2016/7/26 14:10:00 (113 reads)

Name: Miguel Smajlji
Age: 18
Hometown: Sindelfingen, Germany
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Kunstform, SIbmxdistro, Sundaybikes, Odyssey

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: anywhere with good friends

2016/7/15 23:00:00 (379 reads)

Name: Jari Roggeveen
Age: 13
Hometown: Katwijk, Netherlands
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Seck Clothing

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Eurocamp, Spain
-BMX video: Never been done tricks with Daniel Sandoval
-Website: FATBMX
-Web video: Best of bmx 2012
-Food: KFC
-Twitter to follow: I don't have twitter haha
-Person on Instagram: @thewebbieshow
-Travel destination: Tossa de Mar (Eurocamp)
-Riders to ride with: All the 040bmxpark locals and the locals at skatepark scum Katwijk
-Car: Lamborghini Aventador

2016/7/15 22:00:00 (149 reads)

Name: Oscar Santiago Cholico
Age: 25 years
Hometown: Siy of ensneada, Baja California and I live in Cove
Sponsors: alldaybmxshop, whthousbmx

FAT Favourites list:

When you send in the list and you get this:

2016/7/5 13:50:00 (712 reads)

Name: Kody Bricen
Age: 19
Hometown: Penfield, PA
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Luna Clothing Brand

The favorite list:

-Shoes: Vans Halfcab
-Spot to ride: Ray's MTB in OH is always fun.
-BMX video: All Little Devil videos

2016/7/1 12:50:00 (512 reads)

Name: Daniel Wedemeijer
Age: 26
Sponsors: Red Bull, TSG, Kanoa, 040BMXPark, Paul's Boutique BMX Shop, Sport Medisch Centrum Amsterdam, BRAAAB Clothing, Haro Bikes.

The second edition of Pro Freestyle will happen in Heerlen this weekend. Are you looking forward to it?
Daniel Wedemeijer: For sure looking forward to it. Always good to have something big like this in my home country!

Now that you live in the south of Holland, you still need to drive another hour to the far south tip of The Netherlands. Are you expecting riders from nearby Germany and Belgium to show up as well?
Daniel Wedemeijer: Heerlen is a perfect location for riders out of Germany, Belgium and even France. So yes hopefully lots of them will come over to have a good time.

2016/6/29 18:40:00 (471 reads)

Name: Dez Maarsen
Age: 27
Hometown: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Occupation: Pro BMX rider and student
Sponsors: Freestyle Now, LostBMX, Soulcycle

Flatland in The Netherlands has a decent history. The boys are gathering again on Friday 1 July in Heerlen. What's going on down there?
Dez: With Flatground as one of the biggest contests in Flatland history The Netherlands definitely has been on the riders their mind. I'm really stoked Flatland has been added to Pro Freestyle. Pro Freestyle started last year to have an international action sport competition in The Netherlands. Besides BMX Flatland there will be BMX Street, BMX Park, Skateboard, MTB and Scooter competitions. This year there will be two editions one in Heerlen from 30 June till of 3 July and another 26 till 28 of August in The Hague. Flatland will take place on Friday the 1st of July.

2016/6/24 7:20:00 (259 reads)

Name: Alex Malinin
Age: 28
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Haro Bikes (Russia); GoPro (Russia).

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: XSA training park (Russia, Krasnodar).

2016/6/1 3:00:00 (239 reads)

Name: Gabe Truax
Age: 21
Hometown: Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Hook-ups/Sponsors: MacNeil Bikes, Inflow Bike and Skatepark LTD, BMXFU

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Favorite spot to ride in the winter would have to be

2016/5/16 4:30:00 (319 reads)

Name: Rens Apperloo
Age: 28
Hometown: Hulsel, Netherlands

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Dundeetrails
-BMX video: Props Roadfools
-Website: www.fatbmx.com
-Food: Spareribs and the trail BBQ
-Twitter to follow: No twitter
-Person on Instagram: Chris Doyle
-Travel destination: France
-Riders to ride with: Trails riders
-Car: Opel Vivaro camper?
-Movie: Forrest Gump
-Colour: Red
-Shoes: Vans
-Bike company: S&M

2016/5/13 13:00:00 (236 reads)

Name: Jack Batchelor
Age: 18
Hometown: Hamilton, New Zealand
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Nothing at the moment.

The Favorite list:

-Spot to ride: The wedge in Phoenix, Vic Park in Auckland or any flat rail haha.
-BMX video: Shadow; What Could Go Wrong
-Website: Ridebmx
-Web video: Devon Smillie Eclat video
-Food: Cereal or sushi
-Twitter to follow: I don’t use twitter but maybe DJ Khaled?
-Person on Instagram: @teamweed
-Travel destination: Super keen to go to Barcelona but Cali and Arizona are tight!
-Riders to ride with: All the homies in NZ, Jono Hopping, Matt Allpress, Josh De Reus, Karl Periam, Jaime Nelson and everyone I got to ride with in Arizona.

2016/5/11 14:30:00 (661 reads)

Name: Stephon Fung
Age: 19
Hometown: Queens, NY
Sponsors: Premium, Vans, Only Ny

What have you been up to lately. Anything exciting?
Stephon Fung: Lately I've been filming a tad bit, other than being a little busy with this semester of school, however semester's almost done so that means more riding and more filming, possibly

2016/5/1 4:20:00 (1596 reads)

Name: Kevin Aaron Peraza
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona USA
Sponsors: MongooseBikes, Monster Energy, Vans Shoes, Premises Park, Demolition Parts, Ethika, ShopGLD
Instagram: @KevinPeraza

What's your best Simple Session memory?
Kevin Peraza:
I always seem to have an awesome time with all my friends out there. But The best Simple Session memory has to be going out to party with some friends, and walking back to our 

2016/4/30 14:10:00 (330 reads)

Name: Larry Edgar
Hometown: Corona, USA
Sponsors: Fly bikes, Vans, Stay Strong, Ride 100 percent, Epic bmx
Instagram: larry_edgar

What's your best Simple Session memory?
Larry Edgar: My best memory of Simple Session has got to be riding around the city with a few friends.

Have you ever eaten fastfood for a month straight?
Larry Edgar: Yes I used to live of Carl's Jr. Lol

Have you ever totaled a car?
Larry Edgar: No I don't believe I have. Crashed a few though!

Did you ever get a fine for riding BMX?
Larry Edgar: Fortunately I've never been fined for riding my bike!

2016/4/30 12:30:00 (307 reads)

Name: Pat Casey
Hometown: Placentia CA
Sponsors: Monster, Mongoose, Vans, Fox, Bell, G Form, Ethika, Demolition
Instagram: patcaseybmx

What's your best Simple Session memory?
Pat Casey: Every year something crazy happens, but my greatest memories are riding with my friends.

Biggest crash you've ever seen on a BMX?
Pat Casey: Dennis McCoy has had some of the gnarliest crashes I've ever seen, and still kills it.

2016/4/30 10:00:00 (346 reads)

Name: Mike Varga
Hometown: Whitby, Canada
Sponsors: Monster, DK bikes, Vans, Fox, Bell
Instagram: mikevargabmx

What's your best Simple Session memory?  
Mike Varga: Definitely being on the podium last year. Crazy when you get to pop chaplain everywhere. 

Biggest crash you've ever seen on a BMX?
Mike Varga: I don’t like watching crashing at all but I have definitely seen some gnarly double flip crashes.

Have you ever eaten fastfood for a month straight?
Mike Varga: I would probably say no because I don’t  know how that would even be possible aha. I do eat fast food but a month straight may kill me.

Have you ever totaled a car?

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