2015/7/7 20:00:00 (96 reads)

Name: Rayk Hahne
Age: 27
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Just Freerun, Alliance BMX

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Hamburg Kunsthalle
-BMX video: Vibe 7

2015/7/6 18:10:00 (107 reads)

Name: Andres Felipe Pardo (Shapol)
Age: 20
Hometown: Armenía - Colombia
Hook-ups/Sponsors: 259 clothing, Underground Park Colombia

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Neutral trails, Fatima trails, Girardot park
-Website: vitalbmx.com, fatbmx.com

2015/7/5 18:10:00 (169 reads)

Name: Mathieu Paillon
Age: 19
Hometown: Signes (A town between Marseille and Toulon) in South of France.


Girl: My bike ahah and Anastasia Ashley of course!
Sport besides BMX: Surf

2015/7/4 11:30:00 (168 reads)

Name: Dan Hennig
Age: 32
Hometown: Bitterfeld a small city near Lepzig in east Germany.
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Flair Bmx Berlin, Plus X Award, Restless Clothing.CH

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: My home spot in Zürich, Switzerland. A really big spot in front of the Zürich opera.

2015/7/3 15:50:00 (186 reads)

Name: Markus Schwital
Age: 19
Hometown: Überlingen (Germany) at the Lake of Constance
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Maruel Clothing

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Probably my covered home spot in Überlingen were I spend most of the time practicing new tricks
-BMX video: Circle of Balance 2004 DVD
-Website: www.maro-shows.de
-Web video: This one
-Food: vegetarian stuff
-Twitter to follow: I'm actually using Facebook, Instagram and Youtube onlyJ
-Person on Instagram: @markusschwital
-Travel destination: Since I was two years ago in Spain it's definitely Spain!

2015/7/2 11:40:00 (142 reads)

Name: Alex Rusko
Age: 20
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Elisabeth Square, Budapest. This is a little outdoor skatepark and a lot of rider hate it but I always find something new to do here.
-BMX video: Deadline

2015/7/1 21:00:00 (173 reads)

Name: Pat Richert          
Age: 19
Hometown: Countryside, Illinois
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Let’s Roast Cycles
The favorite list:
-Web video: Callan Stibbards Zeitgeist edit

2015/7/1 17:40:00 (203 reads)

Name: Charles Tschumy
Age: 21
Hometown: La Farlède, South of France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Stranger via Unleaded Bmx shop, Foundation, Lotek and Youth brand

The favorite list:

-Web video: Dennis Enarson at home for Markit

2015/6/30 23:50:00 (165 reads)

Name: Chase Krolicki
Age: 18
Hometown: Saint Clair Shores, MI
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Albe's and Stranger

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Set ups
-BMX video: The Michigan Video
-Website: bmx.transworld.net
-Web video: The Michtape
-Food: Mexican or Italian
-Twitter to follow: Don't have one
-Person on Instagram: @chasekrolicki
-Travel destination: Anywhere, I love getting to see any new place outside of Michigan

2015/6/29 16:00:00 (222 reads)

Name: Alex Duleba
Age: 16
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Crack Dad, Let's Roast Cycles, Longwood BMX, The Curb Crew, Chicken and Waffles Squad

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Northbrook Skatepark

2015/6/29 7:20:00 (227 reads)

Name: Dylan McCauley
Age: Just turned 22
Hometown: Appleton WI
Sponsors: Madera, 4 seasons skatepark, the level below, the Gully Factory

The FAT FAVS list:

Spot to ride: Pretty much any rail especially the ones longer than 15 stairs

2015/6/27 22:40:00 (241 reads)

Name: Gergely Szajer
Age: 28
Hometown: Cologne/ Germany
Fb athlete page: www.facebook.com/gergelybmx
Hook-ups/Sponsors: I would like to have one

The favorite list:

-Shoes: Nike air force 1
-Bike company: Odyssey
-BMX contest: Fight the winter
-Restaurant chain: Vapiano
-Bike shop: flatlandfuel

2015/6/25 19:20:00 (216 reads)

Name: Jordan Cutts
Age: 19
Hometown: Brightlingsea, UK.
Hook-ups/Sponsors: TLC bikes, area 25

The favorite list:

-Shoes: Vans sk8-hi
-BMX contest: Fise World Series Montpellier
-Clothing company: Vans
-Ramp rider: Chance Brejnakowski
-Street rider: Dennis Enarson
-Dirt rider: Ben Wallace

2015/6/25 4:20:00 (188 reads)

Name: Julien Arnaud
Age: 23
Hometown: Six-fours les plages in South of France at 1 hour of Marseille

The favorite list:

-Car: Seat ibiza
-Movie: Shutter island

2015/6/16 23:50:00 (311 reads)

Jan Valenta is one active BMX rider in the Czech Republic. The Pro vert rider is putting on a Spine Miniramp contest at an Aquapark on 1 August. Learn more about the event in this interview we did with him.

Can you explain what this Grand BMX contest is all about?

Jan: It's the FBMX Czech Championship in spine miniramp. Nice and well organized contest for BMX riders.

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