2014/12/12 12:40:00 (360 reads)

We've noticed that more and more Pin Up girls go brakeless. But that only tells you one thing. The photo is not 10 years old. Today we've got a girl on a big wheel, a girl with a rear brake and one that prefers to pose brakeless. You got it, the chicks of today are a bunch of posers, but in tiny bikinis so maybe worth a peek inside?

2014/12/5 23:30:00 (352 reads)

For some reason most pin up shots we post up here at FATBMX are with a PK Ripper in the background. Not sure if Todd Lyons has something to do with all these girls posing with SE bikes but we can't really be bothered because we have another one for you today. And she's even smiling. Not sure who cracked the joke but the photo came out nice. USA! USA! USA!

2014/11/28 19:20:00 (380 reads)
The red grips might be the only part on the BMX bike that matches her outfit of the day. The girl got some red - white - and blue on for the day and poses Off the Wall on a BMX bike. She looks quite comfortable doing so and our guess is she hangs out with BMX-ers more often. What do you think of pulled up tube socks? The trend for next summer?
2014/11/21 11:40:00 (480 reads)
I'd never seen one in real life until I visited Keith Mulligan in SoCal. He had one laying in his man cave which needed some polishing. In fact, it's a tool to cheat because without one, you and I can do it too. But maybe she can't. Any clue? Come inside and the girl will show you.
2014/11/15 15:20:00 (634 reads)
Happy B-day to gOrk Barrette who sent in today's Pin Up shot of a pro rider. Generally pro BMX athletes are in great shape. When they put some heels on and fit their body in a tight dress, things start clicking (even without the SPD's). Bringing the smile for today is.....
2014/11/7 23:50:00 (546 reads)
We get tagged in some good pin-up shots on Instagram. Mostly through Appie. But Instagram doesn't cooperate all too easily with the internet as far as grabbing shots goes. It's possible to get the shots but you've got to go out of your way to track them down, screen shot them etc. Luckily there are plenty of shots out there that qualify for Friday's pin up section. It's just finding one every Friday. But we've got one today. Hope we don't disappoint. Here we go:
2014/10/31 23:40:00 (643 reads)
Looking back at photos you took years ago brings back memories. Times change, fashion changes and we've all been young and dumb a few times. Heck, we even go crazy today and love it. But looking back at those pictures, man. It is what it is, and with the internet being the internet, it's just hard to keep anything and everything on the DL. I have a feeling the following photo brings back memories for the girl to that one sunny day she was at the park posing with a BMX bike doing a one-pedal start up a ramp. If you want to see it, come on it. 18+ today.
2014/10/17 19:40:00 (698 reads)
Last night Bonedeth had some slime wrestling matches going on at the Scoot-In during Texas Toast. Lots of people had rolled into town so instead of take a photo there for the Pin-Up section we caught up with people we hadn't seen for a while. Sorry about that one. But we've got a photo for you anyway. Take a look inside.
2014/10/10 4:30:00 (940 reads)
You can represent FATBMX in several ways. You can ask us for a sticker that you can stick on your helmet. You can tell your friend about the website. You can buy a FAT shirt at Paul's Boutique or you can become a friend on our social medial platforms. But the best friends we have, that represent us on a daily basis, wherever they go, are girls like these.....
2014/10/4 16:10:00 (946 reads)
It's hot. People go to the beach. Then you notice tattoos. Girls in bikinis. Girls with bike tattoos. Here's one. Come on in. Check it out. 18+ More next week.
2014/9/26 16:20:00 (820 reads)
It just turned Friday here in California but I know some of you over in Europe are already waiting for the pin up photo of the week. You're lucky this jetlag is hitting me hard in the middle of the night so I have time to go search the net for a new photo. Found one. How much do you think this butt weighs? 11 kilo? 18+
2014/9/20 1:00:00 (1089 reads)
It was about time to treat the FATBMX Pin Up fans with a good one. If you're not a fan, we've got plenty of BMX content for you today with interesting interviews with the pro racers out there, the new Dennis Enarson signature bike, the Vans Oregon trip video, a Chase video race clip from Argentina and lots more. But the Pin Up section is about something else, the curiosity that lays behind that mouse click. What's it going to be this week? 21? Come on in.
2014/9/13 11:40:00 (1035 reads)
Sometimes we don't mind putting cruisers on FATBMX, but most likely it's in the pin up section. Where the bike is not as important as the girl on top of it. Looks like this blondie knows about having a good time. The BBQ is waiting in the back. Make sure she has your number so she can call you when it's time to burn some meat. 18+
2014/9/6 1:50:00 (769 reads)
Some people take the effort to go out there and shoot good Pin Up shots. Herve Roov is one of them. We've got a good one for you today, the way we'd like to see the pin up shots week in and week out here at FATBMX. Thanks to Herve for setting this one up. You've got to see it. Are you ready for the weekend?
2014/8/29 23:40:00 (967 reads)
Friday!!!! Time for a pin up shot. We're here at Eurobike and some promo girls could end up in the next Pin Up section but we haven't got the shots just yet so we're bringing a lady in a rubber skin suit with a pink GT bike today. Hope that will work for your weekly Pin Up fix. Come on in, she looks hot!
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