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AS WHEN building a new house, you need a good foundation for your dirt jumps. The spot on which you wish to build your dirt jumps should be selected with caution, as the spot itself will affect how good your jumps can get and how long your riding season will be. Unfortunately, we often experience that dirt jump spots are planned with no knowledge on spot-selection, thus many spots are placed in areas which are not optimal. In the following article we give five tips on how to select your dirt jump spot.

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Come this weekend and help rebuild NYC's Longest Running Skatepark. This weekend we will be at Mullaly Skatepark with the help of Dellavalle Designs, Citizens, Committee, for NYC, 5050 Skatepark, and the riders who come out to the park everyday. Please bring anything you can donate to the park, wood, rails, ramps, etc. Anything you can provide will be graciously accepted.

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The Vans Off the Wall Skatepark and Jack’s Garage skate shop grand opening celebration took place this past weekend in Huntington Beach, California. The day’s festivities included an official ribbon cutting, tons of skateboarding, autograph signings from Vans pro skateboarders and the inaugural “SoCal Sole of Fame” induction ceremony honoring local legends. Over a thousand friends, family, skateboarders and fans gathered in the morning hours to be a part of the official ribbon cutting and park opening.
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2013 has been the best year The Bakery has seen since it’s birth in 2011. In 2013 we have torn down, rebuilt and produced what we set to produce, quality BMX videos that highlighted some of the best BMX riders on the planet. Our Preheating, Baker’s Dozens, Special Recipes, Ingredients and Secret Recipe event all accomplished their respective goals and were a pleasure to watch and produce. Furthermore, these projects surpassed our original expectations. Combining talented people with a relentless work ethic always produces successful results. 
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