2015/4/16 15:00:00 (135 reads)
2015/4/16 11:06:08 (109 reads)

We think it's great when people who are putting in the effort, energy and the money to do something for BMX get rewarded by covers of magazines. Pat Casey expanded his backyard gloriness by having Adam Aloise and his crew add some rad dirt jumps to it. The ride crew jumped on it and came up with this sick cover photo of Pat playing in his dream yard. Let's see what the next coverboy has to do to make it on the front page.

The mag will be in the Newsstands tomorrow and this is what you can expect: - Departments -

Geoff Slattery, Sean Ricany, and Jono Hopping ain’t scared of heights.

2015/4/10 6:10:00 (218 reads)

HARO BMX now has THREE Haro Pro frames! It’s been a long time since the Mirra and Nyquist Pro models!

Dennis Enarson: SDv2

The Dennis Enarson SDv2 is available now. Some people call it an SDv3, but in all honesty, we created Dennis’ SDv1, made some improvements and the SDv2 was born. Now for 2015 Dennis just wanted to freshen up the colors and we redesigned the sticker kit. Why change the frame if Dennis is totally comfortable on it and it’s holding up just fine for all the abuse Dennis puts on it?

Full 4130 chromoly with an integrated head tube, mid BB shell, integrated seat post clamp and fully removable brake mounts, double-butted top and down tubes.

2015/4/9 16:50:00 (132 reads)

#printisnotdead. That goes for SOUL BMX Magazine out of France just as well as it goes for BMX Rider magazine that also just released another issue of their mag. It's weird to think that if there would be no magazines left, that it's impossible to score "a cover". As a rider, or as a photographer these things are a fairly big deal. Hadrien Picard shot this cover and I'm sure there will be more to come for him but it will be getting harder with less BMX magazines being printed and less issues coming out by those mags that are still going.

#86 of Soul just came out today and doesn't require wifi to read it. It's free too. Visit a good BMX dealer in France to pick up your copy.

2015/4/9 13:20:00 (169 reads)

#printisnotdead! After the bad news that Factory Media is stopping print media it doesn't mean that all print is now gone. Without Freedom BMX magazine around, BMX RIDER mag will most likely do better. It's still nice to have a magazine in your hands and the Germans have a chance to grab a new issue of BMX Rider now. Issue #17 just came out and has a whole lot to offer in a slightly new layout. They're covering the German BMX scene but are also looking abroad. Winter is over, bring on spring!

Well, dirt diggers think different. When it's cold and wet, the dirt is ready to be packed. Benny Paulsen explains.

Camilo Gutierrez not only gets the cover of the new issue, but a

2015/4/6 17:30:00 (186 reads)

Leatt introduces the 3DF Airflex knee and elbow guards. See what they have to offer so you can ride again after the crash.
-Super slim 6mm CE impact certified
-Weight only 100gram each for Elbows
-Weight only 105gram each for Knees
-Armourgel ultra slim impact absorbing gel
-MoistureCool wicking fabric

2015/4/3 17:50:00 (224 reads)

Frame: "Femur Frame" by Impurity Bike Co.
Bars: "Deluxe Team Handle Bars".
Fork: "Saito Street Forks" by DartBMX.
Stem: Superstar Elect Stem (Mid-School / Discontinued).
Grips: "Backlash" by Alienation.
Headset: "Prime" by DartBMX.
Seat: "Fatty Combo" by DartBMX.
Seat Post: See above.
Clamp: Integrated.

