2015/3/3 22:30:00 (252 reads)

The 2015 Winterjam was supposed to take place a couple of weeks ago but snow on the roof caused a leak and the event was moved to Saturday 28 February. Peter Geys and his crew have added more wood to their park which is connected to The 900 Shop to form a nice place to ride, especially when it's cold and wet outside. Doors to the park were open at 16:00hr and the little fun comp started at 18:00hr. With Peter's own riders forming the judging panel and Peter on the microphone things got underway with a decent line-up. Everyone got two runs each followed by a best trick contest on the spine, box and the street section of the park.

Throw Jimmy van Belle, Kenneth Tancre, Daniel Wedemeijer, Bram de Laat, Niels Mertens and the other riders in one park and you'll get a good session. The vibe was fun and riders were calling out tricks for others to do resulting in some nice attempts, crashes and pulled tricks. When it was time to ride the park all you by yourself the good tricks came out. Some pulled clean runs till the end while others wanted to pull that one trick that they had in mind.

2015/3/2 10:30:00 (120 reads)

Over the weekend one of the biggest "Extreme Sports" events took place in South Africa. The Ultimate X contest brought a lot of international Vans, Red Bull and Fox riders to Capetown to ride on the killer course and have a good time in general. Here's how the top three turned out:

Ultimate X, South Africa

2015/3/1 11:20:00 (139 reads)

Results The900Shop Winterjam, Eksel, Belgium
1) Daniel Wedemeijer
2) Kenneth Tancre
3) Bram de Laat
4) Ferre Beckers
5) Niels Mertens
6) Brian O'Brien
7) Max Vanreyten
8) Jari Roggeveen

2015/2/24 23:30:00 (267 reads)

Jorge “Viki” Gomez may have to change his job description. Before pilots took to the skies for Qualifying at the Red Bull Air Race season opener on Friday, the flatland BMX star went airborne with Challenger Cup pilot Cristian Bolton to get a taste of the world’s fastest motorsport series. During race week Training sessions, Gomez dazzled passersby by displaying his jaw-dropping BMX skills on the Abu Dhabi Corniche, but after his flight, all he could talk about was the high-speed, low-altitude experience of flying through the 25-meter-high Air

2015/2/22 4:20:00 (123 reads)

1st Wolfgang Sauter
2nd Kevin Nikulski
3rd Waldemar Fatkin
4th Dustin Alt
5th Davis Dudelis
6th Dan Hennig

2015/2/19 23:50:00 (192 reads)

FTO Street series. Pro Results skatepark Sweatshop, The Hague, Netherlands. 14 February 2015.
FTO street round 1 Pro results:
1) Jack Nieraeth 89
2) Nicholas Tangerine 86,6
3) Kadeem Eiland 84
4) Daan van Wezel 81,3
5) Janos Baars 78
6) Pim Scheers 77

2015/2/17 15:30:00 (156 reads)

1st Dez Maarsen
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Sietse van Berkel
4th Thomas Noyer
5th Stephan Fabien
6th Kris Gautier
7th Sebastian Grubinger
8th Maxandre Van De Pilone
9th Fred Page
10th Kevin Meyer
11th Seon Hoon Lie
12th William Herve

2015/2/12 12:10:00 (167 reads)

Stop #3 Results: Open
1: Matt Ray
2: Ryan Torrance
3: Brian Fox
4: Jack Straiton
5: Case Taylor
6: Mark Mulville
7: Riley Jordan
8: Jared Eberwein
9: JR Hobbs
10: Tyler Clark

2015/2/9 19:00:00 (148 reads)

BMX Open class results:
2. DEGARDIN Maxime BORDEAUX 76 pts
3. LABBE Alexis VANNES 74 pts
8. L'HELGUEN Antoine QUIMPER 63 pts

2015/2/4 14:40:00 (733 reads)

It's fair to say that the level of BMX riders coming out of the Benelux hasn't been internationally known all too much with the exception of a few. Reason being, no place to "train". But with the 040BMXPARK in Eindhoven around, that has changed. Foam, resi, wood. You can take it step by step. Most importantly, there is an indoor place to ride now which is such a big help, especially in the wintertime when it's cold and wet and it gets dark at 5PM. "040" has been around for a few years and the level doesn't go up in a few weeks, but after a couple of years of riding and riders pushing and helping eachother you can see the difference.

