2014/10/20 9:50:00 (596 reads)
Name: Kevin Kalkoff
Age: 27
Hometown: Annecy, France
Hookups: Vans, Monster Energy, Subrosa, The Shadow conspiracy, Sparkys France, Purebmxshop, the Roster, Marie Jade.

Frame: Subrosa noster frame 20,8
Forks: Shadow Captive
Stem: Shadow ravaged topload
2014/10/14 21:10:00 (129 reads)
The new Soul is out now in France, for free and available at the better BMX shops. Soul shows the french scene at its finest. Once again, the cover comes from Alx Bizar. Try to get a copy and support its advertisers. They make the mag happen. Here's what's inside:
-Theo Zannettacci
-Shadow kil tour
-Dijon local Scene
-Yann Navarro
-French new bowls
-Rob Dolecki Gallery
-Dio Trail
-Vans Killtheline
2014/10/7 5:40:00 (200 reads)
2014/10/6 23:40:00 (217 reads)
HARO's Blackout XXL is the top of the line complete bike in HARO's race range. The only step forward on this one is the Carbon Clutch frame and fork. The Blackout complete will cost you $1089.99 in the USA and will take you to the podium on your next race. The 2015 season can't come soon enough.

  • 100% heat treated chromoly CLiQ Addict fork with tapered legs, internal threaded CNC one-piece steer tube with built-in
2014/10/4 20:50:00 (546 reads)
Name: Daniel Wedemeijer
Age: 24
Hometown: Helmond, Netherlands
Hookups: Red Bull, Gloryfy Unbreakable, TSG, Paul's Boutique, 040 BMX PARK, SMC, BRAAAB, HARO/Verwimp. 

Frame: Haro Lineage 20.75
Forks: Haro Lineage
Stem: Haro Lineage topload
2014/10/3 18:00:00 (147 reads)
We were hoping to pick up the new issue of BMX Rider at the paranoia booth in Cologne this morning but it's so fresh, they didn't have a copy at their booth at the Intermot show. We can tell you what's inside though. First of all you can win a fresh pair of Vans x Cult shoes. BMX collabs are always a good thing. Support it and they'll do more. Viki Gomez gets a full interview. With Frank Lukas being the editor you know that the mag won't forget about flatland, which is a good thing. Another aspect that needs some more attention is BMX Racing, and BMX Rider added a section dedicated to the fastest men and women on BMX bikes. BMX Rider went to the Vans Kill The Line event in Peynier and came back with pics and a full report. New products were found at the Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen. Patrick Guimez does not ride an Eastern any more. They've gone out of business. But the Bike Check will show what he uses to impress the crowd.
2014/10/2 8:10:00 (234 reads)
Vans teams up with the Star Wars brand once again, this time exploring the dark side of the Force to introduce new designs inspired by villains from the original trilogy. Taking cues from the summer collection, the Vans x Star Wars holiday offering extends through Classics footwear to men’s apparel and accessories combining heritage Vans prints with Star Wars villains from around the galaxy. The sophomore collection kicks off with the Era, which introduces the storm camo, a black and white winter camouflage shoe featuring images of Imperial Stormtroopers. The blended Star Wars and Van
2014/9/30 15:30:00 (215 reads)
$350 USD gets you a whole lot of HARO these days. The HARO Boulevard has everything an entry level rider needs. Of course it does not come with a freecoaster and full cromo tubes and parts but the price is right for this machine. Available in three colours so most likely it is available in a colour that you like.

Enjoy the pics and the parts list and then head to your HARO dealer with that well earned $350,= USD in your pocket. Look for the destination, your HARO will take you there.

2014/9/21 7:20:00 (294 reads)
New for 2015 is the Dennis Enarson signature complete bike in cooperation with Demolition. 100% chromoly SDV2 Dennis Enarson signature frame with butted tubing, hour glass Mid BB shell, integrated head tube, tapered seat and chain stays, welded seat clamp, 21" top tube length and removable brake and cable mounts.

