Kids: FATBMX KIDS Goes USA part 2. By Philip de Jong

2014/7/18 11:50:00 (332 reads)
Hi everyone. Day 2. In the morning we went to the supermarket. Everything is big there. Big packs of milk, big bottles of syrup, much bigger than back home. We dropped everything off at Robert's house where we are staying. After that we drove to Huntington Beach in the rental car to explore the town. I love the rental car. It's a Chrysler Town 'n Country minivan. Everything is electric and it has nice seats in the back.

When we got to Huntington Beach we saw that they are preparing everything for the Vans US Open. It is going to be good. We needed to pick up a bike for Veerle at Todd Lyons' house but before we got there we stopped at Taco Bell. I got a Dorito taco and liked it a lot. We will be back at Taco Bell again for more.

When we got to Todd Lyons' place we got to see his new garage. It was almost finished. I liked the little dog that they had but it wanted to bite so it had to go inside. We heard the bike for Veerle

was not in his garage but it was at the Sherriff's place. We followed TL in the car to Robbie Miranda's house. We got to see his bike with alarm and gadgets which was awesome. It was cool to meet the X Games champion and current road bike USA champion.

We did not go to the beach again but went to HARO to pick up a bike for my dad. It was a long drive. It was nice to see the HARO place. I got to see the 2015 models and believe me, they are looking nice!

Then we drove back home and I was tired, tired, tired. That was day two in the USA. I love this place.


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