Race: UCI BMX SX World Cup Sweden. From Camping Pola to the World Circuit. By BdJ

2015/8/19 23:30:00 (480 reads)

The last few weeks I've been on the road but work was calling as the third World Cup of the year was taking place in Sweden. We'd considered planning our holiday around the World Cup and cruise around Sweden with the family but the the sun was calling so we headed south again, Tossa de Mar more specifically. Now it's a bit of a way to get from the campsite at Eurocamp in Tossa to the BMX race in Angelholm, Sweden. It all started with an early wake up on Thursday. The bus from Tossa to Barcelona airport was booked

(thanks Rosario) but I had to get to Tossa first. While the kids kept sleeping, the wifey dropped me off while the sun was rising out of the water which was an amazing view. The Sarfas bus from Tossa had wifi, but it never worked so that kinda sucked. I'd taken the early bus as I did not want to miss my flight. This left me with some extra time at ElPrat in Barcelona. I logged onto the 30 minutes of free wifi and got in touch with FOX Europe which are only a few kilometers away. The clock was ticking and my contact only had 30 minutes as he was heading into a meeting. I decided to not take any risks and stay at the airport waiting for Vueling to open up their desks so I could check in. I'd never flown with them but I always book the cheapest flights that have decent times. The flight got delayed so I had even more time to kill with no free wifi at the airport as I used everything up with my computer. The wifi on the phone did not work either. I went to McDonald's hoping for some internet access but had no luck. I did however order myself a meal and regretted it later, as always, but I had a long day ahead of me and you never know when you get to eat some food again. The flight kinda sucked. I had forgotten my headphones and left the BMX Plus! magazine in the bag that I checked in. The only thing left was the "Ling" magazine which only took 5 minutes to complete and the iPhone. I'm not much of a game man so was stuck with a couple of games of Solitaire and Yahtsee. Not so exciting so I tried to get some sleep. I received a lovely middle seat so there wasn't much leaning room but I think I caught about ten minutes on the 3 hour flight.

I actually flew to Copenhagen, Denmark which was the best airport to fly into. The bag showed up and Magnus was waiting for me. Getting picked up is awesome (thanks Magnus for the ride). We passed the hotel and then headed to the track. New locations are always interesting and I couldn't wait to check out the Sibirien BMX Arena in Angelholm. Work was going on in full swing. Practice was on the schedule for the next day and the finishing touches were being made. Blue 'n Yellow's Bengt was stoked to have the World Cup at his track and in general all Swedes are great people and showed great hospitality. The first night I caught the BBQ and welcome beer. The burger turned out to be my dinner. I was glad I ordered a full meal at the airport for lunch earlier that day, even if it was a McD meal.

Friday was started with breakfast at the hotel. More and more familiar faces showed up which is becoming the best part of the World Cup series. Catching up with good people and meeting new ones is always a great thing. The sun was out on Friday and practice started on time. Some of the riders had spent some time on the track already in the weeks leading up to the World Cup and the feedback was positive. The track was wide, had technical jumps and was super grippy. The only factor that now came into play was the wind. But there was no racing on Friday so riders took no unnecessary risks. Fast forward to Saturday and the wind was even worse. The schedule was moved forward and changed many times making it a long day at the track for everyone. But safety for the riders was top priority so both Time Trials Superfinals were cancelled and the Women qualification racing was moved to Sunday morning before the race. Only the Men rode two qualification rounds instead of three to see who could actually ride on Sunday.

Most of you have already seen the racing action on the web live or re-watched the videos of the finals. Here's a little report I wrote for the UCI so you can catch up on what happened on the track before the after-party started  at the Bahnhof. Things got loose (at least on my end). Johan Lindstrom got on stage with Sticky and the Bombs and played a few songs on his guitar with them. DJ Uncle R had warmed up the people present before that and DJ Bodi Turner finished off the night. Somehow I managed to make it back to the hotel with the Medical crew. Some others were not as lucky and walked all the way back as there were no shuttles of taxis to be seen.

The next day wake-up call always sucks. Somehow I woke up an hour early and decided to take a shower, pack the bag and head for breakfast. I then got a ride to the local train station and was put on a train from Sweden to Denmark to catch the flight back to Barcelona. I had to run to the bus station to catch the Sarfas ride back to Lloret de Mar as Vueling managed to also get this flight delayed. Being picked up by the family in Lloret was a good moment. We're now at Eurocamp for another few days before stopping at the Lords Of Dirt BMX event in Serignan this weekend, followed by a straight drive to Friedrichshafen for the 2015 Eurobike show. Although I've yet to book my flight to World Cup round number 4 in Argentina, you can count on me to be there for more BMX racing.


