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Are your ready for the most exciting, BMX-packed weekend in Southern California? With non-stop events going on, you definitely don't want to miss out on the fun and excitement. Our host location - the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA is an incredible place to visit. In addition, there are 4 major attractions:

1.   USA BMX Gold Cup Championship presented by DK Bicycles.
2.   National BMX Hall of Fame museum is open to visitors all

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As far as I recall, I first interacted with Scot at the Yamaha Gold Cup qualifier in San Diego. I was 13. To imagine that he was only 16 and running that thing at the time is amazing. He always went by the monikor "the OM (Old Man)" I believe as a marketing tool to get parents, sponsors and business partners to think he was more mature than he was, and he grew a beard as soon as he could... Most of us had no idea how old he was. For him to pull off what he did between the ages of 13 and 30 is amazing.

There has been much argument over the last few years as to who "created" BMX. Our friend in Europe Gerrit Does has images of bicycle races with number plates on city bikes over jumps and berms. But one guy started putting on races regularly in SoCal

2015/7/17 18:10:00 (320 reads)

USABMX are proud to announce the "Class of 2015" - legends from all aspects of BMX. They are:

He was the original "Wildman." Northern California's Frank Post

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SE Bikes is mourning the loss of Scot Breithaupt, the “Godfather of BMX” and founder of the SE brand. Breithaupt, who passed away Sunday at the age of 57, is credited with jump-starting the sport by organizing and promoting the first-ever BMX races on makeshift tracks in Southern California in the 1970s. He established the Bicycle United Motocross Society, became a national champion, was inducted into the U.S. BMX Hall of Fame, and lived his life as a devout promoter of BMX racing – now an Olympic sport – up until to his death.
Since Breithaupt created SE Racing back in 1977, the SE brand has grown, thrived, and evolved to now include many different styles of bikes. But at its core, SE remains deeply rooted in BMX and will forever be indebted to Breithaupt for his pioneering innovations nearly four decades earlier.  
“Our entire line of retro BMX bikes is directly credited to Scot. They

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BMX has lost one of the founding members in Scot Breithaupt. News arrived in the middle of the night and spread fast. The Old Man is no more. This morning I watched the Joe Kid video from start to finish and it's impressive to see what Scot has done for BMX. He was there when it started and made it bigger, and bigger. SE Racing stands for Scot Enterprises, his company which he sold later on but will live on with his name attached to it. In 1981 Scot made it over to The Netherlands with RL. Osborn and Mike Buff and did a demo in Venhorst, barely 15

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