2015/8/14 23:20:00 (380 reads)

If you like pictures of naked girls, follow Gregoriophotography on Instagram. Most pics don't have anything to do with BMX, but this one has. The girl is naked and posing on a BMX bike inside some studio to make the shoot a bit more pleasant. This black and white shot will have to do for today but it's a good one. 18+ I guess.

2015/8/7 16:20:00 (386 reads)

BMX Addicts brings out some killer Pin Up shots from time to time. We can't remember this one being used as a FATBMX Pin Up. She's out there in the field posing with a Haro Freestyler bike which is worth a look itself. But this is about the girl, not the bike. Come on in! Bikini time!

2015/7/31 23:40:00 (487 reads)

Safety is Sexy. Adding a train to a photo by photoshop sure is safe. Trying to make the sexy girl cross the railroads on that bike requires some computer knowledge. I'm afraid the smiling girl has no bike handling skills but the entire image fits okay for today's Pin Up section. Do you think you have an idea of how the picture looks?

2015/7/30 7:20:00 (189 reads)

2015/7/24 12:00:00 (430 reads)

"Honey, can you get me some beers?" She replied with a "Sure, only if I can borrow your bike." And there she went, off to grab some brewski's on the mint old school Redline. She got some looks on the way there and some "Yeah lady!" yells on the way back while carrying a 12-pack. Thanks to Tim for the contribution.

2015/7/17 22:10:00 (463 reads)

Okay, you've got a hot girlfriend and you need to do some promotions for a new clothing brand. You ask the lady to put on the tanktop and pose on your BMX bike for the shot. Jordan Miranda got the job done and receives some extra brand awareness thanks to his GF. Come peak inside.

2015/7/10 23:10:00 (527 reads)

Although more comfortable with people taking pictures of her when she is riding, it never hurts to try something new. Get the lady in the studio, add some make-up, get the lighting right and you'll have a different result. Here are actually three photos of one of the best female BMX-ers in the world.

2015/7/3 19:20:00 (469 reads)

When girls pose for a photo on a BMX bike they tend to sit on the bike or keep the bike straight. Not this one. She's all ready to put it flat. The stare tells she's serious about it too. The Monster sticker on the head tube shows she is ready for that mega quarter like Mr. Satterfield. Come inside to check her out.

2015/6/26 9:50:00 (554 reads)

We have a feeling this one went completely wrong. Her hands are on the grips with no fingers on the brake lever. She pulls up for that wheelie photo but can you discover what's going wrong in the photo? Did she pull too hard? She's leaning back okay but maybe a little too much. The bandana can't help her we're afraid. A for effort!

2015/6/19 12:20:00 (497 reads)

The NY hat and the American flag 'shirt' would hint towards our Friday Pin Up girl to be from the USA. But we have our doubts, and that's because of the bike. The chrome bike has a big sprocket, a front brake, a rotor, four piece bars, laid back seatpost, a seat with seatguts and one-piece cranks. Not that these bikes never existed in the USA but let me state that we have our doubts. But enough on that, it's about the girl, not the bike in the Pin Up section so come on in. Looks like she's ready for the weekend.

2015/6/12 23:50:00 (611 reads)

The chain is a little loose and the seat is a little high, but that's not of importance when it comes to the FATBMX Pin Up photo. It's the combination of a girl and a BMX bike and today we've got a colourful shot for you so get your sunglasses ready. 18 plussers come on in!

2015/6/5 17:30:00 (467 reads)

If you're an illustrator, you can draw whatever you want. Your fantasy can help create anything. A sexy girl posing on a BMX bike for instance. But a real BMX-er sees when the illustrator doesn't really know much about BMX bikes. I feel we've got one of them illustrators here that doesn't really know much about BMX bikes. But maybe it's his fantasy bike with his fantasy girl on top. Anyway, it'll do for today's FATBMX Pin Up of the week.

2015/5/29 23:50:00 (557 reads)

If you've never ridden a BMX bike and you're asked to pose with one I'm sure it feels pretty odd. "Do I go like this? Like that? Oops I almost tripped over." Yes the seats are hard and no there's no comfort when you want to go for a cruise. You just stand there as we take the photo. Okay? 18+ for this one. It's not bad.

2015/5/22 15:00:00 (563 reads)

Time flies. It's nice to be home for a change on a Friday. If there's one thing we should not forget to post, it's Friday's Pin Up shot. And we've got a good one today. It's one of those shots made to be shared. The girl is posing, the bike is shining. It's got that stamp on it to give credit to those who put the work in. Tuff Wheels? Yes. High heels? Yes sir!

2015/5/15 0:40:00 (749 reads)

That bike is not right! That's not a BMX bike! Bring on the complaints but we don't really care. The girl's alright with her tattoos and short dress. The pink high heels match the dress and add to the excitement of the photo. It's time for that peek inside. 18+

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