2015/3/27 12:50:00 (296 reads)

We're in a rush, no time for a description of today's Pin Up shot. But it's a good one and involves that old school order that you placed. Instead of the DHL delivery boy, the girl decided to deliver the bikes to you in person. Check it out. 18+

2015/3/20 22:10:00 (310 reads)

Here's a custom built machine for you. One of them long cruisers but made of whatever metal that was left at the shop. But this girl asked if she could pose on it and at the same time she makes it to the FATBMX Friday Pin Up section. Nudity? Not today, but she smiles so she's happy. Put a smile on your face this weekend, whatever you're doing.

2015/3/13 23:40:00 (425 reads)

Companies do a lot to sell their products. They advertise, they run a team, bike shops are visited and they prepare to set up a booth at the most important trade shows of the year. It's important to catch the customer's attention and make them relate to your products. Look what Cult came up with. Hope it's your cup of tea. 18+

2015/3/6 15:30:00 (443 reads)

We're not sure if this girl actually made it to the ART magazine studio to get her photo taken. She's posing with a BMX bike and she's looking fine so this might as well have happened. If so, we owe this week's Pin Up to our media partner ART over in France. Did we say she looks fine? What do you think?

2015/2/27 23:30:00 (457 reads)

A Pin Up photo actually needs to be pinned up on the wall. We wonder how that has suffered with the internet. If you've ever printed out a Pin Up a photo and put it up on your wall, we'd like to see a photo of it. Maybe today's photo will do it for you. Without further introduction we bring you the Pin Up shot of the day.

2015/2/21 10:20:00 (516 reads)

Thanks to loads of BMX collectors we now have bikes that can be used for decoration. At this particular model photoshoot, two classic bikes sit in the background and make this a cool shot. Otherwise Jessica had not made it to the pages on FATBMX and now she 'graces' the ever popular pin-up page. Now what's better, the bikes, or the girl? You decide. 18+

2015/2/13 23:20:00 (495 reads)

Good looking girls can make some extra cash easily at trade shows. They just have to stand there, look good and smile for the camera. That's their job. You can ask for a special pose (asking is free, right?) and that's how today's pin up picture came to life. Think about us next time. Look for that girl and snap a shot. The FATBMX Pin Up fans need it.

2015/2/6 21:00:00 (524 reads)

When a girl tells you to "Get a fucking job" she probably doesn't know how much riding that BMX bike means to you. It connects you with friends, it keeps you happy, it opens doors, it brings you to different places, more than a regular 9 to 5 job can teach you. That's right, not all girls get it. Here's your bill board of today. She's going for gold. 18+

2015/2/6 20:30:00 (264 reads)

2015/1/30 23:50:00 (535 reads)

Today we're having a different Pin Up update for you. It's one that will teach you something. It involves some lube and rags to clean up the mess. Focus isn't on the bike, but it goes for a BMX bike too. The more often you do it, the better she will ride. 18+

2015/1/23 23:50:00 (580 reads)

After years and years of posting up pin up photos I'm kinda losing track. You as a fan can tell me if this one has been used or not. Maybe yes, maybe no, but that's up to you now. Come and check, and let us know. You be the judge.

2015/1/16 23:40:00 (580 reads)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but not if it's up to us. Today we've got three photos from a girl doing all kind of moves with her legs and since it's Las Vegas, she's not wearing a winter jacket, scarf and a beanie. To make it a BMX pin up, RL is doing all kind of variations in the photo at the same time. You're curious now, aren't you?

2015/1/9 21:30:00 (702 reads)

That bike? A piece of shit. That ass? Not so bad. We found another shot for you that you can't miss out on. It's Friday, it's time for a pin up shot. You want to see that ass, right? Or do you look at the pin up shots to see the bike? Don't fool us. Come on in.

2015/1/2 23:30:00 (640 reads)

It's amazing to see how Stay Strong has developed over the years. From making T-shirts to support Stephen Murray, to many collaborations with cool brands supporting the cause. We're super stoked to see Stephen doing well and staying involved in the BMX scene. Some girls are stoked on Stay Strong as well....

2014/12/27 23:00:00 (582 reads)

I caught these pro riders doing their job hanging out with a couple of girls. For real, it's work. Telling from the smiles it's all good fun. Which girl do you like best? Check who Max and Mike are hanging out with in this picture. Pin Up of the week!

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