News: Sponsor changes. They keep on coming in. New hook ups & Riders being dropped.

2014/9/17 20:00:00 (49472 reads)

Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new? Let us know.
-Courage Adams on Red Bull
-Nick Bruce off Madd Gear
-Ryan Guettler on Hyper
-Ryan Guettler on Snafu
-Guillaume Marie Sosnowski on Shadow/Subrosa
-Mike Curley on Odyssey
-Viktors Kronbergs off Dartmoor
-Amidou Mir on E26ProShop
-Ben Ward goes GT
-Chris Collins goes Pro-Tec

-Michael Meisel on Felt Bikes
-Mike Curley
on wethepeople Pro
-Terry Adams on Torque apparel
-Kurt Pickard on Honda
-The Beard moves from Hyper/Snafu/Failure to DK
-Connor Phimister on Stereo Bike Co UK

-Nigel Sylvester on SYNDCT
-Lewis Murtagh on Stereo Bike Co UK
-Ed Zunda on wethepeople
-Dillon Lloyd on wethepeople pro
-Brad McNicol on Odyssey
-Del Shepherd on Hoffman Bikes
-Dale Shepherd on Hoffman Bikes
-Bob Manchester on Hoffman Bikes

-Jamie Skinner on Hoffman Bikes
-Donny Robinson
on 6D Helmets
-Kevin Kalkoff on Subrosa
-Kevin Kalkoff on Shadow
-Tom van den Bogaard on Braaab
-Dillon Lloyd off Macneil
-Jordy Agues
on Crupi Europe
-Paul Thoelen on Vans
-Matt Cordova
on Demolition parts
-Nigel Sylvester on Sony
-Jordy Agues on Crupi Europe
-Juanje Trujillo
on FisureBMX
-Rene van Ijzendoorn
-Daniel Wedemeijer on 040BMXPARK
-Glen Girbovan
on Stolen Bikes
-Dani George off Supercross
-Adrian Warnken
off Paranoia clothing
-Adrian Warnken
off Almond shoes
-Jeff Wescott
on Mutiny
-Joey Cordova on Standard Bykes
-Dan Foley
on wethepeople
-Terry Adams on Tiger Balm
-Viki Gomez on Ares parts
-Jim Cielencki
leaves Sunday Bikes
-Mike Dominguez on Haro legends team
-Jake Wallwork on Mutantbikeco
-Chad Osburn
on G-Sport
-Martijn Scherpen on Phoenix
-Michael Beran off KHE
-Maxime Charveron on Rockstar
-JB Peytavit on Kunstform!?
-Greg Henry on Macneil
-Kenneth Tencio on Superstar BMX
-Alex Coleborn on Custom Riders
-Chad Kerley on Rockstar
-Adam Kun on Kunstform!?
-Tom Deville
on Vans
-Maris Strombergs on Bell
-Anthony McGuirk on Total BMX
-Kevin Kalkoff off Fly Bikes
-Harry Main on Kunstform?!
-Christoph Werner on Unit clothing
-Michael Meiselon Unit clothing
-Logan Martin on Fist
-Andrew Castaneda
on Cult Pro
-Kilian Roth on Peoplestore
-Bart Mol
off Vans
-Simon Tabron
-Stijn Staal off Vans
-Logan Martin
on Snafu
-Theo Zannettacci
on Vans
-Mike Fede on Time2Shine mailorder
-Juanje Trujillo on Horizon watches
-Anthony McGuirk
off Hyper
-Ronnie Napolitan on Redline
-Sig Cools
off Vans
-Brandon Begin on FIT Bike Co.
-Lee Musselwhite on Deco BMX
-Tom Justice on Bawbags underwear
-Logan Martin
on Hyper Bikes (for two more years)
-Jeff Upshaw
on Kid DynaMite Apparel Co
-Tobias Wicke Vans Germany/Austria TM
-Daniel Juchatz on Eridan clothing
-Glenn Salyers
on Standard Bikes
-Vincent Pelluard on GW bicycles
-Clement Carpentier
on Fly
-Chris Bracamonte on Colony
-Brandon Dosch
-Dustyn Alt on wethepeople

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