2014/11/21 7:20:00 (230 reads)
Name: Dakota Roche
Age: 27
Hometown: Huntington Beach, USA
Sponsors: Cult, Vans, Monster Energy, Stance, Cinema, Dans Comp, Bult
When did you start filming for Above/Below?
Dak: March, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain
You are known to look for new spots all the time. Are your clips filmed at spots that people haven't seen yet?
Dak: Yeah man, there's definitely a few spots that I hadn't filmed at before in my part. I'm all about exploring and tryin to look at spots a little differently.
Who filmed most of the Above/Below video?
Dak: Rich Forne filmed its entirety
2014/11/20 21:00:00 (269 reads)
Name: Bruno Hoffmann
Age: 21
Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany
Sponsors: Federal Bikes, Vans, Redbull, DUB, Trip, Parano Garage
It looks like most of your main sponsors are sponsoring the rebeljam. Does that motivate you to do well?
Bruno: Not really, I wouldn't say I'm more or less motivated
2014/11/20 19:20:00 (265 reads)
Name: Scott Ditchburn
Age: 28
Hometown: Flint North Wales
Sponsors: Subrosa brand, The Shadow Conspiracy, Lotek shoes

The rebeljam is coming to London with a street only contest. Who would have ever though. Stoked on that?
Scott: Yeah man I'm always stoked to get the invite to rebeljam the last one I went to was in Spain on a crazy holiday resort an the
2014/11/20 17:20:00 (240 reads)
Name: Simone Barraco
Age: 23
Hometown: Genova, Italy but now I'm living in BCN
Sponsors: Red Bull - Nike - Shadow - Subrosa -frontocean.com

You travel a whole bunch. How much time did you spend at home in Italy this year?
Simone: In Italy probably just a week this year, and I'm going back for Christmas. In Barcelona where I live now ...probably 3
2014/11/13 21:10:00 (376 reads)
Name: Tanner Easterla
Age: 21
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Almond, Radio Bikes.

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Downtown Sacramento
-BMX video: This is United 
2014/11/13 17:00:00 (389 reads)
Name: Corey Martinez
Age: 31
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Sponsors: United Bikes, Red Bull, Etnies Shoes, Duo, Cinema, Dans Comp, Arnette Sunglasses

What comes to mind when you hear the name rebeljam?
Corey: Progression and a good time!

Which editions did you attend?
Corey: I think the Portugal and Amsterdam (Eindhoven) events. Maybe one other but not sure, haha.

What makes this year different for you being at the event?
Corey: This year I will be amongst my fellow homies and teammates but not riding along their side unfortunately. I have the honor of spectating and judging due to an ACL and Meniscus knee surgery 5 weeks.
2014/11/12 23:50:00 (844 reads)
Name: Mirco Andreani (aka Darwin)
Age: 23
Hometown: Reggio Emilia, but now I live in Barcelona
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Calle marconi shop, Federalbikes, Quintinco
The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Paralelplaza" Bcn", Pzle S. Stefano" Re"
-Website: Nosoccer, FATBMX
2014/11/11 21:00:00 (589 reads)
Brian Kachinsky is not only a bad ass street rider, he is also an amazing course designer. We sat together with BK at Texas Toast and had a little talk about the new Vans rebeljam course...

What's your involvement with rebeljam this year?
Brian Kachinsky: I've gone to the rebeljam several years. I used to go to them back in Berlin and they were always amazing events. Andy Zeiss, the organisor this year asked me to help

2014/11/10 23:20:00 (379 reads)
Name: Anthony Napolitan
Age: 28
Hometown: Youngstown Ohio
Sponsors: Red Bull, Maxxis, POC, SOL Republic, Ethika, Profile

What have you been up to lately?
Anthony: I've been traveling a ton lately. Filming for our web series #Raditudes has been really exciting! It's been really great being able to travel with Hucker and Drew amongst many other people.

When did you get hooked up by Sol Republic?
Anthony: I've been on the SOL Republic program for about 3 years now. I first saw their headphones in an airport magazine and  fell in love with the design behind them. I knew that I had to somehow get involved.

Which ones are your favourite to ride with?
Anthony: definitely the SOL Relays. They are designed to be
2014/11/9 10:30:00 (395 reads)
Name: Pascal Lafontaine
Age: 21
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Hook-ups of Socialbike.co

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Street in Longbeach, San Diego (wherever just need to be in the street of California)
2014/11/7 20:10:00 (240 reads)
Name: Brian Boghosian
Age: 21
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Eighties bike co, Vicus forwear, I also get support from Pampabikes and Bodacious clothing
The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: I like to ride in the streets, ramp and dirt, I have fun in the three disciplines
2014/11/7 18:00:00 (431 reads)
Name: Stephon Fung
Age: 17 Years old
Hometown: Queens, New York
Hook ups: ONLY NY clothing
Sponsors: Premium BMX

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Damn there's so many in New York, I'd have to say these Coping ledges in NYC down by seaport.
-BMX video: Deadline!
-Food: Pizza
-Travel Destination: I've only been to Texas with my bike and that was pretty amazing, but there's no place like home, so New York!
-Riders to ride with: All of my homies. FTL squad, the locals, my Oil City Family, City kids. 
-Car: Planning on buying a GTI next year.
2014/9/16 1:20:00 (341 reads)
Name: Inuk Siegstad
Age: 19 years
Hometown: Sisimiut. Greenland
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Mom, Dad, Friends, Allaccess.dk, Fox Head Nordic.

The favorite list:

-Shoes: FOX motion scrub
-Clothing company: Fox Racing

-Ramp rider: Kyle Baldock
-Street rider: Chad Kerley
-Flatland rider: Matthias Dandois
-Old school rider: Thomas Hansen!

-BMX video: Kyle Baldock!
-Website: Facebook, Youtube
2014/9/13 21:20:00 (324 reads)
Name: My Full name is Jackie Brun Pedersen
Age: I'm 16 years old.
Hometown: I Live I Denmark in a little town called Højby (Hoejby)
Hook-ups/Sponsors: My sponsor is a local store called Folkebocykler.

The favorite list:

-Clothing company: Fox
2014/9/13 9:20:00 (682 reads)

Name: Jason Eustathiou
Age: 21
Hometown: Volos, Greece
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Federal, Primo, Lotek, Monster Energy, RideOn Distro, Waxx, AthensHoodBoycott

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Volos Beach

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