2015/1/25 15:40:00 (161 reads)

Name: Blake Peters
Age: 21
Hometown: San Diego
Sponsors: Premium Products

How's living in the SD area during the winter?
Blake: You can't beat it! Perfect everyday with maybe a week total of rain, no wonder so many pros visit during this time.

2015/1/23 23:00:00 (499 reads)

Name: Josh de Reus
Age: 21
Hometown: Cambridge, New Zealand
Sponsors: Premium, BMX.CO.NZ, Verve

Your last name sounds Dutch (we're based in The Netherlands). Do you know what your last name means?
Josh: My dad came from Holland yeah but I have never been there and don't know what it means aha.

2015/1/22 13:00:00 (342 reads)

Name: Robin Heiderich
Age: 18
Hometown: Horrem, near Cologne, Germany
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Premium Products trough Traffic, Peoples Store Cologne

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Cgn Plaza Kap 686

2015/1/17 14:10:00 (338 reads)

Name: Leo Balay
Age: 19
Hometown: St Agrève (07), France
Sponsors: BMX AVENUE, Stress

The FAT Favourites list:

-Spot to ride: It doesn't matter, as long as there are people to laugh with!

2015/1/17 8:50:00 (267 reads)

Name: Flo Montanari
Age: 23
Hometown: Dijon, France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Animal/Fit/Frenchys/Alltricks/Data/Starter

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Our new ghetto spot that is being buid
-BMX video: Deadline
-Web video: Can’t pick…
-Food: Mom dishes!
-Twitter to follow: Never had any account
-Person on Instagram: alex_donnachie/ rodeopeanut
-Travel destination: California
-Riders to ride with: My friends
-Car: Suzuki wagon-R+!
-Movie: Snatch
-Colour: Blue
-Shoes: Geox

2015/1/16 23:10:00 (277 reads)

Name: GIRARD Florian
Age: 18 years
Hook-ups/Sponsors: my dad

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: skate park, street Bordeaux
-BMX video: Deadline

2015/1/14 13:20:00 (226 reads)

Name: Pierre Tortereau
Age: 22 years old
Hometown: Talmont Saint Hilaire, France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Kitchen bike


-Spot to ride: the bow of sables d'olonne
-BMX video: This one!
-Food: human food
-Person on Instagram: Pierre_Tortereau
-Riders to ride with: Roman Mielle, Stephane Meneau, Clement Raymond and many others

2015/1/14 9:30:00 (441 reads)
It doesn't happen every day that you pick up the news that a Pro rider wrote a book. John Parker has done it and we decided to check in with him to see what it's all about.

What made you decide to write a book?

John Parker: I've always enjoyed writing. It's enlightening to put thoughts and feelings into words; meditative. Kind of like talking to yourself... haha. This book combines all my favorite things: bikes, writing, and being able to motivate people with words.

Have you always been much of a writer?
John Parker: Somewhat. In school I went the extra mile to make my words ring true and have purpose. I like to read and write words that spark feelings or thoughts.

Who is the book catered to?
John: I wrote it with my 11 year old son, Jack in mind. There is an age where senseless humor and carefree nonsense or what I call the joy of life becomes jaded by other people's expectations.
2015/1/11 23:50:00 (309 reads)

Name: Neuville Antoine
Age: 20
Hometown: Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Alternatif Shop

The favorite list:

-Website: Soulbmx, FATBMX, Instagram, Songsterr
-Spot to ride: All the spots I can ride!

2015/1/11 3:00:00 (302 reads)

Name: Jean Bulhon
Age: 28
Hometown: Clermont-Ferrand, France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: nothing, just myself

The favorite list:

-Twitter to follow: @GQ
-Person on Instagram: Miley Cyrus

2015/1/10 23:20:00 (348 reads)

Name: Chiaohung Cheng
Age: 21
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Hook-ups/Sponsors: RedBull, Haro BMX, GOPRO, Taionecrew

The favorite list:

-BMX video: Corey Bohan Hanging foul
-Web video: Corey Bohan Cali trails session

2015/1/8 21:10:00 (367 reads)

Name: Carpentier Clement
Age: 25
Hometown: Fecamp, France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Flybikes, etnies, unleaded distribution, foundation bmx

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Le Havre or Paris in general, so many spots
-BMX video: I guess Above Below because it's such a cool and unusual project
-Website: soulbmxmag
-Web video: fiending
-Food: burrito, tapas
-Twitter to follow: none
-Person on Instagram: Courage Adams or me @clementcarpentier haha
-Travel destination: Australia
-Riders to ride with: all my friends back home: fla, fab, ect..

2015/1/8 3:10:00 (238 reads)

Name: Charles Tschumy
Age: 20
Hometown: Toulon, France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Foundation, Stranger, Unleaded Bmx shop

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Barcelona
-BMX video: Deadline

2015/1/5 23:00:00 (309 reads)

Name: Delas Thibaud
Age: 20
Hometown: Jouy sur Morin and now in my car
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Diviniti, The Set, and I get help of Alltriks bike shop

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Paris and Barcelona!
-Car: Volkwagen t3

-BMX video: soon new video for the set
-Web video: nikebatalla
-BMX Magazine: soulbmx magazine

-Food: kebab!
-Person on Instagram: THIBAUDPFC and #performancedvd
-Travel destination: Barcelona!
-Riders to ride with: Maxime Dequen, Marwan, Fabien dos Santos

2014/12/26 3:30:00 (328 reads)

Name: Chris Goldring
Age: Born '94
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

The FAT Favourites list:

-Spot to ride: Fairfield bowl, Brisbane
-BMX video: Anthem II
Does Instagram count haha
-Food: Sushi or a pub meal with a good crew!

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