2015/10/2 15:00:00 (174 reads)

The third Recon Tour PRO event took place this past weekend in New Hampshire at the world famous Rye Airfield. The competition was fierce attracting some of the biggest names in BMX from around the world. Flipping his way to the PRO win and $5K was “The Dingo” himself, Andy Buckworth. Right on his heels was Daniel Sandoval taking home second place with $2.5K, and the young gun Colton Walker grabbed third earning himself $1K. “When Jamie Bestwick who is the most iconic BMX athlete in the world is 

2015/9/29 23:50:00 (166 reads)

Flatland results Urban Waves, Kortrijk, Belgium
1- Matthias Dandois
2- Viki Gomez
3- Alex Jumelin
4- Sietse van Berkel
5- Gilles van de Sompel

1. Kenneth Tancré

2015/9/29 9:00:00 (137 reads)


1 - Andy Buckworth
2 - Daniel Sandoval
3 - Colton Walker
4 - Mike Varga
5 - Joel Bondu
6 - Scotty Cranmer
7 - Jake Leiva
8 - Rob Armour
9 - Pat Casey
10 - Chase Pauza

2015/9/25 20:50:00 (152 reads)

The 15th edition of « Sessions Volcaniques » took place from 11 to 13 September 2015, in Aurillac. Due to bad weather the contests Skate & BMX and free concert of Gérard Baste had to be moved to the « Halle de Lescudilliers » on Saturday, September 11. Despite this last-minute change program we celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the most beautiful way! Highlights of these « Sessions Volcaniques 2015 » have of course been the contests Skate & BMX that occurred on Madneom Skate Artistic modules, 

2015/9/25 18:00:00 (850 reads)

It's not easy to put on events of a bigger size but it was Martijn Vroemen's goal to make this one happen. And not somewhere in an empty field, no, in the middle of Den Haag, one of the bigger cities in The Netherlands. With sports such as snowboarding, ski, wakeboarding, skateboarding, MTB and BMX on the program, it almost felt like a smaller version of the FISE, but then in our home country. It felt nice to just walk to the train station and get to an event that way. Two hours later I walked the five minutes from central station to the event site and checked into the hotel which was right next to the Spui Plein where the BMX, skateboard, Ski, MTB and Snowboard events took place. I even had a room with a window that overlooked the course which was handy because you could keep an eye out for the activities that were happening at a certain moment. 

The weather leading up to the weekend hadn't been great. it actually sucked. Getting the park/street course and dirt jumps done in time was a challenge. The landings of the dirt jumps were

2015/9/21 9:00:00 (229 reads)

The Hague Freestyle Pro event. BMX top three results:

1- Kenneth Tancré
2- Tom van den Bogaard
3- Tobi Merz

1- Tom van den Bogaard

2015/9/20 23:40:00 (296 reads)

The rider who won the Best Trick on Street at the TH Pro freestyle contest in The Hague goes by the name of Daan van Wezel with a crossfooted toothpick hangover down the rail. Qualifying results for Pro Park and Pro Dirt can be viewed below. Finals on Sunday afternoon.

Pro Park finalists:
1 Kostya Andreev
2 Tom van den Bogaard
3 Daniel Wedemeijer
4 Drew Bezanson
5 Jack Clark
6 Michael Beran
7 Kenneth Tancre
8 Paul Thoelen
9 Panos Manalas
10 Mat Armstrong
11 Spiros Tiniakos
12 Pim Scheers

2015/9/17 15:30:00 (393 reads)

The final rounds of the 2015 Vert and Park series took place over the August Bank Holiday weekend at the awesome Mount Hawke skatepark in the depths of Cornwall. A lot of the riders and organisers took the opportunity to make a holiday of it, combining two of the world’s best activities, BMX and camping. The vert and park series are in their third and second years respectively, and are there to provide a solid platform for riders in the UK to meet up, visit different parks and have a free to enter open contest series. 

