Race: My 2015: UCI BMX Elite Men World Champion Niek Kimmann (NED)

2015/11/28 13:00:00 (246 reads)

Name: Niek Kimmann
Hometown: Arnhem / Lutten, Netherlands
Sponsors: NOC*NSF, KNWU, Lotto, Papendal, Meybo, Box, Tioga, TroyLeeDesigns & BMX-Videos.com

Did your 2015 season go as you planned it at the beginning of the year?
Answer: Well, it went so much better than I planned. Was hoping to make a World Cup final and ended up winning one!

What was your most rewarding result (personally) in 2015?
Answer: Winning the World Champs was definitely my biggest result of the season. But maybe winning Papendal meant even more to me because it was always a dream for me to make a world cup final, I made the final, and completely surprised myself by taking the win.

Who do you think kicked ass in the Elite Men class this year?
Answer: A lot of guys went fast, but Liam was probably the most

consistent with winning 3 out of 5 world cups.

Who impressed you most in the Elite Women class?
Answer: Pajon! Fast, smooth and probably more style than me haha.

Do you remember when you heard the news that BMX Plus! magazine was no more?
Answer: I remember being stoked when they asked me for an interview after Papendal, and I made the cover of BMX Plus! a couple months later. So I was sad to hear it was the last one.

Have you been active on social media in 2015 and where can people follow you?
Answer: @niekkimmann !

What track did you like most in 2015?
Answer: I always like to ride Papendal (with good weather), but the indoor in Paris is probably the smoothest track I’ve ever ridden.

Who did the best move on the track this year that you remember?
Answer: Can’t remember one ‘best’ move but it’s always nice to watch Rezende working his way to the front.

What race had the best race conditions?
Answer: Zolder

Where was the weather horrible to race in?
Answer: Messigny et Ventoux and Zolder, both weekends were pretty good for me!

Worst crash of 2015?
Answer: Tre Whyte must have literally felt like shit after his crash at Papendal. But I was shocked when I heard about what happened with Yvan Lapraz.

Best hotel/place you stayed at in 2015?
Answer: Rio was probably my favourite place this year.

Worst travel experience this season?
Answer: The way back from Spain a couple weeks ago. My flight to Amsterdam got cancelled, changed my flight from Amsterdam to Brussels, arrived at 11:30pm in Brussels and heard there were no more rental cars available and the trains didn’t ride anymore at that time. The guy who painted my bike/helmet (Alex Geens) picked me up, slept at his house, he brought me to the train station at 5am and was back at Papendal at 8:30am to join my teammates with the training haha.

Best person you hung out with in 2015?
Answer: Lots of good people to hang out with in BMX. It’s fun everyday at Papendal with the (talent) team and I’m lucky to have a brother who has the same hobbies as me!

Plans for 2016?
Answer: I hope to keep improving like I did this season and I’m really gonna do my best to make the Dutch Olympic Team for Rio.

Pics by BdJ

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