2016/5/27 23:10:00 (216 reads)

JT Racing, Shimano, Vans, and Haro Bikes. Most of these brands have made it to today and still support BMX. The following pin up shot of the week shows that they were here before you were probably born. Pre- 990-s, when the pegs were super skinny and JT came out with that ALS-helmet. It's the full package today. Check it out, no age limit.

2016/5/21 8:20:00 (288 reads)

We're having a hard time here figuring out the Pin Up of the day photo. In the first place we have no clue who these people are in the photo. We spot a bike with a front brake, a full face helmet that the girl apparently likes, and a rider with a six-pack and a bunch of tattoos. The combination of it all is almost bizarre. For you it's time to come inside to see if you can figure it out for us. Drop us a mail if you do.

2016/5/13 16:00:00 (312 reads)

Did Oakley 3 grips get inspired by these grips? Do you remember that shifter on the handlebars? When was the last time you rode a Raleigh bike? Do you remember having to tighten the headset with your hand? Are you getting curious about the bike, or the girl on top of it? It's Friday so here's your weekly pin-up photo. Forget about that bike.

2016/5/6 13:00:00 (300 reads)

It's not only the outside, the inside matters even more. But what about the full package? Form your own opinion about the looks of today's pin-up girl as she poses on a beach cruiser and shows off her new tattoos. You don't like tattoos?

2016/4/29 7:20:00 (350 reads)

If there's a will, there's a way. We got sent this photo which is perfect for today's pin up section but when we were searching for the shot on Instagram, it was gone. Statigram, nothing, Instagram, no luck. So we had to screen-grab it to make it work. Back from the phone to the e-mail making a screen shot, cropping it, re-naming the shot making it a .jpg, all for you to see while we should be packing the bag to go to Tallinn. That plane won't wait. Gotta go but enjoy that pin-up shot.

2016/4/22 23:30:00 (384 reads)

What do you get when the bikini, the tattoos, the shoes and the frame all match up? You'll end up on the FATBMX Pin Up page on Friday. Not one of them ancient pics as the bike has small gearing, no brakes and a slammed seat but once again, the Friday Pin Up section is about the girl, not the bike. But what does SHE look like? You will only find out if you hit the Read More button so come on in.

2016/4/15 18:30:00 (418 reads)

Look what today's Pin Up has between her legs. Something ain't right here. The laidback post with the seat all the way forward, the front brake with no potts-modification, the 1" stem all the way out with the bars forward, pink mags with coloured tires and we could go on and on. But it makes for a perfect Pin Up picture for y'all today. Just come on in. If you like girls with tats you can't pass this one up either. Almost weekends guys....

2016/4/8 23:20:00 (386 reads)

What can you say? It's better to say nothing sometimes and I believe it's time to let the photo speak for itself. It might not tell a story of a 1000 words but at least there's something going on in the pic. But maybe you don't want to see it, and that's perfectly fine, just scroll to the next article. Enjoy the weekend. It has started now!

2016/4/1 4:20:00 (350 reads)

BITD Ron Wilkerson invented the windmill. It is what we call a footjam tailwhip today. Invented in the mid-'80-s but still a trick that is being done all over the world every single day. Our Friday Pin-Up gives it a shot too in the photo but I have 10 bucks on it she didn't pull it. What do you think?

2016/3/18 23:40:00 (638 reads)

It's unbelievable what computers can do, or better, what talented people behind the computer can create. The following image has a bike and a girl but we're not sure if she's real or not. What do you think? How would you have created her? Is she your style? What about that mask? What's going on here? Take a look inside. 18+

2016/3/11 22:30:00 (749 reads)

She would fit in, right away. Maybe not at the BMX track racing, but jumping the trails. Not sure if she would mind the helmet hair but it would be smart to protect that head. Elbow and knee pads to save the tats o she can just pose and pretend like she's doing in the photo. For the girls out there we have another top pro BMX athlete in his underwear today. American champion in fact, so check on in what's going on behind that Team USA jersey. Enough talk, come on in. 18+

2016/3/4 21:00:00 (545 reads)

When it's your profession to train and ride every day of the week and do that 52 weeks per year, you can expect to be in shape. Today we've got a photo for the boys and one for the girls. These top racers for sure are in shape and got some decent photos made. Riders ready?

2016/2/26 9:30:00 (596 reads)

You couldn't tell from this photo by that guy right there does some of the sickest superwhips in the business. Not sure what the specialty is of the lady right there but we figure it's her bike with the pink parts and she can make things look good. She doesn't have to do too many tricks to impress when she goes out like that.

2016/2/20 3:00:00 (638 reads)

We don't always know how these shots come about. Maybe it's better we don't know. This girl got dragged to the trails and was asked to pose on a BMX bike when the session wasn't taking off. Looks like she's a good sport about it as she's got that smile going on while she's getting in position for the picture. Let's categorize this one in the 21+ age group just to be safe. We don't want to offend anyone.

2016/2/12 23:40:00 (543 reads)

Thinking out of the box, going out of your comfort zone, things you might regret later, no risk - no fun. Enough grey mouses/mice on the planet so it's time for something unexpected. Today's Pin Up shot is of someone we all know, at least if you race on a BMX track from time to time. Different hairstyle, different colour, 2015 DK bike. Yup! Come on in to see the pic.

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