Building for the future, turnouts of 20 riders in under 13s park, and 15 in under 13s vert show there’s plenty of fresh blood on the horizon. Moving up the groups, the standard of riding in Amateur and Pro, in particular from lesser known up-and-coming riders, is going to keep some established riders on their toes. The series aims to grow year on year so find it on facebook, come along to a contest and enter for fun. In the meantime check out the photos and the overall placings to spot some names for the future!

2015/9/17 11:00:00 (399 reads)

It's been a busy few weeks over here and honestly no BMX event was on the schedule for this weekend. Until Paul left a message if I wanted a ride to Burnside for the 2015 BOK edition. It had been a few years I'd seen Herm and the boys at Burnside so I took the offer. On arrival the second Pro qualifying group was busy on the indoor park/street course. The Ams already had their qualifying done. Between group two and three a quick bunny hop contest was held outside with the winner clearing 95cm in the light rain. It was back inside for group 3

2015/9/17 8:00:00 (185 reads)

We had a blast! The last EX&HOP Tour Stop of the year at the Streetlife Festival in Munich had everything one could have wished for: sun, blue sky, tons of action and the entire local BMX scene as well as riders from the UK, Hungary and Austria. For the first time ever all local BMX institutions had been involved: the setup was made up of the massive Countrybikes Jumpbox, parts of the Showtime BMX course, the FURTHER Quarter and tons of goodies  from the 360Grad BMX Shop.

The first place went to Michael Meisel from Kulmbach with Barspins to double tailwhip, flip nohander and bar to tailwhip variations, followed by Simon Moratz from Munich with a  heel klicker flip and superman flip. Bobo Ujvari from Hungary came third by showing off 360 triple barspins and a flip to nofoot cancan. Local legend Andi Wohning decided to just change the direction of the course and secured the 4th place with a 180 barspin to tuck no hand and 540 in the bank..The pictures speak for themselves.

Of course there was also the obligatory riders BBQ, this time with

2015/9/15 5:40:00 (202 reads)

The Toul BMX JAM 5 took place last weekend. The weather was difficult, but the sunshine came in during the party and a great time was had in the little town called Toul, in Eastern France. 13 Pro Flatlanders were in the place for a great show at the end of the week-end. Here are the results:



2015/9/2 15:00:00 (294 reads)

Viki Gomez clinched the WFC title at the Real City Spin in Canada last weekend. We've posted up the top three results already but we've now got the full list of who finished where. Check through the list to see where your favourite flatland rider ended up. Big list of participants so get ready. 

Pro class:
1) Viki Gomez
2) Yohei Uchino
3) Matthias Dandois
4) Moto Sasaki
5) Dez Maarsen

2015/8/31 20:50:00 (104 reads)

Qualification results Fise Experience Le Havre, France
1 Cam PEAKE 90.00 pts
2 Istvan CAILLET 88.00 pts
3 Florian FERRASSE 85.00 pts
4 Alex PERFETTI 84.00 pts
5 George BATTY 79.00 pts
6 Channon BALORIAN 75.00 pts

2015/8/31 8:50:00 (248 reads)

Imagine, looking over the ledge into the abyss of a dizzying 40ft drop. As your palms grow sweaty, you’re reluctant to get too close as the vertigo kicks in – nerves freeze you in your tracks. But for professional BMX rider Drew Bezanson, his goal is to launch himself from that 4-storey ledge and onto a curved wall suspended in space 6ft. away which will return him safely to where he started. Controlling those nerves and accepting the fear are what set Bezanson apart from the pack, as documented in his latest video release ‘Uncontainable’ from Red Bull.

2015/8/30 23:50:00 (191 reads)

Qualification results World Flatland League stop, Montreal, Canada.
1. Yohei Uchino
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Dez Maarsen
4. Takahiro Ikeda
5. Pakphum Poosa
6. Takuya Higa
7. Viki Gomez

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