2016/1/29 23:40:00 (435 reads)

When it comes to Friday, it's the Pin Up photo that has us stressed. Finding one is always a challenge and we'll do our best to get some good stuff in the upcoming weeks. Help on this side is very welcome by the way. Today we'll have to do with this shot. Nice girl, shitty bike. But it's all about the girl here isn't it?

2016/1/22 23:20:00 (504 reads)

You see the girls walk around at the events. The girls that need to make the brand sexy. The girls that invite you over for a drink in the booth of their sponsor. Next time we need to bring the camera and have them pose with a BMX bike. That will solve the search for weekly pin-up photos. But we found one and she's a monster! Come on in and check her out.

2016/1/15 23:50:00 (461 reads)

Yep Yep, that sun is far gone this time of the year but when the picture of this lady was taken, it sure was hot. So hot she is not wearing all too much. She's posing with an Eastern Bike so if you think you know what kind of girls fit that category, picture the girl and then take a look inside. We you close? Thouht so. Welcome to Friday's Pin Up of the week.

2016/1/8 16:20:00 (506 reads)

Some of you spend some time in the off-season on a bike that has larger wheels than the all perfect 20" ones. This girl included. Not only does she ride the bike a lot, she got naked with the bike in the studio for today's pin up shot. Check the smooth lines on that bike! 18+

2015/12/18 4:20:00 (689 reads)

Some people in BMX do so many things that they could write a book about it and it would be a good read. This guy for instance. Next to MC-ing many top level BMX events, he owns a bar in New York and has all kinds of activities going on there. Just use your imagination when you see the following photo and then plan a visit to the Tendertrap next time you're in Brooklyn. 21+

2015/12/11 23:50:00 (544 reads)

The good, the bad and the ugly. We've had it all on the weekly FATBMX Pin Up page. Most of the time it depends on personal preference if you like a girl or not. Today's girl for instance. Do you think she's sexy? Do you like her short shorts? Do you wish you never clicked on the link? You're only one mouse click away. If you don't go for it, you'll never know what we had on the other side for you this week.

2015/12/4 23:50:00 (592 reads)

Quadangle, Studio, girl. Bingo! Another week, another pin-up shot from the early 1980-s. Coloured tires? Sure. Trends repeat but they can keep them rock hard plastic saddles. But this is about the blonde girl and she looks so stoked on the red top photoshoot. 18+ visitors can come check.

2015/11/28 7:20:00 (590 reads)

We've got a Duke Best approved Pin Up today. The Mongoose is the highlight of the photo, or is it? Of course it isn't. It's all about the girl who made sure she looked the part when it was time for that studio shoot with the old school BMX bike. Come on in. 18+

2015/11/21 6:30:00 (594 reads)

You've got a flat and you want to go home a.s.a.p. You have to walk your bike and you have the option for a shortcut. But it's through the field. This girl just went for it and got snapped just as she made it at the end of the bush. 1664BMX sticker telss us she's from Canada. GT stem makes it a bit BMX at least. Welcome to this week's Pin Up shot. 18+

2015/11/13 15:00:00 (582 reads)

Canadian Olympic Ice Dancer Tessa Virtue doesn't mean a thing to most, but in Canada she's bigtime (I guess). What does an Ice Dancer do in the weekly FATBMX Pin Up section? You guessed it, she's posing with a BMX bike. Curious of the bike? Or the girl? 18+ come on in.

2015/11/6 23:30:00 (709 reads)

The bike in this picture is old. Real old. Hopefully it's 36 years or older, that will make the girl who sits in front of it legal to do this kind of posing when we're guessing she's half the age of the Mongoose. What do you guys think? Legal? Is the bike that old? Where are the experts? Come on in to take a look.

2015/10/30 23:30:00 (615 reads)

Elite Women are in top shape. If not, they won't be battling up front. This Dutch lady has been traveling the world because of BMX and entered all World Cups, European Championships and World Championships this year. It was time for a special photoshoot with Sam Kuijken when the moment was right. Here's one of the photos.

2015/10/23 23:40:00 (617 reads)

It's all about sriking a pose for the FATBMX Pin Up page. Slammed seat on the green BMX bike doesn't matter. Dark hair, tats, bikini, if that's what gets your heart beating faster there's no time to waste. Hit that button and check her out.

2015/10/9 23:50:00 (763 reads)

We got lost in the tags we received on the Instagram photos this week. We thought we had some nice Pin Up shots lined up but can't track them down. Next time we make sure we get the photo ready before Friday hits so keep the tags coming. Today, while on Instagram, we found this girl on the Unit account. It's got a bike (MX bike this time) in an unusual location (the pool) but once again, the Pin Up section isn't really about the bike.... come on in. 18+

2015/10/2 17:10:00 (714 reads)

My neighbor went to the MXoN last weekend and sent a bunch of pics and clips of motocross bikes playing in the sand. He also added this one, a perfect fit for today's Pin Up section. It's a party of six. Which one do you like most?

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