2014/4/16 7:20:00 (138 reads)
It's easy to say that you don't need a magazine for newcomers to BMX if you've been involved for many years, but everyone started at some point. For those the BMX BASICS magazine by Freedom BMX is a perfect start. Learn how to do tricks which are explained by Felix Prangenberg (street) and Adrian Warnken (ramps), so you know you're in good hands there with all the tips. BMX Basics teaches you how to put a bike together, something that sounds easy, but if you need to shorten a chain for the first time you need some good tips (and tools) to get the job done. BMX BASICS also shows you where you can ride, how to treat sponsorships, what's involved with BMX contests and lots more. The BMX cake needs to grow. Those complete bikes need to be sold. BMX Basics will help grow the sport of BMX because it has the info that newcomers need to know. Did we mention you can pick one copy up at the local BMX shop for free? What are you waiting for?
2014/4/16 5:40:00 (148 reads)
Name: Desmond Tessemaker
Age: 23
Hometown: Amsterdam, NL
Hookups: KINK bike co, etnies, soulcyle, TSG, Master of Dirt

Frame: Kink Mudrunner 21.25
Fork: Kink Empire
Bars: Kink Human 8.75
Stem: Kink Hittle
2014/4/14 11:10:00 (119 reads)
2014/4/8 21:50:00 (604 reads)
Frame: Haro SDv2 20.8
Forks: FIT Shiv2
Stem: FIT High Topload
Headset: Salt
Gyro: Salt
Bars: Snafu 8.6 Bavaria
Grips: Federal
Bar ends: Proper
Brake lever: Eclat
2014/4/8 19:50:00 (346 reads)

Sometimes product shows up that fully makes sense. The Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 is one of those products. Everyone's life is better with music in it so why not take it with you. The Turtle Shell is small enough to actually put in your backpack when you go for a ride and unpack when you arrive at the riding spot. Then it's loud enough to play your tunes, either through the cable that gets delivered with it or via bluetooth. As long as you stay within a 9 meter range, the music will play, or if you leave your iPod with the speaker you can

2014/4/3 20:00:00 (210 reads)
4 months after SOUL and FIGURE merging, the new magazine is finally revealed, all fresh and…free. Find out the new art direction, the new french oriented editorial contents and the new young and talented contributors in a whole new type of print object. Leaving the newstands after 16 years of loyal services, SOUL is welcoming a fresh new start with a square heavy look of 132 pages. More than ever supported by the
2014/4/2 22:20:00 (230 reads)

Frame: Mankind Action Frame 20,75" shining raw
Fork: Mankind Justice Fork 
Bar: Mankind Action Bar 8,9" 
Stem: Mankind Epoch 2.0 Top Load
Headset: Mankind Epoch Integrated
Front wheel: Mankind Prometheus Front Hub, Primo 7series Rim, Mankind Spokes 
Rear Wheel: Mankind Prometheus Cassette LHD 9t Hub, Primo 7series Rim, Mankind Spokes 

2014/3/31 3:10:00 (197 reads)
Music has played a role in the self-expression and individuality of sports. The reason DC decided to team up with the Misfits. From hell they came... 30 years ago in a small town in New Jersey. It was there, at the dawn of the punk movement in April 1977, that the Misfits were born. Taking for their name the title of Marilyn Monroe's final movie,
2014/3/28 14:30:00 (216 reads)
Two riders, two new pairs of shoes from etnies. Low-top vs Hi top. Street vs Ramp. But who would you pick in a fight if you had to pick for either Ben Lewis from Liverpool or Tom Dugan from Austin? It could be an interesting match between the two. For certain Ben Lewis will have more force but underestimating Dugan's tactics would be stupid, he could make some surprise attacks.
2014/3/27 17:40:00 (151 reads)

After ten issues of BMX Rider magazine times got rough in the office and changes were made in the crew. But issue 11 will be in the book stores next week Wednesday and this is what you can expect:

-Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams in Cologne
-Daniel Düsentrieb aka James Smith ITW
-Simple Session 2014
-WTP Spring Session event in Bremen
-Masters of Dirt: Simon Moratz answers the questions
-Short Talk Special with the following dudes: Ben Wessling/Kadeem Eiland/Dustyn Alt/Timo Klatt
-FAV5 with Waldemar Fatkin
-Company Check: Kunstform visit
-Last Call with Stefan “Wastl” Grubinger

2014/3/27 12:30:00 (148 reads)

The one before another big one. I'd be disappointed if ussue Number 199 doesn't have at least one reference to Travis Pastrana. I'm sure it's in there, go find it. For sure the following can be found in the May/June double month issue:

- Departments -

Despite all odds, Brian Kachinsky perseveres and takes advantage of a remarkable setup.

Up Front
Just the facts, please… sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

Pro Q&A: Tyler Fernengel

2014/3/27 8:30:00 (423 reads)
Hey, let's take the PowerBlock and make it into a street tire - easy right? Sure, if 10 months of testing and 3 mold changes is consider easy. Why the trouble? Well, as it's been a while since we developed a street tire we obsessed over the details to make sure we got it right. So the seemingly minor changes over its cousin, they actually took some major effort. But we think you'll appreciate our obsession.

-PneuMax 110 PSI Casing
-Folding Bead
-APP All-Purpose Rubber Compound
20x2.25 - 19.9oz; 565g
20x2.15 - 18oz; 510g
20x1.95 - 15.9oz; 452g

-PneuMax 110 PSI Casing
-Steel Bead
-APP All-Purpose Rubber Compound
2014/3/19 23:30:00 (432 reads)
Name: Kevin Peraza
Age: 19
Location: Tucson, AZ
Sponsors: Mongoose Bicycles, Monster Energy, Vans, Ethika, Fuse Protection

Frame: Mongoose Fraction
Fork: Demolition Elite
Bars: Fiend
2014/3/19 19:50:00 (164 reads)
We get contacted by all kind of companies presenting all kind of products. Some want us to pay for the product and shipping so we can post in online, like some speaker company today. Well, it doesn't work that way. You can send product and we'll review it when the time is right. These adhesive signal lights arrived earlier this week. It's basically a bright LED light in three functions (blink fast, steady, and slow strobe) that can be taped to whatever you think works. It weighs practically nothing so you can always carry some in your backpack or under your seat when that cop hassles you for riding without a light.
2014/3/15 15:00:00 (269 reads)
Flatland rider will be stoked to see Moto Sasaki on the cover of the May issue of BMX Plus! magazine. Flatland riders don't get the love they deserve most of the time so for a flatland rider to score a cover of a BMX magazine is a big deal. What has the Plus! crew come up with this time? Here's the list:
-USA BMX Season opener. Silver Dollar National sets the pace for 2014.
-Bike check Anthony Dean's CHASE machine
-Must have Safety Gear. Over 70-plus! picks
-From the track to the street. First tests from CCH and FIT
-Bike Check Kevin Peraza
-Racing the scariest BMX tracks. Four decades of fear
-One-Love flatland jam
-Inside Scoop
-Ask the BMXperts
-Mini Mart
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