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If you race a whole season you see a lot of tracks. That number plate has seen it all. Mud, sunshine, crashes, your plate was right there. The number on it becomes special. You'll remember that number for the rest of your life. You'll see it back at the supercross, or the bingo, or at the next race when someone runs "your number". The HARO 1B was a very popular plate designed by Bob Haro some thirty years ago. If you ever had one, you probably still have it. If not, this is your chance to own a new one.

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Haro Bikes is pleased to announce the launch of the latest installment in their history series - Haro Bikes – The Rise of BMX Freestyle – Volume 2, written by author Dom Phipps taking place at House of Vans London on Saturday 13th December. Haro Bikes - The Rise of BMX Freestyle - Volume 2, is a 176 page book written and researched by author Dom Phipps. “Rise 2” rejoins the Haro story in early 1987, shortly after Bob Haro had negotiated the sale of the company to the mighty West Coast Cycle distribution empire. During that negotiation, a stipulation agreed on by all parties, would be Bob Haro and Haro Vice President Jim Ford’s commitment to lead the company into an exciting new era. Both Haro and Ford would agree, and the future looked brighter than ever.

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You've probably noticed a few old school UK rider interviews being put back up on the main page the last couple of days. It's for good reason. On December 13th the second edition of the HARO Book will be released at the House Of Vans in London, England. We want to gear people up for it by looking back a few years. We're ready for a good night out with the likes of Mat Hoffman, James Hudson, Kevin Martin, Simon Tabron, Andy Brown, Dennis McCoy, Craig Campbell, Joe Hawk, John Buultjens, Matthias Dandois, etc. Sign up for it by going to the HARO Book Launch Facebook page. Here's a little interview with author Dom Phipps on his first HARO Book.

The new one just finished and will be available in London on December 13th.

Name: Dom Phipps
Occupation: Free Lance Project Manager

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