2014/4/25 2:20:00 (51 reads)
The poor girl crashed. Can you pick her up? Please? She'll thank you in her own way. If her bike is messed up you can fix it for an extra reward. Might be worth it if you think she looks good. The only way to find out is to peek inside. 18+? Come on in.
2014/4/18 23:30:00 (289 reads)
It's been a busy week coming back from Mexico and then pretty much straight on to Manchester for the first UCI SX World Cup of the year. We've got some good photos from Mexico and its ladies that we might use some time in the future but we haven't taken any spectacular shots at the indoor place in the UK yet that would fit on the Pin Up page. But maybe we'll use some of the head shots of all the girl racers that we took on Thursday if you want to see them. Let us know. But today we bring you something else. Something big.... 18+?
2014/4/11 23:10:00 (581 reads)
We've landed in Mexico last night, home of the many BMX Chica's. Zona ride met up with one of them to bring you today's pin up of the week. She's striking a pose on a BMX bike with no top on. Winner. Biciclettas, Cervezas & Chica's! All weekend long in Mexico. 18+
2014/4/4 20:10:00 (520 reads)
She probably thinks she's Superwomen and she's actually proving it in the photo. Today's Pin Up girl has balls. Jumping a bike like this is not what you and I would do on a Friday morning. Hopefully the landing doesn't hurt so much. What's going on here? Look inside. 18+
2014/3/28 20:00:00 (559 reads)
We got a mail from someone asking: "I was wondering how people are supposed to submit photos for the pin up portion of your site?" Well, if we don't have room in the FATBMX Pin Up studio we also take contributions. So go find the right set up and photograph a girl with a BMX bike. That will work just as well. If she can do a few tricks, that would work even better. Today we have a cool shot of a girl getting rad on a Schwinn bike. She might have taken lessons from Chad DeGroot with the bike being upside down. Who knows. Feel free to contribute pics. We need a new pin up every Friday.
2014/3/21 7:20:00 (597 reads)
We've noticed that a lot more Pin Up girls are going brakeless. That actually means that the photos are pretty recent. A girl with no brakes to slow her down is most likely a wild ride. Come check her out, you know you want to see what's next. 18+
2014/3/14 23:40:00 (575 reads)
This is it, the post you've been waiting for all week. Friday's Pin-Up shot is here for you to enjoy. This week we've got a mean girl riding a bike with a beer in her hand. The redhead is ready to put a race on. Here "pizza knee" shows she means business. Do you think you can take her? 18+
2014/3/7 23:40:00 (493 reads)
Now that we have a video up of Nigel Sylvester jumping a Playboy model on a CanAm, doesn't mean we won't post up a Pin Up photo. It's Friday after all. Black and white photo with a Skavenger bike. Hot hot. Check it out. 18+ only.
2014/3/7 0:10:00 (182 reads)
2014/2/28 18:30:00 (640 reads)
Today Carnaval started. People get dressed the way they want and get wasted for the next 5 days. Not that we needed an excuse to party last weekend but it felt like a long 5 days with short nights in Tallinn last week. Lots of bikes, beers and bitches. To start off the day we present you today's pin-up. It might be the start for you for things to come the next couple of days. You ready for this?
2014/2/21 6:10:00 (604 reads)
Today we bring you a new photo of girls and bikes. Two girls on one bike actually and if these girls would be Olympic athletes particiating at the Games in Sochi, the Russians would not have been happy. Or at least some of them. But this is FATBMX. 21 and over? Come in....
2014/2/14 15:00:00 (251 reads)
2014/2/14 12:00:00 (623 reads)
Happy valentines day! Oh shit, it's valentines day. For the girls who forgot, we've got an awesome card for you inside that you should mail to your BMX boy. He'll be happy to receive it. For the boys who don't care about this shit, we've got a pin up photo for you just like every week. Girl with a BMX bike. Check what she looks like by hitting Read More.
2014/2/7 16:20:00 (777 reads)
When you look at a girl, what is it that you see? The bottom, the rack, the smile, the hair? We don't get to see everything in today's pinup shot but we can see that she's on a BMX, she's got a Cult hat on backwards and that she's ready to hit a park to ride. That's a big help already isn't it? Come inside to see what you think. Hit it.
2014/1/31 20:50:00 (870 reads)
You're one click away from seeing a girl putting in the dirty work at the trails while the rider is doing nothing. Girls have it rough. Cooking food, cleaning up, doing groceries, ironing the shirts, and now they're being put to work at the trails. The world is an unfair place. 18+ humans come inside to check what's going on.
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