Kids: FATBMX KIDS Goes USA part 11. Bangers & Mash at Stephen Murray's. By Philip de Jong

2014/7/31 4:20:00 (249 reads)

Sunday we went to Stephen Murray's place in Riverside. We parked our car at the parking lot and a bus took us to the house with all the jumps and a miniramp. When we arrived a lot of bmx-ers were already riding the spot. We first met Ben Wallace who told us he got inured at Woodward last Wednesday so that was a bummer. I hope he did not snap his ACL but he will find out later this week. Then I saw my idol Hucker, Pat Casey and of course Stephen Murray. I asked Hucker for his autograph and told him that I was very pleased to finally meet him, actually my dad said all that because my English isn't that good yet. I cannot describe the feeling I had being there surrounded by all these famous people my dad is always talking about or whom I watch on the internet.

Time went too fast, I saw Bryce Tryon and his dad again when he was preparing himself for the big jumps in front of the house. The best trick contest was won by Andy Buckworth who did a no handed double backflip. Stephen Murray himself picked the winner. Rick Thorne played some music with his band and after

him Simon Tabron was up for a gig at Stephen's house. The whole event was broadcasted live on the internet and they had cameras set up everywhere around the house.

During the event some guys were trowing t-shirts, stickers and hats in the air that were donated by the sponsors of the event. My sister and I caught some Vans bags and caps and one kid gave me an oakley shirt that wasn't his size. The riding just went on all the time with the best dirt riders out there. They seemed to like having a good session at the Murray compound together.

At 4 o'clock we took the bus back to the parking lot. We got in the car and drove off not noticing my backpack with my autograph book in it was still standing there. Lucky for me my mum asked for the bag and we quickly turned back to look for it. Someone had been so friendly and supernice to hang it on the fence......pffff. Thank you so much for doing that. We're still looking for the person who did that to thank him/her.

After the dirt jam we went to see our friend McGoo in Temecula for a pool party. Today was a good day!


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