2015/3/28 1:20:00 (9384 reads)

This bike was cruising in my hometime and I was chasing the kid to buy the wheels but he disappeared. Weeks later I found him again and offered him a new GT bike for his old and crapy painted Mongoose and he agreed.
: Mongoose Motomag 1979 Repainted and Reproduction Stickers
: Mongoose Tange 1200 Black 1"
: Tange MX2 Chrome 1" NOS
-Stem: Asthabula Gooseneck Matt Black
-Bars: Asthabula Hi-Rise Bars Gloss Black

2015/3/25 11:20:00 (299 reads)

The 2015 CK complete bike has a 100% crmo frame with butted top and down tubes, heat treated tapered stays and dropouts, hour glass Mid BB shell, integrated head tube, integrated seat clamp and removable brake and cable mounts. The Golden complete has a 20.8" top tube and has an MSRP of $1089.99 (USA). Chad's signature ride comes with:
-Premium Chadow pegs (1 pair)
-Premium Fat Capitol Pivotal seat with Pivotal post
-Premium Sub-10 V3 CNC front load stem

2015/3/21 11:10:00 (159 reads)

It's almost that time. The last issue of Freedom BMX magazine is near. #123 is available from today at the better BMX shops and book stores and #124 will still come out, but that will be the very last issue. Bummer, but focus will be on the internet from now on. FAT-'zine made that move in 1998 already, DIG and Freedom are following. We wonder who will be next. But we've got issues coming still. #123 has been dubbed the Frankfurt issue with loads coming from that corner of Germany. Bruno Hoffmann lives there and Freedom did a big interview with the German shredder. Marc Reschke takes you to Berlin to show some spots that you haven't seen yet. Marcus Reuss is back. In this interview he explains why he hasn't been on the scene much for the last two years but he's back now without showing he missed a thing. Benjamin Petsch, Kevin Nikulski, Lukas Häusler, Paul Thölen, the AB-Trails-Crew, Adrian Warnken and Paul Müller explain what terrain they ride the most and why. Carnaval in Cologne, on BMX bikes.

2015/3/20 12:00:00 (225 reads)

-Frame: Haro SDv2 21" Olive Green
-Forks: Haro Lineage
-Headset: Social
-Stem: Profile Push, Top load
-Bars: Haro lineage 29" cut down to 28"
-Grips: ODI O grips
-Bar ends: Proper, screw ins
-Chain: Cult 510
-Sprocket: Profile Sabre 28t
-Cranks: Profile Columns

2015/3/18 21:00:00 (203 reads)

-Frame: HARO Lineage 20.75 Chrome
-Forks: HARO Lineage Chrome
-Headset: Total BMX polish
-Stem: HARO frontload Alu colour
-Bars: HARO Lineage Chrome
-Grips: Longneck Ck black
-Bar ends: ODI
-Cranks: HARO Lineage black spline drive
-Chain: Shadow V2 black

2015/3/18 4:20:00 (144 reads)

Leatt introduces the 3DF Airflex knee and elbow guards. See what they have to offer so you can ride again after the crash.
-Super slim 6mm CE impact certified
-Weight only 100gram each for Elbows
-Weight only 105gram each for Knees
-Armourgel ultra slim impact absorbing gel
-MoistureCool wicking fabric

2015/3/17 9:40:00 (132 reads)

The Van Doren collection at Vans has two fresh models for the Spring-Summer 2015 collection. One Era model and one classic Slip-On. Read all about them in this post.
Inspired by reissued prints and patterns from the Vans archives, The Van Doren Era is a classic low top lace-up skate shoe that has a durable double-stitched, all-over printed canvas upper, metal

2015/3/16 16:20:00 (190 reads)

Frame: wtp scorpio 20.75
Fork: wtp scorpio
Headset: eclat cargo
Stem: wtp
Bars: wtp sterling bar 9.2
Grips: odi xl black
Bar ends: kink
Brake lever: eclat sniper 1 finger
Brake calipers: eclat the unit u-brake

