2014/8/22 1:30:00 (109 reads)
BMX has become so cool that chicks are using twenty inch bikes to hang out at the local meeting point. Mark Richards photographed four punk girls that don't even look out of place on their rides. Not sure about their brakeless braking skills but chicks dig scars, right? Which one of the four is your favourite?
2014/8/15 23:50:00 (311 reads)
It's getting dark, but the photo shoot must go on. Park the BMX bike against the wall and strike a pose right next to it. Flash! The shot is in the pocket, now it's time to pack up and get the hell out of there before some creeps arrive. It's Friday, it's pin up time. Come on in to see what we have to offer today.
2014/8/8 18:40:00 (433 reads)
She rides, she really does. To make a rider pin up of the week is something we don't get to do every week but this time we are presenting you a girl who likes to ride flatland. She's on a yellow bike to give you a hint. All ages today because seeing girls ride flatland isn't a crime.
2014/8/2 23:30:00 (406 reads)
Seeing so many girls and bikes at the beach this week we should have used that opportunity for some pin up shots. Instead we found ourselves looking for one online. But we didn't find one, we found two girls posing with BMX bikes. Maybe we'll get to take a photo of some ladies at the beach tomorrow. You'll have to wait till next week Friday to see if we succeeded in that. Maybe we'll send Philip to take some shots.
2014/7/25 19:20:00 (468 reads)
How can you tell this is an old school bike? Bent seatpost, one inch stem, plastic wheels, CW style bars, big plate on the front, white tires no U-brakes, etc. Bikes change over the years, for the better. But this isn't about the bike, is it? It's pin up time. Forget the bike, check the girl. 18+
2014/7/11 21:30:00 (602 reads)
Okay, we had Nigel Sylvester opening up this Friday in the pin up section from the recent shoot he did for ESPN. Nigel is never afraid to do things a little differently. But you guys were probably waiting to see something else. A girl maybe? We found one for you. Let's go oldschool with this one. Ready? 1-2-3 go!
2014/7/10 22:20:00 (249 reads)

2014/7/4 21:40:00 (605 reads)
Thought it was Thursday, but it's not, it's Friday and that means you guys want a Pin Up picture. And we've got one for you. One from behind, on a triple triangle bike (that's a GT for those who were wondering). I saved this one on the phone, then sent it to my own e-mail and now it's making it on the FATBMX site. The things we need to do to keep you happy.... 18+
2014/6/27 11:00:00 (780 reads)
It's Friday and we just got to Barcelona. It's sunny out so I could wait and see if there are any girls out here riding BMX bikes. Instead we're waiting for our shuttle at the airport. The driver went to a different airport (Girona) and is now on his way here. In the meantime I found a pin up photo on the net. Much quicker and I didn't want to leave the fans dry. Enjoy. 18+
2014/6/20 5:20:00 (599 reads)
When I was taking headshot pictures at the SX in Manchester during the practice sessions, some girls were okay with it, some had to look in a mirror and some simply refused. They simply didn't want to be shown on the big screen with a 'Helmet Hair' picture. Fair enough. Today we have three pics of a former Miss Teen model who also happens to race BMX. When she got on stage, it wasn't after she had just taken her helmet off. No helmet hair for Miss South Florida....
2014/6/13 21:40:00 (643 reads)
Time for a pin Up. It's Friday. The girl just walks out the door ready for a session on this sunny day. She's about to hit up some spots and might end up at the beach or the local tattoo shop. If you run into her, let us know.
2014/6/6 13:40:00 (634 reads)
There's a bit of a challenge going between Monster and Red Bull. Who's got the best looking girls? We don't mind these in-house competitions but who is the judge? You. Here are 10 Monster girls lined up for you. They're all over at the X Games in Austin right now. We wonder when we get to see the photos of the Red Bull girls. We posted up a pin up of the week today already, but who doesn't like another shot? Check them out.
2014/6/6 7:00:00 (482 reads)
The classic Nashville Country Girl as seen at the BMX track on an Intense bike. The cowgirl sports the boots, the shirt and the short jeans. Enough info to come on in and check her out. Thanks to our contributing photographer over in the USA for another Pin Up shot. If you've got some too, send them in. We're always looking for interesting pin up shots that we can post up on Fridays.
2014/5/30 19:50:00 (889 reads)
The FISE event hosts a girl class. Yesterday a girl showed up with her bike and got on the park course. I think she forgot her helmet because I didn't see her pedal around. Or maybe she got lost and was on her way to the beach. Anyway, she got enough attention and ended up as Friday's Pin Up of the week. Want to see what she looked like? Hit Read More.
2014/5/23 9:10:00 (675 reads)
Never knew that Puma made fold up BMX bikes but here is Mel B, C or D? riding one. She's a former Spice girl but that's how far I got on this one. But that bike... Whatever makes you come in, make sure you do. Pin Up of the week.
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