2014/7/14 14:20:00 (179 reads)
Day three of NASS 2014 saw the weekend climax with some of the most exceptional action sports NASS has ever seen, plus one music heavy Sunday, making it without doubt the biggest and best NASS festival on record! Action sports fans were not left disappointed by the heated and monumental finals across the NASS arena. The Pro BMX Finals saw Brit Jack Watts secure the 3rd podium spot with a cork double flip and the final prestigious top two podium slots went to Ozzies Boyd Hilder and Logan Martin.
2014/7/13 12:50:00 (235 reads)
Huge crowds witnessed an all new format comp on the Midi ramp with riders pairing up to be judged on how they worked as a team. The unconventional format worked great as teams scored higher with choreographed runs. Eyes were on the Australian contingent who were gunning for the £3K prize purse as team ‘We are not criminals’ made up of Ozzies Logan Martin and Brandon Loupos and ‘Team rug cutters’, Brock Horneman, Chris Nicol finished in a head to head.
2014/7/13 7:00:00 (242 reads)
The huge crowds from earlier today over at the Midi ramp at Nass moved to the Pro Park course for Qualifiers. Irelands Jason Phelan made fullest use of the course and South Africa’s Gregg Illingworth full throttle pace was like no other rider on the park. Brits Tom Justice showed skill as the only rider to jump the box backwards, Tom Isted nailing a double backflip and great technical riding from Mike Curley. Great to have the Ozzies back and get the UK riders step up and have them through down. They destroyed the park with a top 5 all Austrailian finish. Logan Martin showed why he won last year with a ton of whips, barspins and spins. All top 16 qualify into tomorrow’s BMX PRO Park Final from 4pm.

Pro Park qualifiers NASS 2014
1 Logan Martin 2 Brock Horneman 3 Chris Courtney 4 Brandon Loupos 5 Boyd Hilder 6 Tom Justice 7 Jack Watts 8 Mike Curley
2014/7/13 1:40:00 (221 reads)
The BMX Dirt Qualifiers went off! Ozzies Brandon Loupos stomped the 1st run but crashed badly on the 2nd while Logan Martin did what was expected and smashed the granny out of with silky Flip Whips. Brits Jack Watts did the biggest off axis 7s while Jay Cowley sent huge 360s off the last jump. Joe Symonds managed 2nd place with an awesome table 3. The scores showed how tight it is with only 1 point between the top 5. Podium places will be tight for tomorrow's
2014/7/12 11:20:00 (132 reads)
Day one of NASS 2014 kicked festivities off in style. Skate, Inline and BMX practice sessions offered a sneak preview of what’s to come in the Pro Park, setting the bar high for the rest of the weekend. BMX practice also gave us a sneak peak of the level to expect at this year’s NASS. Mike Curley’s technical riding, Greg Illingworth tearing up the course with original lines, Isaac Lesser with big ass nose manni’s and Tom Justice going HUGE and blasting airs! The list could go on but keep an eye on Brandon Loupos, Logan Martin, Jason Phelan who are looking like strong contenders for podium.
2014/7/11 19:00:00 (306 reads)
Last weekend saw the first edition of the EX&HOP Street Contest in Munich, Germany. The qualifying took place in an old warehouse while the finals were held under a deep blue, Bavarian sky at one of the city’s most picturesque locations: the Königsplatz, on a specially designed, portable course which just easily changed location over night. The Bavarian street elite with Andi Wohnig, Perry Petermüller, Stephan Götz and Wolfi Wildner as well as riders from Austria, UK, France and Spain took part in EX&HOP’s first street contest. 