Especially people who had not seen the riders for a couple of years were pleasantly surprised. Not only the pro class impressed, the ams were ripping too. Flipping the box at age 11 (Jari Roggeveen) is unreal. Doing high barspin airs and tailwhips at age 15 (Roby Burggrave) is becoming 'normal'. It's so awesome to see this happening.

2015/1/21 12:00:00 (250 reads)

Here are the points after the first 2 stops of the 2015 Florida BMX series. The lowest contest will be dropped and finals will have a 50% bonus. Get on the program.

OPEN class
Name         Oviedo     SPOT     Adjusted     Total
1 Brian Fox         100     100                 0     200
2 Mark Mulville         75     85                 0     160
3 Jack Straiton         85     49                 0     134

2015/1/19 18:20:00 (325 reads)

Kenneth Tencio, Daniel Dhers, Kevin Peraza and some more pro riders made a trip to Chile for the annual Austral BMX comp. Always an adventure and pretty much always a good time. Enough stories to tell afterwards. Here's how they ended up.

Austral BMX Contest pro results:
1 Kevin Peraza
2 José Torres
3 Daniel Dhers
4 Kenneth Tencio
5 Jonathan Camacho

2015/1/16 19:20:00 (341 reads)

On December 27, BMX shop in Barcelona 360BS organized as usual the last concentration of the year, LA ULTIMA STREET. This year it was great, 250 riders were registered at 360bike shop, free Rockstars for everyone and lots of prizes from our sponsors. The city police showed up, but thanks to the riders good behavior, we had no serious issues. This year all spots were new thanks to Julian Inorreta, who always helps us with the tour. This year we chose Gracia district and we ended in Plaza España, where we were invited to the 1st edition of FEST XD.

2014/12/31 23:50:00 (1066 reads)

2014 saw the birth of the FISE World Series. The tour brought BMX and a couple of other sports to France, Andorra, China and Malaysia. With a good sum of money on the line at the end of the series, several riders decided to hit up the stops looking for a chunk of that prize purse and taking the opportunity to see a bit of the world. The last stop on the program was held in Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Most of us had never heard of it prior to the FISE World Series but the place became good fun as soon as everyone found out it was cheap there and they had scooters for rent. In no time the mopeds were rented out and the island was discovered by the scooter gang. It did not matter if it rained or not as it was warm enough and it made for some good skids.

In town for the FISE were a.o. Daniel Dhers (VEN) who had his mind set on that € 12.000,= euro check for the overall winner. The top five of the most recent stop in China got their flights and hotel paid for so Logan Martin (AUS), Alex Coleborn (GBR), Andreev Konstantin (RUS) and Mike Varga (CAN) also made the trip.

2014/12/26 5:40:00 (591 reads)

Big checks were handed out in Malaysia to the overall winners of the 2014 FISE World Series. Here's how the boys ended up in the standings.
1 Daniel DHERS - 3570 pts
2 Alex Coleborn - 3240 pts
3 Logan MARTIN - 3000 pts
4 Daniel WEDEMEIJER - 2530 pts
5 Alessandro BARBERO - 2340 pts
6 Andreev Konstantin - 2030
7 Jack Watts - 1660
8 Maxime Charveron - 1590
9 Mike Varga - 1570
10 AJ Anaya - 1420
11 Alex Nikulin - 1160
12 Dean Cueson - 1080
13 Jack Clark - 900
14 Kenneth Tencio - 830

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