-100% chromoly heat treated SD Dennis Enarson signature fork with internal threaded 1 piece CNC steer tube, tapered legs and
2014/9/20 6:50:00 (287 reads)
Such a solid bike for the pricetag that is put on the HARO Midway. If you're a beginner, this bike is too good for you. But maybe you convince your parents to buy this one anyway. Or do some work and contribute. You won't be disappointed.

Features - HARO Midway
-3 tube chromoly frame (top tube, down tube & seat tube) with mid BB shell, integrated head tube, welded seat clamp and a 20.5"
2014/9/19 21:30:00 (183 reads)
Bike tests and product reviews are a regular in BMX Plus! magazine. This month they're checking in on one of them expensive 6D helmets, the FIT Indent 24 two-piece cranks, a Redline Proline 24 and the Cult Chase V2 frame. In the product section the Merrit Trifecta multi tool is featured as well as the etnies Aaron Ross rap CM shoes, A3 snax bars, The Baco box set, FBM's Hard Way frame, ODSY key chain, Snafu's race fork and the Kink Minus 1 sprocket that has a tooth missing. Jeff Upshaw's Kuwahara gets inspected and the Tech Tip double page spread has protection gear from Atlas, Axo, Fly, 6D, EKS, Deft and EVS. Next to that the November issue has 6 pages full of 2015 complete bikes from a.o. DK, Free Agent, Cult, Redline, Sunday, SE, GT, Hoffman and Mongoose. Enough products?

There's more. Dennis McCoy gets an interview. The Nostalgia page is for Eddy Fiola. Plus visited the Dew Tour and went to the race in South Park. Also Ohio Dreams got visited. 84 pages of BMX

2014/9/18 21:20:00 (273 reads)

It's amazing how cheap you can fly if you book early and don't care about saving Airmiles. Ryanair, Easyjet, Germanwings, Transavia, they take you places within a couple of hours. Especially with fall/winter comping up it's a good thing to check on these flights which might just leave from you local airport. But then, you have a problem. You want your bike to go with you. And in are the extra costs of bringing sports equipment on board. Unless you can pack smart and fit your bike in a bag that noone behind the counter will question. You're staying within the bag measurements and should

2014/9/12 16:00:00 (246 reads)
To some Ollie Shields isn't exactly the new kid on the block, but for others he is. Ollie not only gets a full blown interview in the new issue of RIDE BMX magazine over in the UK, he also scored the cover with a well clicked turndown at a spot which shows that riding BMX can be done anywhere. Ramps do not have to be perfect all the time or painted in the colours of the companies that are supporting the indoor place. The cover shot showcases a true UK style if you ask me. Chingford, Mon's ramp, Leigh on Sea, and Southsea come to mind when I see unpainted ramps, and riders killing it.

But the list doesn't end there with the October 2014 issue. Here's what's inside next to the Ollie Shields interview:
-Nass contest report
-Mat Hoffman visits the UK
-Boardmasters event report
2014/9/4 23:50:00 (218 reads)
What you cannot see here is that the new issue of Freedom BMX mag comes with a giant foldout poster of Pete Sawyer boosting a Hill-tuck out in a field with some concrete. It's the extra thing you get with #120. No stickers on the cover this time but your helmet should be full of junk stickers by now so that doesn't matter. 100 pages show that Freedom isn't about to back down. We'll be seeing more of the mag after this September/October book which has the following content:

-UCI Supercross Mellowpark
-Stephan Götz Interview
-Munich Mash BMX Street Rink
-Waldemar Fatkin Interview
-Shadow Conspiracy KIL Shop Battle
-BMX Cologne
-wethepeople Summer Session Chemnitz

2014/8/30 3:00:00 (545 reads)
Name: Tom van den Bogaard
Age: 17
Hometown: Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
Hook-ups: VANS, FIT, Paul's Boutique, Braaab, 040BMXPARK

Frame: FIT MOTOMAN 21" Mike Aitken sign           
Fork: FIT SHIV2 10mm dropouts           
Seat: FIT Lo-Bolt Kevlar           
Stem: FIT D.L.R. polished by PB
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