2015/3/13 13:00:00 (172 reads)

In October 1988 Fuzzy Hall had a cover of BMX Plus! doing a Hannah at one of the first BMX dirt jump jams wearing full Vision Street Wear gear riding a stickered up bike. Fast forward 27 years and Tim Hall is on the cover of BMX Plus! again. It shows that BMX doesn't stop at age 25. Keith Mulligan, free of any Ride magazine hoopla, shot the cover of the May 2015 issue that just came out. I need to get my hands on the mag again because the issues stopped coming. The FISE Langkawi report is in there and should have some of my photos and the story in it. Always good to see your stuff in print. What else? Keep it Simple. Not a Simple Bikes article nor a Simple Session report (yet), but Tricks, Tips and the Pro Attitude that will motivate you for a lifetime. BMX Plus! checks in with FOX' Greg Illingworth and finds out why the South African believes that going Faster is Better. Two bike checks. One from Stolen and one from Position One which I'd actually never heard of before. There's an article on the Micro-Cosm; The Big guide to Building small. Once

2015/3/12 4:20:00 (1359 reads)
New for 2015 is the Dennis Enarson signature complete bike in cooperation with Demolition. 100% chromoly SDV2 Dennis Enarson signature frame with butted tubing, hour glass Mid BB shell, integrated head tube, tapered seat and chain stays, welded seat clamp, 21" top tube length and removable brake and cable mounts.

-100% chromoly heat treated SD Dennis Enarson signature fork with internal threaded 1 piece CNC steer tube, tapered legs and

2015/3/9 4:20:00 (378 reads)

Based on the popular Pro Lite and 5.5 neck braces comes the new full carbon fiber 6.5. The 6.5 is Leatt's lightest, most ventilated and lowest profile neck brace. Available sizes are S/M and L/XL. Here are some features:

-New MaxiWeave Carbon matrix for increased rigidity and lower weight.
-Lightweight 600g still very ridgid without flex
-New helmet rim striking platform profile.

2015/3/6 1:30:00 (462 reads)
-Frame: Lairdframe
-Forks: Fit 1.0
-Headset: Salt Plus Echo Hiddenset
-Stem: Fit BF
-Bars: Simple Jetset 9”
-Grips: Vans
-Bar ends: Vans

-Chain: Shadow Interlock
-Sprocket: S&M L7 28t spline-drive
2015/3/3 12:00:00 (156 reads)

Ride UK just released a "Sneak Peek" of the cover of their next issue. Paul Ryan gets it doing a curved wallride to whip. Eisa balanced on the bin to get the shot. #197 has a bunch of articles and of course some road trips were involved. The Eclat crew went to Alicante. Paul Ryan went to the new BMX destiny called Malaga and the Federal crew went to Madrid. Escaping the bad weather needs to be done and it doesn't have to be California. RIDE UK catches up with Ruben Alcantara (in Malaga) and Bruno Hoffmann (in Madrid). Kris Fox answers some questions in the Flat Out article and The Junkyard gets explained. England has so many indoor parks these days that it was time to look into them a bit more. Park's Not Dead is the article that shows the transitions of the UK. Joe Embrey gets an interview and that wraps up the specials of #197. The regulars are always there so be ready for the news, the products, the questions, info, contents page, etc with fresh new photos.

2015/2/26 17:00:00 (446 reads)

-Frame: Native shotgunner
-Forks: Custom S&M pitch fork xlt with black hole dropouts and 990's
-Headset: Odyssey pro integrated
-Stem: Profile racing push stem 48mm with all gold TI bluesix bolts
-Bars: Deco genius bars 4 piece 9 rise 29 wide
-Grips: DUO Corey Bohan
-Bar ends: Profile racing dog collar

2015/2/21 19:20:00 (300 reads)

Frame: Haro SD 21
Forks: Cult integrated
Bars: Premium Lodes 8.75
Cranks: Premium 1948
Front tire: Cult Vans

Front rim: Premium
Front hub: Cult
Rear rim: Cult mach

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