Phillips and Post win UCI BMX SX World Cup #3. Both take over red leader plates. 

(Angelholm, Sweden. 16 August 2015). Liam Phillips (GBR) and Alise Post (USA) celebrated huge wins in Angelholm Sweden at the third round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. Not only did they win World Cup race number three of the season, they took over the leader plates from Mariana Pajon (COL) and Sam Willoughby (AUS) at the same time. Willoughby made the podium in third place as he made a great high-low pass in the last corner to pass 2015 UCI World Champions Niek Kimmann (NED) who finished fourth wearing his rainbow jersey for the first time at a World Cup race. Australian Bodi Turner sneaked in his first World Cup SX podium by finishing less than a second behind Great Britain's Liam Phillips in second.

Sweden got what they came for. BMX racing at its best. The top level is so close these days that anything can happen at any given moment. With points on the line heading into the 2016 Olympic Games, the pressure is building up for the countries to score as many points as possible. The wind died down a lot in the Sibirien BMX Arena in Angelholm which made racing possible and more enjoyable for the Men and Women alike. Many favourites were eliminated through the qualifying process but the classes are so packed that 8 strong riders lined up on the gate for the finals.

It was Lauren Reynolds (AUS) who picked gate number 8 for the Elite Trax Double Dice special. Winning from the outside lane is hard so picking lane 8 isn't generally the favourite for any of the riders. But the double price money for the win makes it a challenge which Lauren happily accepted. When the gate dropped in the final it was Alise Post (USA) who had the benefit of being on the inside. She held off Mariana Pajon (COL) going in the first turn. American Felicia Stancil was closing in behind the two finding a safe podium spot in third position. Post pushed Pajon a little high in the first turn giving Stancil and Stefany Hernandez (VEN) the chance to sneak in underneath and move into second and third position with Pajon dropping to third. Reynolds who had started on the outside got some great momentum from there and started passing riders left and right. She moved from 5th to 3rd in turn two behind Stancil and Post. The Americans crossed the finish line in first and second giving Post the win that she needed so badly. "I came close to a win a few times so it feels good to finally get it worked out." the Redline rider said. She continued: "I like this track and didn't miss the jumps on the first straight once regardless of the wind all day. My final definitely wasn't my pretiest lap, but it got the job done." Post is now leading the UCI BMX SX World Cup standings with 545 points. Pajon follows in second (515 pts) and Stancil sits in third (490 pts).

The energy when the gate dropped in the Elite Men Final was felt in the stands at the Sibirien BMX Arena. With a lot of passing going on all weekend, getting the holeshot wasn't automatically going to cut it. Liam Phillips left from lane one and dove into the first left hander in first followed by Australians Bodi Turner and Sam Willoughby. The 2015 Elite Men World Champion by the name of Niek Kimmann was close behind in fourth and started a high-low manouvre in turn one to gain speed for the pro section where he passed Sam Willoughby. Meanwhile Liam Phillips was building up a decent lead and Willoughby had an amazing third straight where he caught up with Niek Kimmann and Turner again. When Turner pushed Kimmann high in the last corner, Willoughby said thank you and passed Kimmann for a podium spot. It almost became a silver position when he got near Turner at the end of the track. First was for Phillips, second for Turner and third for Willoughby, a great podium for a great crowd at the Sibirien BMX Arena. BMX popularity in Sweden can only go up from here.

Results UCI BMX SX World Cup #3, Angelholm, Sweden.

1 PHILLIPS Liam GBR 1 32.676
2 TURNER Bodi AUS 2 33.364
3 WILLOUGHBY Sam AUS 3 33.475
4 KIMMANN Niek NED 4 33.721
5 OQUENDO ZABALA Carlos Mario COL 5 33.960
6 SHARRAH Corben USA 6 34.114
7 FIELDS Connor USA 7 34.117

1 POST Alise USA 1 36.550
2 STANCIL Felicia USA 2 37.267
3 REYNOLDS Lauren AUS 3 37.432
4 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 4 37.571
5 GEORGE Danielle USA 5 38.531
6 PAJON Mariana COL 6 38.637
7 Le CORGUILLE Laetitia FRA 7 40.260
8 CARR Amanda THA 8 42.169

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup standings.


1 POST Alise USA 545
2 PAJON Mariana COL 515
3 STANCIL Felicia USA 490
4 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 485
5 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 470

3 KIMMANN Niek NED 445
4 MIR Amidou FRA 395
5 OQUENDO ZABALA Carlos Mario COL 380

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