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2015/12/6 17:30:00 (270 reads)

It was the second year that a Vans crew rented a giant RV and cruised the NorthWest in search of concrete parks to ride. Many miles were made, but many parks were found. With a tent each, lots of camping was done and showers were taken in the river. It takes a good crew to pull this off and after the trip, the bond was even better. We've got a photo gallery for you. Use it for inspiration. Getting out there with your friends is the best.

2015/12/1 3:10:00 (197 reads)

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2015/10/12 0:30:00 (972 reads)

Daniel Dhers travels all around the world to hit up the bigger BMX contests. We actually run into Daniel a couple of times a year but had not been to his new park yet. That changed recently when we stuck around for a few days after the UCI BMX SX World Cup finals in Rock Hill. It was a Tuesday when we'd agreed on a visit to the park. I couldn't wait to ride that outdoor pump track section but it had been raining a bunch so it didn't look like that was happening. Mark Losey, Daniel and I had made plans for lunch before checking out

2015/10/6 2:20:00 (222 reads)

2015/9/25 3:00:00 (411 reads)

A 17-year-old New York high school student and BMX competitor has started a Care2 petition urging the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to reopen the Brooklyn Banks, one of the world’s most popular skate spots. The Brooklyn Banks has been closed since 2010, when the DOT began using the area to store equipment during a four-year Brooklyn Bridge restoration project. The area was supposed to 

2015/7/22 11:20:00 (214 reads)

Mullaly Parks need your help to keep the park running and create a positive environment for the youth in the community in NYC. Mullaly Park has been a home to BMX riders, skateboarders, rollerblades and more for almost thirty years now. We are implementing a pilot youth program in conjunction with The Bronx Museum's Boogie on the Boulevard programing. We will have STRIDER Balance bikes and NUTCASE helmets available for youths ages 2-5 to try on our Strider Adventure Zone course. We hope to be able to make this a regular offering at the park.

We have been lucky enough to receive grant funding from Citizen's Committee for New York City for a number of years, and are

2015/6/30 2:40:00 (346 reads)

2015/6/14 12:00:00 (333 reads)

For about 20 years, These trails have been used to ride bikes and get together with friends. Now the town of Cumberland is deciding to take action and possibly close these trails for good! Will you please help take part in this petition and reassure the town of Cumberland that these trails are a great place for young adults to ride BMX, since there are so few places to ride in RI. These trails have been around for a long time with no problems ever occurring. No trees were ever harmed here,

2015/5/26 14:44:18 (308 reads)

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AS WHEN building a new house, you need a good foundation for your dirt jumps. The spot on which you wish to build your dirt jumps should be selected with caution, as the spot itself will affect how good your jumps can get and how long your riding season will be. Unfortunately, we often experience that dirt jump spots are planned with no knowledge on spot-selection, thus many spots are placed in areas which are not optimal. In the following article we give five tips on how to select your dirt jump spot.

2015/1/9 13:40:00 (874 reads)

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