Andi Wohnig
secured fourth place with a super high barspin to fakie and no hand airs, Stephan Götz came third by showing off the craziest drop of the day: a suicide no hand from the 3m high quarter. What else to expect of him?! Sergio Layos impressed with massive flairs, super high wallrides and fastplants on the wall as well as 360 lookdowns over the rather special jumpbox. The well?deserved first place went to Lucas Kneubuehler from Switzerland who threw down massive clicked lookdown airs, more
2014/7/7 19:30:00 (253 reads)
After last year's success we were hoping to make it back to Guadalajara for the second edition of Red Bull's Dirt Conquers event. From start to finish the contest was a blast so it wasn’t hard spending 25 hours on the road to get there because we knew it was going to be good again. For those getting jealous of our trips (we're lucky, don't get me wrong) I'll fill you in on a bit of the travel experience. The alarm clock went off at 04:55am. For everyone that's early. After putting some clothes on, getting a quick wash, some early breakfast and going through the checklist, it was off to the train station to catch the 06:06hr train with Paul to Schiphol. With no direct trains to the airport after Eindhoven we opted to skip the bus trip from Boxtel to Den Bosch and went the b-route via Breda and Rotterdam. Total time to get to Amsterdam airport was 2:20hr. We met up with Daniel Wedemeijer at check-in and had no time to chill. Waiting in line took a bit, we dropped our bags and got back in line at passport control. I'm not sure about you, but I hate waiting in lines and I always pick the wrong ones too. It was off to the gate directly and back in line for the security check before we hopped 
2014/7/4 8:20:00 (354 reads)
After a couple of international adventures the FISE crew is taking it one step further in 2014. The official World Tour kicked off in their hometown Montpellier and the next World Tour stop was on the program for Andorra last weekend. Andorra is a small country with 70.000 inhabitants that is located in between Spain and France in the mountains. The Tax free environment combined with the ski/mtb hills and all facilities necessary to live make it an interesting place. For close to three hours in the shuttle from the airport we had no clue where we were heading, but once there it all made sense. The spine mini was set up in the town center while wakeboarding and MTB were up in the Vallnord facility.

13 pro riders made it over to battle for big checks and World Tour points. All of them rode on a high level in qualification with truckdrivers over the spine, flairs and double whips being standard tricks. Riders needed to do something different to stand out or add to the standard tricks of today.
2014/7/3 17:50:00 (122 reads)
Filming an entire BMX video on a one roll 8mm film without any editing or cuts. This was the dream that came true last March thanks to French film director Hadrien Picard and Genoa-born BMX street rider Simone Barraco who will be representing Italy next 5 June at the Austin X-Games – competing against the greatest athletes of his discipline. Simone Barraco is one of the best riders on an international level which is why he came immediately to Hadrien’s mind. The endeavour was not an easy one: selecting the music, examining the times and rhythm of the track, planning how and where to shoot the tricks and then pull them on the first try.

Barcelona was chosen as the set for the video since its streets have always been particularly appealing to skateboarders and BMX riders. Above all, Simone has been living and riding there for about a year.

Each clip has to be filmed in the right order and each trick had to be pulled at the first take because the film could not be cut or
2014/7/2 13:50:00 (130 reads)
Mula fest 2014 park and street results. Layos and Adams win Pro classes in Spain.
Park results:
1 Sergio Layos
2 Daniel Peñafiel
3 Joan Balmaña

2014/7/2 5:20:00 (139 reads)
Pro class:
1. Adam Piatek
2. Brandon van Dulken
3. Joel Marchand

Pro Bowl Jam winner: Brandon van Dulken

Am Great:
1. Joel Dijkstra
2014/7/2 3:40:00 (424 reads)
The dirt jump contest KRAP CHALLENGE BIKE took place from the 4th to the 6th of June at TheJamBO in the exibition area in Bologna and was divided into 2 categories: BMX and MTB. Thanks to the jackpot raffled off from Bologna Fiere of 4000€ for each category, this contest has been the biggest in Italy of 2014. The area has been prepared from KRAP, which has also organized parkour and skateboard during the exibition. For this first edition the structure consisted in a roll-in of 6 meters, two jumps overlooking the dirt landing and a little dirt quarter. The
2014/7/1 3:40:00 (180 reads)
Pro PARK results Barcelona Extreme 2014:
1 Loupos, Brandon 147 AUS 21 FOX 94.00
2 Lainevool, Andres 211 EST 23 MUTANTBIKES 93.00
3 Charveron, Maxime 13 FRA 23 ROCKSTAR 92.33
4 Camacho, Jonathan 189 ECU 21 PONY MALTA 92.00
5 Peytavit, Jean Baptiste 8 FRA 27 TRUC DE FOU 91.67
6 Tencio, Kenneth 192 CRC 20 RED BULL 91.00
2014/6/30 17:20:00 (199 reads)
The Dew Tour Beach Championships came to a dramatic close today with an action sports legends taking home a Dew Cup in front of record crowds in Ocean City, Md. BMX superstar Jamie Bestwick continued his decade of domination by winning his 10th consecutive Dew Cup. The final run of the night resulted in a victory lap for Bestwick, with a dynamic winning run including a turnout flair and a frontside flair at the buzzer, earning a high score of 90.75. By a narrow margin,
2014/6/30 15:20:00 (219 reads)
Round two of the Flatland World Series were held at the Barcelona Extreme event in Spain over the weekend making this an important one for the riders present. Check who ended up in which position in BCN.

Barcelona Extreme BMX Flatland final results:

1. Dominik Nekolny (CZE)
2. Yohei Uchino (JAP)
3. Moto Sasaki (JAP)
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