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2016/10/7 1:40:00 (70617 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's the latest? Let us know.
-Dan Foley
off wethepeople
-Kelsy Hoog
on Eastern Bikes
-Courage Adams
on Animal Pro
-Matty Cranmer
on TallOrder
-Drew Bezanson
off POC
-Nicky van der Veen
on Soulcycle
-Dez Maarsen
on St. Martin
-Larry Edgar
on Fuse
-Colt Fake
on Eclat
-Dan Kruk
on Madera Pro
-Kevin Robinson
on G-Form

-Jari Roggeveen
on Paul's Boutique
-Robin Heiderich
off Premium
-Paul Thoelen
off Total on WTP
-David Graf
on Ice Fast
-Bryce Tryon
on Tangent/Rift
-Diogo Santos
off Merritt
-Josh Perry
off Eastern Bikes
-Corey Bohan
on Tall Order-Alberto Mercado
-Connor Fields
on Ralph Lauren
-Sergio Layos
-Bas Keep
on Tall Order
-Lee Musselwhite
on DeWalt
-Cam Peake on Black + Decker
-Rob Darden
on Pusher Mailorder
-Colton Walker
on Unit Clothing
-Jack Clark
on Tall Order
-Mickey Lundy
on Race Inc
-Dan Conway
off FIT
-Kyle Evans
on Rollhouse
-Tyler Brown
on LKI gloves
-Boyd Hilder
on Volume
-Jamie Bestwick
off DK
-Jari Roggeveen
on Seck Clothing
-Keith Schmidt
on Waypoint watches
-Mike King
on Felt

-Ryan Taylor off Industry BMX
-Andy Buckworth
on Wienerschnitzel
-Daniel Wedemeijer off Glorify
-Grant Castelluzzo
on Dan's Comp
-Dan Foley on Madera
-Tom Isted on Fuse
-Kyle Hill on DK
-Kriss Kyle
on Nectar Sunglasses
-Gonzalo Molina on Stay Strong
-Alberto Moya on Fishbone
-Kevin Nikulski
on Autum
-Steve McCann off Mongoose
-Sean Ricany
on Cult
-Pat Casey
on Mongoose

-Brandon Tehiko
on Tangent
-J-Rich joins DHR, rides GT OS20?
-Amidou Mir
on Kali Protectives
-Harry Main on Vocal parts
-Dean Hartley on Radio Bikes
-Nathan Sykes on Dan's Comp Pro
-Amanda Carr
on Aquarius
-Levi Weidmann on Salt+
-Abbie Taylor
on GET/Maxtrax
-Gurvan Le Bloc’h
on Quest BMX
-Jeremy Brosset
on Quest BMX
-KJ Romero
on Supercross
-Nadja Pries
on Thrill BMX
-Daniel Sandoval
off Vans
-Colton Walker
on Total BMX
-Joe Battaglia on Standard Byke co.
-Mark Burnett
on Dan's Comp Pro
-Stefany Hernandez
on 100%
-Amanda Carr
on SpeedCo
-Steven Cisar on Just Helmets
-Paulo Saçaki
on Colony BMX
-Willem van Gansen on wethepeople
-Harry Main off Monster Energy
-Terry Adams
on LifeProof
-Josh Perry on TSG International
-Devon Smillie on etnies Pro
-Mike Day
off GT
-Corben Sharrah on Daylight Bike Co.
-Brooke Crain on Dick's Sporting Goods
-Maris Strombergs
on Bombshell
-Harry Main on Mafia Bikes
-Larry Edgar on Fly Bikes
-Harry Main
off Custom Riders

-Ryan Guettler off Monster Energy
-Jeremy Rommel on SE
-Sean Ricany off Primo
-Sean Ricany off Stranger
-Ryan Guettler
off Ethica
-Matt Cordova on SE
-Donny Robinson off SE
-Rick Moseley on FreeAgent
-Devon Smillie on Eclat
-Chad Kerley on HARO Bikes
-Eki Vainikka off etnies

-Nathan Williams off Monster Energy
-Vilma Rimsaite on Tangent/Rift
-Jeremiah Smith off GT Bicycles
-Jesse Puente on St. Martin
-Chase Gouin on St. Martin
-Chase Hawk off Odyssey
-Chad Kerley on Premium parts
-Harry Main off Snafu

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