2016/12/2 18:30:00 (184 reads)

Boom shakalaka! Pin up time. Yup, it's Friday and the weekend is about to start. Hopefully with lots of BMX riding involved and more good times. We've got another pin up shot for you. Of course. What's your Friday without a pin up shot?

2016/11/25 20:20:00 (242 reads)

Today's Pin-Up of the week isn't showing off a BMX bike, but the connection is there. See if you get it, but you have to come in first to see the photo. It's not that hard, just click that link and the door will open. What's behind it? 18+ right?

2016/11/18 14:50:00 (229 reads)

I have to admit it, I had to look it up. This old school Skyway bike had wheels in it with 6 spokes. I thought a big mistake was made until I typed in 6-spoked Skyway wheels in the Google bar which took me for a set of wheels for sale which had 6 spokes and a detailed photo of the Skyway Made In USA logo. Good thing I double checked before I made a stupid comment. Anyway, curious to see the bike, or the girl? Come on in, it's Firday. Time for the Pin Up shot.

2016/11/11 23:10:00 (279 reads)

Japanese BMX brand Kuwahara also made some freestyle bikes back in the day. I had transfered my Kuwahara ET into my first freestyle bike by glueing some Black & Decker sandpaper on the top tube and adding the first axle extenders to the Tuffs I could find. It didn't have a rotor yet like this bike does. My Skyway Tuff 1's were yellow just like these OGK's but a bit of paint turned them white. I think this Kuwahara would have looked better with white mags also. But what are we on about? It's Friday, pin up time. Come take a look inside.

2016/11/4 23:40:00 (259 reads)

We don't really know what to think of this one. She's out there, that's for sure. She's out in the desert and looks confused at the same time. Hopefully the monocoque style 20 inch bike she's on has a motor inside because she has a long way to go. In short, girl on bike = pin-up time. We shut up now. 18+

2016/10/28 9:50:00 (318 reads)

One of my uncles built a wooden bike in his workshop. He's the talk of the town when he goes out for a sunday cruise. Today's pin-up also poses with a wooden bike but is not related to the FATBMX crew. Her hair makes you wonder if she would fit better on an electric bike. Take a look. 18+

2016/10/21 19:20:00 (288 reads)

Folding bikes, not our cup of tea, but just imagine we could fold up our bikes before hopping onto the train or metro and it would solve a lot of trouble with the conductor. This girl has an other problem. She's got a hard time putting her ride back together. Would you stop and give her a hand? 18+

2016/10/14 22:10:00 (307 reads)

Girls with serious Bike Skillz. Hard to find but here's one. Call it artistic cycling or whatever but you can't deny that this doesn't require balance and control. She's so confident that she doesn't wear any pads either. We ain't lying! Come inside. Check her out. 16+

2016/9/30 23:00:00 (421 reads)

If you're a BMX racer and need to get more followers on your social media, doing a photoshoot with Playboy magazine surely helps. Her instagram followers before the shoot were in the 1000 range. Now she's got over 5000! We'll have her Insta address under the photo so you can start following her too. She'll like that. Since this one has some nudity going, we'll classify today's pin-up under the 21+ categoy. #1!

2016/9/23 23:20:00 (367 reads)

Sometimes it's the perfect opportunity that gets the job done. Right now in Las Vegas the Interbike show takes place. BMX Bikes and Babes are aplenty in Sin City and when these three walked by the HARO booth it didn't take long before the camera came out. It's Friday people, get wild! 18+

2016/9/9 21:00:00 (446 reads)

That girl in the movie ET turned out to be a big star in the years to come. But as a BMX-er you will always remember her from the Extra Terrestrial movie that changed many people's lives and got them into BMX. That little girl has grown up and we came across a photo of her sitting on a tricycle with not too many clothes on. Perfect for a Friday Pin Up shot. You know her name, right?

2016/8/26 14:50:00 (421 reads)

We received these photos as someone was trying to sell them to a well respected bicycle company. As they were 'not interested' we got them in the mailbox to share on today's FATBMX Pin Up section to see if someone is interested in paying for the shots. It's a tough business out there but please check in to see how much you think they're worth.

2016/8/19 9:40:00 (643 reads)

She'll be on the gate today in Rio, but before she left for Brasil, she went to the Playboy studio for a photoshoot. To find out who it is, you've got to hit the Read More button. Riders ready? Watch the lights!

2016/7/15 23:50:00 (630 reads)

The end of the week, the weekend is near and the Pin Up is here! Today's Pin Up can only be viewed from the rear. Sometimes that's enough, sometimes it's not. We'll never get to know. This smokin' girl just wrapped up a session at the park and is on her way out to celebrate the weekend. Enjoy yours. 18+

2016/7/8 23:30:00 (711 reads)

She's all smiles and happy to be a BMX-er. More and more girls are actually riding BMX Freestyle which is great. Should we make a pin up section for the girls too? Just let us know and we'll see what we can do. But for now we've got a cutie for you. Long live BMX. Long live the Pin Up section. 18+

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