2015/4/3 10:30:00 (8196 reads)

Torker didn't really know that they made a "Freestyle / Trickriding " frame when they made their "Race" frame with twin toptubes in the late seventies. I raced with a Torker and when I started to do some trickriding between races it was a good choice cause it made framestanders a lot easier. Bob Haro rode one too and the first HARO FREESTYLER is also made by Torker, the first real "Freestyle BMX" frame in the World. This is a Torker set up as I rode from about 81-85 with one of the first SKYWAY Spinmasters (Gyro) and Axle standers (Pegs) in Europe, we had a hook up at SKYWAY

2015/4/2 8:30:00 (1014 reads)

Frame: Lairdframe
Forks: Demolition Elite
Headset: Not sure
Bars: Tree Sequoia
Stem: Madera Mast
Grips: ODI Longneck Super Soft
Brake Lever: Odyssey Trigger
Top Cable: SST
Gyro: Odyssey GTX-R
Lower Cable: Odyssey

2015/4/1 5:40:00 (163 reads)

You want your forks to be strong, have the right spec and when Dennis Enarson approves on the final design, you know you've got your hands on a killer part. Welcome to HARO's SD FORK:
-Dennis Enarson signature fork
-100% heat treated 4130 chromoly
-CNC machined 1 piece internally threaded steer tube with integrated bearing race
-Tapered legs

2015/3/31 13:30:00 (294 reads)
Name: Daniel Peñafiel "Naran"

Age: 26
Hometown: Burgos, Spain
Hookups: Mutantbikes, Arnette, G-SHOCK, Vans, Dickies, tpf

Frame: mutantbikes TIZONA 20,81
Forks: mutantbikes lobo
Stem: mutantbikes bikes rio top
Headset: mutantbikes
Bars: mutantbikes tizona bars 8,62 high
Grips: mutantbikes
Bar ends: mutantbikes
Seat: mutantbikes gordo

2015/3/30 14:00:00 (132 reads)

Results Round one:

Elite Men:
1. Sylvain André
2. Amidou Mir
3. Damien Godet
4. Romain Mayet
5. Quentin Caleyron
6. Romain Mahieu
7. Romain Riccardi
8. Bence Bujaki

Elite Women:
1. Mariana Pajon
2. Eva Ailloud
3. Magalie Pottier
4. Pauline Corlobé
5. Camille Maire
6. Vilma Rimsaite

2015/3/28 23:50:00 (9611 reads)

This bike was cruising in my hometime and I was chasing the kid to buy the wheels but he disappeared. Weeks later I found him again and offered him a new GT bike for his old and crapy painted Mongoose and he agreed.
: Mongoose Motomag 1979 Repainted and Reproduction Stickers
: Mongoose Tange 1200 Black 1"
: Tange MX2 Chrome 1" NOS
-Stem: Asthabula Gooseneck Matt Black
-Bars: Asthabula Hi-Rise Bars Gloss Black

2015/3/25 11:20:00 (340 reads)

The 2015 CK complete bike has a 100% crmo frame with butted top and down tubes, heat treated tapered stays and dropouts, hour glass Mid BB shell, integrated head tube, integrated seat clamp and removable brake and cable mounts. The Golden complete has a 20.8" top tube and has an MSRP of $1089.99 (USA). Chad's signature ride comes with:
-Premium Chadow pegs (1 pair)
-Premium Fat Capitol Pivotal seat with Pivotal post
-Premium Sub-10 V3 CNC front load stem

2015/3/21 11:10:00 (190 reads)

It's almost that time. The last issue of Freedom BMX magazine is near. #123 is available from today at the better BMX shops and book stores and #124 will still come out, but that will be the very last issue. Bummer, but focus will be on the internet from now on. FAT-'zine made that move in 1998 already, DIG and Freedom are following. We wonder who will be next. But we've got issues coming still. #123 has been dubbed the Frankfurt issue with loads coming from that corner of Germany. Bruno Hoffmann lives there and Freedom did a big interview with the German shredder. Marc Reschke takes you to Berlin to show some spots that you haven't seen yet. Marcus Reuss is back. In this interview he explains why he hasn't been on the scene much for the last two years but he's back now without showing he missed a thing. Benjamin Petsch, Kevin Nikulski, Lukas Häusler, Paul Thölen, the AB-Trails-Crew, Adrian Warnken and Paul Müller explain what terrain they ride the most and why. Carnaval in Cologne, on BMX bikes.

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