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Name: Joe Simpson
Age: 22
Hometown: Taupo, New Zealand:
Hook-ups/Sponsors: S&M Bikes, FlyBikes, Triplesix NZ, Top Gear Cycles

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: PMP Trails, Catty Woods, Posh Trails.
-BMX video: Building The Underground or System
-Website: dreadingthewoods.tumblr.com, Dig BMX, The Oatmeal
-Web video: Rich Forne's DIG video, anything by Chad Osburn, and that new Kriss Kyle one was awesome too.

2014/12/10 12:00:00 (172 reads)

Name: Josh Robson
Age: 21
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Hook-ups/Sponsors: None

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: probably Redcliffe skate park at the moment
-Website: shock mansion

2014/12/7 22:00:00 (5491 reads)

DY CanCan TJ PedalpickerWhen injured from the crash at the Dew Tour Simon Tabron received get well wishes from Terry Jenkins and Dave Young, two of the UK's vertical aces in the '80-s, people that Simon looked up to when he started out riding. Simon took the opportunity to send both of them some questions to see what they've been up to and how they see vert riding how it is today. Here's what Dave Young has to say and enjoy the pics. Name: Dave Young

2014/12/7 17:10:00 (7889 reads)

Name: Haha!! Mike Canning.
Hometown: East Grinstead, UK.
Occupation: Aquarium manufacturer.

What is you earliest memory of BMX bikes on ramps?
Mmm ,okay ....Bob Haro came and did a show at the NEC in Birmingham. I'd only just started riding. It was televised on channel 4, as it was in its infancy, we could only get a fuzzy picture, but I was mesmerised. Not long later I met Carl Alford, he was a bmxer with a track and a 6ft q/p in his garden. He invited me round and told me to do a 180 on the ramp. "Don't turn too much ,or you'll crash" he said .So that's what I did....crashed! I went home and started building my first q/p.

Did you have mates to ride with from the start?
For sure, I was a Grifter boy, always jumping that heavy bike, I wanted to be Evel Knievel. Some guys from school had a bmx mag, BMXplus! I think. Well they had set up a track on their housing

2014/12/7 15:10:00 (10611 reads)

Name: Jason Ellis
DOB: 27/07/71
Hometown: Retford, Nottinghamshire, England
Occupation: Song writer/Producer

Riders like Harry Main today left school to become a pro BMX rider. When did you end school to go ride bikes professionally?

Jason Ellis: 1989, straight out of school I had a couple of crap jobs to make some money before I went riding shows.

Back then you guys were the first ones to do something like this. Do you have any advice to the riders who want to quit school and ride fulltime?
Jason Ellis:
Ride as safe as you can whilst still getting the job done. The first shows I rode were with Mike Canning, he's an awesome rider who got to the top of his game riding very little 

2014/12/7 13:50:00 (9102 reads)

Name: Billy Stupple
Hometown: London, England
Occupation: Building Contractor and joint owner of Radbmx website and shop.

When was the first time you picked up a BMX bike?
Billy Stupple:
The first bmx that I ever saw was in a local bike shop

2014/12/7 9:10:00 (11443 reads)

Name: Jess Dyrenforth
Hometown: Santa Ana, Ca 92701
Occupation: Licensed Massage Therapist, HHP. Photographer and Owner and production manager of GOST Brand.

When was it that you picked up a BMX bike?
I rode my first BMX bike at 11 years old during a trip to San Francisco with my mom. Later that year I got a Raleigh Ultra

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Terry Jenkins covershot-Name? Terry Jenkins (I do remember this one, and now that I am pretending to be all grown up I go by Terence) -Age? This past July I made it to 38, and still counting (freekin hell I’m old, ha!) - Year and age turned pro? I turned Pro sometime in early 1984, yeah twenty-two years ago! But let’s use the word Pro? loosely here; I was just sixteen years old out of school and on the dole of course. The only pro freestyle riders back then I believe were Andy Preston and Mike Pardon. FBMX Magazine contacted me as they wanted to have a Professional Freestyle division so I said yes, wasn’t quite sure what I was saying yes to but it sounded great. The UK pro division now consisted of something like four riders, but hey it was a great start!

2014/12/6 10:00:00 (5403 reads)

Name: Andy Shohara
Occupation: Construction Superintendent
Hometown: Mililani, HI.

First of all, how did a family from Hawaii end up living in England?
Andy Shohara:
My dad got a new job at an Air Force base near Banbury and moved there with the rest of my family at the end of 84. I stayed back in Hawaii to finsh my senior year of high school. After I graduated there was a lot of drinking and smoking going on along with a lot of surfing, but a whole lot less of riding. By Christmas of 85 I new I needed a new environment. I flew to England for the holidays and they surprised me with a new half-pipe in the back yard. I officially moved to England on the day of Mon's 2nd jam.

How hard was it to get used to the British weather compared to the Hawaiian sunshine
Andy Shohara:
It was brutal. I was used to riding all year long,

2014/12/6 8:00:00 (11650 reads)

Name: Craig Campbell
London, UK

You were one of the BMX pioneers in the early freestyle days. When did you start hitting the skateparks?

Craig: Romford Skatepark, 1981

2014/12/5 20:50:00 (5201 reads)

Name: Greg Guillotte
Hometown: Plano, TX

You have moved around quite a bit in your life, lived in Holland for a little while too, can you sum up the countries in short?
I lived in Holland from 10-14 and England from 14-18. Lived in the US before and after that.

Where was it that you started riding BMX?
I started racing when I lived in Holland and at one of the out of town events the hosting team had a quarter-pipe. I rode it all day and fell in love with the idea of vert. Then when I moved to England, I built a quarter in my backyard and helped build the ramps at Meanwhile 2. 

2014/12/4 8:00:00 (258 reads)

Name: Antoine Morvan
Age: 24 years
Hometown: Bordeaux, France
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Myself

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: BMX Bandits park in Bordeaux, FR
-BMX video: Criminal Mischief of course!

2014/12/3 15:20:00 (1788 reads)

This week on FATBMX we've got an online competition* going on. We received a killer package from Vans with some products that go with the HARO x Vans collaboration. We caught up with Michael de Wit - Sr. Art Director at Vans, who was one of the persons working on the project. Read this first, and then look for the online competition here on FATBMX.

When did you first hear about the Vans x Haro collaboration?
MdW: When it comes to collaborations at Vans, all departments involved (footwear, apparel & brand design) work closely together to make sure it's the right one. We were looking to do collaboration with a company that shared the same amount of originality, heritage and authenticity like Vans, so Haro seemed like a natural fit. Besides, Dennis (McCoy) has been a Vans rider forever and when he got back on Haro, it was a perfect match.

2014/12/3 13:00:00 (9881 reads)
Name: Lee Reynolds
San Diego, California
Occupation: Designer / DJ

Do you think the English riders that rode in the Meanwhile days were crazy?
Ha, that's a funny question! We rarely wore safety equipment, so in retrospect I guess we were a bit nuts. Some of the crazier things I
2014/12/3 3:00:00 (5858 reads)
Name: Jason Davies
Tempe, Arizona
Occupation: Construction

We have been doing a few interviews with riders from the UK ramp scene. Who were you heroes when you started riding?
Jason: Bob Haro
obviously, him and Mike Dominguez came to the UK and I was blown away and hooked after I saw them ride.
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