enarson’s top run included a backflip tailwhip, 360 to flat off the tallest bank, opposite tailwhip from the kicker over the flat rail and an opposite tailwhip off the beam perch hanging from the top of the shipping container. New Jersey’s Garrett Reynolds followed
2014/8/18 7:20:00 (225 reads)
Results Dew Tour Street Style 2014.
1     Dennis Enarson     93.75
2     Garrett Reynolds     91.25
3     Drew Bezanson     87.75
4     Broc Raiford     87.50
5     Chad Kerley     87.25
6     Kevin Peraza     87.25
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