2012/8/27 12:10:00 (3727 reads)
RAD vs LAME. The list is back. Can't think of more right now but I'm sure there is.
RAD                                           LAME
Mellowpark                                 Rain
Kris Fox                                     BMX seriousness
Berlin city tour                            Injuries
Bob Haro Revolution artwork        Wasp bite in your lip
All guys flipping the 13m double   Riders dying too young
2011/9/23 19:20:00 (3285 reads)
-Dana the waitress. kept us hydrated for 11 hours.
-Ricky T's on Treasure Island
-Dr. App
-300$ Margarita bill
-Live music from Kevin
-Sarasota UCI SX World Cup cancelled
-Big Air Dirt Best Trick SLC
-Aggroman on stage
-Golden wristband hookup (thanks Allan)
-Photobooth Nora Cup
-Zion park
-S&M/FIT tradeshow booth Interbike
-Free booze at Stolen
-Shopping in America
-Hotel view Driftwood Inn
2011/4/18 11:00:00 (6405 reads)
Lion park
Monkeys in the backyard
BMX Direct warehouse
Emirates service
Waterfall trails spot
Leatt Medical car
Durban beach concrete park
Indian Ocean
SA riders
Free wireless access
Sunny Side Up catering
2011/2/8 10:00:00 (5645 reads)
-The Simpel Session
-Bert's snow drifting skills
-Girls in the crowd
-The after parties
-Skateboarders watching BMX comp
-FATBMX media partner
2010/6/3 18:00:00 (4360 reads)
-Direct flights
-Street Meat
-Black market
-Shanghai skyline
-Fratrand shows
-Family mart
-SMP park
-Wifi in the lobby
-G&P factory tour
-Cheap drinks/food
-Bestwick on vert
-Shanghai street ride
-BMX rider game
-Turndown to tailwhip flips
2010/5/18 16:20:00 (5563 reads)
Bulldog tattoos
Wir sind die Beste
Phelan's TW drop
Italian job
NacNac fakie
Champion Levan
Nom Prenom
Missing eeting with Major
Boy into water
Total Loss Remo
FISE crowd
Steak American
2009/11/20 20:10:00 (4095 reads)
The anticipated and feared RAD-LAME list is back. Who's on it?

RAD                                           LAME

Contributors to FATBMX        People stealing content
Making MX A-finals                 Making MX B-finals
Keeping it BMX                        Doing it for the money
Street rides                              Bad organizers
HD clips                                   Bad quality videos
2007/6/27 0:20:00 (6840 reads)
360 double downside whip Buffalo Grill
New FISE Location Throwing bikes
Black credit card Australian (gay) bar
Tuck air Yannick Rain 
Kid Down Dog High
Jack, Johnny and Steve
 Surridge pin-up pics
17 MB
 Wilke smoking again
Spinner's flatland run Bars closing at 2am
Empire of Dirt cancelled Decoy trails session
Free wireless Pay for wireless internet
New La Finca warehouse Small hot offices
New house
Collection stuff Running out of space
RebelYell magazine Being dropped at the station
Helm trails Bike maintenance
El Diablo Run
 Easyjet delays  
2007/1/8 0:20:00 (9341 reads)
It has been a while since we did a RAD - LAME list. Why now? I don't know but here it is.
-JT's Torker
-FATBMX advertisers
-Volume On the Clock DVD
-Freecoaster hubs that work
-Supercross season has started
-The internet
-Indoor riding facilities
-BMX on Extreme Channel
2006/1/6 3:50:00 (6893 reads)
The RAD-LAME list changes any minute of the day. We came up with the following items this week but it could be a completely different list tomorrow. You see, we're on our way to Estonia for the Pop Session and a lot of things always can go wrong on a trip like this. What it is, we don't know yet but that's the beauty of packing your bags and go. Call it adventure. I'll add that to the RAD list right now.
2005/2/15 11:30:00 (7007 reads)
We've been doing the RAD-LAME list since we did the print version of FATBMX in the late eighties. 15 years later it's still fun to put people on the rad and the lame list. To see who made it this time, click right here:
2004/11/30 20:53:00 (7855 reads)
Eastpak's Beeropenerbelts
European SX Team
Mohammed B.
Eibe ramps
2004/1/31 0:40:00 (6667 reads)
BMX Shoe companies
Kagy back on the bike
FATBMX.com Pro Account Status
BMX books
Reaching Max Bandwidth
Held at gunpoint
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