2015/5/27 23:40:00 (132 reads)

Dennis McCoy came down to ride and I talked him into jumping out of a plane with me. It was most amazing day until... We got back to my house and jumped on the vert ramp for a quick session before Dennis hit the road. We were doing doubles on 7/20 for the first 720 Worldwide BMX Day. Well... I messed up and head on collided with DMC. Nearly killed him, seriously. I bruised and fractured my pelvic, but I wish I took more for Dennis. 

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My first "real USA" BMX bike was a TORKER. Racing and Trickriding with the same bike was normal in the early 80's cause I couldn't afford a Race AND Freestyle bike. TORKER made the first real Freestyle frame for HARO but before that it was the best frame to use for Freestyle, riders like Bob Haro, Mike Dominguez were using Torkers. If I had the money in 1983 this TORKER 280X should be my "DREAM" bike for racing, it has my original 1983 Wizard Number plate on it with #164, the rest is all bought on ebay:

2015/4/17 9:00:00 (9958 reads)

My most favourite rider of all time is Andy Patterson, he stayed at our house in 1982 and Bart and I were so stoked to have him, Mike Salido & Dean Ellison staying at our house during the European Championships at Beek en Donk. He did endless wheelies on our mom's dutch bike and ate a hamburger in only two bites, not to mention a bag of chips in half an hour. He rode his Skyway TA for the first time at that race and left Skyway in 1984, this replica is his 1984 racing bike just before going to JMC. 

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Strip & Street is what S&S stands for and all I know is that they were a Muffler shop in Costa Mesa California, don't know if that turned out to the famous S&S Performance factory that is making engines/carburators for custom motorcycles but who cares. I was reading a BMX PLUS! magazine from 1980 and saw this S&S bike test and thought: "That's a nice bike to have in my collection" and checked ebay the same day. And out of the blue I saw an S&S frame with Diamond Back fork and my bit was high enough to be the winner of the auction. Turned out that the seller was Shannon of the ABA, same guy where I bought the IRC fronttire. Coincedence or not but after checking how to make the stickersets, Mike Hoogerheide saw a S&S stickerset on ebay! Yes I bought two sets so I can mess up one.

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