News: Sponsor changes. They keep on coming in. New hook ups & Riders being dropped.

2015/10/11 16:40:00 (61574 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's the latest? Let us know.
-James Foster on Hyper / Snafu
-Colton Walker
off Haro
-Jay Cawley
off Diamondback
-Maxime Degardin
on Rubena tires
-Thomas Chauvez
on Rubena tires
-Thomas Noyer
on Rubena tires
-Fabien Stephan
on Rubena tires
-Bryan Tillot
on Rubena tires
-Dan Lacey
off Cinema
-Jared Duncan on Sunday
-Tony Hamlin
on Merritt pro
-Stevie Chruchill
on Primo (off Eclat)
-Lewis Mills
on Volume
-Pim Scheers
on Dante
-Artem Agarkov
on Shadow

-Larry Edgar on Fly parts
-Alec Siemon
on Sunday
-Mo Nussbaumer
on wtp pro
-Daan van Wezel
on wethepeople
-Dennis Enarson on Pusher BMX
-Seth Klinger
on Pusher BMX
-Biz Jordan
on Pusher BMX
-Shane Weston
off Fly Bikes
-Mannie Nogueira
on Deco BMX
-Joe Embrey
on FBM
-Mati Lasgoity on Fiend
-Mark Burnett
on Shadow Pro
-Dan Lacey
on Source BMX
-Lahsaan Kobza on Casual BMX
-Simone Christensen
on Pepsi Max
-Nick Bruce
on Total
-Rob Armour on Total
-Logan Martin
off Jetpilot
-Alise Post on Klean
-Alex Donachie
on Monster Energy
-Nik Ford
off Diamondback
-Alon Kosoy
on wtp
-Dylan Gold
on Tree
-Jordan Aleppo on Primo
-Felipe Manozca
on Crupi/USprobikes
-Terry Adams on Profile
-Mark Webb
on Extreme
-Tory Nyhaug
on SSquared
-Arjan Ellens off Loods18
-Justin Care
off Colony
on Blast
-Grant Germain
off Odyssey
-Nico Chambon
on Haro Bikes
-Justin Spriet
on Odyssey
-Waldemar Fatkin
on wtp
-Maxime Charveron on Haro Bikes

-Justin Fouque
off Haro
-Demarcus Paul
off Merritt
-James Foster
on Monster Energy
-Brett Silva
on Sunday Bikes
-Camilo Guiterrez
on Gzuck
-Jason Phelan
on GT
-Patrick Guimez
on Gloryfy
-Maxime Charveron
on Vans
-Stefany Hernandez on Fly racing
-Matt Ray on Shadow
-Mariano Santiago on Mutiny
-Kotya Andreev on Total BMX

-Darryl Nau on S&M
-Dean Cueson
off Oakley
-Harry Main on Custom Riders
-Renato Rezende
on GT
-Lewis Morgan
on Primo
-Harry Main
off Kunstform!?
-Connor Fields on Audi Autos Henderson
-Justin Spriet on etnies
-Lewis Morgan on Stranger

-Dylan Lewis
on Mutiny
-Anton Evstifeev on HARO
-Julian Arteaga
on Sunday
-Daniel Wedemeijer on Cock 'n Balls wear
-Brad McNicol on HARO
-Ben Hennon off Chain Reaction Cycles
-Scott Ditchburn
off Chain Reaction Cycles
-Tom Justice
off Odessa
-Matt Cordova off Haro
-Ben Hucke
off Shadow

-Maureen Struijk
on Braaab
-Justin Kimmann on Braaab
-Nathan Sykes on Dan's Comp
-Cooper Brownlee
on Division
-Drew Bezanson
on ODI
-Malick Cham
on Fit Bike Co
-Sam Willoughby
on Lizard Skins
-Andreev Kostya
on Red Bull
-Simone Barraco
on GoPro
-Logan Collins
on SpeedCo

-Viktors Kronbergs on 34R
-Anthony Napolitan
on Torque Sports & Performance
-Lenny Westfall on Ketch Bikes
-Mark Mulville
on Deluxe
-Thomas Benedetti
on Eclat
-Lenny Westfall
on Venture Shades
-Tyler Trueman
on Torque
-Daniel Dhers off Specialized

-Chris Rivers
on FreeAgent
-Stu Thomsen
on SE
-Jordan Aleppo on Vans
-Kohey Yoshii
-Terry Adams on 360FLY
-Ryan Guettler
on FOX
-Mischa Partridge
on Haro
-Amanda Carr
on J&R/Redline
-Jack Gruber on Odyssey
-Dylan Scruton on DK
-Andrew Lazaruk
on FreeAgent
-Barry Nobles on Deft gloves
-Jason Phelan off wethepeople
-Jason Watts on Shadow

-Anthony Napolitan off Red Bull
-Raul Ruiz off wethepeople pro
-Chester Blacksmith off wethepeople pro
-Luke Madill off Red Bull
-Andrew Jackson off wethepeople pro
-Broc Olive on Eclat
-Alex Kennedy
on Eclat
-TJ Ellis off FreeAgent
-Michael Meisel
on Vans
-Spencer Cole on Dans Comp

-Ronnie Napolitan off Redline
-Adam de Nys on Cycle Craft
-Marcus Christopher
on Dans Comp flow
-Dani Lightningbolt on Dans Comp flow
-Mark Burnett on Dans Comp flow

-Ramiro Marino on Crupi
-Nathan Williams off Eclat
-Colin Varanyak on Dan's Comp
-Brian Kachinsky
on GT
-Kalvin Davis on Supercross

-Rachel Mydock on Supercross
-Matt Miller on animal pro

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